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CS Joseph responds to the acolyte question how can an INFP know what to want after High School?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph, because I like being obvious AF. And we’re doing more accurate questions. And today we have an INFP question.

Thank God because I need more variety. Very much righty I hope I hope I don’t get any INTJ ENTP questions for a minute because like, holy smokes, it’s been really difficult. But yeah. So this particular question is, is that, how do I as an INFP, like, plan my future after high school, and basically this person is struggling because they have an eye critic, people keep asking him like, hey, you know, what are you going to do after high school? What are you going to do? And he’s just like, I have no freaking clue, man.

Because I have an eye critic, I don’t know what to do. So I’m gonna give some tips on what an INFP can actually do in the search. But before I do that, let’s actually ask or let’s, let’s actually read the entire question in its entirety. Quote, I’m often asked what I want to do after high school, or I want what I want to do when I’m older by family, and when I’m asked this question, my mind completely goes blank.

It is only after the questioning ends that I ponder on what I want to do, which will usually remind me of what you said about inf peas, that if they put in the time and effort can eventually get pretty good at day trading, predicting markets and making wise financial decisions, which will inevitably lead to a really good income, which sounds very appealing to me. However, I don’t have any knowledge of what to do to get to that point. So how can I guide myself to achieve this or any other goal. So really, you got to recognize something you have si child.

And really, in order to be able to get to a point you need life experience in at your age, you just don’t have life experience as a high schooler. So you need to use your te inferior, you’re actually thinking inferior, you need to sit down with like a notepad, and literally write down things that actually interest you, like, brainstorm, use your any parent to brainstorm, and literally write down everything that you could think of that actually interests you, all of those things, write them down. And then as soon as you’re done writing them down, the next step you need to do is use your extra thinking to and your well, actually, your FYI, here, let’s be honest, and rank them, rank them from the most important to you to least important. And then once you’ve done that ranking, you need to write down why you chose that ranking.

Why are they in this position? Why is this thing important to me at this particular rank, and let’s say you wrote down 20 things, you need to put them in order from most important to least important and actually, like, write down why that’s the case. Like why you believe that about that. That way, you can kind of see on paper, like, where your ePHI here was measuring certain things in terms of their importance to you, it’s really, you have to do this in order to actually move on to the next step. Once you have that information, once you have all the information in one place on a page, or it could be like on a computer in notepad file, it doesn’t matter.

As long as you have that information, all in one place, you can kind of begin to see where your priorities are for your life already, you know, and then you can kind of go in that direction. Yeah, I mean, sure, making money may be pretty high. But really, what you need to know is like, okay, you know, day trading, predicting markets, those kinds of things. While that is very interesting to you, like, is it actually listed in your priorities? Is it actually listed in things that are important to you? And why? Because if not, then that might be an unwise direction for you to go in.

And you might want to look at your interests and be like, okay, hey, you know, which the next question you to ask, Okay, which of my interests are actually monetizable? Which of these interests do I have that I could potentially teach somebody or become an expert in and use that to make money okay, so that’s where you look at this is where you’re doing like a feasibility study, you’re doing a physical feasibility analysis at this point, like which of these things can actually make money. Now, with that being said, you have to be educated on how to do feasibility, you need to actually know how to conduct business. So I highly recommend that you read the book launch by Jeff Walker. Second addition.

You can read the other books in the entrepreneurship 15 located at CS Joseph dot life forward slash reading, which has my library posted there of all the books I’ve read, although I haven’t updated it in like a year and like there’s a whole bunch of new set of books that need to be added. But with that being said, you’ll start to see which of your interests are actually monetizable and what actually can be, you know, literally have, you know an income for you based on things that you actually already do. However, if and when you’re brainstorming interest, and you’re ranking them, if you didn’t have many interests, it just means you lack life experience. So you have to go spend a couple of years literally on self exploration, go get a dead end job seriously.

And then just use all that time while you’re working at that dead end job. And then you’re off time to do self exploration. Go try out new things. It’s like, you know, it’s kind of what I’ve been saying recently, like for, you know, ESTPs exposure therapy, go expose yourself to new things that you’ve never actually done before, over and over and over and over again, basically, expose yourself to martial arts, expose yourself to wine, expose yourself to, you know, be legal about it, right.

Expose yourself to tobacco expose, like, expose yourself to trading cryptocurrency, expose yourself to reading books, expose yourself to being at a library for an entire week reading different books, you know, go do things you’ve never done before. So you could fill up your list and actually discover what your interests actually are. And I critic does have interests, but you’re probably just so stuck in your comfort zone that you haven’t spent any time actually exploring what those interests actually are. You see what I’m saying? So you need to give your ni critic the opportunity to actually figure out what it wants.

But the reason why you don’t is because you don’t have enough life experience. You don’t have enough life experience, you just stuck in your comfort zone. So you need to get out of your comfort zone. Okay? And do the opposite.

Get more life experience, exposure therapy, go find, go find things that you’ve never done, go play pool, learn how to play pool, okay, just go do something, go find something interesting. And figure it out. Now, if day trading and predicting markets and making wise financial decisions is really cool for you. That’s great.

You should probably read some books, le you should probably go to the discord or the CSS of discord and talk to fib on there who is an intp. And he’s all about trading, and learn how to trade from him as to as to why that guy hasn’t created a course training people how to do training properly, and making a boatload of money off of that course. He could easily have a six figure income with that right now. I don’t know why he does it.

He I think he needs to read launched by Jeff Walker second edition as well. And maybe both of you can do that together. But seriously, like he’s a community leader on the discord talk to fib. He’s knee and teepee.

Totally cool, dude. He knows a lot about trading as a triple systematic NTP, he’d be able to help you there. But the reality of situation is you’re going to have to read insane amounts of books. And you’re going to have to practice and practicing with an SE Trickster is hard.

But again, it’s a form of exposure therapy, you just have to gain experience. That’s it. You don’t know what you want to do after high school because you lack life experience. It’s that simple.

That’s the actual source of the problem, okay. And he said it yourself. You know, it is only after the questioning ends, my family is questioning about me about what I want to do after high school that I actually ponder on what I want to do. Well, that’s the thing, you’re not actually spending enough time pondering what you want to do, because you’re too busy stuck in your SI child comfort zone, get out of that comfort zone, force yourself to do new things.

So you have a lot to ponder about. Okay. And the reason why you don’t know what you want is because not spending enough time pondering and you’re not spent enough time pondering because you don’t have enough to ponder about. And that’s because you’re too stuck in your comfort zone.

Okay, again, exposure therapy, I, it’s funny how I’m saying that relating to ESTPs, as well, like the last ESTP video I did, because it’s really the same thing. If you really have something that you’re really truly interested in, you need to learn every facet about it. So just go do that. And just become one with the thing.

It’s kind of like, it’s kind of like, you know, like when I’m in a sexual relationship with a woman, you know, and I tell her, like, I want to bathe, you know, like, in you basically like, like, like, like to just absorb and become one with her beauty. You know, what I’m saying? It’s that kind of a thing is that what’s beautiful to you is day trading, for example, you know, and then you bathe in that. And that means you are completely inundated with everything. So why aren’t you reading 20 books on the subject, right? Maybe it’s because it’s probably something you don’t actually want to do, because you’d haven’t taken inventory of your interests.

And if you take inventory of interest in you realize there’s not very many interests because you lack the life experience because you’re too busy stuck in your comfort zone. So you do get the life experience, okay, so you can actually list what your interests actually are, and then rank them and state why you’re interested and then choose, you know, while using the rubric provided in launch by Jeff Walker, Second Edition, that in that book, you realize, okay, here’s the thing that’s most feasible for me to actually build my life on this interest of mine that I could build my life on and make a lot of money and then financially free myself and not have a nine to five job ever again. That would be that’d be excellent. That would be the case.

So please, please be aware of all that. That’s that’s really The best way that I could have answered this question that is how you can guide yourself to achieve this goal could serve so anyway, hopefully I answered your question appropriately. And folks, if you want your questions answered here on the CS Joseph podcast or on the YouTube channel, please go to CS forward slash members become a member, a journeyman member, and then upgrade your account to acolytes. So you get one question that you can send to me every month and I will do a video response to your question and share it with the rest of the audience.

It’s pretty awesome. So if you already are a journeyman member, but not an acolyte, go to CS forward slash portal, and then upgrade your account from there to acolyte just click on the acolyte section and you’re good to go. Also, if you have any other questions just email support at CS Joseph dot life the customer service team is pretty awesome and they will get you handled. So anyway folks, thanks for watching and listening Hopefully I answered the question properly if you have any questions, concerns, whatever please like and subscribe also on the YouTube channel leave your comments below we read every single comment so anyway, thanks for watching listening I’ll see you guys tonight you’re stone silver so can you take in the cave you building


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