ENTPs and Overcoming Addictions. CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question how can ENTPs over come addictions in their life.


Welcome to the CSS podcast. I’m your host is Joseph and we’re doing more acolyte questions today. And today’s question is, how can a 21 year old ENTP boy break free from their social media and internet addiction? Basically, how do ENTPs get over addictions? And honestly, it’s it’s as simple as trading one addiction for another. That’s literally the basic principle.

But while that’s easy to say, it’s not actually easy to do. And that’s how what we’re going to be discussing in today’s episode is actually what to do. Ryan Holiday, wrote a book called The obstacle is the way basically and you have to as an intp, and he isn’t the intp by the way, I highly recommend you read his book, The obstacles the way and also another book that he wrote, Trust Me, I’m Lying is an absolutely amazing read. I highly recommend that and all of all, Ryan holidays work for any intp out there.

So what are you doing with your life, you probably should read that. Oh, wait, reading that is one of the most important habits and ENTP should be doing. And that’s one of the ways that I was able to break my social media and internet addiction, because I just spent all my time improving myself and making myself better. Honestly, like you as an intp.

Just gotta get to the point in your life where you can accept that you are just fundamentally and utterly be alone your entire life. It doesn’t matter how much family you have, it doesn’t matter how big your bloodline is, it doesn’t matter how many wives you have, it doesn’t matter how many children you have, it doesn’t matter if you are the golden child or if you’re if you’re the black sheep of your family. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you have, it doesn’t matter how famous you are. The reality of the situation is is that you need to accept that you will just be fundamentally alone, your entire existence, the NTPs are too much to roguish and to black sheepish for society in total, that is an entire problem.

A good example of this would be Louisa shores. Book The Giver because Jonah is the main character in the book, The Giver is an ESTP and ends up although there’s a chance he’s an INFJ though like to take that with a grain of salt but but the whole point is, is that he did not fit in society. And he ended up being the reason society collapses basically. But and he was pretty pragmatic about it.

I maintain throughout the movie is great with Jeff Bridges, I highly recommend the film, but but also the book is also incredible. And but the point is, is that like the intp archetype in its own right is the number one archetype that ultimately the people who are in power over society do fear the most, and they should fear the most, because NTPs are the ones who are typically responsible for being the spark that starts rebellion. I mean, Benjamin Franklin, his brainchild was the American Revolution. He’s the one who created the idea, he concepted it, he designed it, he presented it to other people.

He is the reason that the United States of America even exists, it’s because literally, he just imagined the USA and the USA came into existence because he worked towards that end, literally ENTPs exist to tear down society and blow it, blow it all away, and reset basically en teepees are walking reset buttons. That’s just how our exported sensing demon actually works. And that’s the thing. If you have a social media internet addiction, you have to be a walking reset button.

The thing is, while you may just burn down your social media and internet addiction, you need to have healthier addictions literally waiting for you. So like for example reading and one of the best ways that I enjoy reading is taking a wireless headphone or headpiece sticking it into like an ear bed or something sticking it into my ear while I’m working or doing menial tasks. And I’m listening to audiobooks and TVs have the amazing ability of multilinear thinking it comes from introverted or extroverted intuition hero right and being starter types and allows us to split our attention towards multiple things simultaneously. So we could put our bodies on autopilot doing menial tasks while our minds are open and still taking a knowledge by listening to audiobooks simultaneously and allows us to save a lot of time due to this inherent level high level multitasking capability.

Right? So again, it’s all about you know that that is an excellent habit to do so, you know, addictions are ultimately habits right? Addictions are just bad habits. Addiction is just a flashy term for bad habit. You want to have a good habit or a healthy habit waiting for you reading is one of them. That’s one of the strategies you can use.

Going to the gym on a regular basis, making sure you have a gym program that’s going to give you a guaranteed outcome, making sure that you have the self discipline to measure your food for example, and track your macronutrients and all your calories throughout the day. Having the self discipline to do that, right having the self discipline to practice that particular skills like playing pool or billiards or darts or poker, those kinds of things Magic the Gathering, I don’t know Krav Maga or martial arts all those things I do right as as an intp. But the point is, is that like, I did have a social media internet addiction, I haven’t had a pornography addiction for like four years, like when I was in high school, and I was able to break free of all those addictions, because I replaced them with other addictions. Now, I will admit that at the beginning, I replaced them with some bad addictions.

Like for example, I started playing World of Warcraft, and that to almost destroyed my life after playing it for six years straight. And that became a huge problem, and then replace world Warcraft with EVE Online. I was playing that for many years as well. Now, now, I don’t really play games that much anymore.

Instead, what I do is I conduct business, and I have friendships and relationships. And I make money, I design products, I sell things. I also take care of my health, I do a research on that consistently. I read a lot of books, I do martial arts training multiple times a week.

In fact, I’m going in tomorrow, again, which I’m very excited about having that opportunity, as I’m ramping up, to get back into more training, and keep training and keep training, keep training. So it’s just it’s just it’s really important, it’s really important to stay training, it’s really important to keep going it’s really important to just understand, you know, it just comes down to having a replacement, right? You know, it’s really difficult because MPs have very addictive personalities. And especially when you’re an ESTP you can have the you know, you’d be subconscious developed which means you’re fanatic you saw your autograph here at SD type Octa gram for NTP, you’re very fanatic. And being a fanatic means you’re very prone to moving from one thing one addiction to another, you know, kind of like a virus spreading eating up something and moving on to the next thing.

And that can be a huge problem. The difference is, is that you want to fill your life with good habits or good addictions that will never stop. I’m, you know, I try my best to read a new book every two weeks, basically. So that’s two books a month.

So it’s about 26 books a year. I don’t always get to do that. And last year, I did 17 books, but still it’s still a lot of books, right? And most people especially en teepees are not really that well read because of extroverted thinking critic, right? So it’s really, really important that you go out of your way to invest in yourself in that manner. It’s really comes down to level of self investment.

That’s ultimately what your Introverted Thinking Trickster is trying to do, as an intp is trying to figure out what are the things that I can invest in? What are the things that I can invest in for myself, and it’s this constant, endless stream of trial and error constant, it just doesn’t stop. It just keeps going all this trial and error, everything that goes on in every direction, it will not stop, it’ll just keep going forever and ever. You have to literally trial error everything in your life because as an intp. Guess what you can’t learn from other people’s mistakes, it is impossible for any intp to learn from other people’s mistakes, because extrovert sensing demon, they can only learn from their own mistakes.

That being said, they also need to learn how to practice and practicing is important like practicing reading, I mean also like another another addiction that I have is learning foreign language. Right now I’m learning svenska and then as soon as I’m done with svenska, I’m going to be learning. I’m going to be learning. I already finished Costa Yano or Spanish basically and then I’m doing svenska, then after that, they’re going to be doing Arabic next, so that I can have the opportunity to conduct business in Dubai.

Right. So I’m learning I’m learning all these languages. And that’s another healthy addiction that I am going to, you know, have like be it’s super interesting because ntbs can learn languages rapidly because we are triple systematic and most languages are systematic, or at least the language itself is a systematic thing. Even though the English language is an interest based language, but it’s still ultimately following a human system of language.

Right? And because, you know, NTPs are triple systematic, we learn languages the quickest, right? We can ingest information NTPs can ingest information faster than any of all of the 16 types. And in my opinion, the 16 types combined, no one no one can ingest and taking information and taking data faster than us we just saw you just take it all to the point like like even my INFJ mentor I was in a grocery store with him one time and he’s like, I’m looking for this one thing and then I just instantly reach up and grab it and hand it to him and he’s like, Well how did you know this where it wasn’t like well the second I came here I read everything just within within five seconds I had read every single label all the way that was there and he’s like He couldn’t believe how quick it was. So that he decided test me and we went from you know, when we went from aisle to aisle I was like, Look, I will find me this find me this find me this and I would just give it to him and then that was it done. I just I just knew where everything was and I Everything’s so quickly he was just so amazed at how quickly I was able to ingest data and information and how quickly I was able to learn.

My opinion NTPs learned the absolute fastest of the 16 types with NTJ is using their NTP shadows as like second fastest. And this is why INTJ is pride themselves to being the master of any skill, etc. But that’s the thing literally comes down to mastering skills, mastering knowledge, gaining knowledge, etc. That is how you can break free from your social media internet addiction, because your social media internet addiction isn’t actually helping you.

You want to have addictions, aka habits that are actually helping you. That’s the difference. The problem is, is it’s so hard for any intp to do that because we can be easily gaslight and having some really bullshit codependent Stockholm Syndrome relationship with people places or things in our life. Basically, what I like to call idols because we have this problem with idolatry through our fanaticism side of our Octo gram, basically, it’s one of the it’s a it’s the subconscious aspiration pole, basically.

So when we aspire, we get pretty fanatical. And, and when we get fanatical about these things, sometimes we can get stuck. And it can actually turn into a very unhealthy addiction. Because we’re basically the method actors of process the method actors of system, we have to try everything on like a second skin.

And then once we’ve tried it out for a little while, we have to cut away what we don’t like and keep it we do. And this is how we’re able to get through books so well. And we can read an entire book and we only really care about 15% of that book and move on to the next one. Well, there’s people out there who won’t even read an entire book if they know they’re only going to get 15% benefit.

Why waste the time? Well, NTP is like taking those little golden nuggets that we get from those books and putting together and creating a whole new system that could potentially change our lives, the lives of other people. That’s why it’s super important. That’s just an example. So yeah, that is how you break free of your social media and internet addiction.

So hopefully that covered this question. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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