Are you noticing lots of ego hackers. Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. New episode today, new question today. How do I as an insecure ESTP develop myself? How do I become better? How do I improve? What’s my growth track? What’s my self improvement track? Fascinating question.

Interesting, very interesting question. I mean, like, I guess it really depends on how you define success as an ESTP. Are we talking like success with women? Are we talking like success in business? overall success, personal growth? Is this like related to the season 19 content that we have at CS forward slash portal and the Discover ESTP membership? No, it’s like a one time fee for like 37 bucks, like, check it out, gives you season 19 plus the season 14, part one, which is the relationship lecture for ESTPs. I highly, highly recommend it, it’s definitely not a waste of time, those two lectures plus any of the other ESTP lectures that just focus mainly on ESTPs.

We also have those there as well, that are publicly available, but we just have them all in one place that you don’t have to search for them. So just to make it more convenient for everybody. Because I know, you know, ESTPs love them some convenience because inconveniencing them really ends up causing an insane amount of stress that they can barely handle, it usually leads to rage as a result of cognitive orbit. So how do they improve? How does an ESTP improve? Well, it just really depends what you’re going for.

But I’m going to answer this question like from a general point of view, but just next time I get that you’re like triple direct as an ESTP. Please, please ask, please provide a little bit more context about what what specific thing you’re looking to get advice for. Otherwise, I gotta be really general. And that’s what I’m gonna do right now.

So in general, what does an ESTP want out of life? What is the thing that they’re going for what what what spells success for an ESTP in general? And that is an ESTP. feeling connected to the people closest to them, also known as intimacy. Yes, intimacy has a sexual component, but it is not necessarily just a sexual component, right? From an ESTP point of view. From an ESTP point of view, it does not necessarily have to be does not necessarily have to be from just that perspective, or, or that point of view, it really doesn’t.

But intimacy is usually with a going forward, and connectedness, right? Well, how do they feel connected, usually, it’s through their subconscious, which would be in the direction of objectification, they want to be objectified, or they like to objectify others, or it’s through their unconscious, they like to idolize others and they like to be idolized. And that’s how they also can feel connected to people. It’s usually one of those two ways because the deadly sin is the deadly sin of lust. Want to learn more about the deadly sin of lust if you’re an ESTP? Seriously, subscribe to the members area, that journeyman area, CS Joseph dot life for such members just subscribe, do it.

Do it for like a month and just binge all of the videos that are relevant to you. I mean, we got so many seasons of content in the premium lectures, lots of live streams built up. And a ton of cutting edge podcast episodes, it’s like over two years worth of episodes in there. So check it out, like it will go well with you.

And you’ll get a lot further ahead than this. Now obviously, gaining connectedness and intimacy is important. And it can be achieved by going through either one of those pathways the pathway through objectification, or the pathway of, of idealization, and then obviously they have their living virtue of chastity and the deadly sin of lust, which I’m not really going to talk about those that much. But depending on your human nurture, AKA your cognitive development and your cognitive focus, both of those together from an octave grand point of view, would help you figure out you know where to go.

Now if you don’t know what octave gram is, we haven’t discussed OKT gram channel where we actually did like a pre release of some of the Okta gram content, which is our version of Enneagram. And it’s used to measure human nurture. That’s available at our Discord. Get on our Discord.

Click the link in our bio, either on Instagram or on the description of this video. or it’s the main link on our podcast but it’s li n k t r e, well TR dot e forward slash CS Joseph, that’s our link tree. Li NK T r dot e forward slash CS Joseph and then just click the link at the bottom was JOIN OUR DISCORD community server. Once you join, go to the discus, aka Graham channel and just read everything.

There’s a lot of pin messages there that can help you out. So if you if you get lost in case, there’s like too much text for you to read, just look at the pin messages, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. So anyway, all these factors come into play when considering how to answer this specific question. And it’s important to know, but but really, it just comes down to like, I mean, you know, the person who asked this question, they’re talking about how they were initially subconscious focus will actually subconscious developed.

And they got super insecure, basically, it’s fear of rejection that they’re going that they’re basically going from, and literally how they deal with that. I mean, they have to make themselves more desirable. That’s really the that’s it, they have to start developing their expert intuition demon, basically, and make themselves more desirable, which means they have to be willing to give other people choices and not always put their own choice above other people. Another way to do this also as as they develop their expert intuition, demon, through cognitive orbit, their Introverted intuition, Inferior function, will actually become less afraid.

And this will actually enable the ESTP, for example, to have an opportunity to take risks, basically, healthily taking risks. And I’m not just talking like any risks, like, you know, shooting up some drugs or whatever. That’s not what I’m saying, Don’t do that. I’m talking like necessary risks, risks for growth.

Oftentimes, I find people who have developed their INFJ subconscious, what I would traditionally call INFJ, subconscious focus in an ESTP, they’re actually pretty risk averse. They’re, they’re afraid of making the wrong decision, because they know that if they make a decision, all the other decisions, all their other options will close. They just have to have faith that more options will show up every time they actually make a decision. Which is true, that’s entirely true.

That’s how that works. So do that. Take risks, not unnecessary ones, but take risks. Now, you’re in a situation where you’re an ESTP.

And it’s like, Hey, I’m going to take this risk. You gotta use your te critic, you gotta be wise. And you have to actually bother to ask other people what you think, or what they think, basically be like, Hey, what’s your opinion about this? And that’s literally how you ask the question, you literally ask or say the words opinion, what is your opinion about this decision I’m about to make. And don’t just ask one person, I don’t care how trust they are.

I don’t care how familiar you are, I don’t care how close they are to you, I don’t care how connected you feel that person, you need to ask people who you’re not connected to. That way, you’re going to get an unbiased perspective. And it’s that unbiased perspective that will, you know, give you the wisdom to be able to make those decisions and take more risks, right. Because as it is written, a wise man has many counselors, and it’s no different when in terms of being an ESTP, you have to be able to use your Introverted Intuition inferior, you have to be able to use it from the perspective of risk taking, and taking risks, taking risks is absolutely critical to your own personal growth and development.

And it’s also how you’re going to shed your insecurity. And there’s similar advice that I give like, for example, an INFJ, right? Let’s say you’re an INFJ male, and you’re trying to figure out how to pick up women in your and you got to practice cold approach pickup, for example, not that cold approach pickup even works anymore nowadays, because the globalized sexual marketplace and social media and only fans and all that crap, but the thing is, is that when it comes to girls, for example, what they have to do is they have to do shock therapy, literally or exposure therapy, they have to go out of the way to be rejected by women over and over and over and over and over and over and over. It’s no different with a job interview. Let’s say you’re trying to look for a job let’s say you’re getting pretty desperate.

Let’s say you’re like married and your wife has like no respect for you as like an ESP man because you don’t even have a job. But what you do is you go interview for jobs, and then eventually you’ll start collecting you suck letters, using the words my INFJ uncle you suck letters are you know, Hey, you can’t get this job or you can’t get that job or etcetera. You know, it’s all about you know, you suck letters, right? So, you gather up as many you suck letters as you can. Because gathering up at you suck letters gives you an opportunity to prove like, Hey, I got something to show for my effort here.

I’ve been at Viewing a lot. Yeah, you didn’t get the job, but at least you’re trying lets you suck letters is your reward your your concrete evidence or proof that you actually put in some effort somewhere. So keep that in mind. Always keep that in mind, you got to have something to show for it.

So, but basically in summary, you got to learn how to take risks, just like an INFJ man has to learn how to get rejected by women over and over again, you just got to take risk after risk after risk after risk and just realize that you as an ISTP are so are you as an ESTP, you are so tactical with everything you’re able to do, even if you like go a little bit too far with the risks that you take, you can always get yourself out of it, you can always trust that you can, because you’re very tactical like that. So go for it, why not? The more risks you take, the more you shed your insecurity, just like the more an INFJ male is rejected when it comes to women that he’s attempting to ask out, etc. The more he’s rejected, the more the insecurity goes away. And that’s literally how you start developing yourself.

You just have to really target your gateway functions and just use them over and over and over. You have to practice your gateway, or your inferior gateway to get over that insecurity, you know, with you, having been subconscious developed thus far in your life. And honestly, if while you’re doing that, just make sure that you go to people in your life and ask them their opinion, before you make a decision. Because a wise man has many counselors, you do both of these things.

And you will have the success you’re looking for not only that you going out of your way to ask other people’s opinion. I mean, you’re not looking prideful. In that situation, you’re practically look like that guy that’s like, or that woman that’s like, oh, wow, this person’s like actually listening instead of telling me how to live my life. Okay, that’s cool.

Because guess what, asking other people their opinion will cause them to feel more connected to you. And then all of a sudden, you’ll be getting a lot more intimacy from the people in your life, even people that you’re not even necessarily close to. And all of a sudden, you’re getting that intimacy that you weren’t having before. That’s fantastic.

Who wouldn’t want that? Who wouldn’t want more intimacy in their life? Who wouldn’t want to be more connected to people close to them and not close to them in their life? What ESTP wouldn’t want that I’m sure every ESTP would like that. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you’re starting to build up a wolf pack. Basically, your you have your wolf pack. Because you humble yourself enough to ask for someone else’s opinion.

Imagine that. Oh, I guess that would require you to Oh, that’s right. Take a risk and ask somebody else their opinion and expose yourself because we all know you ESTPs you just wear aviators because they’re hyper reflective because they don’t You don’t want people to look into your eyes and see how much of a sad loser you actually are. You know, so stop hiding behind your glasses and actually take risks with people actually ask people their opinion.

And then all of a sudden, you’ll gain a lot more intimacy in your life and then even then you also gain a lot more wisdom in your life, which will make you more capable and taking more risks, which would help you shed that insecurity even more. Seriously the obstacles the way if you haven’t read the obstacles the way by Ryan Holiday, who was a fellow ti parent like you? What the hell are you doing you for life? Go educate yourself seriously. Anyway, that’s it for this episode. Thanks for watching, folks.

And I’ll see you guys next time.

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