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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how do ESTPs treat their crushes? Presented by Samuel Nicodemus, aka Iamanintellectual.


Welcome to the fifth dress up podcast. I’m your host, Dan wise. And today I am here to go over the acolyte question How do ESTPs behave to their crushes and I this is gonna be a fun topic if you didn’t get to talk about my brother again I love my brother but let’s go over the like the stat sheet of an ESTP if you will, we’ve I like my Dungeons and Dragons terms but I mentioned in another video the the temple hours video How do you get treated better by them that they basically have a mentality of familiarity breeds contempt. And that is one aspect of the stat sheet.

Another aspect is they have ni inferior and you know what that means? They take a very, very long time to figure out what they want and one of the funny ones to me is fx does not equal loving someone didn’t ESTP now I know that’s shocking for us to imagine but it’s true it’s true like I guess a fun story with my brother on that is how he is he got with my I guess technically yeah he got with his fiancee I just go as far as to call her my sister in law at this point like the only reason they’re not marry now it’s because I probably can’t afford it but basically she and him were in a bar and they got together and you know she’s she came over and they did the activity Yeah, the activity and my brother usually just like okay get out of my house but he never did that. He never said Get out of my house. So they just started dating. That’s nice.

It came afterwards let’s after the intercourse, so that’s fun. But yeah, so yeah, stat sheet for the ESTP and I inferior takes a long time to figure out what a wants. Familiarity breeds content and sex design equal loving someone. Now, they must absolutely have their choice.

Usually their choices. They pick a person they are most familiar with because like Introverted Sensing nemesis, nostalgia is like, you know, you’ve been there for me and I need to take into account my own comfort as well. And, you know, like you’re like a rock I can rest on and that type of thing. Because it’s, you know, extroverted sensors love the consistency of introverted sensors.

I’m so consistent that I wear cardigans and T shirts only. But, you know, what might happen if they don’t get their choice is another story from my brother. With his ex wife. Yes, he had ex wife when he was 17.

That’s fun. But my brother was a junior in high school. And he basically was eyeing the super hot cheerleader says Bing chick says to be in being a theater kid. But, you know, he was eyeing her.

Basically, it’s like a idolatry lust stuff. If he’s not UDF I don’t know what the frick he is. But you know, he was dying. This, this pie value lady, this most likely ISTJ woman.

And, you know, they got together and they got pregnant. They got pregnant because either the ESTJ woman lied or the doctor was wrong, but basically he was told, Hey, I can’t get pregnant. And yeah, that happened. So but you know that, you know, he was willing to stick around.

You know, as like a father figure, which is one of the reasons I admire him is because I don’t think I’d even have the courage to do that. I I’m Elizabeth after like, you know, she was like determined to have the child, of course, but yeah, my parents were pretty mega religious at the time. And my dad was like, if you want to see your son, you’re going to get married. And of course, my brother was a minor, like, I, like, he was like, 17 when the kid was born.

So, you know, he basically had to play to their rules in their game, and you know, they got married. And then, of course, they moved in together, and yeah, familiar preach content, they got into a lot of arguments. And I’ve seen a lot of things because like, this ESTJ woman is insanely good with like, mind manipulation. Like, it is generally like a thing that, like, women are good at, in general, but like, she was, like, really, really good at it.

And, you know, my brother definitely had a lot of rage fits in that timeframe. And he eventually was just like, I’m getting a divorce, I am not doing this, I am not going to have a frustrating, like, ex wife, life, like my parents did. Because, you know, my parents are ENFJ ISTP. Like, of course, their marriage was rough.

And my brother doesn’t want that. And, you know, he had the mentality of should have been done 10 years ago. And that’s kind of like, most things that people don’t like, they deal with it for, you know, like, 10 plus years before they do something bad. And they’re like, I’m finally glad I got that taken care of.

You know, so instead of finally getting it taken care of why not just take care of it. So we don’t need the finally the 10 years have suffered. And I tried to apply that with my ni critic as well. And I mean, I guess, the intrud sensing child, super protective orientation.

But yeah, that’s that story, for sure. And, quite frankly, my brother never really recovered from it. But it was one of those things where he was like, I’m gonna figure it out. You know, he’s extroverted, sensing, just gonna be reacting probably for the next 10 plus years of the life, but I admire the now willing to put up with it and willing to do anything to make that happen.

So yeah, there was a lot of things that happened, we’re not great on those lines. So if you want to avoid, you know, treating your ESTP child like that, I highly recommend some of the classes and courses on you know, learning about specific types. And, you know, you can get one of them for all i 36 bucks if I remember, right, or you can get all of them for 88. Just go to CS Joseph dot life, link in the bottom and captions down there and get yourself squared away.

So you don’t have a catastrophe like that. Like, please don’t, that was terrible for my brother. Anyway, back to the video. I love my brother, man, but to FIU, out there a little PSA, something to help you guys out is how do you like get better treatment, you know, avoid the familiarity breeds contempt.

And the idea is to have some distance from them. Because, like, the goal is to like maintain like sexual tension with them. Because like, that’s kind of like what they’re after. And, you know, basically just withdrawal from time to time or if you’re like kind of introverted, make sure they’re going out.

Like, you know, it’s pretty easy for my sister in love that my brother is, you know, the head of a punk band and that kind of stuff. So he leaves the house pretty often and she’s cool with that and she stayed at home and played like Animal Crossing or something like that. And it’s like, okay, that is very convenient. But you know, sometimes like ESTP is don’t leave the house, you know, contrary to popular belief.

You don’t have to be cool to be an ESTP I will put it right there. But you know, I’m sure that there are some things that you can do with an introvert sensor to you know, withdraw your attention like you know, you Go out with some of your friends or you can see if you can get them interested in activity like men’s bowling why not? I’m not sure if an ESTP would be down for that but I’d be down for that. So I’m gonna recommend you really want to see ESTP just be around they tend to go with the people they’re most familiar with anyway, so keep that in mind and maybe maybe it will work out no like what that scarcity mindset but just become someone fairly consistent in their life and thank you guys so much for watching this episode and more stories about my brother or maybe me in the future. All right, catch you guys later.

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