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Does extroverted intuition dominant lead to better improvisational conversation humor, music etc? Skit abilities or skills? But before I can answer please consider subscribing to the channel so I can begin my reign of terror upon the denizens of among us. Yeah, seriously, I’m actually going to be like live streaming among among us and psychoanalyzing people and social engineering them for you to see, so that I can give myself an edge in that game and be pretty freakin good at it. And also hit the alert Bell while you’re at it. So you know, when I go live, and I’m probably gonna go live momentarily for just like 10 minutes to say something and then actually keep going from there and then probably like go to bed.

That being said, What’s up you go hackers, welcome to the CSJ Podcast. I’m CS Joseph here to answer all of your questions, union analytical psychology and the four sides of the mind. And the source of today’s question is pro ENFP. Guy from Reddit, and I think his questions right here, and oh, wait.

He says I’m still having troubles understanding the functions alright. Fellow expert intuition, dominance or heroes, aka Auntie peas and ENFPs represent Bros and non bros out there. And ladies. I think you folks are absolutely fantastic.

Why? Well, because guess what? No one can do improv better than an any hero like literally nobody. It’s amazing. Especially I think ENFPs can actually slightly do it better than en TPS because they are triple progression. And it just becomes this endless journey.

Right? If you know the guys like on who’s that line anyway, with like Drew Carey and whatnot. Wayne Brady is definitely an expert intuition hero. I don’t know which EMP he is but he is an EMP. And he’s absolutely fantastic at improv.

So also is Johnny Depp. And in fact, they actually pseudo portrayed this a little bit in the pirates, movies that he did Pirates of the Caribbean. And as Captain Jack Sparrow, and you remember that one scene where he’s like, you’re thinking he he makes it all up? Or do you think he plans it before he does it? You know, it’s the whole point. It’s all about improv.

It’s constantly improv expert intuition. As long as you can see it coming, you can easily make a stab and avoid it. This is actually what Frank Herbert talked about in his book dune on a consistent basis. So yeah, expert intuition is absolutely able to see all the different available futures and available choices to anyone person, even sometimes to themselves, but sometimes that can cause worry and an expert intuition here when it comes to making their own choices.

And, but it leads to absolutely amazing trial and error, which then leads to improv on a consistent basis and they can improv in almost any area of their life. NTPs ENFPs are amazing at it in conversation. This is why enps are like the best at sales, especially ENFPs. They just absolutely dominate in sales.

Improv is amazing. And music and TPS really do very well in music, especially the violin hashtag Lindsey Stirling, you know, check that out. It’s awesome. She’s definitely Crusader type self discipline, a bit pragmatic with her approach.

And yeah, definitely, in my opinion, Fe child ENTP. I’ve seen her live and watch some of her speeches live, etc. Like in person and whatnot. It was pretty cool.

I am a Lindsey Stirling fan. Her music is exquisite. And always down for improv and trying new things on a constant basis because we just live in a world of trial and error. And trial and error thing is kind of more of an intp thing and ENTJ or an ENFP thing because ENFPs can still learn from external sources by maybe doing a survey, or cherry picking certain ideas and thoughts from other people then incorporating it into their own value system, which is also fantastic, which makes them super quick on the draw.

Both types are quick on the draw. I’d say the better liar is still an intp at the end of the day because of their awareness of truth. The thing is, though, that doesn’t mean that the ENFP is any less of a potential con artist because both of those two types are amazing con artists just like INFJs are amazing con artists. So enps and ion Jays are probably together the most conning of all the types with like INFP and intp is as close seconds to those four I’d imagine and you like just and types overall are really good at pulling off cons but en je is not as well as as the other types.

And just enps are just absolutely fantastic at it. And even humor could get to that standpoint. I mean, like the little jokes that I use at the beginning of these videos and whatnot, that’s all improv I just come up with that on the spot. I don’t really just I just randomly reach out With my mind into the grip of a great vast unknown at the collective unconscious with my expert intuition hero, unable to pull down some just random information and put it together and it works somehow, and it’s literally just straight up improv.

So yeah, absolutely. Probably ENFP guy. Yes. Amazing improvisational abilities.

In fact, no one, improv is better than NPS in general, with enps being the best to improv just hands down. It’s like the dopest. We’re the dopest. We can do it.

I mean, I haven’t watched. I haven’t watched my ENFP mentor, Mr. Jeff Fisher, fantastic fellow. And he I remember him doing a sales call one time, and he was going to sell some type of decking to a customer and whatnot.

And it’s customers like, well, I don’t want your product, I want this product, blah, blah. And we didn’t even have that product available. And he’s like, oh, yeah, we can do that product. Yeah.

And he’s still wanting to do the whole sales process and anything completely improvised. We didn’t even sell the product. And he actually sold that to that customer. And then he called up the manufacturer, that specific product made a deal and ended up we ended up carrying the that product specifically for that customer and we did that job.

It was very interesting. And definitely not something I would recommend in the deck waterproofing industry, that particular product, but that’s what they wanted. And we made it work. So cool.

I guess everyone was down for that. But regardless, improv is just it’s just how we roll. It’s just literally how we roll. I mean, it’s one of the reasons why I’m having a hard time going back and forth on Logan Paul being an ESTP or an ESTP.

Because, I mean, sometimes even ESTPs can improv to, but he just seems so movement progression sometimes so kind of like leaning more towards the NTP side, but I don’t know I really have a hard time like labeling people DNTPs because I, I don’t like doing the self identification, typology bias. I really just hate doing that. So that’s why I’m like, you know, when I’m typing Oh, yeah, there any and TP I try my best to prove that otherwise, because I’m so tired of everyone accusing me of that just gets so annoying. It’s like super, super annoying.

But it happens comes with the territory, you know what I mean? Anywho. So yeah, the answer is yes, they have amazing improvisational abilities, and definitely go for it as best you can. So if you’d like a chance, your question being answered, with like a video responses channel, please posted on Reddit, or Quora and tag me or put my name in the title on Quora, you’ll get downvoted AF, but hey, we’ll see it. And then no answer your question and whatnot.

And, yeah, that would be fantastic. Also, if you want your type verified by our coaching staff, go to CS joseph.ly. Forward slash CS verify. So you can do that.

Yeah, some people can’t afford that. But guess what members have huge coaching discounts. So we’re trying to get people to become a member so that they end up saving money so that non members pay a lot more. I mean, it can be expensive for non members.

But if you are a member at CS joseph.ly forward slash members, you can save some money guys, so just go for it. It’s great. It works out fantastically. So.

Anyhow, with all that being said, Folks, I’ll see you guys tonight.


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