How Can an ENTJ Get an ISTJ to Feel Better About Them? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how can an ENTJ get an ISTJ to feel better about them?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph, and we are still catching up on additional acolyte questions. Because new month new set of questions, this is kind of how we roll. And I do love all of the sirens in the background because we’re in the middle of a snowstorm right now.

And that’s apparently when everyone loses all intelligence whatsoever on the road. I’m very thankful that I’m okay in the process, and many inches have come down, and not entirely sure how I’m going to get home. But I think I’ll figure it out. So.

But anyway, today’s question is, how do I get an ISTJ? To feel more positive about me? And this question is coming from an E and TJ woman? I find this very fascinating question, because like, the first first question is like, Okay, well, what are you trying to do with the ISTJ? Is this like a sexual thing? Is this an emotional thing? Like, what’s the angle here? Right? So please, when you’re providing questions to me, please state your angle, because knowing the angle would be very helpful in these particular situations. So but I can see that there is bronze pair, or also known as intrigue, level of sexual compatibility between these two types. So it could definitely be a sexually related question. Not entirely sure.

But I think I’m going to answer this question in a general way. And then we’ll just kind of see what happens. So how, how do you make an ISTJ fault feel positive about anything? Well, first of all, you need to go out of your way to make sure that they can you save face? I mean, shouldn’t you be watching eight rules for love ISTJ episode that might actually be helpful and may communicate exactly what needs to be communicated for that, but But yeah, I mean, they’re all about saving face or about looking good. They’re all about having status, like every ISTJ in the world wants to feel classy, or they want to feel rugged with their ESTP shadow.

But for their ego, they want to feel classy, and then their ENFP subconscious. It’s like an even higher level of class. It’s not just being classy, in general, it’s like, Hey, I’m a VIP level of class, right? So it’s gotta be aware of how an ISTJ sees things from these three different points of view. And I’m not going to bother talking about the super ego, because it’s so mute, or moot is depending on which word you want to use here.

But the reality of the situation is that again, it’s really just a balance between an act of balance between being classy or being a VIP, or being rugged and tough, basically. So and you know, there’s ISTJ has come in different flavors. Is this the Vin Diesel, Channing Tatum variety? Or is this the super mega nerdy Dean Pelton from community variety of ISTJ, there’s a lot of different varieties of eyes, TJ, then people just don’t really understand that. And that has something to do with cognitive focus, right? Cognitive focus is what determines the difference.

And we’ve been talking about focus a lot. If you want to learn more about focus, please sign up for a membership at CS Forward slash members and watch the season 18 content, we talk a lot about cognitive focus. And we’re about to be releasing, I mean, Chris is working on preliminary stuff right now with season 33.

He’s done a great job so far. But we are going to be going into our own version of the INIA gram in the very near future. And we’re gonna be talking more about how to use our version of the INIA gram to actually help determine cognitive focus. And hopefully, it’s going to be an additional tool that’s going to be added to Bucha as well.

So more on that later. So obviously, you know, since they’re a te user, they need to basically look good, they need to have a great personal brand, people need to be thinking highly of them. And one way that you as an INTJ can do this is your a te user as well. Don’t put your status above the status of the ISTJ just don’t do that I understand the status is important to you.

But I mean, if you’re the one who’s doing the initiating if you’re the one seeking them out if you’re the one that actually wants them, especially from a sexual point of view, maybe even an emotional point of view. But regardless, it’s tetany Clearly, you’re gonna have to let go of your te in favor of their extroverted thinking, that’s just kind of how it has to be. Otherwise, you know, what’s the point of them interacting with you, what’s the point of them sticking around for you, you know what I’m saying. So like, just be aware of that, like, you got to make sure not to offend their te, you don’t want to offend their other sensibility, but their sense of status, their sense of respect.

And you need to lead with respect and don’t expect them to be respectful towards you, because technically, you’re the one seeking them out. So which means you have to be the one to lead with respect for them, you have to take that more submissive role, regardless of what your gender is, this is just kind of how I is TJs are, it’s annoying, but it’s just how they are. And I got to hand it to them, like it’s what they’re looking for out of life. So maybe, since you’re wanting them to feel more positive about you, that you actually give them what they’re looking for.

The other thing is, too is that like, always include them on things like setup adventures, like, hey, I want to go do this thing, you should come with me, that’s a perfectly good opening line, if you’re going to be asking our ISTJ you’re like, hey, I want to go do this thing, you should come with me. And then you’re telling and then you’re basically telling them you’re obligating them to go with you. And that’s important, but it makes them feel wanted, and make statements about how desirable they are. make statements about how strong they are.

That’s a good one. Because, as I hear, it was all about personal strength. And they always want to hear how strong they are, which makes them feel desired. The more you comment about how they’re their strength, even their strength of character, and their power, basically, because power and strength is like talking to SI and Te at the same time, it really makes them feel super positive about you to the point where they may even actually have an increase in attraction towards you as a result.

And wouldn’t that be nice? Wouldn’t that be a thing? You see what I’m saying? So like, no offense, guys, it’s like it’s super easy to get into an ISTJ is pants it male or female, it’s super make it easy. You just comment about how strong they are. And you comment about their status now class that they are how they might actually end up turning into a VIP One day, while also still able to be rugged and get down and dirty and actually fix things. And willing to do all of that and talk about their strength of character.

I mean, it’s literally just flattery if you think about it. And regardless of what anyone says, it’s so funny, like I always taught here like STPs especially, or even NFPs all talking about how immune of flattery they are, nobody is immune to flattery. And just people have different buttons to press and it’s all social engineering. If you’re new on and learn more about social engineering, please check out the season 21 playlist here on this channel, learn about social engineering.

And remember that all social engineering, all human communication, all human interaction is a form of manipulation, regardless of the negative connotations attached to the word manipulation. Okay? Like you guys seem to like let go of your colloquial definitions of words. Because like, you could be kind of a little bit ignorant, using words I mean, like, especially like if you’re watching The Princess Bride, and then you have Inigo Montoya saying, like, I do not think that word means what you think it means. Like it’s the same, it’s the same thing guys, like, just understand that.

So but yeah, like literally, you’re just you’re just feeding the Inferior function expert intuition inferior, they’re afraid of being unwanted, they’re free to being desired. And then using cognitive access toxic comments about how strong they are, so that they feel desirable around you, or around anyone in general. And then also you yourself provide concrete actions, to prove that you actually want them and you want to be around them, include them in things, factor them in to certain things, make sure that their sensibilities and their comforts are not being offended at the same time. Tell them that you think highly of them to hit their tee, very simple.

And, and then provide specific examples as to why you think highly of them because, you know, when it comes to flattery, people will be like, Well, I didn’t deserve that flattery. I didn’t earn that flattery and the INFJ super ego demon of the ISTJ will absolutely have its right arm up like okay, why am I being flattered here? What’s this person’s game? But if you seem genuine enough, well then it won’t matter. Okay? So there you have it, that’s how you get an ISTJ to feel more positive about you, or basically literally anybody else. And also like their systematic so and they’ll talk about their systems, adopt their systems, when you can try out their systems.

And also if they give them an opportunity to like be heard and share their value system with you. If you’re just gonna dismiss their feelings, then they’re gonna hate you. So you might want to like not do do that so anyway folks thanks for watching this episode and I’ll see you guys tonight Can you and gave you building strong


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