CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question do golden pair relationships help develop the subconscious?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CEUs. Joseph and today’s episode, we’re doing more acolyte member questions. And today’s question is, quote, If you are it with your golden pair, are you able to bypass mastering your unconscious by utilizing their strengths and focus on the subconscious and super ego? This is a great question, a question that I’m very happy was asked, and forgive me, my little baby is screaming in his room right now, having Grandal time chasing the laptop around that his mother has.

So who knows how that’ll go. Hopefully you can’t hear him too bad in the background. Anyway. So utilizing other strengths to focus on subconsciousness superego.

So the thing about Golden parents is remember folks that they have the highest highs and they have the lowest lows, it’s just like, constantly cyclical like this. This is why when they have breakups, they are extremely disastrous. But then the highest highs are the best that they could possibly experience within their lifetime. They are very enabling of each other, but they’re also extremely disabling.

Whereas, you know, a bronze pair has perfect balance between enabling versus disabling, which can be, you know, a problem for bronze pairs as well, because that there’s a lot of blind spots there. But when it comes to Golden pairs, those blind spots are accentuated to the point where they’re a blind spot one day versus a blind spot. Another day, for example, look at like trickster functions who have an introverted trickster function with one of the members of the Golden pair and the extroverted trickster function. And the one with the introverted trickster function is getting away with bloody murder, and the other person is completely unaware of it, but they themselves are unaware of what they’re getting away with.

So it’s kind of cute and kind of awkward and kind of weird at the same time, but somehow the relationship still works. I find that absolutely fascinating. So So most people realize, you know, like, hey, yeah, we gotta master our unconscious in order to develop a critic function so that we can gain wisdom. This is discussed in season 19.

If you want to learn more about season 19, go to CS Joseph dot life for slash portal, CS 19 is in each of the little mini member sections for private videos for one time fee for Discover XYZ type. And that’s where that is, if you want to watch your season 19 episode and also one of the two season 14 episodes that we have available for paying members. And that is in those sections. But yes, I mean, you are in effect actually covering the bases, you know, of your shadow, because you know, they are your shadow You are their shadow, you know, which is the unconscious basically.

So, technically, to this members question, I have to say yes, technically, yes, the golden pair does allow a great facilitation for a person to develop their subconscious. However, if both of them were unconscious focused, it would be an absolute disaster for the relationship. The reason why is is that regardless of any level of compatibility, or camaraderie within a relationship, one person must be subconscious focused, and the other person must be unconscious focused, the unconscious focused person is a lot wiser within the relationship, and they are like, usually better for decision making. But at the cost of happiness, they’re not really as happy of a person.

Whereas the other partner, if their subconscious focus, they’re a lot happier as a person, but they also behave a lot more foolishly and are not as wise as their shadow focused slash unconscious focused partner. And if you have a type, or a relationship, where both of them are subconscious focused, and they’re just, you know, prioritizing, yeah, let’s have fun and let’s be happy, et cetera, then their decision making goes to crap, and then it’s just their entire relationship is a train wreck. Whereas if they’re both unconscious focused, they’re really all about being wise. And then there’s absolutely no fun whatsoever within the relationship and they end up growing apart.

So having different cognitive focus is absolutely critical to the success of any relationship, especially the golden pair. So yes, the golden pair definitely can facilitate the ability to develop the subconscious, you know, as a result, now, in terms of developing the super ego, not necessarily because you can’t really develop the super ego as much from the subconscious direction, because if you’re developing your Inferior function, that means you already have made peace to, to some point with your demon function like you’ve accepted the demon function as just part of your natural behavior. And you’re okay with the demon and you live with a demon, and sometimes collaborate with a demon, which is talked about in our how to master the demon function series that is available to members see, it’s just forward slash members grab a journeyman membership to check that out and explain that, in that lecture series. It’s one of my most successful and most powerful lecture series that I’ve done, we go through each of the eight demon functions and explain the hang ups and the difficulties that comes with having them, but then also how you yourself can master them on the path to enlightenment and integration, but also so that you can also make sure that you are a you’re developing your Inferior function in a healthy way so that you can develop your subconscious, right.

So you’re not really developing your super ego, that’s really up to you, the individual, the golden pair relationship, would not necessarily help you develop your super ego because of how enabling it can be, even with how this abling it can be, you’re not really going to develop your super ego. Now, a pedagogue relationship, however, or the subconscious as your pedagogue relationship, which is my marriage, those two relationships absolutely will help you rapidly develop your super ego, but at the cost of the subconscious. So please be aware of that situation. This is why I definitely maintain that wins in context of relationships.

You know, you don’t have to do this, if you’re monogamous, that’s fine. But monogamous relationships definitely come at a disadvantage. If you are monogamous, definitely get into a golden or bronze pair, if you can, maybe even a pedagogue, etcetera, I may be a silver, but I silver, I just won’t really recommend that as much. But gosh, he loves to scream, he’s always trying to like be on the recording with me, he wants to be on the show, too, he’s trying to perform.

So with all that being said, um, it’s just important to realize that depending on what your life goals are, and how you handle, you know, organize your sex life, basically, that kind of determines the direction you should go. Now, if you’re open to Paulie, in terms of, you know, if you’re a man, and you’re, you’re being polygynous, as it would be your natural sexual strategy to do so. Having a variety of women in your life where you can have different relationships to get all of the mental developmental benefits from having those multiple relationships, be a roster of women be mistresses, who are older than you while you’re young, etc. And then having switching to younger girls when you’re in your prime.

And then depending on who you want to have children with, having all that available psychology or psyches available to you really makes a huge difference, and I will help you do it better. But so anyway, to bring it back, though, just for a regular monogamous golden pair relationship, basically, are you able to bypass mastering your unconscious by utilizing their strengths and focus on the subconscious super ego? No, you’re not able to bypass anything, although it just makes it a lot easier for you to develop your subconscious. But if you are already subconscious focused, is that really a good thing per se. So again, that could be also leading to conflict that could cause the highest highs and lowest lows.

So just remember, keep an open mind, stay balanced where you can and make sure you’re putting in your own mental work for your own development as outlined by season 19, which is about cognitive development, and also the how to master your demon series, which explains that as well. We ourselves as individuals have to put in the work within the context of our relationships, and not necessarily rely on anyone else. And the reason why is because you know, a relationship, a sexual relationship, for the most part really is just there to enable your ego. Whereas a camaraderie relationship disables your ego.

That’s that’s the whole point and disabling your ego oftentimes do because it’s more painful, provides more growth and more wisdom as a result, but does not provide as much happiness, whereas enabling your ego and your ego investments definitely provides more happiness and that’s why compatibility matters in the context of a sexual relationship. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and or listening. I’ll see you guys tonight.


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