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CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question regarding ESTP & INFJ Roleplaying.

Welcome to CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. Sam will not be joining us today. Although I do enjoy it when he does join us, he adds a little bit of creativity and flair to what we’re doing here.

So today’s acolyte question that we’re going to be answering today for acolyte members, they get one question a month that gets asked me and I make a video or podcast episode about it. So that we all can learn. And today’s question is, why do ESTPs and INFJs enjoy sexual roleplay? Well, they are lust types and lust type struggle with an insane amount of jealousy.

Okay, so they are part of the soul temple, soul temple people- like no one likes a fake person and the soul temple complains most about it. Soul temple really, really complaints about people being fake. And oftentimes, it’s because they, themselves are the fakest of all the types- especially soul temple Templars, being the ESTP and the INFJ. It is a huge problem- a very big problem for them.

They can be pretty fake- the thing is they bring that soul temple fakeness with them into the bedroom. And they love them some fantasy, and they love them some roleplay right, fantasy and roleplay are ultimately everything to these people. So why not? It’s because, you know, they have this objectification aspect as well as their idealization, aspect poles for their cognitive development within their temple wheels.

So discriminate or not discrimination, but idealization is like, you know, they’re, they’re worshiping something, they’re worshipping an object or someone or something, basically, it’s an act of worship, but they also want to be worshipped as someone or something, right? idealization. Very, very important. And then they have objectification, where they treat other people like objects, and they, themselves want to be treated like an object, right?

Like they want to be a prop in the play within the fantasy or the sexual roleplay that they have, within the context of the bedroom, basically, which I find entirely fascinating. The thing is, though, that is ultimately what the ISTJ and ENFP bring to the bedroom. They bring fantasy and roleplay. It’s all about fantasy.

It’s all about roleplay, especially the ISTJ is that they like to be the source of the fantasy and the roleplay. This is why it’s extremely common for very fit ISTJ men to be strippers. Channing Tatum, for example. He is a stripper, right?

Was John Cena, a stripper? He’s an ISTJ. But they kind of fit the same mold to kind of fit the same motif with how they do things because they’re practically the same person on Instagram included. And, yeah, I find that I find that very interesting.

But like, what percentage of the men on the Chippendales are ISTJs. They’re all into that, as are ENFPs. They’re all into that roleplay fantasy approach, right? Being the policeman or being the fireman, et cetera.

That’s literally all it is. And they like taking on those roles. And you know, in real life with their jobs and their work, especially with search and rescue, and they like bringing those roles, home with them right into the bedroom.

That’s what these men ultimately do. Much of the happiness of their ESTP and INFJ women, right? Much to their happiness, right? They love that because it’s one of the ways that fantasy helps them feel connected to the other person. Connectedness is the cognitive origin of ESTP and INFJ. Connectedness, also known as intimacy, and their intimacy is based on their need for activities, right?

To be able to produce and consume activities also known as quality time, right? So quality time is a big deal. It’s attached to the cognitive of intimacy. But then you have ISTJ and ENFPs who are the wrath types and the golden pairs, the ESTP and the INFJ.

They bring the roleplay and the fantasy into the bedroom, right? The reason why they do this? Because they’re calling an abortion is justification like, hey, if I just put on this uniform that makes me justify to do XYZ thing, right makes me justified to be able to be like this person or to do this thing, right? Whatever it could be, it could even be a sex act, I don’t know.

But it’s kind of like, you know, the whole idea of like a cop wearing a badge because that badge is proof that he’s empowered by the local government or the state government, or even the federal government to perform law enforcement, right? So that badge, that’s what that badge is. And that badge, that object is like the source of power, that ISTJ and ENFPs draw upon when they’re playing out their fantasies of being the EMT, or being that firefighter or being that policeman or being that soldier, etc.

Playing out these roles, because they have that badge, or they have that stripe, right? Because that’s something they earned, right? And they love taking that home into the bedroom. This is why ESTP and INFJ Women are hella attracted to men in uniform, it means so much to them. They love men in uniform. They absolutely love it.

And even some of the SJ women out there are also attracted to men in uniform as well because it fulfills their traditionalism. And also, like, if there is an ESTP, or an INFJ, who was taking on that uniform as well, they’re going deeper into their shadow and the shadow is taking advantage of that approach. Right, the ISTJ shadow of the ESTP, or the ENFP, Shadow of the INFJ.

And also, you know, temporarily being a source of roleplay for the sexuality between these couples, basically. But yeah, it’s that justification, you know, they may like, hey, my bad justifies me to act this way. In the bedroom, right, or me being dressed like this justifies me to act this way in the bedroom and the ESTP is the INFJ is men or women completely get off on it, they entirely get off on it, especially the women.

So it’s a fascinating sexual tactic to use, you know, and if you’re in a relationship with an ESTP, or an INFJ woman should definitely hang that up whenever you get the opportunity. Absolutely hang that up, because that’s just something that they are looking for, wherever, so many times even Railgun telling me how attractive she was, to me when I was literally dressed in BTUs walking around like a soldier, you know. And she thought that was like, the greatest thing in the world.

And I was like, Okay, I guess that makes a lot of sense as to why she used to be a Marine. So fair enough. But yeah, like, just a bunch of stuff like that, like, oftentimes, you know, we just don’t really know. We just don’t really know, like, all these little nuances within, you know, bedroom dynamics. And when we have an opportunity to know what they are, I mean, just hammer them, folks, seriously, just hammer them. Go for it.

Why not? You know, the ISTJ and ENFPs are really bringing fantasy to the table. You know, the ESTP and INFJ end up having insane enjoyment. Why? Well, because, again, the love language is quality time, and having a quality activity, also known as quality time, activities and time, it’s the same thing.

But you know, the fantasy is an example of a well-thought-out activity, an amazingly thought-out, shared experience, right? The soul temple likes to act like different things because they like to act like things they idolize, and they’d like to act like things they Objectify. That’s why, for example, ESTPs and INFJs often end up being, you know, women end up being brats or rope bunnies, you know, from a BDSM sexuality point of view, right?

And most would not even realize that that’s the case because they want to act like a literal animal in bed, you know, or sometimes it’s funny actually I saw a comment on Facebook where someone’s like, yeah, sometimes I just want to be nothing more than just a pure pair of tits to my man in the bedroom, for example, right? And it’s just ridiculous to me, like, how people just repress their sexuality so much that they don’t even discuss these specific things on a regular basis.

When it’s all really just laid out for us psychologically. We actually just take the time to discuss these things. You’ll start to see that, you know, if everyone’s discussing it simultaneously, there are patterns might you know, we have to keep all this hidden because God forbid we have children who would potentially grow up and challenge the system and lead to revolution. God forbid, we can’t allow that to happen ever.

So we have to keep everyone enslaved. So we have to prevent people from having babies. So we need to shit on sexuality as much as we can to prevent people from having babies. You know, since the Catholic Church was used as a vehicle since the dark ages to control population, and then when that failed, we have to utilize things like the United Nations instead, you know- ooh aah- right?

So, anyway, but yeah, like that’s, that’s literally the gist of it, you know, you know that the activities love language of the ESTP and the INFJ. The ultimate activity to them is fantasy. And the ultimate fantasy to the ISTJ and the ENFP is having that shared experience with somebody else to help act out their fantasy because they don’t want to act out their fantasy alone.

That’s the key. That’s the key. They don’t want to act it out alone, because, to them, it’s meaningless if they are acting it out alone. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys on the next episode.

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