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Did I change my mind about Socionics? CS Joseph presents an introduction to Dyad Pairs (Duality Pairs) to Season 14 pt 4


00:00 Are you? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. This is season 14, part four, Episode 25 Introduction to duality. Duality is this thing for that Socionics 00:29 talks about its Socionics interpretation as to what is the highest sexual compatibility and emotional compatibility, ultimately their interpretation of as to what is the absolute best relationship compatibility. From a psychological perspective.

When considering union, analytical psychology or psychological type, these different things need to be considered. And Socionics has a very different approach to it than most people. And this ends up causing a lot of confusion, right, like a lot of confusion. You know, oftentimes, you know, when you look at Socionics and their types, it’s like, well, that person’s an IO li with a, you know, they have a completely different numbering and lettering system when it comes to classify each of the 16 types.

And there’s some variants. In my opinion, it’s it’s quite genius, actually, I think Socionics does really great job. But Socionics, you know, like any system out there, including, you know, for size dynamics, which is our system here within the ego hacker community, it lends itself to confusion. And when you’re trying to, you know, get into contact or potentially sell to all of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator nerds of the world, when you’re a Socionics person or Socionics cyst, I guess we’d say poor world Socionics society.

Anyway, that guy like really hates my guts for some for some reason. But it ends up struggling between the actual technical description and definition of what duality is, versus the colloquial one, right. Socionics wasn’t really, a, when it was first created, it really wasn’t able to make itself available for be adopted by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator crowd out there, basically. So what they ended up doing is they ended up adopting a similar lettering system to the MBTI.

And you’d see this like, like, for example, an ISTJ versus an ISTP. According to Socionics, an ISTP is ISTJ. But the J at the end is a little tiny J is a lowercase j, right? Versus ISTP, which would actually be the real ISTJ than its p would be a lowercase p, right? This has caused an insane amount of confusion on the internet. Like we’re talking a huge amount of confusion.

It’s even confused me. It’s even confused me from the point where I may even as during this episode, issuer attraction, based on my own confusion, and my own ignorance, it’s actually possible, I may have to do that. I don’t know, I’ll let you folks in the audience be the judge. But the reality of the situation is, is that Socionics because of this lettering system that they developed, and in a way to appease the Myers Briggs Type Indicator crowd in order to get that crowd of people to potentially become consumers of Socionics.

adopters of Socionics to the point of, you know, using Socionics, more so than MBTI, which was Socionics hope, basically originally, but it hasn’t really happened. And it’s because it’s extremely technical, and it’s probably because Glencoe is an intp similar to Carl Jung. And it’s not really consumable, you know, to most people out there, because that’s kind of what usually happens with intp. As you develop systems, their extroverted sensing trickster, doesn’t that makes it they make it consumable and tailor to themselves and people who identify with them, like fellow intp.

But they’re not really actually able to do that for you know, other people. And Socionics is very technical. It’s very hard to learn very hard to consume. But anyone who is a true follower of union analytical psychology, they’ll be encouraged to go in that direction, and go all out.

Right. So which, which is pretty cool. It’s really cool to have that opportunity to do that. And then having all these different competing systems, so that we can absorb all of them, and potentially arrive to the truth.

Well, within my own journey of Socionics there was something that I learned about called duality And duality basically was Socionics interpretation as to what’s the absolute best relationship compatibility between types out there. And there is a colloquial interpretation, like the general populace, the layman’s interpretation of duality, and then there is the truth. The problem is, is that, sadly, I’m pretty ignorant in this area. And I will only be speculating, but I believe my speculation is actually true in terms of like, what happened.

So, originally, when I talked about duality, you know, most people would say, you go on the interwebs, you look at various forum posts, you know, like, for example, intj.com, or 60 personalities.com, you just get to their forums, something awful, right? It doesn’t matter. These places that talk about psychology, potentially, in these forums, where people are discussing these various topics. Well, oftentimes, you know, I originally found in these forums, just like, people were talking about how ESF J and intp were highest compatibility with each other. an INTJ and ESFP were highest compatibility with each other.

And the reality of the situation is, they’re not, they’re not compatible with each other at all. However, one thing that I started to realize over time is that these people were very ignorant of how Socionics is actually utilizing their own lettering system, basically. So Socionics remember, like, for example, an ISTJ, from the ego hacker compute, you know, community point of view, or the, you know, the CS Joseph point of view, even the MBTI point of view, those letters for that specific archetype. You know, an ISTJ letters represented in Socionics is actually the ISTP with a lowercase p, right? You know, like, like I said previously, because Introverted Sensing hero on the part of an ISTJ is a perceiving function.

So Socionics represents that with a little P. Whereas, if you look at the ISTP, according to the eagle hacker community, the Socionics way of interpreting those letters is ISTJ. Because ti hero is a judging function, so, and the J is a lowercase J on the end, I’m not entirely sure. These forums are these places on Quora, these people talking about Socionics talking about duality.

have that figured out? I don’t think they have that correct. 07:44 And that’s a problem. That’s a really big problem. I need to do a cut here, because was not on the rear end of this cigar.

My beautiful creamsicle laranja. There we go. Much better. Much better.

So. So based on that, there’s a lot of confusion, there’s so much confusion involving this. And then when you go to these forums, that confusion is just it’s just bad. It’s just bad all around, you kind of just don’t know what you’re talking about.

Every now and then you’ll meet a Socionics apologist who’s out there trying to trying to tell people No, no, no, that’s not what duality is. Because a lot of people in the Internet are conflating the MBTI lettering system with the Socionics lettering system. And then as a result, duality becomes misunderstood. So my theory is, is that the colloquial definition of duality would be what the ego hacker community would deem polar opposite.

That claim that Socionics means that duality is es TJ, and INFP is the absolute best relationship out there, you know, best sexual relationship, best emotional compatibility. And that’s that’s categorically false. The thing is, though, is that really what Socionics is actually talking about? Is that really what it’s talking about? I would venture to say that, you know, my speculation is that the answer is no. Because when you actually look at the specific letters, if you actually are trying to stay true to the Socionics lettering formula, like we’re talking about is TJ an ISTP.

Right. So let’s look at it for a second. Let’s look at the Socionics ISTJ, which basically is the MBTI or ego hacker ISTP. Right? And their ISTJ is supposed to be with an ENFP.

Right? And in FP and because it’s perceiving it would be any hero Well, that would, which would mean it would be a true ENFP. From the ego hacker perspective. And since their version of ISTJ is the iSap of the ego hacker perspective, that would basically mean that, you know, based on speculation, I actually do believe this is true. That would basically mean that and Socionics apologist would say that the bronze pairs, aka the natural relationship is the absolute best sexual and emotional compatibility, psychologically speaking for relationships, right? So from this perspective, if that’s true, then everything I said about duality, leading up to now is actually false.

Because I was following the colloquial or generally accepted with the layman’s accepted definition of relationship compatibility according to Socionics without actually verifying the letters, the final three letters. So this ends up creating a problem a sense of creating a lot of confusion, and I have been a contributor to that confusion within the MBTI blogosphere, basically, it’s probably one of the reasons why world Socionics society hates my guts, or anyone attached to the Socionics community because of this error. So I would like to apologize to world Socionics society, I like to apologize to the Socionics community for getting it wrong. So, but I’ve gone a little bit further, I have I understand that like the natural relationship is ultimately one of two major what we call ego intersections of compatibility between sexual compatibility and emotional compatibility.

I don’t entirely agree with Socionics that the natural relationship, aka the bronze pair, is the absolutely best relationship compatibility out there. I have a I have a different approach. I would like to take a proxy illogical approach to this. The eight different relationships which is affection, companion, natural, intrigue, respect, and then trust, trust as well.

And then refinement, and then Kindred, those are the eight sexual compatibility relationships, and only four of them have emotional compatibility to them, right? Well, what about the golden pair, which is the affection relationship that would be INTJ and ENFP. For myself, for example, Socionics for using the true definition, and actually solving for their change and lettering system, taking that into account? Their claim that my highest emotional and sexual compatible relationship would be with an ISFP, for example, right. However, the colloquially accepted definition of Socionics relationships would be polar opposites. They would claim, you know, the layman’s the people that don’t actually know what they’re talking about.

When it comes to their interpretation of Socionics, they would say that, as an intp, I should be with an INFJ. Which, which I highly disagree with now, I ESF J, from the actual lettering system from a Socionics perspective, right, the ISF j is technically according to the ego hacker and MBTI community is actually ISFP, which would, again, make it the natural relationship, the bronze pair. So so that’s that’s how to translate these things properly. And it’s very important before I go into season 14, part three, which will be available at CS joseph.ly, forward slash members to journeyman members.

And I believe that starting this month, the first two episodes will be released. And that will be es TJ INFJ. This month, and I believe ESTP and INFP, as well. So those first two lectures, I believe we’ll be releasing this month in the members area.

And that’s for season 14, part three, season 14. Part two is also available in the members area, season 14, part one, which is the golden pairs, aka the affection relationship that’s available under what we call Discover, and that’s at CES show. So that light forge slash portal, you gotta buy individual access for like a one time fee to each of those. But once you get one, you have the opportunity to get all of them Have at a huge discount, which I highly, highly recommend go to CS joseph.ly forward slash portal and scroll down.

If you don’t have access to one, just get access to the one you want buy it and then it will give you an opportunity at getting all of them for a huge discount. Or you could just buy the mega bundle and get everything and who cares, right? Make a bundle link is found at the bottom of CS Joseph dot life. So this introduction to duality, I will admit, is kind of confusing. It is very confusing, but what what can you expect from Season 14, part four and Part Four will be available here on YouTube and on the podcast? Well, I’m not going to be talking about duality, according to Socionics, I’m going to be talking about duality, according to everybody else.

Okay, if we want to talk about duality, according to Socionics, that’s the natural relationship. That’s the bronze pair that is season 14, part three, that is going to be available in the members area talking about those sexual relationships. Okay. So that’s what we’re going to be discussing in the members area for the next, like four months, right.

16:22 So yeah, it’s like, it’s like, mega confusing because of all this. But you know, it’s partly my fault. It’s partly my fault, because I got confused. And then I was made, I made an assumption.

And I never really gave world Socionics society or some of the other Socionics apologists out there. The opportunity i te critic them, I didn’t listen to them, had I listened to them. This confusion wouldn’t be here. And I wouldn’t be doing this to the ego hacker community, it’s all my fault.

I take full responsibility for it. It’s not often that I issue a retraction. But it happens. And this episode is literally for that purpose it is for issuing a retraction.

I apologize for the confusion. I also apologize for any day that I may have alienated anyone within the Socionics community over this particular issue. And, and I was wrong, I was really wrong about it, my bad. So what we’re going to be doing from now on is making this distinction for the ego hacker community so that there isn’t any confusion moving forward.

I think this distinction is very important. And I think because of this, we could finally get to a point where we’re understanding what we’re actually talking about for everybody. 17:56 It’s very important. So yeah, season 14 Part Four and this is the first episode of season 14 Part Four as it will be available on YouTube and on the podcast.

This will be a public season, we’re going to be discussing the layman or colloquial definition of duality, we’re going to be looking at what a sexual relationship with look alike amongst polar opposites, among es TJ versus INFP, which will be the next episode, and then it will be ESTP and INFJ. Basically, we’re going to be discussing the polar opposites and what a relationship would look like between polar opposites and how it is extremely painful and very difficult. How people end up getting into the relationships to begin with how they often end up getting out of the relationships to get get it to begin with are are at the end of it, I guess. As well as giving them tips as to what to do if they are in a relationship.

We’re going to be discussing all of those things here. All the while the correct interpretation of duality will be made available with season 14 Part Three, which will be [email protected] forward slash members in the journeyman section, two premium lectures per month on that particular subject will be made available there. So finally, all of you who are out there in a bronze pair relationship or a natural relationship will finally have your prayers answered, I guess or people have been asking for this for like a long time. So we’re finally doing it.

We we take very seriously what the community wants and what they’re interested in. And we are here to design the content for the community in that manner and we will deliver it to you on a silver platter, you know for the small fee of $29 a month. So we’ll be making it available for you. Once again, I apologize for the confusion.

And I also apologize that it is too Taking this long to actually get this content out. This is stuff that people have been asking for, for many years, many, many, many, many, many years. And honestly, like I get it. I also have I had a little personal bias because today date, I really I haven’t had a sexual relationship with the natural, I just haven’t.

It’s it’s a huge blind spot. For me personally, I didn’t have enough anecdotal experience from which I can offer. However, there’s enough people in my inner circle now who do have those relationships, who are providing me with information in their own anecdotes, as well as additional stored up observations of mine of other people in relationships over time, where I am confident at last, to be able to deliver this content accurately and wholly, so that you all can get the information that you’re looking for and ultimately have a good experience. Anyway, folks, I hope you all enjoy what’s coming for season 14 and look to see season 14 Part Four.

releasing very soon episode by episode here on the YouTube channel and on the podcast and then also part three in the members area at CS joseph.ly. Forward slash members. Anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening and I’ll see you guys on the next episode. Later.

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