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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how can an INFP survive in a concrete family?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. And today we have a very interesting INFP related acolyte question. And I’m actually very happy.

This gentleman asked this question because he is an INFP. Because I think a lot of people really struggle with, you know, family dynamics, especially the nuclear family, within Western society as we know it. And I think that just can be like, insanely frustrating. So I really want to have an opportunity to talk about that, I think, I think we’ll get that handled.

I’m gonna have to narrow this down, because this is like, pretty lame Mohawk if you ask me, but I don’t care. It is what it is. So all right, um, basically, his question is, is what advice do you have for being the only abstract member of a family? I’m like, Oh, my God, I totally like, get where you’re coming from? Because he’s like, I have an ISTJ. Brother.

And Father, which that’s not true. And ESFP mother and sister if that’s not true, and an ESTP, brother and ISFP sister, obviously, this person is not typed his family properly, because that wouldn’t be accurate. But I understand the spirit of which, from which he’s asking, so I can answer the question regardless. And then he’s like, How can I change and grow without being held back by the past or standards of by those around me? So how can an INFP deal with a dominantly? Concrete environment? Okay, so when it comes to family, like, folks, you have to understand that, let’s let’s look at what the problem actually is, before we get to the solution.

The problem itself is the nuclear family, the nuclear family itself is evil. It is wrong, it is a negative, psychological, psychological, psychologically damaging construct that actually harms the human race. Okay. It is because the human race used to be tribal.

And the more tribal humans are, the more cognitively developed they are, the more mature they are, the stronger they are, the more capable they are. This is why a child would come of age and actually potentially be parents of children by the time they’re 16, or 17 years old, within their culture. Nowadays, that doesn’t even happen for most men until a minimum of at least 27 years of age, in our culture, and, and because of that, you know, men and women are like, for example, like the prefrontal cortex doesn’t finish developing and women till about 2425 years old, and then up to 27 years old, I have a theory that that actually developed a lot faster to tribal society, because within a tribal society, your family was huge. And there was so you had many aunts and uncles, and many cousins, and many brothers and sisters, hello, you might even like actually marry your cousin or something, or actually your cousin, I have no idea.

Although technically, I was told recently that there was a study that said, if you want to get the best genetics, you would want to, like have children with your third cousin or something. I, I had no idea. But isn’t most people third cousins of each other anyway. So I don’t know, someone someone helped me out with that in the comments, someone educate me there, because I don’t know anything about that.

So, but moving forward with this, like, I think it’s really important to understand that the nuclear family is the biggest threat to our race of humanity. And it’s ultimately stunting our growth, it is inhibiting our, our cognitive development. And honestly, humanity could have been a lot further along technologically or otherwise, if we were more tribal, as a society. And the thing is, is that given how bad things are getting for society in the near future, especially with the coming war in North America with that coming war, and things are gonna get really, really bad in North America on like, it’s gonna be completely unprecedented when this happens.

But a lot of people are going to have to rely on each other. So you know, so if you’re, if you’re a man, like, make sure that you’re going out of your way to establish good relationships with your neighbors, so that you know, we can get through this really hard time that’s coming. People are like, Oh, CS Joseph talking about a war in North America like Yeah, have you ever like read the fourth turning? Are you familiar with the prophecy of George Washington at Valley Forge? Have you read Revelation Chapter 17 and 18? Like, there’s, there’s so much extroverted intuitive evidence that a war is coming. I mean, have you been paying attention to the phone fact that there’s research out saying that COVID-19 is mad made.

And if you also looked and linked that to Dr. Fauci potentially being involved with funding development research, and Wuhan in China, I mean, there’s some weirdness there. And if you’re going to tell me that that’s not enough to spark a war, you’re out of your effing mind, especially when, you know, Archduke Ferdinand assassination led to the war in World War One, which was well over 100 years ago, and we haven’t had a world war since the 1940s, basically. So yeah, we’re kind of do so you might want to be aware of that risk.

And the nuclear family is inhibiting you from loving your neighbor as yourself and establishing good relationships with your fellow man. So that if things do get bad, and let’s say there isn’t a war, let’s just say it’s, its economic collapse, you know, let’s just say that everyone’s gonna go hungry. Let’s just say it’s gonna be another Great Depression, maybe it’s a Great Depression and a war, maybe it’s just one or the other. But regardless, there’s going to be some huge catastrophe that it’s going to be impacting North America, in a huge way.

And if you’re not ready for it, I guarantee you, your nuclear family ain’t gonna do you shit. Okay, it ain’t gonna do you a damn thing? No. Okay. And the reality of the situation is, is that people grow the most when they are, when they are exposed to other human beings with other types, where they’re getting all of the benefits of compatibility.

And all of the benefits of camaraderie simultaneously, do you think you’re gonna be able to find that in a post modern post, post modern nuclear family, where you’re likely just to have a mommy and daddy and daddy may not be there, because Mommy will likely throw him out of the house, because she treats men like they’re all Homer Simpson, because that’s how she has been conditioned. And then on top of that, you know, you might have only one sibling, because statistically, people right now are just replacing themselves. And then that number is even going down, you may end up being just an only child. So how is that going to be for your cognitive development, you’re not going to have much compatibility, you’re not going to have very much camaraderie, because think about it, when someone like in Northern Africa, who lives in a huge family, and they’re very tribal, et cetera, in Northern Africa, and they have 14 siblings and multiple aunts and uncles, your dad has multiple women that he’s bringing in, they’re all producing more siblings for you, et cetera, and everyone has their own psyche, and everyone has their own type, and you’re exposed to that much camaraderie.

So you’re actually a lot stronger, and you’re actually taught a lot more, and you’re exposed to all that compatibility, such that you kind of know what you’re gonna be looking for in terms of women or men that you’re wanting to have sexual relationships with, etc. You kind of have all that knowledge by the time you actually come of age, because you understand humans because you’re around so many humans, because that’s how tribal society actually works. Okay. And, you know, when this huge catastrophe, which is about to hit North America, in the very near future, you know, you’ll see as Joseph has been a doomsday Prophet, like, no, I’m sorry.

Like, it’s reality, okay. It’s reality. You know, don’t forget, you know, like, We are the women, the woman that is writing the beast, basically, the beast being Europe and United States of America is the woman riding on the back of the beast and the 12 stars on? The woman said that Israel, so like, you know, Revelation 1718, Babylon is the United States of America, and Babylon is going to burn. So you might want to pay attention to those prophecies.

But you know, hey, I don’t I don’t expect you to or anyone member of this audience to actually care about biblical prophecy. That’s fine, because you don’t have to look at biblical prophecy. You can actually just go to Strauss and Howe theory and read their book, the fourth turning, and then you realize just how bad it really actually is out there or read the Overton window that that’ll really screw with you. Or how about the crowd by Gustavo? A bond that’ll screw with you to war propaganda by Edward Bernays.

I don’t even really, really screw with you, or the madness of crowds, by Douglas Murray. So it doesn’t matter if there’s a war doesn’t matter if it’s another Great Depression. But I guarantee you what’s coming will be unprecedented. And you can even compare that to the fact that our son is in a grand solar minimum, you might want to look that up too.

So the point is, is that my any hero can see the signs and the omens of the future because I’m prescient, welcome to being any hero. I’m literally like Paula tradies. Okay, I could see into the future. It’s not hard, just like any other any hero technically can.

It’s not hard. But the point is, is that we can provide these warnings to you folks, and you might want to pay attention and I get at you, your little nuclear family ain’t gonna be there to help you. So unless you have really good relationships and good bonds with your fellow man, it’s not gonna get there. And which, by the way, what is the fastest way to get a bond with your fellow man? Well, it’s having sexual relationships with them.

Okay? Like, that’s the number one way of not saying that you should be, you know, having sexual relations with every person that you meet. But the point is, is like, like, you’ll have to realize that this whole disaster that’s coming? Well, it’s going to force everybody to have to live tribally anyway, in order for them to survive. Okay, why do you think we even have a generation called the baby boomers? Okay, they are the generation that was born as a result of the strife in World War Two. And this is one of the reasons why the elite are going out of their way to make sure that we don’t have another war, they really don’t want to have another war, because of Guess what, they’ll have another baby boom on their hands, and they don’t want to have another baby boom, because they want to get to 6 billion people on this planet within the next 20 years.

And they’re definitely on track for that’s why almost every nation on the earth has a negative population growth. You can look at that in terms of, you know, un agenda 21 It’s not that hard. Okay. That’s a thing.

Okay. Pay attention. That’s why there’s fluoride in our water. Everything in society exists to reduce lifespan.

Have you guys not figured that out yet? Okay. It is to reduce lifespan so that people die more often. And you want to tell me that these vaccines aren’t going to be reducing your lifespan? Okay, is your head under a rock? Come on. So it but it doesn’t matter? Like, the reality of the situation is there’s going to be insane social change.

And let me tell you, the people that adhere to nuclear families will their bloodlines are going to end, okay? Because their children are the weakest. And their families are the weakest, only the tribal families, those families that ended up coming as a result of the storm that’s coming, that will be a fundamental change for society, and those people will survive and those people will rule this land. That is the reality of the situation. Okay.

So you need to be aware of that. So again, nuclear family, bad tribal family, good. If you need examples of tribal family living, you can read the red tent, you can watch the television show on Amazon Prime Vikings, okay, that’s a very tribal approach. You know, they kind of have some nuclear family ish, but in some cases, not necessarily the case, you might want to pay attention that or you could look at watch the anime Gundam Iron Blooded orphans, okay? That is also a very good example.

And if you don’t believe that, that’s the case, you’re out of your effing mind. Okay, that’s normal. And it’s becoming normalized today. And already the collective unconscious of man, the N E of man of humanity, especially in North America, is already aware of this coming threat.

And already, you can actually see people making psychological decisions to start living in this tribal format now, today, because it’s as if all of our minds are collectively getting ready for what’s coming. And then as a result of that, that means we get to survive. Isn’t it so interesting, that humanity or humans is like the greatest adaptation machine, especially psychologically from young and analytical psychology standpoint. So figure that out.

And then the bottom line is folks get away from the nuclear family, consider tribal living, you might actually, like be more successful. And I guarantee you that your children will be way better off as a result of knowing all of those camaraderie and compatible people in their life. And they won’t have to wait to finish their cognitive development until 27. It could be just like, the old days where their development was finished by the time they were 16 years old back in the day, okay? Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t be that great to have such advanced children.

This is why I maintain the people of ancient times were far more intelligent than the people of today. I don’t care how I really don’t care. what anyone says to the contrary, like that, that that’s a fact. Especially when you have people like King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, or Socrates, the smartest man who ever lived.

They are from there, the ancients and yet here we are today, like what’s our problem? You see what I’m saying? Have we really progressed that much as a race? You might want to think about that. But in order to continue my crazy CS Joseph doomsday Prophet rant, let’s actually kind of dive in a little bit more since I put in this little foundation here for us all to actually answer to the freaking question. So what advice do you have for being the only abstract member of the family Okay, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you one thing and there’s really only one thing you can do if you’re the only abstract person in a Concrete family, there’s only one thing you can do. Because sorry for you, you don’t live in a tribe, you don’t have those abstract aunts and uncles, you don’t have those abstract cousins, and you don’t have all those people around you, because you likely live in the United States of America.

Everyone’s all about independence, and the affiliative is being independent and cetera. And like, yeah, sure I get it. But the reality situation is, is that we need people in our lives, we need people, we need people, we need their psyches, to make us better and to improve us. And you have those poor INFP here, who is a gross minority in his family, and potentially being abused by his family for being that minority.

Do you know how I know, folks, because that’s what happened to me. I was the only person in my nuclear family who was pragmatic, everybody else was affiliative. And because of that, I was the minority. I was basically the super ego of my family.

Chris Taylor, I really hope you heard that because you and I need to have a discussion about the four temples and roles the four temples play within the nuclear family. Yeah. So call me. Anyway, the point is, is like that, you have to understand folks that you really need people and the INFP.

In this particular situation, he’s ultimately being a victim, because he is the only abstract member in this concrete family. So there is only one, one thing that INFP can actually do to solve the problem, one and one thing only, and that is folks to run away, he would have to leave his family. Now, if he’s an underage INFP, probably not going to work out for him. But if he’s 18 or older, he needs to get away from his family as soon as freaking possible.

The problem is, is most men these days are not even taught by their parents how to actually become independent, even though we live in this culture that worships independence, but not really independence of men more so independence of women. Interesting how that works. So the point is, is that like, he’s basically screwed. He’s actually really screwed.

How can I NTP deal with a dominantly concrete environment, leave the environment and go to other abstract people, do anything you can to get away from your family, do extracurricular activities, if you’re in high school, go to meetup groups, get a roommate and get away from your family get away from an environment, I had to get away from the affiliative environment of my family. So I totally get it. I totally understand. And you know, it’s interesting, like, my children that you are affiliated to, and says is more affiliate of affiliate affiliate if everywhere and then like, you know, my, my, my youngest, he’s pragmatic, which I’m very thankful of.

But But still, you know, and don’t get me wrong. I don’t, you know, I’m not saying I love my children more than the other side is I love I love all my children dearly, and, and that’s all there is to it. But but the reality situation is just, it’s really important to be in large families, multi generational families, tribal families, like or the family structure that is presented in the book, The Red tent, and the red tent is what we’ve been having women in the women’s group read, I think men should be reading the red tent, honestly. So they can actually kind of understand and get like, get like a, I don’t know, an idea of what that tribal living looked like at one point in time within our race.

It’s not antiquated. It really isn’t antiquated. If you think about it. We’re just a corrupt social system exists.

And you can again read Gustavo bonds book, the crowd read Bernays, his book propaganda read Murray’s book, the madness of crowds. And when you understand these concepts, you will literally start to see from an abstract point of view how certain social ideas have been conferred upon the Joe schmoes of the populace that everybody’s of the general populace human beings within Western society in order to promote the use of the nuclear family because the nuclear family stunts the growth of human beings, especially men, and it reduces masculinity so that masculinity could never challenge the system again, because the last time that happened was World War Two. And they don’t want another world war on their hands because they don’t want to have another baby boom on their hands, which is what they fear the most. If you really want to screw over the bourgeoisie folks have more children, please.

That’s how you really screw the elite over you have children that is the ultimate form of rebellion. Trust me. So And besides having more children would be a huge benefit to your children, right? Ah, but no, we can’t do that. And this pragmatic, independent society where we worship money, you know, and commit idolatry with Mammon on a consistent basis.

It’s all about my holy fans and oh, man, I have to get an abortion because, you know, otherwise my only fans is actually going to be threatened my income. Wow. Really? Since when do money is money more important than people oh wait since like for a very long time in this horrible, decadent Babylonian society that we live in that? Yeah, it’s, it’s gonna be really rough. This is one of the reasons why I take Malikai chapter four verses five and six very seriously, I maintain it as my life purpose.

In the last days I will send my prophet Elijah to you and He will turn the hearts of fathers to their sons and the hearts of sons of their fathers, or else I will strike the land with a decree of utter destruction. Now, I may not be the prophet Elijah, but his mission is mine. And that is why I’m on the mission of eliminating fatherlessness. But really, does the nuclear family actually support fathers? No, no, it doesn’t.

You might want to think about these social, psychological, sociological concepts, folks. And just literally realize how you’ve been be asked your whole life by society and how generations back your family has all been completely be asked by society and the bourgeoisie. You’re literally plugged into the matrix, and you have no idea. And of course, you could talk about the red pill and Tomas he’s work within the rationale books and other manosphere sources like fresh and fit podcast and, and Andrew Tate and his brother and on all these other dudes.

But the thing is, is that that’s just one niche. And that’s just the nature of relationships, you have to realize that this disease, this social conditioning, this mass cultural ignorance is actually even way worse than you realize. But hey, you know, don’t listen to CS Joseph who adds in some biblical concepts into his arguments. Yes, don’t listen to me.

Ignore everything I’m saying about that. And instead, just go read Strauss and Howe. Okay, read their book, the fourth turning, you need to really pay attention to that. Because if you guys don’t realize it, y’all is screwed.

We’re all screwed. So I suggest you guys take steps to get ready to get screwed so that you survive, because I promise you, your little nuclear families aren’t going to do it, especially when you have abstract INFP victims in concrete, dominant family environments, where they completely feel stifled. And the INFP is job their purpose in life is to bring wisdom to other people and to remove ignorance. Do you think this INFP is actually going to be mentally equipped to see his purpose in his life? No.

Why? Because of his concrete dominated nuclear family. That’s why Okay, and all of us here in Western society, we are all just as screwed up in some capacity because of the social structure of the society itself. We are not living at the zenith, we are not living in the best way that the the most ethical, the most moral, the absolute best way for our development as people. Absolutely not, we are not okay, just read a Montessori related parenting book and he’ll figure out super quick, just how effed up we really are.

Okay, you might want to figure that out. So anyway, the only piece of advice I can answer this INFP is get away from your family and stop at nothing until you do because and get around abstract people. Anything you could do to get around abstract, go join chess club. There’s lots of abstract people in there, that’ll get you around abstract types.

Like seriously, go play Magic the Gathering, it doesn’t matter. Go figure it out. Because the more you stay away from your family, the more your personal growth is being inhibited as a person, and I guarantee you it’s going to cost you your happiness later in your life. So yeah, you might want to get away from that.

Alright, folks, that was a little bit of a long one, but kinda need to happen and you know, why not have a rant about the reality the actual true reality you know, like, most people just think I’m just a raving lunatic but that’s okay. never not be a raving lunatic because I don’t care about what other people think. I’m just going to say it how it is. So hopefully y’all can handle that and hopefully y’all can enjoy that in some capacity.

I don’t know. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys tonight my silver so can you take care you


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