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So let’s take a look, shall we? Alright, so we have Monica, Naomi, Boaz, hardcore INFJ responding. It depends, I guess. ENFJ his greatest problem is naivete childish stubbornness and how to say it, they’re too often too much positive, not realistic enough, at least from my INFJ point of view, I think you’re describing ENFPs here, same as INFJs, they tend to live in their fantasy world. That’s true, not exactly in the here and now true.

For that reason, ENFJs are usually nice people, but since they are overly emotional, they can be hard to deal with, if you have different personality traits. Now, our ENFJ is like kids know, if they develop their inner mature self and they work with their emotions to take control over them. From my point of view, I ENFPs and NF J’s share many similar childish features. So probably they will understand each other much a lot.

Since I can only speak about NF J’s I know NF J’s should more often listen to some figures of authorities in our lives, people who are more adult like in their personalities who are more serious and more goal oriented. Without it, this carefree child inside of ENFJ will always gravitate towards emotionally driven life choices, kind of. And as it’s known, the worst way to deal with life is to take decisions when you are on an emotional high. Fair enough.

However, really mature ENFJ is are not childish. Yeah, okay. Okay. Well, none of these responses help.

So I’m just going to downvote all of them, because these are not helpful responses. So we’ll just get to it. Here. Now the CS Joseph response, do people view ENFJ? Is his kids? Yes, yes, they do.

For a lot of reasons, let’s let’s talk about my dad, my dad’s ENFJ. And my dad, like, he is the biggest little kid you ever seen, especially when it comes to Christmas. And he is a guy who likes volumes of presence underneath the tree if you and I’m saying volumes, right? Whereas me, I’m just like, I just want that one thing that I need to make my life easier. And I’m pretty happy even with just that, like one thing that I’m looking for.

And I’m cool with that. But my dad, like he loves volumes, and he’s always shaken. gotta shake a little present here shaking here, you know what’s inside, you know, it’s like, Christmas is like a big deal to my dad’s like a really, really big deal. And it’s a big deal for him to give so much other people.

And he childishly gives to his children and his wife, my mother and, and everyone in his family that’s joining him on Christmas, for example. And he thinks that what he’s giving them is exactly what they’re looking for, or whatever, when it’s really not. But we still love them anyway, you know what I’m saying? But it comes from extroverted sensing child, it just wants to give everyone great experiences and make everyone so comfortable around them at all times. Right.

And a lot of people have a hard time with extroverted sensing child because it’s like, Wow, you’re really childish, or, well, you’re really naive, because it’s just so out there. The thing is, is that all of the 16 types are actually very childish with their child function is their inner child. The thing is, is that ENFJ is like E NT J’s have their child function on display. And it’s just out there.

And Auntie J’s though, they’re willing to kind of hide it sometimes because their extroverted thinking is aware of their status and reputation. And they like okay, it’s not exactly appropriate for me to show my se child all the time. Whereas an ENFJ has te demon so they don’t really care about that they don’t care about their reputation or their status, they just don’t care. So what they care about so they actually do put it on display.

And that ends up causing people to view them as being childish because of how out their expert sensing child is. Whereas like something like FYI, child or te child, or ni child ILS things aren’t as out there so much, but with se child it absolutely is. And NF j’s are childishly looking for attention all the time. And that’s another reason why people view them as big kids basically be you know, because of that, because they just want to make someone feel good.

They want to give them a good experience. They want to be able to command attention from those around them because of their performance. And they while they try to figure out how to be responsible their decision making now as an ENFJ gets older, and they’re able to develop their ni parent, their ni parent gets to a point where they’re actually able to, you know, make decisions more responsibly. And then as a result that kind of puts their inner child in check.

And they’re actually able to, you know, pay more attention to that and protect their inner child in that situation which can go a long way for them. Something I definitely recommend NF J’s you know, consider doing be responsible with your freedom of choice, etc. So, keep that in mind. Here’s the thing also, ENFJ says, Because you perform well for others, just because you’re so given villas doesn’t mean people are going to stick around.

And that’s another issue with their naivete is that oftentimes ENFJs think that if they contribute, or if they perform or be useful towards other people, people will stick around. Obviously, INFJs are far more sensitive to that because of extroverted sensing inferior compared to the SE child of an ENFJ. But it’s still a really big deal. Nf J’s do have fear of abandonment, but it’s not as bad as INFJ is INFJs have extreme fear of abandonment, and it can be a huge problem for them on a regular basis.

Right. So NF J’s, please understand just how important it is to keep yourself in check in this area. However, at the same time, who cares what other people think live your life if you want to be coming off as childish and very positive, and giving people a good experience and making them feel comfortable within themselves? Absolutely do that, you know, so it’s, it’s very important for that, wow, I got a guy just gave me a hamburger. That’s like balloons and candy for an intp me, you know, thank you, Billy.

So anyway, I’m gonna eat this hamburger. So I should probably like, you know, stop filming this video. I think that would pretty go pretty far here. So anyway, folks, just keep that in mind.

It’s okay to be, you know, childish with your child functions. And if anyone’s slamming your child function, well, then that’s child abuse. This is why I don’t make fun of my dad or tease him when he when he how he behaves on Christmas, for example, because that’s his inner child, I give him that space. Now granted, my dad tells me that sometimes I’m overly caring towards people that I shouldn’t because shouldn’t be because my Fe child, and that’s kind of installed on my child function.

So let’s just stay away from stomping on each of those child functions, folks, we’d be so much better off in life in so many ways, and I think ENFPs out there would definitely appreciate it. Anyway, if you’d like a chance to your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me or leave us a comment below. If you want a guaranteed answer for your question become an ego hacker initiate at CS Joseph dot life Ford slash members posted as a comment on our initiate membership page for the next month’s live stream. And I’ll answer your question in the live stream or even during the live stream if you decide to show up.

And with all that being said, folks, see you guys tonight


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