ENTP vs ENFJ & ESFJ, a TP vs FJ Comparison | CS Joseph Responds


ENTP vs ENFJ & ESFJ TP vs FJ Comparison. CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question what is the similiarities between an ENTP male and an ExFJ male.


Welcome to this CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, seus. Joseph, and we’re doing more acolyte questions today. And today’s question, what is the similarities between an ENFJ male and an ENTP male? Or like, how are these two types similar and potentially even different? And we’ll be discussing that today.

But first things first, the obvious they’re both ti users. Okay? So all about logic, right? Although the ENFJ, they’re probably oftentimes really stressed out with the intp, because the intp is a TP type, whereas the ENFJ is an FJ type. And the difference between an Fj and a TP is that the FJ type oftentimes has to look at what social what social norms are doing. Because if something is socially acceptable, it’s more likely to be true.

So when it comes to their own thinking, they actually tack on their own thinking based on social norms and social acceptance, because from their perspective, if something is not socially acceptable, then it’s not likely to actually be true. And this is the curse of being an FJ type. Whereas the teepees have a different perspective. Just because something is socially acceptable does not mean it’s true.

And TPS end up becoming extremely aware of myths, right? Like, for example, heart disease, cholesterol causes heart disease, that is a myth. There are a ton of myths out there. And I particularly enjoy reading this book by Caleb Jones called the unchained man. And he has an entire chapter devoted to all of the myths that people actually believe that are entirely false.

Here’s another myth or something you would more likely see an E INFJ. Man think that you know, to have a better relationship with women, you have to go get advice from women on how to have a relationship with women. That’s not exactly the case. Whereas the intp may think that at first because ignorance and then realize that that’s not actually the true thing, even though that is socially acceptable, you know, based on pain of life, and what their Introverted Sensing inferior hits from bad experiences with women, and then come to the conclusion that there’s no way that is even possibly true, whereas the ENFJ would actually maintain that truth indefinitely, regardless of what they have to deal with.

And that’s another thing about them is that the ENFJ is head lacks Introverted Sensing entirely, they’re insanely forgetful. And they forget often about the things that have impacted them and are mostly focused on what is impacting others. And for them, if something that is true is not impacting others. That’s also an example of how it could possibly not be true so then then a TI inferior is not likely to actually have a big deal.

Now, both types are actually insanely stubborn, very stubborn is because their Introverted Thinking is pessimistic and pessimistic. Introverted Thinking has just a default amount of stubbornness to go with it. The difference is, is that ti parent is quite responsible, and actually, believe it or not, can be really open minded. Although they have extroverted thinking critically EMTP is far more open minded than an ENFJ.

Nf j’s are entirely dismissive, they expect everyone else to listen to them, but they themselves will not listen to anyone. And it’s because of extroverted thinking demon, X rated thinking demon just does not really care that much about listening to others. And that can be a problem. That could be a really, really big problem, actually.

And oftentimes, people don’t really understand that about them. And it’s so funny because like, NF J’s, they’re out there. And it’s like, well, no one wants to criticize me, I can’t learn anything new if no one’s going to criticize me. And it’s like, well, hold on.

When people criticize you, you dismiss them, you don’t listen to them anyway. And usually people don’t want to criticize you because they don’t want to lose how much help or contribution that you actually bring them. So they’re not likely to criticize you anyway. And that too, is actually a serious problem.

Right? So NF j’s are like oh, and it’s so funny because NF J’s end up inadvertently, actually creating their echo chamber just based on their mismanagement of criticism and feedback and negative feedback, especially that they get from other people, right. Whereas the intp expert feeling child welcomes usually welcomes negative feedback, and it’s actually more likely to listen to that negative feedback and then change DNTPs are the most adaptable of the 16 types. They are the most adaptable, and they can take any shape or form to fit particular situations. They’re like metamorphic that way, almost the point of being chameleon but not really chameleon, it’s more of like, they’re just able to adjust themselves per situation very easily.

It’s part of the being the rogue as part of them wearing a mask. They have a mask that they wear for whichever situation. So the NTP is lot more open minded about taking criticism and or feedback. That’s not to say if the NTP if they disagree with you, they are going to harshly challenge you and actually come All you out for what you’re saying instantly.

But that doesn’t mean they didn’t listen or consider to everything that they said. For example, what goes through my mind when someone is criticizing me? It’s like, okay, okay, they may have a point, let me think about it for a second, let’s see if they’re actually right. And then if they are right, I’ll take full responsibility for it, and I will immediately change. If they are wrong, I will slam them against the wall with my TI parent and not care.

And I will do it ruthlessly, right. Whereas an ENFJ will just make Oh, they don’t like me, they don’t like me, because they don’t like me. They’re biased. And because they’re biased, I don’t have to listen to them, even though that’s actually false and likely a myth in its own right.

As a problem NF J’s they really like adopting myths and using myths as part of their own thinking. And they get mad at TP types, especially en teepees for not adopting those myths as part of their thinking to go along with them. And that leads to a huge amount of ignorance and then also is conflict between these two types. Because the intp just refuses to do that.

No one is more free thinking than an intp. literally nobody. That’s why an EN teepees greatest nightmare is to wake up in a 19 eight George Orwell’s 1984 world where thought police actually exist and people can read your thoughts and know exactly what you’re thinking. And because you’re not thinking a certain way, you go to jail, basically.

That is an EN teepees greatest nightmare. Whereas it’s likely the ENFJ is the one who actually created that society to begin with, with their Extraverted Thinking demon because extroverted thinking demon would relish the opportunity to having a thought police to police the thoughts of others, right. So that, you know, people would continue to turn their hearts towards myths, that’s a biblical statement, etc. So, you know, these two types, like, that’s just kind of where they’re at.

And I just realized that this question is actually asking you about an ESF J and not an ESTP. So let’s actually talk about an ESFJ So, ESFJ. Also, the primary difference between ESF J NE And TP they’re both Crusader types.

Okay? So with them both being Crusader types, they have the same exact cognitive functions, but they are in their, in a conflict pair with each other. So they kind of basically hate each other by default. That’s why my sister and I don’t really have a really good relationship. She is an ESFJ and it’s actually really, really difficult.

Although my grandmother has a much more compatible octagon with myself, so her and I can actually have a relationship, but when it comes to my sister her and I just absolutely cannot and we have opposing Octo grams. So that makes a lot of sense. And we’re also conflict types. But the main difference between the ESF j and the ESTP is actually comes down to cognitive origin right the cognitive origin of any intp is satisfaction, whereas the cognitive origin of the ESFJis discovery.

And discovery is all about exploration and exploring new things like exploring every inch of a pizza or exploring every inch of a trail somewhere or exploring a new concepts within artificial intelligence or technology. That’s they’re all about. They love exploring also like firefighting and being police at the same time. ESFJ men are very common as firefighters.

So just keep that in mind. For those women out there that want to get with an ESFJ man will go volunteer raising money for firefighters, and eventually one will ask you out you’ll see. So, but the point is like ESFJs, you know, they have that same Introverted Thinking inferior problem that I stated with NF J’s earlier within this episodes, that too is an issue. The difference is that the ESFJ is a bit more stoic than the eye that EMTP they can take a lot more hits, they have a higher level of endurance, they have a higher level of hardcore loyalty.

And because of that, they’re, they’re just not as scared as an intp is an ESTP is more prone to fear than an ESF J. That’s another thing that can be a big deal. However, the ESFJ is more likely to become a doormat and because of that use covert contract manipulation eventually the intp while they can be super codependent and have Stockholm Syndrome, they’ll event and can actually help enable their abusers. And I’m really guilty of that, and especially those closest to me really know that I’m very guilty that of enabling abusers in my life.

You know, ESFJ’s, they do that but ESFJ’s end up resulting to covert contracting in order to as an outlet and a manipulative outlet to deal with those particular situations. And teepees eventually will just disappear and just leave and just you know, there’s there’s nothing left at that point. So, so the the en teepees willing to withdraw their attention entirely from the situation as the ESFJ. They’re kind of more just withdrawing their help, they’ll stick around, but they’re withdrawing their help, they’re withdrawing their assistance and that’s how they become you know, you know, very cold very dark but like and kind of, you know, withdrawn but the ESTP.

When the interview withdraws from that particular situation, they’re taking their loyalty within they’re taking their time and attention and resources with them. They’re not going to be sharing that with anyone because what the ESTP cares about the most is what they share with other people. And if people are not going to be grateful for what the intp shares, the intp is ultimately going to move on. Whereas it from the ESFJ perspective, they’re okay with doing, you know, with continuing to share, they’re just not going to be providing assistance, they place higher value on their thoughts and their assistance over than what they actually share, basically, and this is congruent across you know, regardless of their gender, biological, gender, male, female, it just doesn’t matter.

This is ultimately how it works out. Both these types definitely want to feel wanted, and how, like sexually the ESF J male, you know, being wanted is great, but the ESF J male oftentimes, you know, because they’re as Introverted Sensing is pretty high. It’s in the top two functions, sometimes when it comes to sexuality often initiate sex because they’re seeking it out. Whereas the intp wants to be sought out.

Basically, they want others to initiate with them. Like for example, one of my favorite things, is like a woman like she texts me and she’s like, Oh, I’m like super horny, you should just stop what you’re doing right now. And like, come over and like and bang me like right now. You know, like, that’s a great experience.

I really enjoy getting those texts and whatnot. Funnily enough, actually happened to me earlier today. Being that as it made though, the point is, though, is that like ESF j’s and TPS are just, you know, this way, but again, really, the primary difference between them is really cognitive origin, the thing that they’re trying to get the most out of life and to the intp, that satisfaction, and ultimately fulfillment, which is what causes them to be super mega envious, or the ESF J which is discovery, which can cause them to be super gluttonous, which can be a huge thing. And this is why ESF j is more so than NTPs are fat compared to en teepees have way, way fatter, way more obese and more likely to be obese compared to en teepees, although, you know, as a formerly obese EMTP I definitely had that problem so that that can definitely be a thing.

So, but yeah, anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys on the next episode.


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