How can an ENTP stop being desperate for laughs?


CS Joseph answers the Acolyte question how can an ENTP stop being desperate for laughs?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CEUs. Joseph, and today’s question from the acolyte members yet again, which I’m loving this new thing where we’re getting tons of questions and actually getting the questions that the community cares about, actually answered. And those of you out there it’s funny I get a couple of complaints are like why does anyone ask any ISTJ questions? Well, maybe the ISTJ is should become acolyte members then and then get their questions answered to get one question at once.

So that’s potentially one video a month, so why not do it, you just got to understand, folks is that out of the 16 types, people take our tests, so we know what type they are. And we can see statistically that certain types of in our community are more willing to pay money versus other types who are not, for example, like, for example, the type that watches and consumes our content the most is the ESTP. Yet the ESTP is the type that spends the least amount of money. So think about that.

Okay, this happens all the time. And it skews the statistics. It’s not that I’m showing favoritism towards the various types in terms these questions just that like, there’s a subset of members with certain types. We’re asking these questions.

So if you guys want to see more variety in terms, the answer these questions, well, please participate in the members area, and then get these questions submitted to me. And we’ll definitely get the other 16 types added. And in fact, the last video we did was an INFP question, which was awesome to get that. And today, it’s an intp question.

So the question goes like this, how to stop being a clown as an intp? Or how to stop being desperate for laughs as an intp? Oh, my God, what a question because I’m like insanely guilty for that. My dad used to be like the class clown, even as an ENFJ. And so he would understand, but I too, became the class clown, definitely as an intp. When I was like 5678, it’s just like, when I was six years old, I started gaining a lot of weight.

And I basically was the fat kid in school since like, my entire life. So as a result of that, no one really cared to pay any attention to me whatsoever, because everyone just kind of wrote me off as like an absolute total loser. And to be fair, I kind of was especially you know, when it comes to having parents that taught me weakness, instead of refusing to teach me anything about strength, because they were afraid of who I might become, you know, so they intentionally kept me weak, basically, because they saw they likely saw me as someone who is potentially dangerous if they were to actually teach me any form of strength at all, because they’re kind of afraid of the potential of my own personal masculinity, which is actually very common amongst EMTP, boys, parents of end boys. So parents, if you’re out there, and you have an end, boy, make sure that you emphasize strength, because the thing that you are worried about your son becoming, you’re actually going to create the thing that you fear if you continue to teach your son weakness instead of strength, I promise you.

So make sure you don’t do that. But NTPs oftentimes become desperate for laughs because there Effie child’s needs are not being met. Basically, they’re not socially accepted. They’re not socially accepted by people in the classroom.

They’re not socially accepted by people in their peer groups, basically. And due to that lack of social acceptance, over time, they end up becoming feeling super unwanted through extrovert intuition hero. And then it just gets worse and worse and worse. And then all the other cognitive functions within the en teepees brain, basically are trying to somehow create or get something going get something started because they’re a starter type, to get people to at least potentially want and accept the EMTP want and acceptance are the probably the biggest needs an NTP has mentally being wanted being desired by others being accepted by others.

And NTPs, especially in Western society, are just not, they’re way more accepted in like Japan, or Eastern society, but they are not accepted in Western society, because Western society is mostly SJ oriented, and NPs are the opposite of SJ. So en TPS are often just basically shot on on a regular basis by society as a whole. And this is no different than like the education system, etc. And that could be a problem.

So, but really, how do they how do they stop being desperate for laughs? Well, it really comes down to are they able to meet their needs in terms of being accepted or wants it and the reality situation is no. This is why people like David Goggins, who is ENTP actually exists. And this would be like something I would highly recommend for ENTPs to check out his work, especially his book, talking about his journey with pain, where he had to get to the point where he sought pain because he realized pain gave him strength because all antibodies out there are afraid of being weak. That’s like our biggest fear is being weak to the point and that’s why we push ourselves too far.

I pushed myself too far. I was doing martial arts at my belt tests end up breaking my foot but it’s still healing. That was in October, it’s now almost January. Absolutely ridiculous.

And I haven’t been able to do much of exercise or anything and then I end up feeling weak as a result. That’s why I’m just focusing everything I have on doing very, very deep keto, fat loss right now is a stopgap until I get back into my regular martial arts routine. Because I love martial arts, martial arts is necessary for me because it helps me not lose my temper and get overly violent and give in to my violent urges or violent tendencies that X rated sensing demon would have. And martial arts helps me redirect that martial arts teach strength, but it also teaches discipline.

Another example of how to parent your EMTP properly instead of keeping them away from those things. So that is something that you know you parents need to pay attention to. But again, it’s not so much that the ESTP is desperate for laughs It’s really that they are desperate for acceptance, and sometimes the SE demon because the NT hero is not being wanted, the FE is not getting that the child is not getting any acceptance whatsoever. The ti parent, especially as a child is underdeveloped at that point in time.

And it may actually be underdeveloped in the person who’s asking this question. And then Introverted Sensing inferior is constantly uncomfortable as a result, because they are so unwanted. And ni Nemesis is just worrying about what’s going to happen next. And te critic is just not willing to listen to anybody and so frustrated because everyone’s given this person advice.

And then the ESTP tries out that advice, but it doesn’t even work for them. So they’re just getting upset. And then they have no moral code or principles to even follow to begin with, so why bother? And then it comes down to the sad man and the sad one turns on the entertainer super ego, this demonic super ego, where it’s just willing to, you know, do anything for attention, basically, because at least the EMTP can get attention if it’s not wanted or even able to get acceptance, right. So really, it all comes down to strengthening yourself, you you as an intp need to get to the point where you actually have to develop the self discipline to have a thick skin, learn how to take the hits, learn how to pick your battles, learn how which hits to take, like, you know what, like, which which, which which blows to land which hits to give, basically, you gotta get to that point as an intp.

When is it time to pull the gloves off and just absolutely unleash your se demon upon somebody. Because if not, you’re very repressed, you’re all bottled up as an intp. Because you’re not accepted because you’re not one of them. Because that your se demon has free rein.

But you’re not going to be wanted until you’re strong. You have to learn focus everything you have in a self discipline, because for example, who was more desirable, the kid that doesn’t know martial arts versus the kid that does know martial arts, you see what I’m saying who’s more desirable, it’s pretty obvious which good is the more desirable person is because the stronger you are, the more desirable you are. And the stronger you are, the more desirable you are, which means more people be more likely willing to accept you as a person because they accept you as a person of strength. Right.

So that’s how you stop being desperate for laughs, stop trying to, you know, be the clown as the intp. It really comes down to you developing your own personal strength as a person, your ability to endure hardship, your ability to persevere, your ability to have self discipline, your ability to force yourself to do things you don’t want to do your ability to seek pain, your ability to get yourself out of your comfort zone, right? That’s a big one huge one. Your ability to never give up and keep going no matter how much it hurts no matter how difficult it is that you never actually really ever give up, especially giving up on yourself, for example. And you keep pressing on like me, for example, I failed my belt test at martial arts, for example, guess what, I’m going back again, to do it again.

You know, and it’s going hurts me four hours of pain is the most physically demanding thing I’ve ever done. There’s people who were in the military and said they never did anything that physically demanding when they are in the military. That’s how crazy this belt test was. But guess what? That’s what I’m going to be doing.

Right? And I’m not going to give up. You know, it’s like even like some instructors like Oh, geez, you want to give up and I’m like, don’t you take away this, take this away from me. You know, it’s like really do want all of my pent up rage directed at you leave me alone and let me continue the test. Even if I fail.

You see what I’m saying? That’s how important it is. It’s that True Grit basically. Okay, so true. Grit is actually how you stop being desperate for laughs how you stop being desperate for acceptance.

You’re not accepted because you’re weak. That’s literally the facts. So you want to be accepted. You need to make yourself strong.

And guess what make yourself strong requires growth and growth, folks, is painful. That’s the truth. So Anyway thanks for watching guys hopefully this episode helps you out and the question was answered and with that I’ll see you guys tonight


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