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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how can an INTJ be content with her looks?


Hey what’s up video hackers. Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast today’s episode. But what can an unattractive INTJ woman do to accept her looks? Or how can an INTJ woman who is unattractive, except her looks? I mean, this is like a straight up extroverted sensing inferior question. And to which I’m just like, I really the best person to ask this.

Because like, for one, I’m not a woman. And I’ve exported sensing demon. So I’m, I’m not exactly. Not exactly sure I’m the best person to ask this question, but especially since I’m not a member of the mature feminine.

So I guess what I’m going to have to answer this question as it’s like, other than my own personal bias, as an intp as the golden pair of an INTJ. Woman, but also, basically, like a dad would. What would I tell my INTJ daughter who is unattractive? In order for her to accept her looks? Well, here’s my initial answer. My initial answer is, don’t accept it.

Don’t, I’m not going to enable you? If you’re unattractive, do something about it. Why are you settling for less than your life? Why are you choosing Why are you actively choosing to be unattractive? That’s what I want to know. Like, like, why there’s so many benefits as a woman to being attractive? And how can your se inferior? live with the fact that other women are more attractive than you that other women are getting all the attention and you’re not compared to them? Why aren’t you actively working to fix this issue? You know, like, yeah, we live in a society of femme empowerment. And you know, it’s okay.

We’re just going to, we’re gonna you know, with all those clothing ads, we’re going to shove the fat woman body image down the throats of men everywhere. Because, you know, body image acceptance is very important and progressive ideas. You know, everyone is so shallow. Well, here’s the thing.

Human beings are supposed to be shallow, that shallowness that we have, like the Shaolin is from the perspective of women and their shallowness from the perspective of men but shallow, being shallow is an instinct, it is what is necessary for us to propagate our race in a healthy way. We will not be healthy, without being shallow to some extent, why is that? Think about it. Why do men desire to have sexual relations with beautiful women? When a man what’s the point of it? What’s the point of it? You know, yeah, it’s reproduction. Right? You know, it’s, it’s a mitosis miosis it’s, it’s about, you know, having children, right? Why does it matter? Why, why do men need to lay with attractive, beautiful women? Why is that? Well, it’s because we’re like, inspecting the thing that our child will be carried in.

Right? It’s like an inspection. It’s like, hey, you know, if she’s beautiful, if all of her, if her body is fantastic, then that means she’ll be fantastic for pregnancy and carrying my child. And that means she’s got good genes. Very healthy environment for my child to be grown inside of and makes it better for her to give birth to my child, more likely to survive said birth.

More likely that the child is going to be healthy and grew up and be intelligent, have a good heart have a good body, for the child. So yeah. You know, now granted, there’s desperate men out there who don’t really have much sexual activity and those dudes will put a baby in anyone. And that’s, that’s not exactly what I would recommend.

I recommend that they also don’t accept their level of fitness and move forward with it from there. You know, I talk a lot about this in the Queen An archetype episode, probably one of the top three. Yeah, easily top three most controversial episodes I’ve ever created. It’s in season 13, which is my analysis of King warrior magician lover, which is a book written by Rob Moore and Douglas Gillette, at but the thing is, is that they only provide the male archetypes of the mature masculine.

So I go out of my way to fill out the female archetypes of the mature feminine by doing Queen Mother, matron lover basically as the four archetypes of the mature feminine. And I highly, highly recommend you ladies actually spend time watching that lecture series. It’s an old one and part of the human nurture lectures, seasons for season six, season 13 and season 31. Those are all the human nurture lectures.

They’re the least viewed on this YouTube channel and on the podcast, I highly recommend you guys actually spend some time listening to those, because those lecture seasons are likely the most valuable lectures I’ve ever done. Yeah, sure. I’ve been talking a lot about psychology, behavioral psychology, union analytical psychology. Yeah, sure.

But the thing is, is that when it comes down to understanding human behavior, a human being is a Venn diagram of human nature and human nurture. And you have to combine nature with nurture together. So what are you doing? Like, you guys need to make sure that you’re watching or listening to these particular lectures? Because then questions like these won’t get answered, or won’t get asked, excuse me. But yeah, I mean, like, if you’re, if you’re my INTJ daughter, like, I’d be like, Look, you know, don’t you want a high value man in your life.

And if you don’t, it’s probably because you were conditioned to be some feminist career woman who’s going to end up a dog mom, or a cat mom, in her 30s. You know, like, where her fertility starts to drop, a woman’s fertility drops, you know, statistically starting at 31 years of age 20%, year after year, and that was a study done in like 2016 2017. But that’s a huge problem. You know, it’s what the red pill people in the manosphere call the wall.

Because a woman’s sexuality, a woman’s fertility, it’s a finite resource. And, you know, according to Rollo Tomassi, a woman has basically from 18, to 28, to figure that out, they have a 10 year span of which to figure out and figure out which man to have children by which man to commit to, how to figure out their health, their fashion, whether or not they’re gonna wear makeup, what their what their hair is gonna be their skills in the bedroom, all of that they literally have a 10 year span, because at the end of that 10 years, they enter what’s known as epiphany phase. And epiphany phase is when a woman realizes that her looks can no longer compete with younger women and the highest value men are going to choose younger women over her. You don’t want to do that.

Now, there’s not that’s not to say that, you know, women older than 28 years old, are valueless. That’s not to say that there isn’t hope for them, because there still is. And in my controversial Season and Season 31, titled union sexuality, where I talk about the behavioral psychology behind sexuality, and how masculinity and femininity affects the types, as well as how what is normal behaviors, regardless of tight looks like and how that plays into sexuality and sexual relationships and why that’s important. I do have an episode in there titled, is there still hope for the LAO for the low value woman? And the answer that question is yes, but if you want to actually find out about how that is the case, I recommend you actually spend time watching or listening to that lecture and season 31.

Of course, you should also do the same for the other 16 episodes in that playlist. So please, do yourself a favor, go watch and listen to season 31. All right. It’s an extremely painful watch, especially for women, especially for feminist women.

It’s an extremely painful watch, but it is the truth. In fact, the particular episode, where is there’s where I talked about where I address is there still hope for a low value woman. This actually caused an INTJ woman in our audience in the ego hacker community to hire me for coaching and be like OMG I made a huge mistake. And I need help correcting that mistake.

Basically, she had her golden pair she had an amazing NTP in her life, and due to gaslighting from third parties and other people in her life things got really bad for her. And she ended up breaking up with him or ended up with another man, you know, without telling it like it like drama and problems? Well, she was very depressed until she watched that lecture. It’s like, Oh, dang, there actually is hope for me. There is hope for me.

After all, she hired me, we came up with a plan of action. And last I heard those two are still together, God bless them both. And I’m very thankful for that. And I suspect they will have an astounding and amazing family as a result.

The thing is, though, is that when I get a question like this, it’s like, how can I as an INTJ woman who was unattractive? Except my looks? It’s like, what are you asking me to enable you giving up on yourself? Why? Why would I ever be okay with that? Why would anyone? Why would anyone be okay with that? Don’t why? Like, so I have to answer this question from the perspective of like, you know, being your daddy, because it’s like, your father, if he was actually around, I don’t know if I don’t know if he is. But if your father is actually around. Like he wouldn’t accept this. If you really wasn’t masculine man, because for example, like, no daughter of mine, no daughter of mine, it’s going to be ugly, no daughter of mine, it’s going to be unattractive.

I guarantee you, you know, my daughter’s my daughter’s will, they’ll all know how to change a diaper. They’ll all know how to take care of children. They all know how that all new fashion, they’ll all know how to take care of themselves. They’ll all be around 20% body fat or less, they will like, because that’s that’s what I require them because that means that they will have men in their life that I as their father will respect.

Okay? Because that’s the reality. I don’t want my woman to be with some loser. I don’t want my daughter. Excuse me, I don’t want my daughter to be with some loser.

Like no. Even goes for me. I don’t want my woman who’s with me to be with a loser. Me being the loser.

I don’t want to be a loser. So I have to lead by example, lead by action. I go to the gym at least three times a week, I study Krav Maga two to three times a week. On top of measuring my food, keep track of calories, protein, fat carbohydrates, eating only organic and non GMO foods.

Nothing synthetic. avoiding processed foods whenever possible, avoiding going out to eat whenever possible. That includes avoiding Starbucks includes avoiding caffeine. Because that’s what it takes, folks.

I used to weigh 300 pounds, I weighed 287 pounds. When I started my very first day of high school. You’re gonna happen on the very first day of high school, I discovered women. I couldn’t believe how attractive women actually were.

It was the first time of my life like a ninth grader, all of a sudden, women were a thing to me. Could you imagine how much despair and how much sadness, I felt realizing that I’m 287 pounds, and not even able to compete in the sexual marketplace of high school in those days. And by the way, folks, if you don’t think ninth graders are competing the sexual marketplace, you need to wake up and get out of your ignorant shell, your little shelter, because that’s a fact. That’s a fact.

So it’s your responsibility, it’s your responsibility to become attractive. If you don’t know how to do it. Well, you need to figure it out. Let me tell you what it’s not going to be it’s not going to be some stupid fitness class that you sign up for at the gym.

It’s funny, like I’m watching this INFJ woman with these with these other girls who sign up for her fitness class, and she hasn’t doing this really dumb circuit training routine. And then they go home and they post pictures of themselves on their social media, you know, touting for empowerment, you know, I’m a strong woman, blah, blah, blah. And I’m just like, Yeah, but none of you are making gains. You’re all just wasting your time.

I see other girls, you know, spending time on the treadmill on the elliptical, spending time running, you know, and they’re obese. And I’m just like, I laughed at myself. And I’m like, that’s not going to work. If anything that’s just going to make you more obese.

You know, the only the only the only the only aerobic activity that actually loses fat is walking by the way. You want to burn fat. What you got to do is you got to put yourself in calorie deficit and then you have to lift weights to break down your muscle so that your body is forced to consume your body fat, so that all the food that you consume is used to rebuild your muscle. That way you lose fat and gain muscle.

That’s how it works. That’s reality. That’s normal. But now let’s, let’s jump on the Fed empowerment.

bandwagon here and watch this the mature feminine is not mature feminine watches the immature, feminine just continues to destroy women as we know it. It’s ridiculous. taking away their future, taking away women’s opportunity to be with high value men. no daughter of mine, I’m not going to be down for it.

no daughter of mine is going to be in that situation. Like no, no, like, soon as she’s old enough, she’s going to the gym with me, she’s old enough, you know, we’re going to find out if she’s an adrenal type or an ovary type or liver type or a thyroid type, we’re going to create a food plan based on which of her glands are causing her to gain body fat, and we’re going to knock out that obesity, we’re going to make sure she’s never going to be obese, we’re going to make sure that she has every opportunity to compete with other women, regardless of what age she is, even if she is older than 28 years old. As her father, I will make sure she can compete. Because that’s the reality.

Like I understand how you men out there can allow your daughters to be obese, I just don’t understand. You know, and our culture is going out of its way to make sure that we produce obese daughters that we produce on attractive daughters, so that they are less likely to actually get with men, much less men of high value, to reproduce and have children because the elite and the powers that be do not want people to have children. That’s why my biggest fu or me flipping the bird to the elite is every time I have another child, and I will keep having additional children. They can’t stop me, I’m going to have more children.

I don’t care how much cringe that makes you people feel, I don’t care. The reality situation is my bloodline will be intact, and it will continue for generation after generation after generation. The Elite go out of the way to preserve their bloodline, I’m going to not only preserve my bloodline, but my bloodline will become strong enough to potentially one day challenge theirs. All right.

Because that’s reality, folks. That’s what’s really going on in the world. So many bloodlines, with so many men and women either choosing and being conditioned to choose to not have children, or they’re so unfit that they can’t even compete in the sexual marketplace that they can’t even reproduce such that those bloodlines are disappearing, more bloodlines are disappearing now than ever before in the history of the world. And when it’s not even war time, I mean, unless you count the the rumored war in Ukraine, you know, as an actual war.

It’s funny I you see a lot of older wars in the back in the day and you see pictures of actual like graphic pictures that people like dying and bleeding and shot up and legs missing and all this. You won’t see a single photograph like that with the so called War in, in Ukraine. Maybe it’s some big war game. Where is where is the carnage? Where is it? Where’s that carnage that we saw in World War Two? Where is that carnage that we saw in the Holocaust? You want to say where is it? I’m just like, I don’t know, maybe this is what the Bible calls a rumored war.

You know, in the last days, there’ll be rumors of wars, wars and rumors of wars. Maybe this is a rumored war. I don’t know. I don’t know, because I’m not there.

And it’s interesting, because like, my extended family, they’re all Ukrainian. And they’re like, completely split, in terms of what’s actually going down there. So not even actual Ukrainians in my family, really actually know what’s going on over there anyway. So it kind of causes you to think, Wait a minute, what’s really happening here? It’s just like one of those false flag 911 situations, you know, you know, where what we see on CNN is actually more of just actual theater instead of actually the news.

It’s more it’s not actually reality. You know, I mean, like, we see it all the time. I mean, Jocko willing, for example, was even saying that on the Joe Rogan podcast talking about how certain Joe Rogan was talking about how certain news outlets, including CNN will put out a headline, but that has, it’s not. It’s not even what happens.

When it happens. It’s like some firemen like some Hispanic guy, supposedly, who was shot by police completely negating the fact that he had a gun it was about to kill a police officer. So obviously, they are defending their police officer, their coworker, and protecting him. So they shot that guy dead because he was committing a crime and about to use deadly force on one of their fellow officers.

But hey, the CNN article completely ignored that. Great because it’s theater. Can you think it’s any different for the so called Ukrainian war? Come on? Anyway, back to the matter, like? The answer is the answer is there’s nothing that I I could say, to enable you to be more comfortable in your own skin, you need to stop looking for answers about how you can be comfortable or happy or content with being unattractive. Maybe use it you as an INTJ woman are unattractive because you haven’t focused or developed your subconscious side of mind.

Maybe you’re a UD UF type with your Akram like I am unconscious developed or unconscious focused, or maybe your unconscious developed and just starting to focus on developing your subconscious. But that’s literally what you need to do. That’s the actual answer the question, you need to start developing your ESFP side of your mind. So you can become more attractive, not just with your looks, but also with your behavior become a more feminine woman.

INTJ women are hella masculine. They’re like those Boss Babes that men don’t ever want. Men are not attracted to Boss Babes, contrary to popular belief, and as much as an intp man would ever claim to be an INTJ women often end up with intp is because they’re too insecure, to actually be with an ESTP man that would that has this cognitive origin of satisfaction. And he’s not going to be satisfied with a woman who doesn’t take care of himself, especially if he commits to her, they get married.

And then statistically, this ENTPs te critic is aware of the fact that when a woman gets married, quality of sex goes down, frequency of sex goes down, she lets her body go, do you think that woman has a chance if she’s already let her body go. So like, women control access to sex, but men control access to relationships. So as an expert sensing inferior, what you really need to actually do is just accept the fact that you have to perform as a woman and you will have to perform as a woman, not just in looks, but also from a utilitarian point of view for the rest of your life. Do I as a man like, do I? Do I need a woman? No, I want a woman.

But do I need one? No. That’s why we have microwave. That’s why we have dishwashers. That’s why we have washers and dryers.

Like, I can make all my own meals, I can handle all my own responsibilities completely on my own while running multiple businesses. I do not need a woman I want a woman but I do not need one. And it’s always so funny. Whenever like a woman in my life tells me well I cook for you, I clean for you.

I do all these things, you need to be grateful, or you need to show me special treatment, or you need to treat me better. And I’m just like, Yeah, but I could do all of that on my own. Like, what value are you actually adding to my life? So again, like so this is the thing like, women don’t really give that much. Back to men.

Men often give way more to women than women give to men, which is fine because women are supposed to be giving a lot to the children. That’s why when women have children, they often put their children above their men, which is another reason why I maintain that the nuclear family is evil, and should be abolished entirely. should adopt more of a village mindset when it comes to child rearing and not to you know this nuclear family situation lest you end up you know, UT UF, aka gram like myself because every single person in my family is an extroverted feeler expecting me to be the F fi user with my F fi trickster. And then I’m being conditioned to use my fi trickster instead of my expert feeling child which is not accepted at all.

And now my extroverted feeling child is been so destroyed and is so developmentally behind that I may as well that I just lean into my shadow pole of malevolence. Being an intp as part of the heart temple, and that’s wrong. And that’s painful. It’s not okay, but that’s what ends up happening.

So no, do not be content with how unattractive you are and actually spend time get on YouTube. Find other INTJ women who are successful, do what they do. Find out what it takes to become a beautiful INTJ find out what it takes to become a feminine INTJ. Find out what it takes to become submissive because from an INTJ woman point of view.

Y’all want reverence Why y’all want deep respect, right? Especially from your lover? Especially the man you commit to? You want his deep respect, right? Well, here’s the thing. You can’t have deep respect, unless you are willing to submit because if you can’t submit as an INTJ woman, you’ll never get the perspective. Why? Because the weight the only way to get respect is if you show respect, and you cannot show respect if you’re not capable of being submissive in some capacity. That’s reality.

That’s the truth. Can you do that? That’s the question. That’s the point. So anyway, folks, I think I’ve beat this dead horse pretty hard by now.

So anyway, Hopefully that answers the question like, put in some more effort your SI demons telling you you need to put in more effort stop taking this whole shortcut of I need my unattractiveness enabled no you don’t need it enabled you need it disabled you need someone will like your daddy to get your face and criticize you for being unattractive. So you can actually start using your SI demon to to put in more effort so you can stop taking shortcuts to protect your ego. You need to be willing to lose your ego realize you’re not all that you’re not that great. You need to have the humility to understand that that humility required to measure your food every day the humility required to go to the gym that and do it the gym properly, not go to the stupid fitness class.

Have an actual plan. You know, check out Jeremy. ACA is built by science program or the Kino Body program by Greg O. Gallagher, do something right? Measure your food, get your gains put in the work.

That’s really what it comes down to none of the shortcut crap that you INTJ women do put in the work. And I promise you, it will pay even if you’re above 20 years old, even if you’re in your 30s it will pay dividends back to you I promise because guess what, there’s always hope. For a low value woman. There’s always hope.

So long as masculine idealism exists, there’s always hope for low value one. Thanks for watching and listening folks. I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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