ESTPs Have Rose Colored Glasses! | CS Joseph Responds


ESTPs have rose colored glasses? CS Joseph responds to the acolyte question why do ESTPs have rose colored glasses?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. And today’s question is going to be great, I look forward to having the opportunity to do this particular question, which is, why do ESTPs look at people with rose colored glasses? Which is a fantastic or very interesting question because most people would never actually see the ESTP archetype as the archetype that would look at people with rose colored glasses. But it actually does in many ways. And I think it’s because of their shadow usage of the cognitive origin known as justification.

So the shadow or the unconscious of the ESTP ego is known as the ISTJ. unconscious, and the ESTP is a part of the soul temple, the soul Temple has a deadly sin known as the sin of wrath and also the primary deadly sin of the ESTP is the deadly sin of lost. And I mean, if you think about it, like ESTP is in as much as the soul tempo, they live and die by excuses. All the soul temple types, they all make excuses.

And ESTP is an INFJ is in particular, love it when people justify their behavior for them justify their failures for them give them absolution for how much they consistently fail and let people down on a regular basis. And they live and die by that forgiveness that absolution, that being let off the hook kind of a thing. And this is one of the reasons why ESTP is end up in relationships with RAF types, RAF types being ISTJ as an ENFP is, because those types, the highest TJ an ENFP, is out of all the 16 types go out of the ways to make excuses for their behavior all day long. They’re literally excuse walking, excuse engines, excusing anything and everything for good or bad, making excuses about why they don’t have to actually do any work today, or be responsible today or whatever.

I mean, it’s one of the reasons why the ISTJ is one of the most lazy if not the laziest of all the types with the exception of maybe the INFP their conflict type. So yeah, that would that that’s kind of interesting if you think about it, but yeah, it’s all about being walking excuse engines. It’s all about excuses, right? That’s how these people live. It lives and it’s entirely frustrating to me, I loathe that I loathe that about the soul temple, I loathe it very much.

It’s the one thing that I hate with absolute prejudice about the soul Temple is their need for excuses and having their behavior and their failure excuse on a regular basis. And it’s funny because it creates a downward spiral of enabling behavior, when the ENFP, who loves coming up with excuses for themselves and the ISTJ, who loves coming up with excuses for themselves. And then all of a sudden to watch the ESTP and the INFJ. Come by those excuse sources and consume those excuses and make the excuses that the ISTJ is and the ENFPs make for themselves.

And they get to use those excuses, which then it’s like, okay, hey, the ENFP and the ISTJ has made all the excuses in the world so they don’t have to grow. And because they’re not growing, I’m going to because I’m a soul temple Templar, I’m going to go out of my way to use their excuses as my own excuses. Because guess what, because I’m a soul temple Templar. I am a walking excuse vampire.

And I consume excuses all day long. Because, you know, that’s the only way I can live with myself. That’s the only way that I’m not jumping off a bridge right now, is because I have excuses for my own failure and my own lack of performance. Oh, oh, weak.

And it’s so funny to me. When I walk around noticing soul temple Templars are the people who are expecting me to be strong, really, when you also weak, because you gotta rely on everyone else’s excuses to excuse your own behavior because you’re allowing other people’s behavior to be your justification for your behavior. Really, really? Gross. Like, that’s so gross to me.

You guys are ridiculous. Okay. But, you know, understanding, you know, this exchange of excuses within the soul temple types, the four soul temple types and how they, like interact with the world interact with each other. It’s just ridiculous.

It’s one of the reasons why the soul temple is so abusive. There’s so abusive to each other. There’s so abusive to people in their lives. And it’s because it’s like, hey, I need to know if you’ve got the strength to be able to deal with my failure.

So they, by default, treat other people like crap. The people that are closest to them their lives, they treat everybody that are closest to them in their lives like crap, because they want to see who’s willing to stick around or who’s willing to, quote, make excuses for them. Right? Well, this ends up creating an effect within EFTPS. For example, looking at people with rose colored glasses now you’re like, Okay, wait a minute CS Joseph, how is that even linked? How is that even a thing? Well, we’ll get that into a second.

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Or if you already are a journeyman member forward slash portal, go to the portal, then go to the acolyte section and then not the Access Now button but like you know, get it if you don’t have it, and it’ll take you to the sales page as you can upgrade your account from there, get on Acolyte. It’s like the greatest thing in the world. And we are constantly making awesome content like this for everyone within the ego hacker community to learn hashtag sales pitch over. Now, back to the ESTPs with their rose colored glasses, right? Here’s one thing that Raph types and as much as they are these walking excuse engines, these sources of excuses for the soul temple Templars, they also have this little thing about them with their rat deadly sin, the deadly sin of wrath, it’s like, you know, they noticed failure or they noticed something that they feel justified and getting upset about.

And then they end up reacting with the full force of anger, like wrap pipes have some serious anger issues. Well, guess what. So also the ESTP is an INF J’s, they also have some serious anger issues. Not so much unconscious developed inf J’s though not as much but later in their life, they will end up gaining for themselves excuses, I mean, justifications, I mean, excuses, I mean, justifications.

You know, justification is that as the nice way of talking about the cognitive origin, but let’s be real, it’s really just about excuses at the end of the day, but you know, hey, you know, never, never not absolutely shit on the soul temple. Never. Not right? Never not. But with that being said, like, the wrath pipes, they have this perspective.

And it’s so funny that ENFPs and ICS have this perspective. But like, let’s say the soul temple temple are closest to them in their life fails, and ends up creating a really bad experience for the ISTJ or the ENFP. Right, and makes them super uncomfortable or puts obstacles in their way. Or it’s just unforeseen consequences as a result of the failure of the ESTP or the INFJ.

Which guess what, folks is inevitable. They can’t stop from feeling they can’t help themselves, but be walking failures, these people because they are, they know they are. That’s why they need to be around strong people, si users, for example, in their life to be able to tolerate their failure. Because the relationship is based on a toleration of failure, and not necessarily a relationship that’s based on success.

It’s actually more so a toleration of failure. Because, you know, that’s, that’s when the ESTP and the INF JS of the world end up having being in this race to the bottom, basically, they’re in this race to the bottom, where it’s like, oh, man, I’m gonna make decisions completely based on fear, because it’s like, hey, you know, if I’m in a relationship with an SI user, they need to be able to tolerate my level of failure. And they spend more time thinking about levels of failure than they actually start thinking about levels of success. And it’s so funny how they are so motivated by fear in that way, instead of actually being motivated by success or motivated by what they want in their life.

And it’s because they would rather rely on the safety that’s provided by justification. I mean, excuses that the safety that’s the illusion of safety that’s created by excuses from these walking, excuse generating people ENFPs nice DJs like, for example, you want to know it’s really ridiculous. When soul temple Templars in my life expect me to be a source of excuses for them as they’re projecting their ISTJ side of their mind, or they’re projecting their ENFP side of their mind onto me and I’m just like, wow, y’all losers, really, you want to do that to Crusader really, because Crusaders are not going to do the one thing that you really want them to do, or do that one thing you really hope that they’re going to do for you. Not just giving you excuses or justifications but they’re also going to not do something else which is the following RAF types Okay.

Raf types have this thing where that if their sole temple Templar ends up failing in some way they get angry and the wrath comes out, and then that wrath will just you know, lay on the hits pretty hard on their soul temple Templar for the failure, but the fact that that the wrath type got the opportunity or they felt justified and getting angry with and taking their and taking out their frustration out in their soul temple Templar, because of that, it actually exposes a transaction, a transactional relationship, because from the wrath pipes point of view and also the soul Temple Templars point of view. Okay, so it’s a soul template philosophers and soul temple Templars together in the soul temple. It’s like, Hey, if you failed, and then I get mad at you, then you’re completely absolved. I got the opportunity to be pissed and mad at you.

And because I got the opportunity to be mad at you, and you tolerated me being angry and wrathful with you, that means all is forgiven. Oh, yes. Gotta love. Don’t you just love how soul temple Templars, especially ESTPs just live or die by that, hey, you got upset with me? So because you got upset with me, you know, and even though I failed, and you got and then because I failed, you’re justified in being upset with me.

But because you’re upset with me, I’m automatically forgiven. And it’s like, well, wait a minute. Wait a minute, this, this seems a little imbalanced. Maybe this is how the ESTP and the INFJ are manipulating the hell out of ENFPs.

an ISTJ is because I’m seeing the ESTP and the INFJ. Getting two benefits for the one benefit from the ENFP and ISTJ. And for some reason getting angry and raffle for some reason ISTJ as an ENFP, is actually see that as a benefit for some reason. But guess what the INFJ and ESTP get the benefit of failing.

I see that as a benefit for them, they get to fail. And then then they get to be completely forgiven. So they get they get two things out of this. They get the failure and the forgiveness in exchange for what the one time that their ISTJ and or ENFP gets raffle.

Really, really guys that’s not that’s not matching up here. Hey, I see Jays and ENFPs you might want to realize you’re getting manipulated by the soul temple Templars you might want to get even more angry with them again. Oh, that’d be great. Right? Oh, yeah.

Raise up that flag. You know what I’m saying? I ain’t talking about the, the white flag. I ain’t talking about that. No, no, no, raise up the flag of blood, the red one, you know what I’m saying? So like, come on.

So understanding this phenomenon, it’s it builds even more. And this is like the next layer as to why ESTPs look at people with rose colored glasses. Why? Why? Why? Well, because the ESTP and the INFJ version of that wrath inside of the ISTJ and the ENFP. Like when the ISTJ ENFP becomes wrathful with the soul temple temple or when they become wrathful.

At the ESTP. After the ESTP is inevitably failed within their relationship, guess what’s going to happen? Guess what’s going to happen? Well, then all of a sudden, the ESTP is forgiven, right? Because they’re because their partner got the opportunity and justified it being raffle. Right? Right, right. Well, here’s the thing.

What does it look like when the situation is reversed? Here’s the thing, rose colored glasses, right? Have you ever noticed when it comes to ESTP is an INFJ is that you as an SI user, you as an ISTJ, or an ENFP, for example, maybe an ESTP like myself, if we fail in some way, shape, or form. For some reason, the ESTP in the INFJ are so intolerant of other people’s failure, but then they constantly expect everybody else to be tolerant to their failure. This is one of the examples with which they themselves as Templars are hypocritical because temple archetype struggle with hypocrisy more than anyone and ESTP is an INFJ is, for example, are extremely external people. And because they’re extremely external people, the most external of all the types this puts them at the highest risk of hypocrisy, actually, okay, the highest risk of hypocrisy.

So, the thing is, though, is that like that, that that wrath, that secondary deadly sin of wrath within the ICJ, unconscious of the ESTP, or the ENFP, unconscious of the INFJ translates into something entirely different, right? Which is like, Oh, hey, you know, I have a very low, low toleration of your failures, Mr. ISTJ, or Mr. ENFP. Okay, great.

But here’s the thing. Have you ever noticed something about how ESTP is and INFJs get give extreme special treatment in certain situations? Because they have, they all have this thing that really annoys me. And it’s the following. So we just, I remember, back up one second, we just said about how, you know, ESTPs get to fail.

And they also get, they also get forgiven at the same time and exchange for the soul template philosophy to be rapid with them. What is a little guy reverse? Well, there is a reverse and here’s the reversal. If you do one nice thing. Haven’t you ever noticed this about ESTPs? They may hate you.

They may talk so much mess about you behind their back. Same thing with INFJs. But you do one nice thing for them. Also in their pants drop.

I mean, all of a sudden, they forgive you for everything you’ve ever done instantly, because you just did one nice but how many times out there have you been in a relationship with an ESTP or an INFJ and someone that has completely and utterly screwed them over, right? And has a history of screwing them over that one, that person ends up doing one nice thing for the ESTP in the INFJ, and boom, the rose colored glasses are on. And it’s like, hey, this person is actually really happy to do. And all of a sudden, they completely reversed from talking mess about them for years. And to this person is the greatest thing of all time.

And I’m just like, wow, you so typical Templars are put that EQ, wow, you can’t even keep track of other people’s wrongs, much less keep track of your own wrongs. I mean, obviously, you can’t keep track of your own wrongs, because you’re constantly failing over and over and over in your life. Because if you weren’t keeping track of your own failures, you would fail less. So I maintain that, you know, these types of probably tattoo their failures to their bodies, or at least have a notepad write them down, and then review that notepad on a regular basis, a notepad of failures to remind them of failures.

But of course, you know, ESTP is an INFJ is want to run away from failure, which also inhibits their own personal growth. They want to they want to forget the times that they failed because it hurts them so much. Who cares? I walk around as an SI user carrying my failure with me every day of my life. What’s your excuse? Oh, wait, that’s right.

You don’t have one. Oh, but because I’m not here making an excuse for you sold temple Templars. That means like, I’m a bad person. Shut up.

Y’all pathetic, like seriously, wake up. I’m literally spitting at the camera right now. I’m so triggered over this. Anyway, the point is, you do one nice thing.

One nice thing for the ESTP the INFJ even though you were abusive to them, they’ll drop their pants for you. They will bend over for you. They’d be like, Oh, that guy’s definitely there’s such a great person. And it’s just like, really? Did you just forget how abusive that person has been to your entire life? Really? Oh my god.

This is literally the source this rose colored glasses phenomenon. This is the source of ESTP and INFJ codependence because the abusers and these people’s life understand all they have to do is just basically shit on them over and over and over and over even for years and then just do one favor for them once a really nice behavior one time and they’re completely absolved. Wow, way to mishandle that living virtue of absolution from their wrath the secondary rapidly said because of how pathetically underdeveloped their ISTJ or their ENFP shadows actually are. Congratulations, you played yourself.

Wow. Okay. So, but hey, it gets even worse. But wait, there’s more.

It gets worse, you didn’t know it’s gonna get worse, did you but it really actually is going to get worse. here’s the here’s another level of the rose colored glasses. They expect everybody else to have rose colored glasses towards them. Because you know, why not their interest based of course, you’re gonna have that expectation, because here’s the thing.

ESTP is an INFJ is even though they failed, it’s like, Hey, I have I can’t keep track of my own failure. I have a long track record of failure, even though it’s never actually conscious in my mind as to how much of a failure I actually had and how much I have burdened you in your life all the time. And I can’t even keep track of my own failures. But here’s the thing, here’s the thing, because, you know, I’m a hypocrite and as a hypocrite, when one person does a nice thing for me, I forgive them even though they’ve abused me my whole life.

But guess what, even though I’ve abused you your whole life. If I do one nice thing for you. I expect all of that to be forgiven to hashtag COVID contract. It’s been amazing people.

God, I can’t stand the soul temple. Sometimes they really need to grow up because guess what, that’s not how life works. That’s not how life works. Really, it is not how life works.

And they should probably pay attention to that. I don’t even know why they don’t. Oh, wait, that’s right, because they don’t have enough Introverted Sensing to keep track of their past failure. And also at the same time, they want to run away you remember that recent episode, I talked about how INFJs are running away.

ESTPs do the same. They’re always constantly running away from their own failures. And because they run away from them failures, they never grow. And then they have to live in this stupid transactional relationship friendship world where it’s like hey, if I do one nice favor for you all you better forgive me for everything I’ve ever done to you.

And then you do one nice thing for them all is forgiven. And I’m like, oh my god, the stupid really, really. And ultimately, this is why they’re built for wrath types wrath types get mad but as soon as they’re done being mad all is forgiven is if the mad a paid for the failure of the ESTP or the INFJ to begin with. So yeah, that’s why ESTP is looking at people with rose colored glasses because they expect others to look at them with rose colored glasses.

Welcome to the soul temple folks. Welcome. Anyway, good luck with all that So hopefully you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you guys tonight on the discord


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