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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question, when is cognitive projection a good thing?


Hey what’s up video hackers. Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. And today’s question is, what is healthy cognitive projection from a union analytical psychology perspective and also four sides dynamics? What is healthy cognitive projection? Usually typically when I talk about cognitive projection, I’m talking about unhealthy uses of projection where we look at each of the four sides of the line, we look at our autograph from our temporal wheel perspective, and we are projecting those behaviors on other people.

And it can be super, super unhealthy. For example, within the context of my relationship with Railgun, she is consistently projecting ISTJ onto me and expecting me to behave, or anyone in her life to behave like an ISTJ. Because an ISTJ is the most likely out of all the types to not piss her off and give her what she needs mentally for the sake of for ego, right? It’s just normal. Well, here’s the thing, I do the same thing to her I project INTJ, I project my golden pair onto her and hold her to these ridiculous INTJ standards that she herself cannot do as an ESTP.

It’s me setting her up for failure. So we end up setting each other up for failure within the context of our relationship because of this abusive form of cognitive rejection. And while I would like to claim, you know, that I that I do a lot less than she does, well guess what, I’m 10 years older than her. So naturally, I have the skills to be able to do that and me expecting you know, someone who’s 10 years younger than me to have those skills, especially when she’s not as well versed in the science and also doesn’t have as much practice from a relationship perspective, it’s kind of an unfair thing.

So sure, I may do it less than practice. But it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter at the end of the day, the result still ends up being the same, you cannot use cognitive projection as a weapon towards other people on a regular basis. Because at that point, it ends up becoming a serious problem over time. A lot of people don’t really understand this, you know, the whole idea that you are projecting your golden pair, you know, the person who has the highest compatibility with you onto other people is ridiculous.

But the reason it happens is because it’s a survival technique, because here’s the thing, human beings are built for relationships, right? And kind of projection is this thing where you’re projecting pieces of yourself and other people to see if they’re, if you have camaraderie with them to see if you can learn from them to see if they’re compatible with you. And you can actually form a sexual relationship with them, or even a friendship with them to a point if you’re a man, basically, because female relationships are more based on camaraderie, women like to prefer to learn from other women, instead of, you know, being compatible with them. Whereas you know, with men, they’re more affiliative about it. And they want to have compatible relationships with everyone, including women and men, because they want to reach this higher level of, you know, fulfillment, you know, things that they’re missing from the childhood, that kind of thing.

And, you know, from a male perspective, with male judgment, it’s like, okay, yeah, we already basically know, you know, you know, from a judgment point of view, you know, how to learn and what our learning is based on, but women don’t really have that thing. And they end up relying on each other to learn, and that’s why they have high camaraderie. This is why you know, when women get together, you know, when women get together, they talk, you know, it’s like stitch and bitch, versus, you know, when men get together, they do, and they do things together, it’s all about the what they’re doing has nothing to do with talk per se, men don’t really talk like women do to each other, talking and communicating, ends up becoming the main mode, they may be doing stuff together, but it’s ultimately to facilitate talk and learning, you know, from a camaraderie point of view. Versus with men, it’s more of just, you know, grown out with the guys, you know, it ends up becoming this endless male circle jerk, basically.

And that’s what ends up happening. It’s just a circle, jerk, you know, so, watch out for that, you know, like, a lot of people don’t, don’t understand, but kind of projection can be like, very, very, very problematic with people. But again, it’s a survival technique to identify, you know, traits and other human beings to see if those if those are human beings that you want to have relationships with in your life. That’s why we do cognitive projection, that is the point behind cognitive projection.

But in the context of sexual relationships or even friendships, you can have unrealistic expectations of other people because if you’re projecting a certain type, or projecting aspects of your own behaviors based on your own type onto other people, then you are setting them up for failure. It’s unrealistic, you’re having unrealistic expectations, and that can be a huge deal. A very big problem, right? And oftentimes, people don’t even understand how that can be a serious problem. because you’re just expecting someone to behave exactly in a certain way.

Like, for example, my father, who had some extremely harsh words for me this last week, he is projecting INFP on to me, he expects me to be this very moral person, he expects me this person who just is quiet and takes everything that he says without challenge. He expects me to be loyal to him, even though he expects me to listen to him and never actually listened to me regardless. But I’m not nine if P and honestly like my father loads that I have ti parent, because my TI parent gets in there and i ti parent him. And it just engaged it brings out his extroverted thinking demon immediately.

And then he just exited thinking demons me as a result, which is pretty lame, you know, and I tried to go out of my way to follow you know, the fifth commandment, Honor thy mother and father, maybe it’s the sixth one, I don’t remember. But I think it’s the fifth one. And, you know, he makes it very difficult because he’s projecting this thing, this INFP perspective onto me. And he also, you know, and often makes my Fe child feel like he doesn’t actually value me because I’m not this person that he was hoping that I would be.

And of course, you know, his best friend in life is this guy named Mike and Mike he, he’s, he’s memorized the Bible. He’s a very moral person, constantly willing to listen to my dad and ask my dad questions consistently. And, and that’s what my dad kind of resents about me is because I don’t do the same. I don’t behave like this INFP friend of his, therefore, he has a really hard time, you know, even having a conversation with me or even desiring to spend any time for me or even get my attention whatsoever.

Because why would he want that? Why would you want to be with a person who’s going to challenge him consistently, and never, you know, you know, just from an intellectual perspective, which is buttheads this way. He’s constant trying to get me to listen to him. And from his perspective, I’m your father, you will listen to me. But the thing is, is that like my TI parent, and Te critic, just know that listening to a TI inferior is not always the wisest choice.

There are times in my life where I have listened to my father’s ti inferior, and it’s bit me in the butt every single time. And I wish I didn’t listen to him. It’s funny, because like, for example, he blamed me for making all those choices and going into university and going into and getting my degree. When is the only reason I did it was because he pressured me into it.

And I was just trying to make my dad happy. But then, you know, the reality of the situation is though, he blamed me for he told me, Well, that’s your choice. And I’m like, Yeah, but your expert sensing child kind of forced the issue, as he like, often would guilt me into doing things I shouldn’t have done. And he does that.

And then he’s like, Oh, you only remember the bad times. And I’m like, Actually, I did. I do remember the good times, you know, like, my dad took me to the 2010 Winter Olympics. That was incredible experience.

And I’m very, very thankful to have that memory with him. And I’ll never forget it. I love that. And I love I love this is x rayed sensing child, but when it comes to decision making, when it comes to him trying to give me advice and advise me, it’s ended up blowing up in our face consistently, you know, he doesn’t, it’s so funny.

Like, he accused me of being this person who is taking advantage of other people, you know, and, and being dishonest. And when when the reality of the situation is, is that I remember many times throughout my upbringing, that he encouraged that kind of behavior. And you know, I had to like unlearn that, because like, in my early 20s, I was basically like a shyster to a point. And it was because of those, those those teachings that my father gave me, and I’m not calling my dad, a shyster.

He’s just projecting NFP on me. And he’s given me advice that you would give to an NFP basically, trying to keep me in the shadows, keep me behind the scenes, work in the crowd and trying to see what I can get out of it. Because he’s assuming that I’m interest based, like he is. Whereas actually, I’m systematic.

I’m all about trying to find the best way to do something, not necessarily the thing that benefits me the most, or benefits others the most, which is an interest based point of view. So as a result of that, his te demon has no choice but to label me basically the stupid person because I lack moral fiber. And he just doesn’t accept that because from his perspective, he thinks that looks like okay, hey, you know, you’re my son, you’re my child, is my responsibility to make sure you have moral fiber, but I have this FYI trickster. And he was never able to install any form of moral fiber in me because no one would have but he doesn’t accept that that’s how life is he doesn’t accept the psychology from that perspective.

He knows it has merit, he knows it has value, he knows it’s true. But the difference is, is that it’s so beyond him that he refuses to use it. So then he’s just left with this very unhealthy cognitive projection. You know, and going back to my relationship with a Railgun.

Her and I have basically have had to become super aware of how we utilize cognitive projection in an unhealthy way towards each other, and still even cognitive projects, you know, ISTJ onto our INTJ so on, like, for example, like trying to feed our INTJ son, sometimes she’ll get frustrated that he won’t eat what he gives her what she gives him. And you know, she’s treating him like a little si hero. It’s like, Hey, I made you food, you eat it, because that’s the experience that I chose to give you with my se hero. But as then I hear I was like, yeah, no, that’s not what I want, I’m not going to eat it.

So then all of a sudden, our INTJ two year old is like saying, like, yeah, no, I don’t want that. I don’t want that. So he constantly refuses food that she gives him and she gets so frustrated. And then it’s like, oh, you’re being ungrateful every child activates, and you’re being ungrateful, you know, in a negative way.

Because, you know, the ESTP struggles with, you know, they go out of their way to give somebody a performance no one asked for, and that’s how she’s giving a performance performance, such as cooking food for our son that he didn’t ask for. The problem is, he can’t exactly communicate with his mother what he wants, basically. And because of that, she gets ends up getting frustrated, because he’s not, he can’t tell her what she wants, because he’s not exactly talking, you know, and able to converse with her and express what it is he actually wants. So she ends up getting frustrated as a result of projecting naturally projecting ISTJ onto our INTJ.

Son, it happens all the time, right? You know, sometimes, you know, she projected onto me and expecting to be more affiliative than I am. And being that I’m an AUD USD E and TP that gets even worse because for you to UEFI and TP standpoint, I’m actually a triple pragmatic anti, because I’ve mostly abandoned my ISFJ I can only be in my ISFJ mode when I’m stemmed, such as, after I’ve smoked a cigar, or after I have basically, you know, had caffeine, you know, when I’m stemmed, and being on stimulants puts you in your subconscious, which, you know, can be super frustrating to a point because then you know, when you’re in the, in the context of a sexual relationship, it’s like, oh, this person doesn’t accept me for me, you know, because they’re using cognitive projection, you know, on me, et cetera, but then you yourself are also projecting onto them. And then they start feeling like, you know, you don’t accept them for them either. So it ends up creating this downward spiral.

And this is how cognitive projection can be a serious, serious problem. So how do you solve it. And this is something that we’re gonna be talking about extensively in the upcoming ego hacking your fear course, it’s being filmed right now. And we’re we’re going to be teaching people how to ego hack themselves, it’s the first time where we’re going to be teaching self social engineering, which is going to be amazing.

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Maybe I should be. It’s not a paid promotion, I promise. I just I love certain cigars. I love a lot of cigars.

To date though, it’s the laranja acid Laiho love it love the roll on laranja ASA Laiho or the receiver or a service or mine then so how do you deal with unhealthy cognitive projection? How do you turn it into healthy cognitive projection? really comes down to one thing and one thing only. That is true. The Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But what does that mean? Exactly? You know, most people think the golden rule is treat other people as you would have them treat you, right? That’s actually false.

That is a very simplistic way of seeing it. It’s wrong. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Other people have one of the 16 types.

Other people have different octave grams, right. So there’s different variants and sub variants of each of the 16 types, for a total, and I’ve said 128 combinations, but we find out recently, it’s 512 combinations. Which means, you know, at a minimum, I have to give Dave Powers credit for the objective personality system, who is a fellow pioneer in Union analytical psychology, I have great respect for the guy. He probably doesn’t like me very much.

But I do like him, I really enjoy Dave Powers. And I’ve always enjoyed his work, especially when he talks about cognitive looping, or what he calls jumping, which is cognitive looping jumpers, and then also, you know, sub variants of the types etc, with what he calls subtypes. I think his work is incredible. It’s really incredible.

We may disagree on certain fundamentals. But that’s okay. Still, like the guy and he’s still made some huge strides within the science there. So, you know, for those of you out there who think that I have a problem with him, I don’t have a problem with him.

I think he’s great. He’s really great. Maybe one day would collaborate? Who knows? Who knows? I’m open to it. You know, that’s like, so funny, the other the other MBTI YouTubers hate my guts.

And, you know, I mostly, they don’t really want to have anything to do with me. And that’s fine. I don’t really want to have much to do with them. But unless they are like, hey, yeah, actually, Mr.

CS, Joseph, I’d like you on on my show, or whatever. I’m like, sure. You know, I’m, I’m down for collaborations if they want to, but they typically don’t want to, and because they don’t want to, it’s like, okay, well, if you don’t want to, then I don’t want to either. So it is what it is, you know, but Dave Powers like Dave, I really like Dave.

Yeah, again, we disagree on certain things, but for the most part, he’s done really, really well for getting people started, you know, in the process of understanding just how deep union analytical psychology actually goes. So I have to give credit words do so yeah. But the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Therefore it is every human beings responsibility to actually type themselves and type other people accurately.

So you can avoid cognitive projection, the negativity of cognitive projection and do positive cognitive projection, positive cognitive projection is, you see exactly what type they are. And you treat them for the type they are and you accept them as who they are for their type, you have that level of acceptance for them, that is what you should be doing, right. And if you’re not doing that, then you’re just going to default to projecting yourself onto them, when as you should be projecting them onto them, right. So like, for example, it is my responsibility to understand that real goodness an ESTP, and I need to be treating her as an ESTP and accepting her as an ESTP within the context of our relationship, right.

It is also incumbent and thus her responsibility to be doing the same to me, I’m an intp, she has she she needs to be treating me and accepting me as an intp. And going out of her way, you know, to understand you know, what, me as an intp as a year to UEFI NTP is and basically bring me the things that I need and maybe some of the things that I want. And then also with her being an SD UF ESTP I should be doing the same for her as well. That is healthy cognitive projection where you’re projecting them onto them, but you have to know what they are.

First, in order to project that onto them properly. This is why you guys should be using the Bucha tool you DJ dot a PP Bucha dot app, go check it out. It is our personality test. If you make an account on it, you get access to the type grade you also get to keep track of the people that you have typed throughout your life and organize them It also tells you how compatible you are with them etc.

Obviously we’re upgrading the tool we’re probably gonna be doing a Kickstarter like campaign in the near future to help fund the development of Bucha to make it even better. We’re also about to release a new version of Bucha which has an upgraded question poor upgraded question for basically within you know the the discovery or persona piece or the type yourself just by answering four questions, etc. Plus, we’re going to be having After Graham added for questions five and six, for people who participate in our Kickstarter like campaign basically to gain those benefits to have better access to Bucha. And its feature sets.

But ultimately, these changes that we’re making are going to further increase accuracy even more. So because of recent discoveries that we had relating to cognitive origin and the science, there’s really going to be a great opportunity for all of us to be able to type ourselves and type each other appropriately. But yeah, that’s the bottom line. Know what a person’s type is, and learn how to have a relationship with that type.

You know, if they are their extroverted, sensing, inferior, make sure you’re sharing with them consistently, right? If they’re introverted, feeling inferior, make sure that you’re helping them value themselves and feel worthy and empower them. Okay? It’s very simple. So obviously, you have to study season 21 is the social engineering season or the ego hacking season, the first one, maybe actually learn ego hacking by text, which is our course, available at ego hacking by, or CS Forward slash portal, you can see ego hacking by text the course right there, you can get the course there as well.

But I mean, hey, you know, unless you’re like, gosh, what is that guy? Always, I always forget him who it is. Forget, I always forget, his name is INFJ on YouTube who like, hates my guts and says that I’m evil, because I’m teaching people how to manipulate each other. I’m sorry, but all social interaction is manipulation. All social interaction is manipulation.

But literally, it just comes down to the golden rule. If you don’t know how to social engineer someone in a positive way, if you don’t know how to ego hack them in a positive way? How are you ever going to have really good relationships with them? How are you going to have really good friendship with them? How is it even how’s it even possible, it’s not possible, you’re just going to by default, as results of your own personal ignorance, project yourself onto them, which is going to set them up for failure. And ultimately, you’d only be able to have relationships with the people that have high compatibility with you are Hi camaraderie with you. You can’t do that.

The whole world opens up to you. If you can learn how to do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, you are XYZ type, you want other people to treat you and accept you for what type you actually are, you need to take responsibility to do the same for other people. And in fact, because you are the one who actually knows about foresights dynamics, because you’re the one that knows union analytical psychology, because you know, what the type grid is, you have a higher responsibility, I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, you need to lead in this area in your life, you need to take that responsibility, because everyone out there is responsible for what they know. And if you actually know the science, it’s your responsibility.

It’s your responsibility to interface with those people. And if you’re not going to do that, what the hell is your problem? Like, seriously, you just gonna keep doing this negative, abusive, cognitive projection, when you shouldn’t be projecting these people onto themselves and treating them as they are, so that they can treat you that way. I’m an intp. I’m automatically intimidating, I’m automatically cringe, I’m automatically a scary person by default.

I just am. And because of that, you know, it’d be really nice if people would know that I’m an intp. Be okay with me being an intp. And treat me like an intp and accept me as an intp.

Because I already do that. For everyone else. I do that for everyone else, because I’m hoping that they would do the same for me. That’s proper cognitive projection.

Okay. But all of us are so ignorant that we continue to cause these problems and it’s so gross, and it’s so ridiculous, and it’s so stupid. Why? Why is that? Okay? Well, the reality situation is, it’s not okay. It’s really not okay.

So make sure that you’re not among the ignorant people out there as members of the ego hacker community or the CS Joseph egohacker server, whatever. If you’re an eagle hacker, you it’s your responsibility, ego, hack people for their benefit, show them how they can ego hack you for your benefit. This is the law of reciprocity, right law of reciprocity. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

But no one is going to reciprocate with you as an ego hacker, unless you yourself are doing this right. This helps solve the problem of fatherlessness keeps relationships together. Just absolutely refuse to be part of you know, yeah, sometimes my relationship with a railgun can be really, really hard. I ain’t given up on her.

I love her and I value her that much. I’m not going to put our son through that hell, there’s no way just not going to happen. She’s not going to happen. You know, they’re my family.

And that’s it. I made that choice. And I’m responsible for that choice. And I did treat her like an ESTP and as much as she needs to learn how to treat Like an intp.

That’s just the reality situation. Same thing with my dad, he’s an ENFJ. I treat him like an ENFJ. He needs to learn how to treat me as an intp, even though he has basically has demonstrated and proven to me that he has no desire to do so.

But I’m not going to stop trying. Does that mean I have Stockholm Syndrome? That means I’m a glutton for punishment, maybe. But I do know in my heart that I’m doing the right thing by cognitive projection in a healthy way instead of an unhealthy way, you know, and I just need to be more realistic about it. And that’s how we get realistic, we get realistic about it.

It just bothers me. It just bothers me that no one understands this. It’s entirely ridiculous to me as to how many people are ignorant about the golden rule, the true meaning of the golden rule. And this is the true meaning of the golden rule.

But for some reason, most people, especially Eagle hackers are ignorant of this responsibility. And it is by following this responsibility to the letter that will solve the problem of fatherlessness that will bring back the mature masculine, it will bring back the mature feminine. Okay, that’s the entire point. And this is how we do it collectively, as ego hackers within the context of this community.

Speaking of which, if you want to get involved in the community, go to forward slash ego, hackers and JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER. Make sure your DMS are turned on. So you get a DM from our bot identifier. And yeah, it just it’ll tell you that you have a suspicious account.

That’s That’s crap. It’s just what it automatically says. And it’s kind of annoying that it says that and so many FJ especially INFJs get pissed off when they’re told who your account is suspicious, even though they just made their account like 30 seconds prior? No, it’s not suspicious. It just treats everyone like their suspicious account, which is stupid, I hate it.

But just verify it with your Gmail account. And then once you’re there, accept the code of conduct on ego hacker service, you can receive your roles and then boom, you’re in you’re on the server, then you can join the special interest groups you can engage in typing in other people or learning more about typing, learning more about Okta, Graham. So yeah, it’s a very fun community. And you all should definitely get get involved.

And that’s forward slash ego, hackers. Anyway, folks, again, carnem projection, you know, needs to not be used as a weapon. And it usually is used as a weapon release, people take it as it is being used as a weapon because people are using an ignorance, you need to be using cognate projection properly, understand what people’s types are, project those types on to them. Okay? It’s not that hard.

It is really not that hard. Because if you’re not going out of your way to understand are the people how are they going to understand you, because you as an ego hacker still can at least explain the science to them. You can actually help them understand you, because you’re showing them that you understand them. That is priceless.

Some of the best connections, some of the best relationships, some of the best people that I’ve met in my life came as a result of following my ego hacker duty, and telling people that this is a thing that this exists. And I show them already that I understand them, and then I accept them. And then they learn how to do so for me. And it’s been an amazing experience.

And as a result, I’ve ended up having the best relationships in my life. And my life is better for it every single day because of that, of that perspective. And because that point because of law of reciprocity, because of the golden rule, guiding my cognitive projection, because I’m able to do unto others as they would, as I would have them do unto me. That’s the point folks.

Anyway, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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