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Help your ISTJ out! CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how can you help an ISTJ stop procrastinating?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. This is CS Joseph. And today’s question is how to get an ISTJ to stop procrastinating? Which is a fascinating question. I am actually very happy with this question because we don’t often get ISTJ questions so awesome.

This might actually be the first ISTJ question ever, among the Acolytes, so yeah, nice to have one for once. And similar to their fellow INTJ INTJ is both these types have a tendency of procrastinating, but why do they procrastinate? Okay, well, we just did the INTJ video on procrastination. And here we are to answer it for ISTJ. So a little bit different.

So ISTJ is ISTJ is end up procrastinating for entirely different reasons. And getting to know those reasons are kind of fascinating, but kind of not really surprising. So it really comes down to Introverted Intuition demon to a point now remember, in previous episodes, I think it was especially the ENFJ. ISTJ.

Natural pair lecture that we did in the members area for journeyman members CS, forward slash members, go check out that lecture. So you can get educated. But the thing is, is that introvert intuition, demon is very risk averse. ISTJ is really really liked to play it safe.

And this is one of the top reasons why they end up procrastinating is because if there are, if they are struggling is that it’s not necessarily that they are struggling to get things that are familiar with them done. If they’re unfamiliar with something, that’s what the procrastination act ends up happening, because they’re very risk averse, and doing something new, doing something that they’re not familiar with doing something that they’re uncomfortable with, ends up, discouraging them and ISTJs end up having a huge high amount of discouragement throughout their life that they had to deal with on a regular basis. This is also one of the reasons why ISTJ is end up becoming the most encouraging of the 16 types is because of how discouraged they get. And they understand what discouragement is like they understand how to deal with it eventually in their life.

And they end up helping other people deal with being discouraged by being very encouraging. This is one of the ways that they can actually not be procrastinating is because they are going out of their way to encourage others throughout their life and actually remove the discouragement that other people have is one of ISTJ superpowers as being very encouraging. So and the thing is, is that because it’s because oftentimes they lack courage, they have all the strength in the world, but they don’t have the willpower to wield that strength, they are basically inexorably afraid, and they’re afraid all the time. And as much as the ISFJ is ruled by faith versus fear, there’s still a fear factor component within the ISTJ archetype that has to deal with fear all the time.

And as much as like an INTJ, you know, is also afraid of failure and afraid of performing badly. And that can lead to their procrastination. The ISTJ is that they’re just more afraid of being rejected. They’re afraid of like not even being a choice.

It’s not about a fear of rejection, it’s more about a fear of just not even being a consideration, or not even being wanted in the first place. And that’s really, really hard for ISTJ to deal with. And that is ultimately the source of their discouragement on top of the fact that they are constantly trying to play it safe because playing it safe means hey, if I play it safe, then you know, I’m not going to stand out and there’s a lower chance that I’m going to be rejected but here’s the problem though is it ends up being actually the opposite occurs, it actually increases the chance that they are going to be rejected because this is one of the reasons why I go out of my way to be as edgy as possible because when I am edgy, I get noticed positive or negative, it doesn’t matter but the noticed still happens and being edgy. You know, it’s like it’s like a little hooks hanging off myself everywhere and all edgy and whatnot.

And you know that that could hurt or whatever. But eventually that edginess is going to grab on to something and then pull that something in towards me kind of like Slender Man. You’re saying that’s edgy. But the point is, is that edginess is actually ultimately what makes a person desirable whereas the ISTJ goes out of the way to play it safe and they end up creating a situation where they become entirely undesirable, because they’re not willing to take any risks.

And don’t forget icga is our affiliative. and risk taking is extremely hard for them. It’s very discouraging. So that’s why they need to take risks with somebody else and beyond their risk taking team so that their Introverted Sensing hero can become far more comfortable down the line, to be willing to take risks because they’ve experienced those consequences of taking risks in the past.

So similar risk that they take in the future, they’ll be like, Oh, well, I’m strong enough to deal with whatever consequences. I’m strong enough to deal with whatever detects dejection I’ve dealt with in the past. And if I get rejected more, if this makes me less desirable later, well, then that’s the case. They’re willing to accept it.

And the thing is, is that if they like go with that line of thinking, they do cause themselves to become undesirable. They cause themselves to be rejected because I see Jays are not standing up. It’s only the ISTJ is that stand out, are the ones who are regarded. They’re the ones who are wanting those the Vin Diesel’s of the world, the Channing Tatum’s of the world, the John Cenas of the world, all of those men are ISTJ’s, and they all stand out.

But the only reason they stand out is because they’re willing to take risks. But someone along their life came to them early on in their life, and took risks with them. And that’s something that is very special, entirely special and entirely necessary for IC Jays to experience because again, they’re affiliative they need someone else with them, to not be in the to be in the ditch with them. If they’re taking risks, or if they’re in a dangerous situation.

They just don’t want to do it alone. Which is fascinating if you think about it, because oftentimes Templar types have something called impostor syndrome, where it’s like, Hey, I have no expertise, I have no experience, what business do I have teaching this ISTJ how to learn something new, or do something with them that they’ve never done before. But the ISTJ really does not care about the temple or types experience or expertise, they just don’t care. Because the most valuable thing to them is that they won’t have to do it alone, that is the most valuable thing and not doing it alone is a big, big deal for them.

So ultimately, that is how you get an ISTJ to stop procrastinating is that you take whatever risks that they are needing to take, and you do it with them. So that they feel like they’re not alone. They’re not in the trenches or in the ditch by themselves. And then all of a sudden, they are encouraged to be able to get through it because they know that if they fail, you’re going down with them.

Or if they know that if they succeed, you are going to succeed with them. And vice versa, right. So that’s, that’s that’s literally the answer. That’s how you get them to stop procrastinating.

The problem is, is that they have to get to a point where there are people in their life willing to do that with them. That’s the actual problem here. Because they will always procrastinate until they get people in their life that they’re willing to do that. And the ICJ would have to make themselves desirable to make that happen.

But the only way an iCj is ever going to be desirable enough to facilitate that particular situation is by being edgy, literally, and stop playing it safe. Because they have no flavor. They’re like milk toast. They’re very, they’re very flavorless, kind of like Mitt Romney, when he was trying to run against Barack Obama.

For the presidency, no one wants to hire Mitt Romney at all. And no one wanted to vote for him at all, because he had no flavor. He wasn’t edgy, had no edge whatsoever, he was boring is super boring. And that’s the thing, the more ISTJ is are boring, the more boring they are, the less opportunity they have at you know, getting their hooks into somebody who’d be willing to take risk for them to help them stave off their procrastination.

So that’s really difficult. So it ends up creating like this interesting paradox where it’s like, okay, I have to take risks, in order to be edgy enough to be desirable for people to be willing to take risks with me in order for me to not procrastinate anymore. But me procrastinating is leading to me to being boring and thus not edgy and it just creates this endless cycle. So they have to get themselves out of this endless cycle and then just focus on doing something noteworthy doing like telling stories.

I see Jays need to gather up stories and experiences interesting stories, interesting experiences, in order to increase their edginess, which increases their desirability, so that people are willing to take risks with them, so they’re not having to do everything alone. And I’ve known a lot of ISTJ is out there who had this problem so bad of being so unwanted that they would make up stories or heavily exaggerate stories in order to make themselves look more interesting in order to win over people who would be willing to take risks with them, so they wouldn’t have to do it alone in order to eventually, you know, prevent the procrastination. And it’s this level of discouragement. That leaves leads ISTJ ‘s end up looking like they are super lazy and stuck in their comfort zone.

You know, and yeah, definitely, it’s because they are discouraged. That’s really what it comes down. And oftentimes, I see Jays claim all you know, I’m just depressed. I’m just that.

No, it’s just that they’re discouraged. They’re afraid. Lacking courage. That’s the problem.

They’re, they’re cowards. Basically, it’s cowardice. It’s not depression. It’s cowardice.

That’s the actual problem here. So in order to select that, so the real answer here is like this is how you stop an ISTJ from procrastinating. You make them not be a coward. Basically, you force them to be courageous.

That is it. Cowardice is what the cause is the procrastination. If you want to prevent an ISTJ from procrastinating, you have to do everything you can to encourage them and force them in situations where they have to be courageous and to face their fear. Otherwise, they’ll be stuck procrastinating and they will be stuck in their comfort zone forever.

And I do have an ISTJ friend, who is that way, he hasn’t changed maybe in 10 years. And then in the decade that I have known him, he hasn’t changed one bit. He’s still doing the exact same thing every single day, for the last decade. And he has not changed other than that his body is older.

And honestly, it can be really sad to see and I wish the best for him and I wish he would grow. But he’s too scared to grow because he’s too discouraged. And it’s funny because every time I talk to him, he’s all about trying to encourage me, even though he himself is discouraged. So still love them.

I wish the best for him. And I hope he improves and I hope he learns how to grow and get out of his comfort zone and be willing to take risks and be willing to be edgy, so that other people would desire him so that he would not have to go it alone. So me folks, thanks for watching and listening and I’ll see you guys on the next episode.


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