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Hey what’s up yo hackers, Welcome to CS Joseph podcast today’s question How can an ESTP develop their ENFP Angel side of their super ego? Or how to develop their demon function? It’s an excellent question. This question is mostly answered in the journeyman area in the expert intuition demon a lecture if you want to go deep, I recommend getting a journeyman membership at CS Joseph dot life for slash members. And then as a result of that as a result of that, get yourself educated. But be that as it may, I will answer this particular acolyte question.

And if you guys aren’t even aware of act like questions, or if you have an acolyte membership with us, you get to ask one question a month and I make a podcast or YouTube video about us the everyone within that you hacker community has the opportunity to learn, right? And that’s what I do. answering those questions. And also Chris Taylor as well. God bless him.

So anyway. So it’s so funny that this question is asked, and I’m so glad. I’m so glad questions asked. Because I literally just gave this speech to Railgun.

Like, Three nights ago. I literally I literally told her because she asked me the same question. And I’m like, Okay, well, yeah, here’s what it is so interesting, because, like, she projects ISTJ onto me on a regular basis, and, you know, treats me like I’m like this, you know, Library of Alexandria to some point, always trying to pick my brain and extract what input I can actually, you know, provide her and her extroverted thinking critic so, so yeah. But anyway, folks, just so you know, like, you know, expert intuition demon has the ability over time to become angelic, which means it can be a real force for good instead of evil.

It’s where you have the best opportunity of expressing your deadly sin as a living virtue. Now, the deadly sin and the living virtue of an ESTP is the deadly sin of lust as well as the living virtue of chastity. Okay. And whilst, I mean, sure, there’s, there’s sexual connotations there.

Sure. But it’s not always about sex. It’s not always about sexual connotations. I mean, most people, most people assume that, but it’s not always exactly what’s going on.

And the reason why is because a lot of people just don’t understand how lust works intrinsically. Because literally, lust can be translated directly into the word jealousy, which means wanting what other people have. It’s why expert sensing hero sees what other people are doing, sees what other people have, and it wants it as well. This is why Railgun is one of the most lustful, jealous people I have ever met.

Right. Thanks, bro. So anyway, and it’s really just because of jealousy, she just wants what other people have and given her on Instagram, as I had explained, in the context of the last cutting edge episode for January 2023, which ties into this particular video very well. Again, be a journeyman member, go to the cutting edge episodes, watch the January 2023 episode where I talk about temple influence and how that affects the Octagon and vice versa.

Because while her deadly sin and living virtue, you know, deadly sin of lust, you know, because based on her aka gram or anyone, anyone’s Akram it could actually also cause another deadly sin to be a problem. And so she actually struggles with the deadly sin of greed as well as much as for me. I struggle with the deadly sin of envy every single day in my life. But I’ve learned how to use it as like a power to like turn it into motivation just like she can use her loss as power you know, her jealousy is powerful motivation, motivation for to improve motivation for her to gather resources, so that she can have the things that she actually wants and it’s super normal is super healthy.

I highly recommend everyone go out of the way to find out how they can use their deadly sin, to turn it into motivation for self improvement, and ultimately, personal growth, right. So based on that, don’t give up. Just because it’s a deadly sin does not mean it’s a bad thing. But living virtues can also in as much as a deadly sin can be used for good living virtue could be used for evil and the living virtue of chastity can can be used for evil with an ESTP.

Because the ESTP can force other people to be chased when they probably shouldn’t be, or the ESTP could end up having their whole lives passing before their eyes because of being to chase. So you can be too chased as much as you can be, have the deadly sin that is too much as well, right. So all these factors end up coming into play and end up becoming a serious problem. But when it comes to expert intuition, demon, expert intuition demon is like a huge burden, especially on ESTPs, it can be a really big burden.

And one of the reasons for that is, is because the ESTP on their own, basically ends up they’re just undesirable. By default, no one really wants them around, right? So they end and they intrinsically know this, you know, because they’re members of the soul temple, the god function that’s attached to the soul Temple is Extraverted intuition, right. And from an extrovert intuition perspective. They already wants to be wanted.

They do ESTPs wants to be sought after they want to be desired, they want to be wanted, and it really sucks for them because they crave connection so much with other people. But they end up being the most lonely of the 16 types, they end up not getting that that connection because expert intuition demon as a demon function, and it’s up preventing them from being desirable enough so that their own minds are already sabotaging their cognitive origin. And it’s a huge, huge problem. I mean, I have the same issue.

I have extroverted sensing demon expert sensing demon, in my opinion, is equally a huge burden, because I’m just cringe by default. I mean, look at me, I’m dressed in all black. Here I am podcasting. On the side of the road, people are walking by like, Who the hell is this guy? What the hell is he doing? And why is he recording me? And everyone’s already instantly making it about themselves.

And I’m just literally by default, making everyone constantly uncomfortable, which causes me to be lonely by default, you know, even though like, I’m trying to gain satisfaction in my life, right? But I’m never satisfied because I’m constantly making people uncomfortable, or making people feel unsafe, constantly doing it, right. So based on that, like, that’s how my mind my demon ends up, you know, sabotaging things for me. But the thing is, though, is that the ESTP in this particular case, has to learn the lesson of the demon, right. And we talked about lessons to the demon and the demon function lectures that are in the journeyman members area in the premium lectures section, go check it out, watch that entire season, just so you can see how everyone has to learn the lesson of the demon.

Because if you’re able to learn the lesson of the demon, you’re actually able to turn your demon into something good, you’re able to turn it and shellac, right? So what does that actually look like for an ESTP? Well, extroverted sensing hero has this problem, because of any demon, where they really suck at giving gifts and facts, like they’re all about giving presents. And I’ve talked about this before. But the point is, is that they, they always end up performing because expert sensing is all about performance, right? And then when you combine that with extra feeling child, it ends up becoming a one two punch combo that nobody wants, right? A huge problem because extroverted sensing hero, it’s like, Hey, I’m going to perform, I’m going to perform for everyone around me. And then extroverted feeling child expects people around it to show them gratitude and appreciation for the performance that the ESTP put on.

The problem is, and this really sucks to be them really sucks to be an ESTP especially an ESTP. Woman, oh my God, I feel so bad for them consistently. Because what ends up happening is that extroverted sensing hero causes the ESTP to give an A, to give a performance that nobody asked for. Right? It’s kind of like the Sagittarius sign, you know? And it’s so funny because Railgun is a Sagittarius, right? So it ends up like, they end up performing for others, and it’s the performance no one asked for and the next sort of feeling child gets butthurt because no one is showing them gratitude for the performance nobody asked for.

So they end up sabotaging themselves in the entire process, and they get nowhere in life as a result. It’s super frustrating. It’s entirely it’s entirely annoying. And like, it really, really sucks.

It’s extremely painful for them right And when this is really strong, rarely, rarely keep it in my mouth. So it’s a big problem. It’s a very big problem. And that’s ultimately like the demonic expression like because there’s always a little bit of the demon in the hero, right.

And that’s how the demon exerts its influence on the battleground of Titans. If you want to learn more about the battleground of Titans and cognitive reflection, I highly recommend you check out season 18 It’s also in the German air area. Now granted, season 18 is one episode of season 18 A month is being released on YouTube as we add the newest episode of season 18 into it which is cognitive mechanics. It’s the season talking about culling mechanics we’re actually just breaking down how the science works it’s Coggan mechanics every aspect of the science is discussed in season 18 And those new episodes are uploaded into the journeyman area and then the older episodes are uploaded one per month basically so I mean if you want to wait for the next two years you’ll eventually get there much appreciated he wants it quite tidy oh that’s very kind to view.

Okay, thanks. Well about a rum and coke then Hmm. Cool. So So anyway, so what ends up happening is that they end up screwing themselves within the context of their life and I just I just feel so bad because of it now.

Here’s the kicker. How do they turn that around? How does that actually become like something that that changes or works out or makes it you know better right how do they actually get around that well, it’s very easy no it’s not it’s actually takes their whole life to figure this out. But you got to learn the lesson of the demon expert intuition demon is trying to teach the ego something and that is be desirable. actually learn the habit.

And this is where like Jocko willing Jocko willing he is an ESTP he wrote the book The dichotomy of leadership all cute dog yes very cute dog all thank you okay and INFJ anyway so what ends up happening the any demon is trying to challenge the ego or the ESTP it is like hey, you need to actually be desirable you actually do have the habit of going out of your way to find out whether people want Jocko willing actually teaches this there’s there’s a great song by Akira the dawn that has Jocko Willink actually a part of the of the song basically and it’s from his album The path. The path has tons of Jocko and it’s great I really enjoyed enjoy Akira the dawn check out his work on Spotify. It is incredible. And in fact, he actually just recently released some awesome songs and Alan Watts.

And the songs relating Alan Watts actually could provide guidance to ESTP so if you’re an ESTP and you’re watching this Go Go check out Akira the dawn get educated. But Jocko willing has this concept called discipline equals freedom, right? Let me translate for you in the context of this particular episode. You need to have discipline the discipline to develop the healthy habits right. You need to have the habits that are relating to you you need to have the habit where you actually go out of your way.

No problem. I intended not break the law. It was really hard for me to get it into that cup. Don’t leave with it.

I promise we won’t let us do it. Yeah, I Yeah, yeah, I trust me. I can’t exactly you know, I don’t think I think it’s against the rules for me to drink on camera anyway. Yeah, much appreciated.

Thank you. So, anyway, the point is, like, they have to develop the self discipline to have the habit to ask people what they want, which absolutely screws with an ESTP because their ni inferior is like well, I need to get what I want. Why am I going away to get other people what they want and they just it just, it’s so dismaying to them, but it takes them their whole lives. By the time they reach 4050 years old.

They realize that that’s the only way they’re going to get anywhere especially nowadays in Western society, especially with any SUV woman who has to deal with female assaults Islam solves Islam makes them innately entitled, right? And that solipsism ends up becoming a serious, serious problem, right? So, so based on that, it ends up causing like a ton of risks to them personally. But they have to do this, they have to have that healthy habit of learning to ask people what they want. Besides, they’re an NI user, si users, as children all have to learn how to share if you spot a child who’s not willing to share, they’re an SI user, right? Because ni users naturally share, because they want to have a shared experience with other children. So ni users share by default, because extroverted sensing is all about sharing.

And you got to teach the SI users to have the habit of sharing. But you have to teach the NI user children who are typically dangerous by default, because they’ll get into things that they’re not supposed to. So you have to teach them how to ask for permission, right? And it’s really hard for an ESTP to ask for permission because they’re pragmatic, and because of their pragmatism, and they’re so independent, they don’t ask for permission. So it really screws with them.

Well, why do you think the ENFP super ego is affiliate affiliate, if people ask for permission, they have to learn how to ask for permission. That’s the entire point. Okay. That’s the whole point of it.

That’s the whole point. And honestly, they’re not going to get, they’re not going to get very far in life until they figure out that they need to ask just by just by default of being an NI user alone. But at the same time, they need to learn how to go even further, even worse, to ask people what they want. That way their performance is catered towards what people desire, they have to learn how to make their performance desirable.

And that is how you have proof that extroverted intuition demon is becoming angelic, they will never reach enlightenment, they will never reach cognitive integration, their psyche will be disjointed their entire lives until they figure this out. They have to make their performance desirable. They can’t be living life, such that their performance is literally the thing that nobody asked for. Right? It’s literally the thing no one asked for.

And that’s a huge problem. That’s a huge problem. They can’t do that. Okay, they can’t do that, like, and then and then get butthurt that no one has given them gratitude for a performance no one asked for with Extraverted Feeling child will end up realizes that people will start valuing them, people will be loyal to them and stick around because the way that they’re performing is they’re performing in such a way where people are asking for it, that people actually want a specific performance from the ESTP.

And then they give it to them, and then all sudden that builds loyalty and other people and then for the first time in their life, they actually feel connected to other people. That’s what they have to do. Here’s the thing, there’s a huge risk. If you do not and this, this counts for anyone.

If you do not learn the lesson of the demon, your lifespan will be cut short, your lifespan wasn’t you will die early. Okay, that sounds scary. But that’s a fact. Okay, you have to turn your demon into angelic so that you can have a longer lifespan, okay? Because you’re going to be so stressed.

And that stress is going to take a toll you guys have read the book, the body keeps score. Well guess what, you’re setting your body up for failure by denying what you need to do psychologically for yourself as an ESTP, you have to turn that expert intuition function into angelic mode. And the only way you do that is by proving it. So you have something to show for at the end of the day, right as an STP.

And the only way that you actually prove it is about making sure you’re asking and having the habit, you know, discipline equals freedom, to have the habit of asking people what they want. Because if you give people the performance that they want, they will give you all the freedom of choice you ever asked for in your entire life. And they instead. Because otherwise, if you’re giving people performances that no one asked for, they’re going to take away your freedom, because it’s annoying to them, okay? Because it’s horrible to them.

They don’t want to have those experiences, they want to be better. Okay? They want something better. And guess what your extroverted sensing here, you’re supposedly able to outperform everyone else. But the reason why you keep failing your performance is because it’s the performance no one asked for, right? This is something Railgun is struggling with is something that I’m working with her to train her on making sure that her performance is top notch, because she actually bothered to have the healthy habit of asking people first what they want, or finding out through other sources and asking other people around those people, what their opinion is about what those people might want, taking that information, developing a performance around that.

And then delivering that important performance. And then those people are actually loyal to them. Right? They’re loyal, okay? And they stick around and all sudden for the first time in their life, they’re getting gratitude to their Extraverted Feeling child and all of a sudden for the first time they feel connected to other people. That’s the point.

That’s the lesson that has to be learned. All right, so anyway folks, that’s it for this episode. Thanks for watching and listening and I’ll see you guys next time.

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