Welcome to the CS justice podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph naturally. Today’s question, why are ENFP women so masculine? What a odd question. And the only reason why I say it’s odd is because I’m not entirely convinced that ENFP women specifically are super masculine.

There’s not really in my experience, and I’m talking naturally and colloquially, I’m not necessarily talking topic, you know, talking from a perspective of you union analytical psychology, per se, it’s just I’ve always found them to be quite feminine actually, myself especially with one particular ENFP that I’m very close with. In my life. least she’s close to me, and we’re trying to get closer as time goes on. But yeah, like, I mean, just her and I need to have a better communication and a better relationship between the two.

I mean, it’s really hard, you know, because I’m an ENFP she’s an NP and there’s a lot of problems there relating to you know, to communication because it’s all about her comfort all about my comfort, can that being an issue but I’ve always seen her as a very feminine person I always have. And I I typically see ENFP women as very feminine in general. That’s not to say that they can actually be pretty massive it’s not to say that they can’t you know, so by the way, tonight cigar is a laranja ASA Laiho, one of my most favorites. Join myself here amongst the cotton bugs on Lake quarter lane.

Hope you enjoy the stillness of the water and the ambiance. I always like enjoying bodies of water because I have exploration expert intuition hero, and I felt it appropriate to film this location given that this particular episode is about an extroverted intuition hero and expert intuition here is all about water. And I always feel my most relaxed and calm when I’m around bodies of water and as much as they would as well because each of the cognitive functions are attached to individual elements. Extroverted sensing is attached to wind Introverted Intuition is attached to fire.

Why do you think all the high ni users are these ni optimistic or pyromancers? They all do. They love them. They’re fireworks I love them. They’re fire they’re explosions.

Whereas extroverted sensing optimistic really, really love the wind, for example. Expert intuition optimistic is really love the water, and Introverted Sensing optimistic really love theory. I like to go into the mountains like to be among the rocks. It’s one of their favorite things.

So yeah, but I’m not gonna use this particular episode to talk about like, you know, how masculine ENFP women are, because, honestly, I just, I just don’t see it. But but there are some exceptions. And we’re actually going to be discussing those exceptions for this episode. The exceptions and there are definitely there definitely some exceptions.

But we need to like discuss why there’s exceptions. And the main reason is ultimately, human nurture. Women have fundamentally transformed as a sex basically, within the human race, especially in terms of Western society. And I actually had the pleasure of watching a show produced by an INTJ woman who is basically mocking women and their their changes within Western society.

That’s so funny to me to watch INTJ women be the ones mocking masculine women basically, in Western society. I mean, the first time I ever experienced it, I was was on a date with, with Andy my INTJ ex, and we went on this date, and she introduced me to Ali Wong, and I have to say this is one of the best parts of my relationship with Andy is because it’s like, Hey, I get to watch this really cool INTJ Asian comedy chick explain to me how she thinks it’s just so stupid. faded, like, like literally complaining about the women’s movement and how the women’s movement, you know, got women, you know, jobs and are working, you know, so then hey, you know, corporations can benefit from, you know, doubling the workforce and, and then ultimately destroying the family in the process. And she’s like, Girl, what is your problem because Ali Wong has been like, we had made, you know, being, you know, not having to have the responsibility of having a job.

You know, like, that’s amazing, you know, and it’s so interesting, because I was actually talking to my ESTP friend, you all know him by Eli, he’s on the discord server. Mr. ESTP, ESTP therapy, himself a fantastic fellow. And I’m actually very happy.

He’s in the community, he provides a unique perspective. But he’s actually having a conversation today with me on the phone about about women basically, and how you can like all notice, like the women who are at the top of the pecking order when it comes to other women just happen to be the women who are in a marriage, and our stay at home moms. They’re basically the zenith or the top of the pecking order when it comes to women. And, and he’s like, you know, the bottom of the pecking order, are the women who have who are single moms have to have a job and have children with different men, those are at the bottom of the pecking order.

So you have the top and the bottom, according to him. And this is coming from, you know, the most masculine of all the types, he’s an ESTP. And I entirely, I entirely agree with his perspective, you know, about that, that’s, that’s definitely, that’s definitely a thing, a big thing. And it’s just so silly to me, you know, how women consistently fall into this masculine trap as they are, you know, conditioned by society to do so.

But to add to that, something that I’ve been actually really pushing recently on the discord server, something Railgun, who is another ESTP, it’s kind of odd how ESTPs end up being like the arbiters of what is masculine and what is feminine. It’s so interesting. And as much as iossef j’s are also the arbiters of what is masculine and feminine, because you have the iossef J’s, the most feminine colloquially, the most feminine of all the types, and then you have the ESTP, who is CO vocally and on paper, the most masculine of all of the types. You know, basically, they’re throwing around their thoughts on what constitutes feminine behavior and what constitutes masculine behavior.

And for the most part, they’re, they’re basically correct, and they live that way. They are the they are the best examples with by their own behavior as to what that behavior looks like, you know, as colloquially understood. So wow, that’s that’s good. That’s that tastes that taste amazing.

It’s like It’s like it’s kind of a little bit of hint a blueberry to it. It’s fantastic. You guys think I should like sell some CS Joseph cigars one day. What do you guys think about that? You know, some CS Joseph, high quality fine tobacco.

You guys think I should get into that? I don’t know. Maybe the maybe some of the men in the community would would enjoy that. It’s not like you’d ever see a woman smoking a cigar and then I sit and then I when I see a woman smoking a cigarette, I am completely and utterly grossed out by the way grossed out. Actually, I had an encounter recently with a woman who was smoking and I was just like, really? I mean, just because I smoked cigars doesn’t mean that I’m okay with you smoking cigarettes.

I mean, cigars are gonna do much too, especially with how little actually smoke, you know. So like, Come on, man. I mean, chewing tobacco is the worst thing you can do. The second worst thing you could do is cigarettes.

And third worst thing you could do is actually vape. And then, you know, and then there’s cigars, which doesn’t actually go in your lungs, and it’s only in your mouth. And, you know, it’s just something to enjoy. It’s not exactly something you get, like addicted to your whatever.

And, you know, uh, well, I mean, I’m not addicted to it at all I could, I could never smoke a cigar again. And it wouldn’t bother me. But I do smoke cigars because helps me maintain a higher level of concentration, not focus, but concentration is different concentration is si focuses and I and helps me with memory recall to improve my memory when it comes to delivering these episodes, for example, among other things. So anyway, Railgun exposed me recently to the show about women called Working moms by Katherine Reitman, and she’s an INTJ and she’s just making fun of the stupidity involved with how we women’s lives aren’t entirely ruined when they put their careers above everything else.

Most women out there would emotionally respond that saying, like, well, we’re not putting our career above our family. But like, as much as they say that if you actually like judge them by their actions, you’ll see that that’s actually what is happening. And, you know, as I’ve said before, you can’t really take a woman at her word, not because she’s a liar, but because she changes her mind a million times a day. And what she says, doesn’t line up with how she acts because her hormones cause her to mentally change her mind multiple times a day anyway.

Again, it’s not saying that they’re that women are liars, I’m just saying you just can’t take them at their word, because biology and that’s all there is to it. Not a bad thing. Besides, it’s a wiser prospect for a person to be judging other human beings by their actions anyways, so big whoop, I don’t care how. I mean, if you guys think I’m misogynist for saying so then you guys are just nothing more than ignorant, and probably just as bad as the people who claimed Socrates was corrupting the youth in Athens and had him executed.

Thank you for contributing to your kangaroo court, that is Western society. I’m sure you’ll really be happy. And that’s why Catherine Reitmans main point was within this Netflix series, there’s at least four seasons on it and Railgun and I have been going through it, just watching the absolute utter stupidity of these women, these career women and basically all the problems that they’re causing in their life consistently. And that is these little subtle hints.

You know, Catherine Reitman is actually the main character also within the story, but even though she created the story and wrote it, and her actual real life husband is also her husband in in the in the show, which is also fantastic. And they really, really focus hardcore on gender issues in a very subtle way, a very similar subtle way, just like Seth MacFarlane would in Family Guy or in the Orville, if you guys haven’t seen the Orville yet you’re out of your minds, you need to like definitely see the Orville, it really, really combats social issues and exposes this ridiculousness of modern social issues. There, and which, so I recommend the show as well. So if McFarland does an amazing job so, but the bottom line is, is that like, you know, ENFP women, you know, let’s let’s do it, let’s bring it back to ENFP women ENFP women, because X rated thinking child, and also because of ISTJ subconscious, because they’re so focused on their status and their reputation and all these things.

They are extremely at risk of falling for the society’s dumb, stupid narrative, that, you know, hey, you should sacrifice your fertile years, which is 18 to 26. Basically, for you know, trading on on in college, you know, getting educated so that you can go to school, you know, go to college, get a job, instead of like actually having children. And, and that’s also really, that’s masculine, that’s super masculine. You know, whatever happened to the days where, like, women actually wanted to be mothers.

I mean, the the societal conditioning has been absolutely ridiculous. I mean, most people don’t even realize that the women’s suffrage movement was actually created by a man who utilized Edward Bernays as manipulative propaganda based tactics to actually start the movement. Edward Bernays is an NTP. He wrote the book propaganda his teacher was Gustavo Bong, who wrote the book, the crowd, and then one of the protegees of Bernays in modern times is Douglas Murray, he wrote the book, the madness of crowds.

And if you just read these three books, in order of their chain of custody, you’ll start to realize how easy it is to manipulate people. And today, you know, the family suffers While corporations and doubling the workforce and end up treating women like crap. I mean, you know, it’s, and then and then the women blame the men for it. They blame the men.

When it’s reality, it’s just a very small percentage of people that are benefiting from from that while everybody else including families actually suffers. We’re no longer a child rearing society, we are a child support society. And that’s pretty sad. If you if you think about it, that’s like, that’s entirely sad.

It’s entirely ridiculous. You know, I have an INTJ son. And having an INTJ son is a very humbling experience because if you really want to destroy absolutely annihilate an INTJ child, regardless of their sex, split up their parents split up their family, if you want to destroy them. That’s what you do, to the point where it basically ruins their life for the rest of their existence.

It completely ruins their life. And that’s really sad. And that’s basically the gift that masculine women as a result of all of this societal conditioning that starts literally in school and whatnot, because we’re just trying to create a workforce you know, we just want you to maintain and become the proletariat. We don’t want your bloodline to exist, your bloodline means nothing to us, only our bloodline matters.

Think about it like, you find this out. And like the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the elite and the rich actually have a completely different way to educate your children to compared to poor people, poor people will tell you how to save your money. Which is a stupid idea. It’s very stupid to save your money, you should be investing your money at any opportunity that you get, because the value of the dollar due to inflation alone is destroyed.

I mean, $1 Today is worth about two and a half cents of what it was originally worth. Back when it was the greenback first came out in like 1914, or 1917, you know, in the early 1900s, basically when the greenback first came. And that’s that’s entirely ridiculous. Entirely ridiculous.

You know, congratulations, y’all played yourself. Congratulations, you’re all born to this system. You guys are part of the matrix. Now you’re literally born in the matrix you don’t even know.

And these women out there like defending the matrix or defending this concept, it’s entirely ridiculous. It’s one of the reasons why we created the special interest group known as union sexuality on the discord server, if you’re not on the discord server, there should be a link in the description. It’s a link tree link, which would be li n k t r dot E, forward slash CS Joseph, scroll the bottom and click the link. So you can join the discord server, do your verification through alt densifier and then do your other verification by accepting the code of conduct and you have access to the discord.

And then after that, go down to the rules channel in the Union sexuality Special Interest Groups section and just hit the dash agree type it in, and then the bot will assign you the role. And then you have access. And then you can enjoy the female issues channel or the male issues channel or the alien sexuality channel, or there’s tons of books and resources and education that you can utilize to free yourself and actually become a feminine woman again, and actually work hard to actually become a feminine woman something that your mother should have taught you but know by now, statistically, she actually was a career woman as well and potentially ruin your life as a woman and ruin your opportunity at happiness, which is ridiculous. And as much as obviously, men’s lives are ruined constantly.

I mean, like, seriously, like, why should I as a man, work so hard for a quarrelsome and disrespectful woman underneath my roof? Like I’m not going to tolerate it. You know, Solomon wrote in the Bible, in the book of Proverbs He wrote to better to be on the corner of one’s own roof than in the home with a quarrelsome or disrespectful woman. Or a no. And then he also used to dNTP he married an ESTP girl who basically refused to have sex with him.

And he felt so disrespected by that, especially after everything that he had done for her and all the super mega hard work that he was doing for the kingdom and for her, and she still turned him down. Anyway, she got like Mega entitlement, she did not know how good she had it, basically. And then boom, 1000 woman harem was his basic response. And you could find that in Song of Solomon, chapter five, verse six, pretty sad situation.

How she just basically turned him down like that. And you know, he’s the king, right? But he’s spesiale and TP you know, like, why should he and TPS or even any si inferior man have to put up with that from a woman that’s ridiculous, especially after how hard they work because si inferiors, um, this is no different for like ENFP women, for example, si inferiors have this thing, where we place an extreme amount of value on our Introverted Sensing inferior. So let’s let’s give an example actually, this is an example of directly from my relationship with Railgun. Okay, so she’s ni inferior, okay, so ni inferior.

Ni inferior has this thing, where it just doesn’t know what it wants, because it’s afraid of wanting the wrong thing. It’s afraid of making a commitment because as soon as it makes it a commitment, all the other choices, all the other options it has goes away. And it has to learn how to have faith that once it makes a commitment, once it makes a choice, it new doors will open in front of that choice, and then they get to keep choosing, but they’re always so afraid that there’s not going to ever be any doors open in front of them. So for Railgun to make the choice to choose me basically, to choose me as her man in her life as her husband and the father for children, for her to make that decision to take that risk basically because then I in theory is all about risk.

It’s a big deal because she doesn’t just want anybody. You know, it’s funny because ESTP statistically have the most casual sex side of everyone other than inf J’s, because they’re less types. But like, she wanted me and she’s really only wanted me according to her. And so as a result of her making that choice, her choosing me right to be the man in her life.

That’s something that’s extra extra extra special because that’s her ni inferior going that far to make that choice for desire, right? Well, let’s look at it from an Introverted Sensing perspective. Like, she places an insane amount of value on her choice, and she expects me to put an insane amount of value on her choice to choose me above everybody else, right? Well, from an Introverted Sensing inferior perspective, I put a lot of emphasis on my effort, and so do ENFP women, to the point where it’s like, Hey, you better be grateful for the high amount of effort that I put in your direction. Because if I’m working hard, and I outwork everybody, I haven’t met anyone who’s got a bigger work ethic than me. Not yet.

Anyway, I’m sure they exist. But like, I put so much effort, like I expect my woman to treat my effort as if it’s the most sacred and important thing in her life, the most important thing in her life, and as much as Railgun would expect me to place her and I inferior choice of me as the most important thing in my life, right? That’s how it works. The problem is, is that from a masculine to feminine perspective, women don’t care. And this is this is according to the red pill.

praxeology is presented in the rational male volumes one through five, according to Rollo Tomassi, women do not care about a man’s relationship investment, women in general do not care about a man’s effort that he puts forward in a relationship or a marriage. Right? So it’s extremely difficult for Introverted Sensing inferior men in that situation, because effort is seen as something that’s actually more on the beta side of a woman’s hypergamy. Okay, because effort is all about, you know, parental investment, provisioning protection, you know, those types of things. But because women can provision for themselves now, because their career moms, for example, or because their career women, because they’re taking on this masculine role, you know, they don’t really aren’t really attracted to the beta male side of their hypergamy anymore, because they can provide the beta male side of their hypergamy for themselves and to themselves.

And this causes them to become more masculine and capable of knowing what it means to actually submit to a man. So men are expected to do that thing that they teach in church, Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church, He who gave Himself up for her, as much as I give and have given up on myself, for the women in my life, because of the super high amount of effort I put towards them, right? The super high effort that I put in, right. But that’s, you know, seen as a very beta thing, because that’s just the beta Buck side of the of a woman’s hypergamy, basically. So it’s not so so goes under appreciated.

Imagine, though, imagine what it’s like for an ENFP woman to be in a relationship with a man who takes her effort for granted, right? I mean, even Railgun is guilty at times, oftentimes, of, you know, taking my effort that I put towards her for granted, right? Why will most women do most women have been conditioned to take male effort male investment in a relationship for granted? Because that kind of investment that kind of effort is something a woman is conditioned to provide for herself. She is taught by her family, even by her dumb idiot fathers. Okay? Who tell her Hey, you know, men out there are no good, they’re all just boys, they only want one thing. So just to be safe, you need to go to school, go to college, get a job, get a degree right.

Little did these fathers actually know that they’re ruining their daughter’s lives by actually having that perspective. Because their little girl has to spend her life basically on, spent her fertile years. spent her fertile years on getting a degree and also sailing herself up with y $120,000. In debt at least, really, really, that’s that’s something we really want to go for, you know.

And that sucks, because then you’re expecting your ENFP little girl to be putting in that much more effort, especially when it comes time to do there but then eventually that ENFP will hit 26 years of age, she’ll realize that for the first time in her life. She’s not able to compete with younger girls, because the higher value man will go for the younger girls and not longer. no longer go for her. But she spent all that time to get a degree.

So then she covers up with that loss, that loss of fertility, that loss of time with entitlement. And that sucks. She ends up becoming super Megan Tyler, she becomes super mega depraved. She can’t attract the highest value men anymore.

So she ends up settling for a dude with a dad bod who ends up like, who ends up you know, being this, you know, beta male who lacks masculinity and a lot of cases. And then she ends up divorcing him later, when she’s in her late 30s. Because she’s not the man, she tried to change him into basically an alpha and then that totally blows up. And then she just lost her family.

And then she ends up being a cat mom and a dog mom can’t really get any high value man to save her life, she ends up with loser, loser loser and goes from loser, loser, loser loser, and then ultimately dies alone. Congratulations, fathers, you just destroyed your daughter’s entire future. Congratulations, idiots. And this is something that ENFP women end up having to contend with.

And it sucks. It really sucks for them. And I feel bad for them that they have to deal with this crap. Especially because they’re usually out of the 16 types, the kind of woman who’s most likely to swallow that conditioning of being a career woman hook line and sinker.

And then they’re at risk of being with losers or at risk of never being mothers at all. And never feeling fulfilled because they never had a mother. And then they find themselves at the lowest end of the pecking order, things can get so bad that they end up becoming single moms. And having children by different men, which is the lowest of the low.

When it comes to women, you could say that maybe a prostitute is is just as low or lower. Sure, okay, I could grant you that. But like when when all these women get together, and they size each other up, because that’s what women do. When they get together.

They’re the lowest in the pecking order. Whereas the highest women in the pecking order, the women that are envied the most and are and how and women are jealous of the most are the women who are married mothers who stay at home, and their man takes care of it all. And they actually have freedom. Great.

You know, you get to do what they want, even to the point where they can like become entrepreneurs after their children have grown, you know, and actually be in a much better position instead of just being this little peon, you know, working for Amazon distribution, for example. Sucks to be them. Hey, you know, no one, no one no one’s really where no one’s really aware of the consequences. You know, no one really cares, you know, everyone’s just sold on this thing.

And everyone just imagines to themselves, you know, especially this intp, named blessed on the discord server, you know, she imagines itself well, this is the path to happiness, you know, being this strong, independent career woman, you know, that these ENFP women actually, you know, swallow that narrative hook line, Senator, why will they do it because they have extra thinking child because they’re aware of what everyone thinks. And then it’s like, hey, I want to have that status too. So that they think that getting a career will bring them that status, when the real flex the real status is by being that stay at home mother, with a lot of children, and a man who wants her a man who actually takes care of her feelings a man who thinks highly for a man who elevates her, a man who doesn’t make her feel unsafe, or who doesn’t make her feel uncomfortable. A man who is aware of her worries of the future and is able to prevent that worry by, you know, putting in putting forth his own investment and leading her so she doesn’t have to lead right.

That’s kind of ridiculous. But it happens. It happens all the time, all the time. And it’s like, it’s ridiculous, so ridiculous.

And so these girls, they just don’t really understand what the consequences are. And because these ENFP women end up having these fathers who actually feed their ni Nemesis and they get so worried that they’re not going to find a man of any quality out there. They end up buying this narrative is ENFP women end up buying this narrative. And as a result, these ENFP women become masculine.

They become masculine over time, which is unattractive to men. Masculine women ultimately are unattractive to men. You know, I I’ll be honest, like I like masculine women I like I like ESTP is an ISTP is an E and TJ is an INTJ is I like as a user women you know, I do and it but a lot of them are masculine when they’re out there in the world but but you know at home, their feminine their feminine to me as it should be. I don’t care if they’re masculine other people, but they need to be feminine.

To me. That’s what I expect from them because I consider them my treasure. They’re my treasure. They’re my you know, and because they’re my treasure, it’s like, okay, yeah, you’re my treasurer.

So you be feminine here as my feminine treasurer, who submits to me and allows me to lead instead of them being so insecure and so worried about their own future that they have to lead in the relationships and lead themselves much like like Catherine Reitman is trying to mark all these crazy career women who eventually become moms while their career women. Oh, gross. And that Netflix show working moms. If you want to understand like, guys, like you want to understand, like what women you should absolutely avoid, go watch working moms and see how the women act in there.

See how how great the gift of open hypergamy is, and then just see how miserable these women are, I’m sure blessed the intp on the discord server would come to realize in short order just how miserable of an existence that actually is miserable that she’s been, literally gaslit by her family and gaslit by her own society in in Europe, where she’s at, to consider you know, hey, you know, that’s, that’s the best way to go. I’m a strong, independent woman, you know, I have my career and it’s all good. And then it’s like, okay, yeah, great, but you’re never going to attract a high value, man, you’re just gonna end up being with a loser. And then you’re gonna end up divorcing him because he’s a loser.

And then you’re gonna end up destroying your children’s lives. And in the, in the process, what if you end up having an INTJ child, like I have, for example, or many other INTJ children out there whose parents split up and it literally ruin their life, destroying their se inferior, because their parents aren’t sticking around. And part of being loyal to an SE inferior is to stick around. But the thing is, is that that relationship with their parents has to be stick around double has to be worth sticking around for? Well, it’s only going to happen if people are acting out in their proper roles in relationship.

Something that rarely, if ever actually happens. So I feel bad. Because this is this narrative of the career woman, the masculine woman has become the affiliative, it has become the social norm. And ENFP women, they are affiliative.

And that little te child is there and they don’t have ti they don’t have ti to filter through the crap. So they end up accepting it, they end up accepting their programming of the matrix, basically. And then they end up unhappy. They end up insanely unhappy because of this.

Great, great, I’m sure I’m sure their dads really meant well. Only to see their daughters absolutely miserable. Their grandchildren’s future is destroyed. And the cycle continues and the generational sin just continues.

There’s nothing humble about a career woman. There’s nothing humble about. I’m asking women, you guys, you guys even remember the season four playlist here, on the YouTube channel or on the podcast. Go listen or watch the season four playlist, what is the source of a woman’s beauty? It is humility.

Without humility, there is no submission without submission. They are an ugly woman. What exactly is submissive about a career woman? Why is that attractive? Why would a high value man ever go for such a woman? Well, he won’t. And ENFP women are at high risk.

They’re at extremely high risk of innocently accepting this programming, when their fathers should actually be there to help them prioritize being a great woman, a submissive woman, a beautiful woman, right? A healthy woman, a fit woman, a woman that actually knows how to change a diaper. A woman that’s actually capable of being a mother, a woman who could actually reduce the burdens on a man’s life instead of actually being a burden herself. Right. But, you know, society is like telling this to each child like, well, you’ll accomplish a lot, you will be respected, you’ll be regarded.

You’ll have lots of money. Well, you know what, people, you can’t take money with you when you die. You can’t. There’s only one thing you can take with you when you die one thing and that is your relationships with other people.

And I promise you if you if you’ve ever spoken to an ENFP woman on her deathbed, and I have folks I have but if you speak to them, they will all tell you that they wish they’d have done it differently. Do not make the same mistake they did. But ultimately, it’s because of the easy swallowing of this narrative. Because these women’s parents, especially their fathers have been brainwashed by the stupidity, that corporate America corporatism, this corporatocracy within Western society.

Because they’re afraid that, you know, she’s gonna end up with some deadbeat guy, deadbeat dad, he’s not going to be there for his grandchildren or whatever. What a bunch of idiots. What happened to the fathers? That would be around men, like for example. You know, I have a daughter.

Let’s say she brings, let’s say, she brings a, you know, a guy around, he’s like, Oh, this is my boyfriend. I’m like, okay, yeah. I’m gonna grill him. I mean, like, what is your value? Do you have any value? What are you doing? Do you know anything about entrepreneurship? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you eating organic, non GMO food? Are you fit? What? What’s your purpose? What’s your life purpose? What are you all about? And here’s the thing.

If he doesn’t have one, I will give him one. I will make him work. I’ll make him work for me. I’ll make him earn everything.

Not unlike what happened to Isaac and Jacob, the sons of father Abraham, Father, Abraham had many sons, many sons had father Abraham, come on, folks, we all sang this in school. Least we used to those sons, when they found that they had a woman that they really wanted, guess what their fathers made them work for them, right. That’s what happened. And that ended up becoming a huge that ended up happening and became like, a huge issue, a major issue, right? Because eventually, you know, Jacob ended up having to marry Leah, and they had to work even harder to marry the girl he really wanted, which is Rachel, but he took both those sisters anyway.

And he made it work. And then out from him came the 12 tribes of Israel, for example, right. And you can actually learn a lot about that family dynamic by reading the book, The Red tent, if you haven’t read the red tent, and you’re an ENFP woman watching this, you probably should. But you know, don’t take my word for it.

Listen to the ENFP women on their deathbed telling you that they would have done it differently instead of getting, you know, becoming that dog mom or becoming that cat mom, or being that person who dies alone for being that person who has children by multiple men, and is still a single mom and suffering. No. It’s wrong. It’s it’s prime evil folks.

What because because we’re scared that there’s no good men out there anymore. I make boys into men. There are men out there who will care enough to make boys into men. I expect that if my daughter brings any my daughters brings a man around, I will turn him into a man.

And if he is resistant to that idea, I will make him get out of her life. That’s the reality. That’s what fathers are supposed to do. But no if I was wanting to be lazy, no, they want to outsource their thinking to stupid Western society.

Oh, my daughter’s need to go to school, go to college, get a job, waste her fertile years on getting a career so that she could be a working mom, and then ruin her husband’s life ruin the father’s of her children’s life ruined her life will ruin the lives of her children destroy their future. Congratulations, you played yourself, idiots. And people just are completely unaware of the consequences. It’s ridiculous to me.

So that’s why ENFP women end up behaving masculine. They’re victims. And then because they were victims victims of stupid, stupid from their parents stupid from the society. They end up victimizing others.

The end of victimizing our children, the cycle repeats. And now we live in a world where a fatherlessness we live in a world where there isn’t fathers around to hold boys accountable and turn those boys to men. We don’t we live in a world where there aren’t fathers around to make sure that their little girls are on the path to happiness. And the last day is I will send my prophet Elijah to you.

He will turn the hearts of fathers to their to their sons to the hearts of sons of the fathers or outside will strike the land with a decree of utter destruction is the final two verses the Old Testament how are we not there already? We got to end this ENFP women need to be shown that there’s a different way. And there is a different way. they position themselves for greatness if they become queen archetype, as I described in the Queen archetype episode in the season 13 playlist, they become queen. And to become queen, they gotta be healthy, they gotta be fit, they have to have personal standards, they have to have personal boundaries that season six playlists, why do you people refuse to watch and listen to seasons four, 613 and 31.

I’m telling the truth, I am telling the consequences of you guys eating this bullshit that is being taught to you in your schools, by your family, by your ignorant family members who are all part of the matrix and who will defend the matrix even sometimes to their deaths. They’re literally just agents in the matrix to keep you enslaved, enslaved to the corporatocracy of Western society, that doesn’t care about you being happy, they just care about how much money they can make off of your labor. They don’t care that you have a kid at home, they don’t care about your children’s future. That’s why you know, the women in the ego hacker community, I go out of my way for them, to be an example of what their fathers should have been to them, so that they don’t have to fall into this trap.

That’s why we created the union sexuality, special interest group to that end. So women, and men, men, don’t let your women or your daughters become this. Women. Do not let your daughters become this and have higher standards.

It’s not hard. Because here’s the thing, if you position yourself for greatness, I promise you the high value men will find you there out there and they will find you because they see that you are high value, and they will sweep you up off your feet. And then you are at the top of the pecking order. You are the subject of everyone’s jealousy and envy, other women’s envy and jealousy.

Because you are married to the high value, man, you don’t even have to work working is an option, not a requirement. Wow. That’s a much better future prospect for a woman any day of the week. And there’s much more happier for it.

Why do you think that women are the most unhappiest they’ve ever been in Western society? Everyone, they’re sold the lie that Hey, be a career woman be a career mom. It’s all good. No, no, it’s not. It’s literally the path straight to hell, hell on earth, in your own life, because you’re basically being conditioned to be nothing more than a slave.

And you’ll have to put your slavery above your children and your children’s future. Don’t be that person. Men, you need to go out of your way to prevent this in the women and the daughters in your life. Women, you need to be helping other women and yourselves to position yourselves for greatness so that you too can become queens.

You know, like Jared Leto said in that kings and queens song that he did you know, we are the kings and queens of promise. Well, this is a promise to you. I promise you a far greater amount of happiness and satisfaction in your life than you’ve ever experienced. If you do it my way, and not the way of this bullshit society.

Mark my words, you will have a future a better one, a future that is subject to the envy and jealousy of those in your life. I highly recommend it. Me folks, thanks for watching and listening. And I’ll see you guys tonight on the discord

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