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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte member question how can a man prepare for the coming catastrophe?


Hey what’s up ego hackers. Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. Today’s question as submitted by an acolyte member, which is the top tier behind our paywall.

Today’s question is how can I as a man prepare for the coming chaos or the coming catastrophe? Very good, very good question. Although I would like to keep these questions more related to the psychology, but we definitely could talk about manhood as well. I’m actually going to be opening up a separate YouTube channel in the very near future and going to be moving any of my man related or red pill related content over there, basically. And I’ll be doing some episodes for that channel every now and then.

So yeah, we’ll see how that goes. And although like if acolytes if you’re gonna be asking questions related to that, we could probably we’ll probably end up having to release them over there. So just giving you guys a heads up we’ll be in contact with you. If those questions come in, and you’re wondering like, oh my god, where did my question go? So yeah, if you want to become an accurate member and get the answers to your questions turned into podcast and YouTube episodes, you can do that CS Joseph dot life for slash members become a journeyman member, if you already are and then upgraded.

From there. If you already are a journeyman member, go to CS Joseph dot life Ford slash portal, and then go to the acolyte sales page from there and then upgrade your accounts to acolyte, which would bring your total monthly contribution, 200 bucks a month. And you get access to like basically everything except the Discover all package but and are individually sold courses. But you get all of everything else years and years of content on top of those benefits.

So apparently, the type of famous people live stream has been pretty popular recently. So thinking about maybe doing a second one, a second stream. So we’ll see how that goes. It’s like super mega popular.

So we’ll keep doing that, I think. But depends on what we have available to us for our schedule. So anyway. So what can I do as a man to prepare for the coming catastrophe? So I don’t know.

How old are you? That’s like the first question I’d ask, like, Do you have a job? You know, are you producing more than you consume, I mean, your first objective needs to be producing more than you consume. That’s your king energy. And by the way, like, if you haven’t already, like if you’re a man, and you’re watching this, or listening to this podcast, or watching this channel, like seriously, all like there are some things that you really should do. And that is you have got to read or watch seasons four 613 and 31 on the YouTube channel or on the podcast, get that information as soon as possible.

Also, if you haven’t watched that catastrophe episode, just search the word catastrophe here on the YouTube channel. And watch that as well. As that explains a little bit more in detail as to what’s going on. And also please watch my criticisms of the red pill or anything related to Red Pill just search the word red pill on the channel as well.

So you can get educated there because I do have some criticisms of the red pill community basically and how they use the red pill praxeology often to the detriment of themselves and potentially women out there, you know, but it ends up becoming, you know, a super big problem not like that guy who recently proved that it’s actually women who is making society more polygamous. I find that I find that utterly fascinating like really fascinating, but he proved it so thanks to whoever posted that in the ego hacker discord if you want to get on the ego hacker discord forward slash ego hackers get in there. Check it out. It’s a lot of fun people discussing the science like 24/7 So and some people in there you actually getting more and more capable at typing which is pretty awesome.

So definitely check it out so yeah. So first things first king energy you need King energy you need to be able to produce more than you consume. And then also once you’ve built up your kingdom, you need to be able to defend your kingdom and that’s where your energy they need you to help other men reach to your level. That’s magician energy, and then you need to focus on enjoying life.

That’s lover energy. Most men do it backwards when they start with love. And then like magician helping other men become a lover, and then trying to figure out their warrior stuff and only at the very, very end, they start producing more than they consume, which is often like the Life Track of ESTP men for some reason, oftentimes, or even SJ men in some cases like st J’s They usually live life backwards or at least you know it is written The first will be last last week first. And that’s where I come from very, very spicy cigar can barely keep it in my mouth.

It’s so spicy. Wow. It’s like I’m smoking salsa. It’s kind of weird.

It’s an el suelo suelo from Nicaragua basically I don’t know if you guys can read that probably gonna have to mirror the camera so yeah, yeah definitely gonna have to mirror the camera notice that it’s backwards. So anyway but how do I do it? Like how do I how do I get prepared for the coming catastrophe? I do a lot I do a lot constantly in fact, my entire schedule is based around my preparation for the coming catastrophe everything I do like Guy science that I have multiple businesses, it’s nice that I have this YouTube channel this community but it’s not actually what I primarily spend my time on. What I primarily spend my time on is getting fit, getting stronger. Being able to you know deadlift, high amounts of weights to be able to you know, find on the battlefield to be able to pick up my friend and save his life you know, and maybe get like two miles out away from the combat zone.

If he went down and I gotta pick them up and I gotta carry him just to be able to do that. Also training Krav Maga and get combat trained I’m also very proficient at weapons I’m the only thing I need to finish on my weapon skills is being able to shoot very very long distance but but medium to short distance I’m very good I’m very proficient at handguns I’m very proficient at rifles hunting rifles not so much I just need like learn scope training and how to deal with winds and being able to shoot hit extremely long distances but for the most part I have everything else down I mean I know how to do a breach I know how to you know clear a room you need to learn how to do that you know with a weapon you know how to hold a weapon like holding it close up to your body versus out far and when to do that etcetera. And what to do in a close quarters situation. But you need to be combat trained straight up you need to be combat trained and if you don’t know how to hand combat you need to get started.

Really good hand hand combat you know most people think I’m crazy when I say karate but karate is actually effective it is you know most people think I’m nuts when I say that, but it is it is effective. Muay Thai is also effective as well. But in my and then an NG Kudo. In my opinion, Jeet Kuno is probably JKD is probably the most effective combat system out there.

In terms that it’s all encompassing, like you can’t fail, like it’s probably best all around. However, if you’re like an N T type, if you’re a really high and AI user, or if you’re an N P, I recommend you learn crop Maga. Krav Maga is basically what they teach the Israeli Defense Forces. It is their battlefield combat system.

It’s also really helpful in a street fight. And it takes a lot of dedication and practice to learn it, like a huge amount of dedication. And like, you will get like it’s like one year of study, at least it was one year of study for me to just hit the first rank you know, it was pretty, pretty brutal. And it basically it takes you one year to get through all of the ranks until you get up to about blue and then like everything after blue is just like an insane amount of time and dedication you put into it and plus you need to get into instructing as well.

So but yeah, like just just don’t give up but you have to be combat trained as a man. You also need to be survival trained. You know, you need to be trained on what to do in an urban situation where you need to be trained on what to do and want in a wildlife situation. If you’re out in the wild, like what to do you need to learn how to trap everyone thinks that they can go hunting.

No, you can’t No, no, hunting is ineffective. Trapping is everything. You need to learn how to trap and if you’re a man and you don’t know how to trap you’re basically lose her. Sorry.

Like you need to learn how to trap seriously go learn trapping, go learn backpacking, go learn backpacking, plus trapping, learn how to trap an animal, kill the animal, got the animal, clean the animal and then preserve the animal. Use everything you can And from it, you know, respect it right? So basically by every single book written by Tom Brown Jr, and do everything in that book, you know, a man needs to learn bushcraft. Joe Robinette on YouTube is an excellent resource for bushcraft understand bushcraft. So as part of your survival skills, you know, trapping and bushcraft, trapping bushcraft, Tom Brown Jr, like slam that stuff in.

Also, there’s a couple of books out there for like Navy Seal, field guides and whatnot. What to do in various situations, read all those, like this field guides or field handbooks, they’re all worth it. They’re all great. You need to learn skills, like how to get into a building, if you can’t go to the front door, how to get out of a building, if you can’t go out the front door, you know, that kind of thing.

It’s really, really important. You know what to do when you’re traveling abroad with hotels, and changing your room at the last minute in case you’re under surveillance, which is important for me as an entrepreneur, so that none of my proprietary information gets stolen by people trying to listen in on my conversations, much less, you know, like, recording my sexual activity, and then attempting to blackmail me later. Because of that, you know, like that, that’s also a risk. Like it’s a huge risk, as your profile as a man increases as your value as a man increases, so do the risks.

Why? Because new levels, bring new demos, you need to be aware of that risk as well. So So yeah, combat training, survival training, very important. Also, foreign language training. If you only speak one language, you’re a loser, like, I am multilingual.

I know Spanish, I am studying Russian, and Japanese right now, I may I may stop doing Japanese and switch to a different language. But what I’m really, really enjoying enjoying Russian very much. And given that a very, very good portion of my own family speaks Russian and they’re all native speakers. It’s always nice to know when they’re talking shit about me behind my back or even in front of my face, and I have no idea but being able to understand them and call them out on their bullshit is like a really big deal.

You as a man don’t want to be caught down caught with your pants down not knowing you know, certain certain languages, especially since you know men have to realize that in order to optimize their sexual relationships with like the absolute best possible women that could get they have to like get to a point where they’re entrepreneurs that make a lot of money they’d not they don’t they’re not tied down to a nine to five job which allows them to do this concept known as geo vaccine. And if you as a man are not able to Geo Max Well, that’s a problem. Because basically, you’re gonna get stuck with low quality local women. And usually trust me in the United States of America, local women usually are of low quality should see like, I go to the bars and I see all the floozies at the bars then I see the floozies at church on Sunday and it’s just laugh to myself because I see them going home with like a different man every week and yet they still somehow make it the church it’s just ridiculous.

It’s entirely ridiculous. You as a man you have to like deal with that bullshit constantly. There’s nothing there’s nothing more painful when you know your woman tells you to your face. It’s like yeah, so in order for me to even like be intimate with you, I have to imagine that I’m with another man instead of you basically.

And I have experienced that before. It’s an extremely painful thing very painful memory that I will never forget. But it does happen. So it’s just really important to like protect yourself from that situation understand that you know you need to make yourself you need to have higher standards when it comes to women.

You know like the other thing how you prepare yourself stop masturbating like seriously that’s dumb. Stop looking at porn. You know like there’s this guy. Sis es TJ forgot his name but he hangs out with the tape brothers we’re dead hanging out the tape brothers since they’re in jail right now but he’s like yeah, you know every now and then you know I look at pornography like a cigar or an ice cream or a night I find drink that you know I’ll enjoy a porno every now and then but it’s not it doesn’t dominate my life.

Yeah, there’s people out there I NTPs right. For example, who can’t kick the habit even sometimes en TPS can’t kick their butt I had a four year pornography addiction started in my teen years. And it’s finally it’s funny it actually it actually started just after I prevented or stopped the you know the sexual abuse of my life when I finally stood up for myself and then but to cope with that to cope with that lack of physical connection I went deep into a four year long pornography addiction that thank God I was able to kick that habit and get out of it but it almost all it did destroy my life actually, for like four years it was absolute hell. I had to like even go to like a support group for that sport group known as Celebrate Recovery and go through their program to just kick the habit and I did I did kick the habit.

But you know, if you’re masturbating all the time, or you’re watching porn all the time you’re destroying your brain, you’re destroying your hormones, which makes you less product Do which means you’re not going to produce more than consume, which means you’re not going to be successful to entrepreneurship, which means you’re just not going to be successful as a man. Like pornography is literally a cancer on your life, stop looking at it. It’s an absolute cancer on your life. Not only that, but why? Why would you have that idol in your life? That is also like exploiting exploiting women and potentially exploiting children? Right? Why would you want to have anything to do with that? Why would you want to be a part of that, like, Stop, you know, be a man don’t do it.

Like, you got to have enough self discipline or enough willpower to actually get through that. You shouldn’t do that, you know, especially you ESTP men out there. I mean, I was first introduced to pornography by my ESTP cousin, like he first introduced it to me. And it it was a really, it was, it was a really, really bad situation.

I don’t, I don’t recommend it. Like, I mean, it destroyed his life to thankfully, he’s in a much better place now. And I’m very happy for him. And I’m glad that he’s free from that life.

But it’s, it was rough. And he was like a total loser. He lived in a trailer, he had nothing. And you know, it dominated that addiction just dominated and destroyed his life entirely, you know, and I get it because of his need for intimacy, his need for connection, but it’s fake, it’s not even real.

And it’s so hard for him as an ESTP, even face himself and accept, you know, some you know, and to accept himself unconditionally. And that’s also what you as a man had to do in preparation for the coming cadastre, you have to get to a point where you could accept yourself unconditionally. I finally have, it took me a while to do that the words of W Anson, in his book, The manual, and by the way, like men, you need to read the manual, especially pages 7380, most specifically, page 74 of that book, it’s so important, where you learn how to accept yourself unconditionally and explains how to do it and why and why it’s so important. You have to do that as a man.

Why? Why though? Well, because I hate fatherlessness. And the best example of you as a man can do is to be there always for your children. And like when you have children, you know, like you need to be a high quality man needs to be able to satisfy both sides of a woman’s hypergamy, the alpha side and the beta side simultaneously. You just have to be able to do that.

And be that example to your children. So they understand what a healthy father looks like. So they understand what a healthy husband looks like. So they understand what a healthy man looks like.

Okay, and you need to be healthy. You know, get the losers out of your life. Cut away all the deadwood cutting all the deadwood comes from this book called not a life coach. Make sure you you read that seriously.

Also, what that also that other authors other book, I think it’s like, not a not a diet book or something like that. But he has a fitness book read that book too. Like seriously, you need to get away from just these bad things in your life. Society is like a drug.

You need to get yourself to a point where you are entirely independent of society and that no matter what happens, no matter what happens to society, war, or otherwise, the coming catastrophe or societal collapse, you and your family will be okay because you as a man are capable enough to ensure that that will happen. That’s reality. How the hell are you going to do that? If you don’t speak other languages and can’t flee your country? How the hell are you going to do that? If you don’t know how to bushcraft and survive out in the wild and stills give your family heat and food and water? How are you gonna be able to do that if you don’t know how to do that you’re a loser, basically. And then also, one other thing that really, really helps.

I gotta give special thanks to Lev because Lev gave me the tinder guide for kill your inner loser, do the tinder guide at kill your inner loser. And not necessarily just to get with women, but seriously, the benefit of doing that guide and it just really improves you as a man overall, just that guy is worth doing just from the self improvement, personal growth aspect, regardless of the fact that you could use it to get laid over and over and over again, which I mean I don’t mind go for it. But the reality of the situation is is that at least you benefit big time as a man and become something so much better something so much more as a man so much more to offer your woman so much more to offer your children that’s a big deal, then your woman will know that you’ve got options so she’s more likely to be more submissive in your home and then actually be happy to see you when you come home and actually like greet you and treat you like a human being you know, that would be nice, right? You kind of you need that as a man because it is written is not good for man to be alone. Therefore, I will make for him a helper who is suitable for him and that’s where Eve comes from basically, you know from God to creators perspective, right? So make sure you do that as well.

But yeah, in general, these are all the things that you as a man should be doing, and constantly educating, constantly building value all the time. You know, like, yeah, you can play a video game every now and then I probably play maybe one or two games a year. Like right now, I’m looking. I’m looking forward to Jedi survivor releasing in April, like I’m really, really looking forward to it.

And that might be the only game that I played this entire year. Seriously. It might be the only game that I play. And only wrong.

I love other games that I like. And you know, and I also use games to facilitate playing games with my children. But otherwise, it’s like, not my thing. It’s not my main thing.

I don’t care about it. Games have destroyed my life and suck my life away so much that it’s inhibited my ability to be a husband or a father or a man. So no, thank you. You know, that’s just that’s just not what it’s about folks.

So stay away from that crap too. And then eventually, you’ll come to know your life purpose, you’ll have a mission, and you will need to take that mission. My mission is to destroy fatherlessness and bring back masculinity, while exposing everyone’s psyche to each other so that they understand each other so they can respect each other so they can love each other as much as they can respect and love themselves as they should based on what their archetype actually is. So, me folks, thanks for watching and listening and I’ll see you guys on the next episode.



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