How can an INFJ (The Paladin) in a quarter life crisis grow?

How can an INFJ (The Paladin) in a quarter life crisis grow? Transcript:

How can an INFJ in quarter life crisis grow? Wild trapped? But before I can answer please subscribe to the channel so that the Cleveland Browns actually win their next playoff game and I really hope they do and hit the alert bell so you can get notified when I go live as well as anything else that YouTube notifies for. That being said, What’s up eco hackers. This is the CS Joseph Podcast. I’m CS Joseph here to respond to all your questions or any questions on the topic of union analytical psychology, or the four sides of the mind also known as foresights dynamics.

And a source of today’s question is Mr. Sasha Spangler, this month’s winner of the free public wizard giveaway, find out more at CS forward slash giveaways. So you can sign up for that and be entered to win. And I also have his question in more detail, and I’m going to read that to you now.

So hello, I am a 23 year old shadow focused INFJ male. After many tragedies and a decade of depression about two years ago, I decided to reset my life. I traveled to South America for years specifically in order to invest into my subconscious and to counter my overfed demon bitterness. I have made tremendous progress and for the first time I’m off depression for over a year, well done.

There’s still much more to develop and my struggles are especially real developing a strong king archetype. Both my parents have been neglecting and a corrupting influence before they died. So there are many things I need to improve or things that I never learned. I’m back home and notice si binging and bitterness manifesting more frequently, because there are more things anchoring me into past negativity here.

Then I can remove. I know I have to move away but locked down doesn’t allow for it due to COVID. This has given me a hard time investing into control and King archetype. What can a life resetting INFJ in quarterlife crisis do to grow into Qing archetype or being exposed to si triggers they cannot remove? Alright, this is an excellent question very in depth question.

But honestly, I think these these wizard questions as they are in you can find out more about that at CS forward slash wizard. These wizard questions are usually in depth. And I’m glad this is being asked so. So 23 year old shadow focused INFJ.

Like there’s really only one thing that you can do. Remember, INFJ is mirror their environment, they mirror people around them. And because they are mirroring things on a regular basis that can lead to a ton of difficulties throughout their life. And I did state in I think it’s like season seven, Episode 12, which is what is the virtue advice of an INFJ.

Specifically, in that video, I talked about how inf J’s need to be getting the losers out of life, they gotta like completely clean house on a regular basis. Because if they don’t clean mental house or clean house or clean their environment, their environment will basically corrupt them, it will corrupt them consistently. And there is nothing that they will be able to do to escape that. And that’s one of the biggest issues that INFJs face all the time because oftentimes they feel too guilty, too attached with their and eye hero and too guilty with their Fe parent to actually remove those things from their life.

And that can be a serious, serious burden to have. I mean, a lot of people don’t realize that. And I heroes really have a hard time letting go if they actually allow themselves to get attached something they’re in and they’re basically attached for life. And there’s only one thing, one thing an INFJ can do to break that attachment and it goes for all ni heroes.

But that really is to have additional shared experiences either with new people or in a completely new environment to overwrite the corruption basically to overwrite the bad experiences to overwrite those bad attachments for those unhealthy attachments so they can have new and healthy and useful and helpful attachments in their life. It’s super super important they do this and the person here responsible for this submission. Mr. Sprinkler, Mr.

Sprinkler stated that he escaped to South America for a while to basically reset his life and that’s absolutely fantastic. And I I think the answer to this question is pretty obvious. He needs to do it again, he needs to get out of that environment, I get that he returned, and then COVID happened. And then he stuck and he feels trapped.

But honestly, there’s a lot of decisions that could be made. So even in that situation, he may not be able to go back to South America. But there’s definitely other things he can go to. If he’s going back to an old house or something like that, he just needs to completely row relocate.

I mean, why not get a vehicle and live out of a vehicle and just go on a road trip. It’s not like, you know, lockdowns can really prevent people from from going where they need to go. Like, there’s plenty of homeless people in the United States of America, for example, and they get to move about freely while everyone else gets to suffer at home, in lockdown, etc. So, obviously, it’s because homeless people don’t have a home, by definition.

But the point I’m trying to make is, is that there’s definitely like to quote, the architect from The Matrix Reloaded, there are levels of survival, we are willing to accept, you know, being the machines basically, well, that’s what INFJs need to learn how to do with their extroverted sensing inferior, in order to aspire with their expert at sensing aspirational, they have to realize that sometimes they have to let go of performing. And sometimes they have to be okay with being boring. And this allows them to basically be content with not being the most interesting person in the room, or the most interesting man in the world, et cetera, and focus primarily on meeting their own needs. It’s okay.

Obviously, you know, if they’re, he’s in a really rough environment, he’s mirroring the environment, he’s binging it, because he’s not able to get the attention that he needs because extroverted sensing inferior, requires attention consistently. Because if he’s getting attention from external sources, he’s not going to self consume attention, the attention from his Introverted Sensing demon will lead to unhealthy binging behaviors, it could be alcohol, isn’t it, drugs could be illicit sex, it could be watching Netflix for three days straight without going to sleep. There are tons of really unhealthy behaviors that come as a result of that. So, but quite frankly, the absolute best thing that can be done is to make sure that, you know, being an INFJ, you always are leveraging your own personal freedom, you have to aspire with your ESTP subconscious, and literally get to a point where you are prioritizing freedom, above everything else, it’s the absolute most important thing.

And if that doesn’t work, then it’s it’s going to be it’s empty, it will work. But imagine if it doesn’t work, that would essentially mean an INFJ is trapped, trapped forever, and that’s not really going to help. Furthermore, the thing is, is that because of Te trickster, they end up believing they’re trapped, even though they’re not they end up believing this affiliative notion that you know, COVID-19 Is this really scary thing that we have to be afraid of when the reality situation is we don’t, we don’t actually have to be afraid. But then again, the INFJ feels guilty that they might be putting somebody else had risk.

And then the statistics, the statistics don’t really support that they just don’t, it’s kind of like that meme, you always see all the time saying like, why would you get a vaccine for a disease that only has like, a very point, one or 2% death rate or whatever you and I’m saying like, it just kind of sounds ridiculous if you actually look at the real numbers, you know, over time, right? And, you know, as Voltaire would say, a man is free when he chooses to be. That’s not to say that I’m advocating for people to be unsafe, I’m not saying that. What I’m saying is, is that it’s up to the individual and their own personal sovereignty to make the wise decision for themselves. And remember, it is all everyone’s responsibility to take responsibility for meeting their own needs.

And I guarantee you, Mr. Spangler needs to immediately get out of his environment. If not burn it to the ground. If he can, and immediately escape and go elsewhere.

He just needs to change his scenery, completely change the scenery, and get out and do whatever it takes. If he is really that concerned about COVID. Then go read a few books on survival and bushcraft and go live in the woods for a month. For example, you know, anything, anything to get that environmental reset so that he could start growing and because the environment itself that he’s around is this toxic totem that is literally poisoning his soul.

And sometimes, you know, usually almost always, almost always, it’s people that are doing this to an INFJ. But that is not necessarily the case. Something Railgun has taught me about extroverted sensing, as it has this amazing metaphysical component where extroverted sensing is aware that there are memories, they see memories that are that other people have had attached to a building or an object or anything like that. And that can actually really poison them.

So they go out of the way to make sure they have as much new things as possible a new house, a new car, I knew this, I knew that new furniture, for example, Railgun had to get rid of all of my old dishes, because there was memories attached to those dishes, etc. She had to be all new, so that all those memories would be wiped away and not messing with her mentally, even though ESTPs are super concrete, right? And they they maintain that they’re the ultimate realist and know everything about the concrete world and reality as we know it, right? And yet, you all of a sudden see them talking about metaphysical concepts like memories being attached to physical objects, folks, that’s extroverted sensing, okay. That’s why expert sensing is not as concrete as Introverted Sensing, because you can only say something that what is after it’s already happened, not while it’s happening, because anything can happen while something is happening. That’s why STPs for example, change their mind every two seconds, because anything can happen within that moment, even though they claim to be the biggest realist.

Not really. And you can actually make an argument that extroverted intuition has an aspect of realism to it, because you can, I mean, once it has its prescients on full power, you can really anticipate just about anything, and that’s also something that needs to be considered as well. Anyway, the bottom line is, how can an INFJ and quarterlife crisis grow while trapped really free yourself? Like let’s that’s the answer, free yourself, change your environment, you will not be able to get your life in control, you will not be able to reach King archetype, you will not be able to reach the mature masculine until you have first and foremost control over your own environment, remove yourself from the environment. And like I said, go out in the forest for a month, if you’re worried about COVID, like no one’s there.

So you’re not putting anyone at risk, at least you’re out there and just go be a hermit for a while if you have to. But at a minimum, I guarantee you like driving your car, to the campsite, to a campsite in the middle of the wilderness and just camping there for like four weeks will be far better than us staying where you’re at now surrounded by this toxic environment that’s inhibiting you from reaching your full growth as a human, you know, your growth potential as a man as as the mature masculine. So anyway. All right.

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Alright folks, with all that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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