ENTPs Are Moral Chameleons!? | CS Joseph Responds

CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte member monthly question why are ENTPs Moral Chameleons?



Hey what’s up video hackers. Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. Today’s question is what makes ENTPs moral chameleons? What a great question.

I haven’t had any intp question in a while. So, buckle up. Let’s get down to it. En teepees were our moral chameleons, aren’t we? Because we don’t have any morals of our own.

We don’t have any principles our own. We are entirely a moral people. And we are often judged by other people for being so a moral. But I tell you the truth it’s not our fault.

We have this thing called FYI trickster. And as much as an N J type like an ENTJ ENFJ is judged for being so forgetful. They can’t help it. They can’t help it.

Therefore, I can’t help but be weird. I can’t help but be unprincipled. I can’t help but lack morality, police morality of my own. I can’t help these things.

Which is sad, and difficult and painful. I have been judged so harshly, especially by F J’s in my life. FJ types is why I really, really struggle. Having close relationships with F J’s, no matter how close I get to an Fj.

They always seem to be so judgmental towards me. They always seem to expect more. They really enjoyed it. They really enjoy taking from me, but they really struggle giving, giving back.

And sometimes they often feel like they deserve. They deserve to take from me because you know, I’m just this bad person. I’m an amoral person, right? Because I lack morality in this capacity, it ends up causing a lot of problems to that end. It’s not who I am.

It’s not my identity. People with extroverted feeling trickster ESTP is included. We struggle with identity, but especially ESTPs. Because they’re so temporal.

They feel like they’re entirely outside of their body, basically. And that too, ends up becoming a problem. Serious problem. Then ends up being the struggle that they have, but at least the intp out of the 16 types least out of the FY tricksters has expert intuition hero, which means we are highly adaptable.

We can adapt to almost any any situation given enough time and get through almost any situation given enough time. Because we are malleable, we’re like water. Water can flows in around things under things over things. You can also go directly through things, if given enough time it erode its way through or if given enough time, or if given enough pressure, it becomes a water laser can cut through any obstacle, such as the way of extroverted intuition hero because we’re so malleable, being like water.

We are so easily flexible, so easily bendable, so easily adaptable within life. This adaptability basically allows us to become these moral chameleons. I talked about one of the practical applications of being a moral chameleon. And I believe it’s season seven episode eight, the virtue and vice of en TPS.

It might be also be Episode Seven, but I really think it’s episode eight because I think I’d have an introduction episode in that season. Season Seven, which is one of my some of my oldest content, but definitely still relevant. talks about how sincerity is our virtue and insincerity is our vice. What makes us great liars.

Well, it’s because we’re moral chameleons because we are constantly wearing masks all the time. And those masks, sometimes we become the mask. Unlike an INTJ, who’s trying to have one good mask that works in all situations. The intp has many masks and wears so many masks that works in each individual situation.

mask by mask by mask. It’s who we are. And quite frankly, we start out in life where we don’t have we don’t have principles we just don’t. We are forced by our parents.

to adopt their principles, same thing goes for ESTPs etps all have this problem growing up, you know, we’re just children, we’re just weak, we don’t have our own identity. We don’t even have our own life, right? That’s not who we are. Well, we lacked that identity. And then we have an identity that’s basically given to us where we are expected to be this person.

Like, for example, if your family as an ATP has its own organized religion, you know, we would naturally adopt that organized religion because that five trickster Yeah, we’re both pragmatic types, but still, at the end of the day, that organized religion ends up becoming the template for what we actually adopt, or half. And that too, can be a problem. Here’s the problem. Yeah, it just comes down to lack of principles.

We don’t have any principles or our own, we just adopt principles of other people. This can actually open us up to abuse, it caused a lot of problems over time. Imagine being raised as a Christian. Your father is a pastor.

You know, you’re that pastor’s kid, so much expected of you. You know, I even became a biblical scholar, he wanted me to be a pastor. follow in his footsteps. Reality of situation is, I became a biblical scholar.

And then as a result, my only value is just to spite him, as I call him out for every contradiction that he has, within his own belief system. Because he would rather rely on church authority instead of actually like verifying that church authority. Why should we care about the Council of Carthage? Why should we care about the Council of Trent? Why should we care about the Council of Nicaea, a bunch of gray haired men voting on what they believe is God’s word? Sounds like bullshit to me. So why do we care.

But when you’re a little child in adventure, it feels like trickster. And you’re you’re raised in this environment. You end up having these belief systems foisted upon you because we’re malleable enough to adopt the principles of others. And because we lack those principles on our own, we look like moral chameleons.

Because our principles change based on who is present Yeah, extroverted feeling child is so desperately just wants to give people balloons and candy and if that means but the balloons and candy means giving people what they like giving people the belief system that they like. What does that say about us? We end up lacking substance, we end up lacking identity. This is why if you are an ETP I highly recommend you actually read books, you read philosophy books as soon as possible. Philosophy is everything to an FYI trickster, because it will help us adopt many sets of principles that will allow us to have ePHI mastery in our lives, then we do not have to be a moral chameleon because we slowly over time through decades of hard work and research through philosophy to identify and create our own internal philosophy over time.

Like I have, I remember one time I was on the phone with my father, so about two or three years ago, about three years ago. And he asked me directly, four years ago, actually, he asked me directly so what’s your life purpose? He straight up asked me that of course and FE hero would ask what my life purpose is naturally. I told him, it’s comes from the Bible dead. I mean, obviously he’d like to hear that right.

Malikai chapter four, verses five and six. In the last days. I will send my prophet Elijah to you before the great day of the Lord, also known as the end of the world. You will turn the hearts of fathers to their sons to the hearts of sons, their fathers or else I’ll strike the earth with the decree of utter destruction.

Elijah to bring back masculinity, right. That’s the point to bring back masculinity. What I intend to do now I may not be the prophet Elijah, but his mission is mine and I will see it through to my last breath. You It’s just central to who I am.

And I have adopted that principle, more principles that I have adopted DocQ though, the way of the ronin, also known as the way of walking alone, by Miyamoto Musashi, I believe me most of us, Asha was probably actually an INTJ. I think it was an INTJ. Especially after reading the Book of Five Rings, it’s constant obsession with strategy, etc. Which isn’t wrong, should always be strategic and everything in your life.

But the 21 principles of dokubo has been a guiding factor in the decision making within my own life when I find myself alone, which is something that is extremely common among etps etps with ti parent, we’re just so naturally alienating to everybody else that we can’t help but be alone. ESTPs being paranoid of other people’s attentions, and assuming other people’s attentions, en teepees like myself being paranoid of other people’s actions and assuming and presuming other people’s actions, it just leads to alienation when you combine ti parent with our demon functions, also known as the demonic parent, that’s the demonic parent is all about. I think I’ll be releasing a series on the demonic parent in the near future. I think the demonic parent is something that heavily needs to be discussed.

And I believe it will be the series that will be coming out right after the Okta Graham series is done within the premium lectures, the demonic parent, we haven’t done a series on demon functions in a while. So we’re going to be discussing the demonic parents going a little bit into what I used to talk about and cutting edge known as cognitive combining. Although let’s be honest, in that episode, and cutting edge of cognitive combining, I actually did a really poor job of presenting it so hopefully I’ll do much better within these premium lectures. If you want to get in on premium lectures, CS joseph.ly forward slash members become a journeyman member today.

Get access to all of our premium lectures, our cutting edge episodes, typing the famous people live stream all of that has so much content, it would take you nine weeks at least, to bench it all. Good luck. But that’s why en TPS are moral chameleons are principles change based on who’s Princeton until we’ve learned FY mastery through our FY trixter. Until such time we have our own principles, regardless of who is present.

And that’s where I’m at right now in my life. I’m finally there. I have my own principles, regardless of who’s present. Taking me that long.

3036 years old. That INTJ server she will not stop looking at me. Oh my god. So funny.

Of course, you know, I’m just some rando smoking a cigar filming himself on the street while everyone assumes that I’m filming them because solipsism it’s so funny. She just saw me the other day with my personal assistant and thought like her and I were in like a relationship or something. But it’s not, that was not actually the case. It’s so funny to me how people like, do that.

My God just goes to show like, how easily people judge by appearances. And that’s where the EMTP comes in being this moral chameleon because we know, people judge by appearance. So we take on the principles of those around us to shield ourselves from conflict. That’s why we do it.

We’re trying to protect ourselves, we’re trying to play it safe. The thing is, is that as I have developed my own principles over time, and I’ve reached some level of FBI mastery in my life, I’ve just become edgier, right, potentially even more alienating. The thing is, is that if I continue to have the guts to share my principles with others, especially in public places like this, people ended up respecting me more people ended up actually sticking around because they know that I’m not being fake. They know that there’s, there’s actually some substance to me, whereas before there was not substance to me.

So if you’re an EN, or if you’re an ETP, focus on having substance, it’s really important. I’m talking, I’m talking directly to you, Patrick, when I say this, you know, you are you better discover your principles super quick. I get you’re super young. But you better get started on this now, so you don’t end up like I was in my 20s An absolute total loser.

I have horror who I used to be. I loathe who I used to be. That being said, I don’t regret it either. One of the principles of dodo is don’t regret your decisions.

I don’t I don’t regret my decisions. Not anymore. At least. It’s been so freeing to understand that principle why it has value.

US All my decisions have become those scars. No scars have been my guiding factor from which I was able to reach FYI mastery in the first place for which I am insanely grateful for very grateful for such that I could share my principles with you, the ego hacker community, because I love you all dearly. And I know the plans I have for you, to not harm you, to prosper you, to give you a future and hope as a community to give you a better life, as well work hard to bring back masculinity as we all work hard to bring back femininity. And stand in the face of this bullshit society that seeks to destroy our happiness, destroy our families, destroy our bloodlines destroy our future.

But we’re not going to allow that to happen our way said we’ll have principles. And you know, I don’t expect anyone here to even adopt my principles. I’m just going to be leading by example and showing you what my principles are and how I live my life. And you can decide to do so.

Because unlike most etps out there, I don’t have to be a moral chameleon anymore. You can just take me as I am. If you don’t like it, cool, I’ll move on to the next person. That’s the beauty about our world.

There’s a lot of people it’s one of the best things about a world actually. Life is Beautiful folks, the earth is rich, and can provide for everyone. I’m quoting Charlie Chaplin, when I say that, from his speech, The Great Dictator, one of the things from which I derive my personal principles from. It’s very important, it’s very fascinating to that end, to be able to have that opportunity.

So I recommend to you etps out there especially en teepees Don’t be those moral chameleons anymore. And if you are a moral chameleon, it’s because you haven’t developed your principles because you have not studied philosophy. So start studying philosophy now. Pick up any philosophy book and get started.

For me. It was Japanese stoicism really helped through Miyamoto Musashi. And also the Warrior Within my John Liddell, which is the philosophy of Bruce Lee, and the Tao of Jeet KUNDO. Highly recommend it.

Highly, highly recommended. I can’t stress enough how important that is. Anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening. Please like and subscribe.

I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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