Gauging Fe Parent Development? It’s time to go Rogue! (ISFJ) | CS Joseph Responds

CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question, how can you gauge Fe Parent’s development in an ISFJ.


Hey what’s up your hackers? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. Today’s episode we’re gonna be discussing ISFJs. Pretty cool because we haven’t actually discussed ISFJs in a long time.

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CSJ, you charge way too much. Hi, my name is Eric Thor. And you know, I’m an edge Lord and being an edge Lord that I am, I have the right to judge everybody else in terms of like, how they charge you know, for their, for their coaching, or for their pricing or whatever. And it’s like, bro, just because you don’t know what you’re worth.

Doesn’t mean, I don’t know what I’m worth. All right. So why don’t you just like, stop talking? Or actually keep talking and give me more attention? How about that, you know? Let the haters hate. Let them hate.

Yeah, all you people on anthrax the server who hate my guts, keep painting. Keep painting please. Key Peyton just serves to feed the machine if you know what I’m saying. Machine.

I know you love right. Anyway, back back on track here, the ISFJ question, which is, how do I know that Extraverted Feeling parent is actually what does it developed within an INFJ? And this is like a really good question for people to ask. It’s actually a really good question. Because what ends up happening when Extraverted Feeling parent is underdeveloped in an INFJ.

This is basically how an ISFJ is entirely irresponsible. What they end up doing is that they end up like outsourcing their thinking or as well as, you know, their social behavior, or what social norms and what traditions they actually, you know, follow and then force other people in their lives to follow basically. And when that happens, it’s usually because they are outsourcing their you know that that judgment, basically to people in authority. You know, Chris Taylor, God bless them often talks about how, you know, when your parent function is underdeveloped, you’re actually leading with your trickster function instead of your parent function, which I have found that to be entirely fascinating.

And at times, I think that is entirely true. Me being a UD UEFI and sci fi, my TI parent was not exactly allowed to have any room in my immediate family growing up under my unconscious development, from my octagon perspective. And what ended up happening is that I ended up not really getting the opportunity to use my TI parent at all, because I would have to be under the thumb of my mother’s ti child and, and the thumb of my father’s ti inferior. So round my family, I’m not even allowed to actually be a TI user because they take up all of the space in the room, available space in the room and available space in our family, our family, macro psyche, basically for Introverted Thinking.

As a result, is forced as a child to adapt to that situation, and actually lead with my Introverted Feeling trickster. And as you can imagine, that caused me as a child to behave pretty poorly, especially when it comes to you know, my parents and my parents parenting me, et cetera. I would behave very poorly. And that would really really suck like, like, really suck.

Like we’re talking like, like crazy. Oh, my God, the people the sauna across the street are like, watching me they’re like, Oh my God, this guy is crazy. Well, I am crazy. Don’t get me wrong.

So what’s the point? The point is, is that when you’re leading with your trickster function, your life gets pretty chaotic. It gets pretty crazy, right? When you’re leaving the Trickster function, and when you leave it, the Trickster function is another thing that actually happens to in your mind as well. And that is something known as cognitive looping, I have to give credit where it is due when I talk about cognitive looping. So you’re on YouTube, cognitive looping, was a was something that was first presented to the MBTI blogosphere here on here on YouTube by a man by the name of Dave Powers.

So it’s like some kind of Madhouse down here in downtown Porter lane. Kind of reminds me a little bit of the French Quarter in, in, in New Orleans, or New Orleans, as a lot of people like to say, down there and nouns. So yeah. So cognitive looping, cognitive looping becomes a huge, huge issue.

For many people, especially iossef, J’s, and cognitive looping basically leads to chaos in a person’s life and Dave Powers presented the subject, but we’ve gone ahead and refined that subject, which is basically it’s when you’re here and your child function are looping together, he calls it jumping, basically, when you’re not really using your auxiliary function also as a parent function. And that’s because it’s underdeveloped. It’s because you’re leading with your trickster function, basically, from a parental slot point of view. So, and I’m really thankful Chris Taylor presented presented that topic when we’re talking about cognitive reflection, you know, it’s the battleground of responsibility, basically.

And the parent function is basically losing the battleground of responsibility as a person ages. Now if you wanna learn more about the battleground of responsibility and about cognitive reflection, you need to watch season eight team cognitive mechanics that is behind the paywall at CS Joseph dot life forward slash remembers. So, yeah, that is the apparently it’s a big costume day. But you know, I already am a character, right? So like, kind of like, I’m in costume every time.

Whatever. That guy that just walks around in town wearing black all the time. You know what I’m saying? Was something like serious Miami Vice vibes going on some reason? Filming All right, give me a minute. Some guys asked me, What are you doing? He wants me to come over to him as soon as I’m done filming here.

So yeah, anyway. Be that as it may. So when you’re looking at cognitive, we’re looking at cognitive looping, you know, it creates a lot of chaos in one’s life. And what happens to the ISFJ? Is that like, from a TI child perspective, right, from TI child perspective, it’s like, I know what I should do.

I know what I should do, I know what I should do. And then when that happens, it ends up causing and creates a bunch of crap in their life, because it’s like, oh, I’m super heroic by Introverted Sensing hero. That basically means I can do anything I can take on any obligation, I can take on any duty because I’m strong enough. And you know, it’s like, really, it’s just a really bad situation.

What’s up, man? We don’t fill my pocket back to the show. Gotta love all the interruptions today. So I think I should I think I should I think I should set kind of like the little train that could write i think i could i think i could i think i could i think i can I think I can’t, but it’s more like, I think I should, I think I should, I think I should, I think I should. And then what happens is that the ISFJ become so overly obligated, they drag everyone else down in their life.

It’s like a horrible situation, right. And they focus their attention on too many things, instead of narrowing their attention where it should go. And then at the same time, they end up finding themselves obligated to authorities that they shouldn’t obligate it to traditions that they shouldn’t, when they should actually be using, when they should actually be aware that it is their duty to be like rebelling against authority, you know, with their EMTP subconscious. You know, and that’s, that’s a huge problem.

A lot of people don’t even like realize how that’s a big deal. They just don’t know, it’s really, it’s really ridiculous. tirely ridiculous. So then I switch it gets even worse and worse and worse.

But what does develop Fe parent look like? It’s one they are actually willing to challenge authority when they’re willing to rebel against authority, because they’re like, Well, wait a minute. Why do you have value they start questioning authority. That’s like the first sign of Fe parent development. They start questioning authority.

Why do you have value Why do you get a voice? Why do you do matter, right? And there’s constantly asking that question over and over and over. Why do you matter? Why should anyone care? Why do I care? Like, why? Why is the why is the Bible the infallible Holy Word of God, right? Like, it’s all about questioning authority and its any authority, any authority that could be questioned. That’s the point, right? It’s all about that. It’s literally the most important thing.

A lot of people don’t even realize they don’t even realize that that’s just kind of how it is because usually, you know, the ISFJ is like the archetype that just is the follower. It follows everything. The thing is, though, is that it needs to be a rogue it needs to be the leader in rebellion. It’s this very dutiful Knight, but it needs to go rogue right? This is why the ISFJs a highly recommend you read Miyamoto Musashi is Japanese stoicism work known as DACA.

Though also known as the way of the ronin, also known as the way of walking alone, if you are a knight, right, you serve a Lord right and as much as like you are a samurai, you know, like, out of all of the 16 types, the ISFJ archetype is the Samurai, right? Samurai is everything right? They are the same, right? The thing is, is that a samurai to be a samurai, you serve a lord. And if you do something wrong or you don’t serve that Lord property, you are expected to commit seppuku, which is basically ritual suicide. Well, guess what? That’s what iossef J’s do all the time. They’re literally committing ritual suicide every time they give their minds over to authorities get their minds over to traditions, that they should be questioning that authority at all times.

Should not the night be like Barisan Selmy who just decided you know what, I’m not going you know, I’m not gonna be your Lord Commander anymore. I’m leaving King’s Landing and I’m gonna go work for denarius. Targaryen is the same thing. He went, Ronan he went rogue row.

Ronin, rogue, Ninja rogue samurai rogue rogue, he went rogue. That’s the thing Sarah Palin, she Sarah Palin, she wrote the book going rogue, she’s an ISFJ. Pay attention, okay. Proof of Extraverted Feeling parent development is based on going rogue, right? That’s what it’s about.

It’s all about going rogue. And once they go rogue, everything in their life will completely change for the better. It’s all about going rogue. So make that happen.

It’s entirely important. It’s like the most important thing for an ISFJ it is concrete proof and evidence that their extroverted feeling parent is either developed or is developing. But if they are not going rogue, if they’re just being dutiful, if they’re serving, you know, serving as that dutiful Knight, without even questioning who they’re serving and why they’re serving it. That’s a problem.

You need to stay away from ISFJs like that just get away from them. Like those people are like, I mean, no offense, but they become cancerous basically, and destroy everyone’s lives and the process. Sucks. Sucks entirely.

Sucks for them sucks for everyone else in there. So I don’t know how much of this video is going to be trimmed or edited because of all the interruptions but hey, you know we’ll leave that up to the production team to see what you guys want to see. So anyway, that’s that’s basically the answer. So point here’s the thing if you want to if you want to actually like go in deep on this answer and you want to go even deeper, guess what we have this product called ego hacking your fear it’s available ego hacking your Okay, check that out.

The ISFJ section analyzes this entire situation really, really deep and ego hacking your fear as a course is the sequel to our season 19 product guess what when you buy ego hacking your fare you get all of season 19 for free. Oh, and also season 14 Part One, the golden pairs just just just for being an eagle hacking your fear customers get the pre orders and now it costs it costs $97 The price is going to go up to 150 bucks in like two weeks. So you may as well get it on this pre order now. That’s Eagle hacking your get in on it before you can while you can.

Alright, so anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening. And I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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