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CS Joseph discusses ENFJ and ISTP Duality Pairs.


Welcome to CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. This is season 14, part four, episode four, we’re discussing duality duality relationships. Now this is colloquial duality Not, not actual duality, actual duality is more the natural pairs also known as the bronze pairs.

And if you want to learn more about bronze pairs that’s in season 14, part three, eight episodes devoted to those kinds of relationships. And those are available at CS joseph.ly. For slash members just become a journeyman member. And you can log in at CS joseph.ly forward slash portal to gain access to season 14, part three as well as part two.

Part one, however, is CS joseph dot life forward slash portal, one episode per type is contained within the Discover XYZ type. And it also comes with season it and if you purchase any of those, again, they’re available at CS Joseph dot life forward slash portal. So this is season 14, part four, we’re discussing duality. Duality is, you know, colloquial duality.

It’s basically like, what would happen if polar opposites got into a sexual relationship? Like, what happened? And Holy smokes, a lot would happen. It would. Basically, it completely sucks, you know, if we’re if we’re following the true Socionics model for, you know, you know, actual duality, then and, you know, getting with the bronze pair, I mean, is the bronze fare, I mean, according to, you know, Socionics, the bronze pair is like the absolute best you can possibly get into relationship with, but I’m not entirely sure, I think the jury is still out on that I think human nurture has a lot to go in there because of how enabling bronze pairs are. But when you look at colloquial duality, these relationships are entirely disabling.

And for the sake of this episode, we’re gonna be focusing on ENFJs and ISTPs. And ultimately how they disable each other. And how it’s entirely ridiculous for these two types to even be in a relationship at all. And they never should have a why would it? Why would anyone ever actually get into a colloquial, dual duality relationship? Where you’re basically in a sexual relationship with your polar opposite? How does that even happen? Reality is peer pressure.

Peer pressure is why it happens. Peer pressure mixed in with ignorance, basically, these people have this problem where they might be, you know, subscribed to some kind of organized religion, or something similar to that, or to that effect. And, you know, being part of an organized religion, that would, I mean, it does, it just, it just really sucks. It really sucks to be them, it really sucks to be a part of that.

Because that organized religion is ultimately specially Christianity, for example, especially Catholicism, or Protestantism. Whatever flavor Christianity is, they like to dominate the bedroom, they like to dominate and exert their will, upon sexual relationships. And I think it’s done in an extremely bad way. I mean, seriously, the only rules that you have to follow are basically the 10 commandments, which is, and there’s two, there’s basically two rules given in the 10 commandments, and that’s Thou shalt not commit adultery, and that’s given to women.

And then thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, and that’s given to men follow those two rules, and you’re basically good to go in terms of sexual relationships. Anything goes from that point to for the most part, you still have to deal with, you know, what the New Testament calls as sexual immorality, which is also known as pornea. And the true definition of that is no pedophilia, obviously, do not have sex with a woman on her period, because it’s extremely unhealthy for men and they absorb a lot of estrogen and it harms their testosterone and their productivity goes down. It’s, it’s really bad.

I don’t recommend it. It’s very unhealthy. And it’s an interesting it’s an interesting fact that the Bible considers that as a sexual sin. Obviously, do not have another aspect of porn as you know, have sex with another man’s woman without his permission.

That’s another one. Do not have sex with a virgin unless you plan on keeping her that is also and are willing to pay that price ultimately, that is another aspect of pornea also known as sexual immorality. And then the final thing is do not know Mix spirituality with sexuality, which could lead to things like ritual prostitution, kind of like what Paul was preaching against in Corinth when he was giving his big speeches in Corinthians around like, you know, so like First Corinthians For example, because of all the sexual sin because they would just go have sex with temple priestesses at the temple of Aphrodite every Sunday, basically, and that’s what they did. And he was preaching against that.

Notice how I did not mention fornication. Yes, fornication is technically not sexual immorality. If you claim that the Bible says that, well, it’s either a biblical interpretation, or it is actually a mistranslation. So you might want to do your research there.

Even big time, biblical scholars like John MacArthur, also like kind of say that pornea aka sexual immorality is loosely translated and should be taken with many, many grains of salt. And I tend to agree with him. So. But anyway, ultimately, what I have seen throughout my life is that religion is ultimately the thing that causes people to end up in these really, really bad relationships, these bad marriages that are all about colloquial dualism, duality, colloquial duality, where you have somebody getting married to their polar opposite, and it is an absolute hell of a relationship, you know, because their natures are entirely incompatible.

But don’t forget folks alike still, you know, you know, the masculine, the feminine masculine energy, feminine energy being male versus female, gender, sex, all that, still Trump’s, it’s still Trump’s nature. I mean, even I could be sexually attracted to ISFJ women and I have been multiple times throughout my life. And some of them have been some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, or I’ve ever met in my entire life, because of just how feminine they are. But the reality of the situation is, is that, you know, it’s still an extremely unwise decision, it is very important that you make sure that when you do enter into a sexual relationship that you both are psychologically compatible, whenever possible, right? Because without that compatibility, you’re going to be causing a lot of problems for yourselves and for your children.

And that’s just conflict that’s not really necessary in the home. And then before you know it, all of your children are unconscious, developed unconscious focused, which basically means from an act grand perspective, they are broken people. unconscious, developed, unconscious focus means despair. They’re basically despairing human beings.

And that really often happens when parents are incompatible. That is, is the most likely way that UD U F. Children come about. And it’s when parents are not sexually compatible or emotionally compatible.

And it just ends up blowing up in everyone’s faces, I do not recommend it at all. So pay special attention to season 14 Part Four, because it is critical, critical that you go out of your way, especially women watching this know how much you guys like using your Zodiac or your MBTI or this or that to determine compatibility because you know, as the pickup artists say, it is chick crack, but it’s chick crack for a reason. It’s to help increase these tools or to help increase your perceptional female feminine intuition, capabilities in determining the viability of a man for you in your life. Which means women naturally seek out, you know, compatibility with a particular man as they should, in order to guarantee their own future in the future their children.

So, which is wise, it’s very wise for them to do that. So all I’m saying is make sure your chip crack is accurate, instead of entirely inaccurate, or at least one standard deviation off, which is basically, you know, the zodiac. avoid that. Void The MBTI to just keep it at four psi sinamics.

And you’ll be fine. Right? So, with all that being said, NF j’s and ISTPs let’s say they were in a religious institution, and they were basically ghastly or peer pressured into getting married because they started a sexual relationship, someone found out and then in the church and then also in the church forced them to get together force them to get married, due to peer pressure. And if you don’t think that that’s not a thing, it is a thing because let’s be honest, my entire first marriage is actually based on peer pressure. It really is.

It really was based on peer pressure, and peer pressure. Like I absolutely was pressured in that marriage, especially from a religious perspective. Big time. My parents could not handle that.

I was having premarital sex also known as foreign key. and they were citing though that sexual immorality only for me to find out later. No, actually it’s not. Nope, it’s not.

So I know a lot of you Christian viewers who are listening to this are like you’re out of your mind Chase. And I’m like, well, it’s not my fault that you decide to just adopt the standard church narrative without actually taking any time to verify it. I mean, you know, if the Bible really is the infallible Holy Word of God, then we’re really screwed. I mean, like, biblical interpolation is a problem.

You know, when the Pharisees and teachers the law, take a woman and drag her and throw her at the feet of Jesus, and they’re about to stone her in front of him. And then he bends down, right, something in the dirt, and then all of a sudden, it’s like, okay, whichever one of us out said, You’re the first one that cast a stone. Well, guess what? That never happened yet. It’s in the Gospel of John.

The Catholic Church added that to the Gospel of John 600 years after it was written, it’s called biblical interpolation. So don’t tell me that the Bible is the infallible Holy Word of God because it’s not okay. That is ridiculous. That is ridiculous.

The whole like sola scriptura is a lie. Sola Scriptura is a lie. How about instead, we use critical thinking in the Bible before we make such religious decisions, including who we pair with in terms of our relationships, which is the number one cause in my opinion, as to these horrible duality, colloquial duality relationships to begin with. So let’s just avoid those entirely.

Seriously. They ruin people’s lives. They create people, they create people like me, I’m ut UF. I don’t I don’t like being ut UF.

I want to be UCSF, which is the Oxfam of hope. Not the Oxfam of despair, right? That’s the thing people are like, wondering like, Well, why is he as Joseph, you know, having such a dark period in his life, you know, you could kind of see it in him, you know, on his YouTube channel, and also on the podcast, he looks really depressed. He looks to this to that, you know, they’re always saying that, you know, and it’s like, well, yeah, because I was UCSF, and then I became ut us, okay, I’m dealing with some shit in my life, that eventually, I’ll be done with that shit. It all, you know, grow through it or get through it, whatever.

And then I’ll go back to being UCSF back to the hope Okta grant, right. And I’m getting closer and closer to that every single day. I don’t give up on myself. I just keep moving forward.

Regardless, what are you doing? What are you all doing right? Or are you just using your UDF as like an excuse to not get out of bed in the morning? That’s not what I do. I keep moving forward, regardless, and ever give up on myself, no matter what, because guess what, I, everyone in my whole life has given up on me. Even a lot of viewers on this channel and on this podcast have given up on me, but I still keep going regardless. Because like I said, even if just one person is listening, it’s worth it.

You’re gonna it’s just one person, it’s worth it. Because that one person can tell somebody else. And the whole world can change. It only takes one folks and only takes one.

So ENFJ is ISTPs, they get together, they both have the same deadly sin, which is the deadly sin of pride. So basically, their relationship is who can out pride the other person who can outperform the other person. It’s so ridiculous. Who can out think the other person who can one up the other person, this is the relationship of one ups, endless one ups.

And then every time that one up the other person, it really brings the other person down to the point of shame. It actually is a way that they can shame each other, which I find entirely just egregious and gross. And, oh, can we really be around people like that? Can we really like, like, you know, I’m talking about you know, those people that are just constantly they’re in a relationship, but they’re just one upping each other constantly and just disrespecting each other. Like, like imagine like, it doesn’t matter which, which of these two types is like the man or the woman.

You know, they’re constantly competing for the position of being the Accommodator. They’re constantly competing for the position of teacher. And they’re trying to like teach each other all the time, but then they just auto dismiss each other as well. So there is no respect, there is no love.

If anything, it was just a hookup or a one night stand that someone found out about at church and then pressure them to get married. Or maybe that when I send a hookup lead to a pregnancy, and then all of a sudden they’re together. And then all this and then because of that their relationship is absolute hell for each other, which will they’ll softlock each other through, you know, cognitive projection right into each other super egos by default, and then eventually turned those people into UD us over time, or at least US hardcore UF and then after that their child what’s going to happen the child that they had, you know, what if she got pregnant, you know, all of a sudden as we go through this hookup, or this one I stand because one of them was really drunk at a party, right? Because, you know, when one of them is extremely drunk, then all of a sudden their cognitive transition and their shadow, and all of a sudden they’re really compatible with each to other because they’re both drunk, right? Oh my god. Horrible.

You know, they’re both Fe users and they’re both competing for the position of who cares the most? Or who can contribute the most? Or who is benevolent the most right? Then they both are ti users Introverted Thinking. So like, Who can tell who is the who knows the most right? And they just become this competition between no adults, the most extroverted sensors, so they’re trying to like compete with each other consistently, especially in the bedroom. They’re both competing for the position of being on top and get trying to get the other one to receive them on the bottom, but they don’t want to receive right, that’s a huge, huge problem. There’s no sexual incompatibility.

The only way this relationship could even work sexually, it’s just one of them has to be quite drunk. One of them has to be quite intoxicated, okay. And it’s only from that position that they even have a sexual relationship to begin with, because one of them is drunk. It’s ridiculous.

Like, do you really want to have your entire marriage just based on that, you know, and every time you know, hey, you know, I’m in the mood, you know, tonight and all sudden, Arizona, you know, they got they got a drink, you know, hey, you know, Hey, I gotta, I gotta get in the mood first. So I need to go down like three or four shots real quick. And then I’ll be in the mood. You see what I say? Oh, I’m, I’m on the bottom tonight.

Okay. Okay, honey, you know, we negotiate this. It’s, it’s, it’s your turn to be on the bottom tonight. So that means and I got your shots ready? Do you want rum or whiskey this evening? That’s literally the only way that that relationship could work sexually.

Of course, you could also use some other kind of depressant in the process. But, you know, just make sure you know, but like, they’re doing marijuana, and it’s indica. I mean, they’re in the couch, you know? Thank you, Robert Potts, for that reference. But yeah, like, they’re not gonna be there.

He didn’t give me any sexual performance from that, you know, it’s just like, it’s just like having sex with a dead fish at that point, you know, that’s really fulfilling. So yeah, like, Why? Why would anyone want to subject themselves to that? Right? Oh, here’s the other thing was that Richard intuitives. So they’re constantly putting their own personal freedom over the other. And they ultimately try to control the other person because they fear the other person’s freedom of choice, also a creating negative consequences for the other person to clean up, and thus inhibiting their own freedom.

So they’re constantly trying to out freedom each other out choose each other, which leads to an endless an endless storm of trying to out selfish one another. Ridiculous, it is so ridiculous, that it just pains everybody. And all these suits, it’s really worse. These two types, especially NF, j’s and ICPs, these two types of specially are so easily gaslit into a duality, colloquial duality relationship, where polar opposites are being peer pressured into put together.

And that’s kind of what gaslighting is. It’s like it’s a form of peer pressure. It there’s so easily pressured into it, there’s so easily guilted into it, and emotionally taken advantage of that the relationship is already broken before it even begins. And again, they likely got together because one of them was drunk one night, and they had a hookup and then the consequences of that hookup led to this shit show.

So what are you going to do? Well, don’t get into this relationship, folks. It’s absolute hell, and if there’s children involved, it’s absolute hell for those children. So one of those relationships where I would recommend they have the following conversation where they decide to equitably split up or they agree to keep themselves together for the sake of their family, aka their children, but have sexual relationships with other people. Right.

So kind of like a an ethical non monogamy situation and believe me, folks, I’m against e&m. I am heavily against e&m. I hate e&m. But this is the only time the only time right if you were like married to your polar opposite, or if you’re married to a conflict type even, you know, in those situations, that would be like the only time that I would recommend an e&m situation.

Ethical non monogamy will gross, you know, for people to consider for their sexual relationships, if that means they had children, and they’re trying to keep their family together. And that would be the only time I would say it’s okay otherwise, no, no stick to polygyny, or stick to an agreed upon monogamy even though monogamy is not something humanity can actually do. Support for very long it’s just in the long run, it’s actually impossible. So, you know, but polygyny is sustainable.

But again, you know monogamy exists because we have soul temple and soul Temple is quite obsessed with monogamy, even serial monogamy and, you know and then they suck her mind temple into it, you know, but but heart temple and body temple? Nope, nope, they’re, they’re naturally polygynous and there’s just not really much anyone can do about that. But that’s okay. It’s not a big deal, you know, I’m saying. So anyway, be that as it may, do not get in this relationship, work to either get out of it, or negotiate some kind of e&m situation, right? Or maybe if one of the people involved has no desire for any sexual relationship with anyone, just allow the other one to have extracurricular activities outside of your marriage.

Because that’s the only thing to do just let your yes be yes and your no be no like, don’t forget, like you’re talking like I’m a guy here who tells people that marriage vows are technically sin because they are Matthew chapter five, verse 3137, because the verses preceding verse 31, and Matthew chapter five, is Jesus talking about how stupid vows are or how stupid divorces is cotton’s? He’s talking about marriage. And then he starts talking about vows in the context of marriage. He is talking about marriage vows, folks. marriage vows are technically sin.

Jesus called out marriage vows as bad do not do it. He’s telling people to not do it. So don’t do it. But your Yes be Yes.

And your no be No. And that’s good enough. Okay. You can’t swear by anything.

You can’t vow by anything anyway. So just like your Yes, be Yes. And your no be No, that’s the proper way to organize your relationships just comes down to trust just comes down to faith in the other person, at the end of the day, you know, and having like this whole legal construct of marriage surrounding it is basically nothing more than a bold faced lie that you should entirely avoid. So yeah.

Anyway, avoid this relationship. ENFJs, ISTPs. You don’t want to have it out prior to each other one upping each other all the time. It’s just going to lead to health, absolute health.

So listen to my solutions, get yourself out of it. Don’t allow yourself to get into it, and then move on to better things in your life. Obviously, make sure that you’re thinking of your children with whichever decision that you end up making, so that they do not so that they are not the ones who are harmed the most as a result. So Alright, folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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