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00:02 Welcome to the CS Joseph Podcast. I’m obviously CS Joseph. And this is season 25, episode two for the season titled, cognitive asynchronicity. So in the last episode, we were talking about how there is compatibility versus camaraderie and like what that means, etc.

And how compatibility is how people utilize their mind or their psyche, specifically. And there’s a lot of like, background noise here, but it is what it is, I’m kind of like, on the road right now, in a coffee shop, etc. So it is what it is. But the point is, people’s brains see other human nature’s other than their own their own psyche being like their own nature, et cetera.

But they use their brain or their persona or the personality to detect who they can have friendships with, who they can love and have sexual relationships with. And that’s known as compatibility. Right? And we talked about that at length in season five cognitive synchronicity, but this is cognitive asynchronicity. Cognitive synchronicity is more about compatibility, whereas cognitive asynchronicity is more about camaraderie.

And so basically, season 25 is effectively season five. But instead of talking about synchronicity, slash compatibility, we’re talking about a synchronicity slash camaraderie. And the reason why camaraderie is so important is because camaraderie helps the human brain identify certain natures, or certain personas, or certain personalities of people around them, specifically to learn and, and to grow more and grow better, as you know, as a person, et cetera. And this is, this is really, really important.

Because without this, you’re gonna find yourself in a situation where you’re going to be around people who are super high compatibility with you, and then you’re going to end up being enabled by those people. And this is why I really enjoy relationships, especially sexual relationships that are not necessarily gold, silver, or bronze pair relationships. I like pedagogue relationships, or, you know, my marriage, which I’m married to an ESTP, woman, etc. Railgun and Railgun.

You know, at being a fellow ti parent, we really, really challenge each other on a daily basis, but it helps facilitate growth, because there’s a lot of areas in our life where we just don’t enable each other. Whereas, you know, looking back at my relationships in the past with golden pairs, silver pairs, I’ve never had a sexual relationship with a bronze pair. But with golden and silver pair relationships for myself. I was severely enabled.

And I think some of the reason why I was really enabled because these women really enjoyed how I made them feel. And they would let me get away with a lot of things too. Yeah, we had, you know, great sex. And, you know, we had that connection, which was excellent and whatnot.

But the problem is, is that we, I mean, I was ultimately enabled and they allowed me to be more depraved it within the context of those relationships, and I severely regret that so I don’t want to be so depraved anymore. So anyhow, let’s, let’s take a look here. I got my Wow, apparently, I should just smudge everything and be irresponsible with my whiteboard, because why not? Right. So the original trusty whiteboard is back, which is pretty awesome.

So, the first cognitive asynchronicity pair also known as cognitive axis, which I talked about cognitive axis a lot in season 18, cognitive mechanics, but another way of interpreting this is the asynchronous pair between polar opposites. And this is basically cognisant. asynchronicity is the theory of you know, opposites attracting opposites do attract. Why do they attract? You know, this is this is actually calling the basic synchronicities about repulsion.

These two cognitive functions repulse each other. And it’s because it’s literally you’re comparing the meta versus the physical, the metaphysical, the meta is the expert intuition. It is very Yin oriented, whereas Introverted Sensing, it’s the known, it’s the conventional, it’s, it’s, it’s what’s established, it’s what solid so it’s more of the young basically, and you can see within the context of this, you know, cognitive access between these two functions. They literally are there While they are opposites, they repulse each other.

So and it’s because through that relationship of repulsion, are they really attracting? No, the answer, they’re not really attracting. So opposites attract is not exactly accurate per se, but they do repulse each other. And through repulsion, they actually can, you know, end up making the other very strong. How is that? Well, knowing, like, so I’m an any hero, right? You know, and when I get around Introverted Sensing heroes, we just bother each other, or even Introverted Sensing parents, we just, we bother each other on a consistent basis.

And that’s because they’re working more towards the conventional and they would accuse someone like me, you know, who is not so sensible and doesn’t have conventional wisdom, etc. They would accuse someone like me, you know, being, you know, this very flighty, very, you know, bullshit, like they they labeled me a bullshitter, essentially, because I’m constantly talking to what if, and they only care about the what is and the what if doesn’t really mean anything to them. Because the white is provides them their source of comfort, it’s theirs, their comfort zone, and me talking about possibilities, basically puts them on the defensive by default, they are immediately on the defensive, they are, you know, this person who, effectively that this person is just like, oh, you know, hey, Mr. CS.

Joseph, you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about? Because you know, I’ve never experienced it before. I’ve never seen it before. No one else values, what you’re saying no one else knows what you’re even talking about. So why do we have to adopt this? I don’t have to adopt this.

And this is kind of like the same thing that I was talking about recently, when one of in my episode one talking about, you know, was it really episode one? Gosh, oh, no, it’s my recent cutting edge podcast, talking about how, you know, Einstein struggled to prove the theory of relativity, because it was very metaphysical. Although we have in October 2023, Black Hole experts, given the Nobel Peace Prize, because they proved nine, Einstein’s theory of relativity finally, like it is, it is proven, it is proven now. And because of that, they got a new low price for it. But when Einstein first unveiled the theory, you know, a long time ago, in the 1900s, he was basically, you know, for lack of better term shat on by the conventional scientific community, those who are like, the sensible sciences, you know, the SJ is basically, the, or the st.

Jays, who like to think of themselves, you know, masters of conventional wisdom of the science of religion, etc. And that is a huge problem. And that’s an example of like, macro, a synchronicity between, like the culture, the SJ culture of the scientific community in those days. And it wasn’t until well after his death, that the theory of relativity was actually proven.

And he never actually did any concrete, empirical, you know, studies, etc. On it, he just did logical thought experiments in his head. And then as a result of making those logical, thought experiments, he came to the conclusion, you know, hey, you know, this has to be true, because if these things are true, that means relativity is true as well. But again, the scientific community, like completely just was like, No, that that can’t be the case.

Yeah, it was proven later. How many times in society do we see like expert intuitives? You know, like, like, like Einstein, you know, talking about the unknown and being these huge Trailblazers against conventional wisdom, and they’re being persecuted consistently. Well, this is how this first, you know, via cognitive access via cognitive asynchronicity, how this works, et cetera. So down from the functions because remember, expert intuition represents the great what if it is the Yin, the great Yin, it is the collective unconscious, it’s about what other people want to other people desire.

It’s about potential, it is consequential awareness, it is the effect constantly being aware of the effect of things the consequences, the pattern, the pattern recognition of consequences, that happens, the endless ripples based on a decision right, whereas Introverted Sensing is more of a point of origin. And, you know, introverted sensors look at things from a point of origin, they themselves are the points of origin, whereas expert intuitive is work backwards, they work backwards from the possibilities to see if they can actually get to the point of origin. And as a result, this causes a lot of conflict between people with various psyches, who I have this high camaraderie from that standpoint, but But 10:01 why is that important? Well, it’s important because when you look at how learning works and how mentoring works, people, you know, if you’re an any parents or an any hero, or if you’re an SI parent or an s si hero, it’s really important that you keep, you know, the your opposite function in terms of parent heroes around you. Because what that does is is that it disables your presuppositions, what that means is, is that your ego investments that you have made with your, your hero or your parent function, and in this case, that would be si or any, whichever one is apparent or hero function of those, you’ve made some ego investments.

And it’s important to keep the opposite around you, because those people will provide challenge to your ego investments. This will keep you humble, but also keep you accurate, it’s really, really important. Accuracy is important. So many people judge other people, based, like you know, like judging a book by its cover judging people by appearances.

In order to reduce that judgment. within society. As we know it, it’s really wise to keep people around you who challenge your most valued functions. And this is how you can use cognitive asynchronicity to your advantage.

I did a live stream and you could search it here on this YouTube channel, you can search this live stream, it’s called The Ultimate study technique it comes from, it’s actually a cutting edge podcast episode that we have available for members at CS Joseph dot life forward slash members. And in this podcast, I talk about how if you really, really want to extend your life success, if you want to go all out if you want to be the best version of yourself, you have to kind of follow the Tony Robbins model than the Tony Robbins model is everything to camaraderie. So Tony Robbins, how he’s an ENFP how he became successful, all he did was is interview successful people find out the techniques and strategies that they had, essentially, for becoming successful themselves. And taking those strategies, and then implementing those strategies and then teaching those strategies to other people.

Like he learned Neuro Linguistic Programming, he learned high finance, he learned marketing, he learned branding, these kinds of techniques. And then he would teach these techniques to other people, and also via neuro linguistic programming and motivational speaking, you know, throughout his practice, pretty awesome, that he was able to do this, the issue was, is that in, in doing so, there was still something lacking, he had full mastery on the success of human nurture because he was gathering up all of the nurture from all the people that he was studying. And he didn’t know type. He didn’t know their psyche.

He didn’t know the psychology or the personality of each person, each successful person that he was interviewing to put together his material for teaching etc. When he first got started, he didn’t know that but imagine if Tony Robbins had what we know now about union analytical psychology, imagine how much more effective you would be because you can take the Tony Robbins technique right now, except once you identify your type and you can identify your type very easily and extremely accurately, I would like to say nine out of 10 accuracy right now based on the interface that we have that we just [email protected] Joseph dot life or CS forward slash discover, it’ll take you to the same place we have a brand new personality test available right now, if you go take this personality test, you will know what your type is. And then you take this and then have other people around you take this personality test, identify people who are compatible with you identify people who have high camaraderie but if you type somebody near you or within your like friend family circles, people that your near you people that you work with that are of your same type or people within your st Quadra. Basically so the quadrants and if you don’t want the quadrants our watch season 17 playlist to learn about the quadrants there are as the Alpha Quadrant knows crusaders as the SF Jey NTP types, there is the beta quadra, which is the STP NFJ types also known as the Templars.

Then there is the gamma quadra, which are the NTJ SFP types and then there’s Delta quadra, which are the NF P es TJ types. All of these quadrants all have the same cognitive functions, which means because they have the same cognitive functions, they have the highest amount of camaraderie, which means they have the highest capability of teaching and learning from one another within your Quadra and that’s the value of cognitive asynchronicity. But synchronicity you can still have or cognitive asynchronous you can still have high camaraderie with you know, like so I’m a crusader I can have camaraderie with a Templar because samplers think in a similar way that I do, they just see the world through the different eyes, but they make decisions about it the same way. And because we make decisions about in the same way, we have this competition as at work.

And so for me, it’s no different. So I would have high camaraderie in terms of n e versus Si, basically, with Crusader types, fellow Crusaders, which would be highest camaraderie. And second highest camaraderie would be with Delta Quadra. Because we both have the same perception functions, we both are F and E si users.

So I can learn a lot. And I would basically become the students of these types. With me, the best type to be the student would be my own type, my own type would be the best type to learn from. And so I would need to find, or in any hero, basically like an ENFP, or an intp.

So I need to find the most successful and heroes out there because I have any hero. And then I go out of my way to learn from them, and learn all of their mistakes, learn from their failure and learn from their success. And that will make me grow rapidly, I would literally become the best version of myself, it’s one of the best ways that you can fast track your own personal growth, right. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t listen to compatible people, but listening to compatible people, while very helpful, and they help package lessons for you in a way where it’s not going to hurt or harm your ego investments.

The problem is that the learning process could take a lot longer. But if you’re willing to check your ego at the door, if you’re willing to check your ego investments at the door, then you can have that and have the patience to be able to learn from your own Quadra or other people who share the same, you know, in this case, any si basically, you would be able to supercharge your personal growth as a person, right? The problem is, you know, as we have in society, we have this thing like called, you know, the nuclear family. And there’s very limited amount of psychology available to the nuclear family. This is why it takes you know, men up till age 27 to like actually become mature, whereas in ancient times, they’d be mature about 15 years old.

This is why we have things like, you know, Bar Mitzvah or the kinson era, you know, these rites of passage, etc, actually occurring about 15 years of age because families were so large back in the day that everyone have access to all these different psyches that they would gain the full benefits of both compatibility and camaraderie at the same time. And it’s no different from any si users, because the NT users who, for all intents and purposes lacks practicality. And they will be constantly criticized by high se users like SPS for being really, really weak, they would learn from the higher si users as to how to be strong, and then how to engage in conventional wisdom and how to actually learn practicality. And then the high se users would learn how to be comfortable from the any user’s as to how to do things differently, how to do things in a more original way because originality comes from expert intuition.

Whereas an originality a typical way of doing things is learned from Introverted Sensing. And that’s how high expert intuitives any parents in any heroes can learn the conventional, sensible, regular typical way of doing things which they really struggle with knowing and the high si users of their life can teach them that. Whereas the intuitive sensors, the high introverted sensors learned from the end users, you know, hey, they learn how to be original, they learn how to take risks, they learn how to get outside of their comfort zone, oftentimes, because they can because they can experience for themselves, you know, the originality, the doing things differently, the great What if so they don’t have to be so afraid. So the SI user gains you know, the ability to have faith and being original to have faith and to doing things in a way that they haven’t typically done it.

So they can experience more in life. Whereas the high ne users learn from the high interest sensing users, how to, you know, be more safe, how to be more practical, instead of impractical. Learn systems or ways of doing things with the tried and true because the tried and true the traditions you know, some wild traditions are the corpse of wisdom myself as an any hero can learn from tradition, because tradition does matter. And a way that tradition, a way that tradition matters is like for example, food traditions.

19:46 Americanization, multicultural, culturalism, etc. Or Babylonian society has destroyed a lot of cultures and these cultures consistently have to deal with the fact that You know, they’re losing their, their, their, their traditions, I knew an ISFP by the name of Raylan she’s really cool Cajun woman, and, you know, fantastic artist, fantastic painter. And, you know, while our relationship now was not what it used to be, I, I still, I still think very highly of her and her work and everything that she did. And I’m very grateful for the paintings that she gave me.

But you know, she’s, she’s a Cajun, and she’s telling me about how Acadian French, which is the language that the Creole language that they speak, is probably not going to be around another generation. Well, tradition is important. And any users like I know that you’re willing to sacrifice, you know, tradition and practicality in the tried and true way. Because either it’s boring, or doesn’t mean it’s always going to work, etc.

But producing tradition is, you know, protecting traditions is important too, because languages get lost that way. You know, oftentimes, humanity has to relearn a lot of concepts. Who knows, like Union analytical psychology in ancient times could have been known by people for like, you know, it could have been known before, and now we’re rediscovering it. We really don’t know Solomon said there’s nothing new under the sun.

Well, Introverted Sensing protects that nothing new under the sun, so that humanity doesn’t have to keep relearning the same thing over and over again. So it can keep moving forward, have a better future. This is why si ne is for all that has happened for will happen again. And that’s the thing, it’s what it’s sensing needs to be respected by expert intuitives because it will prevent them from having to relearn the tried and true.

I mean, like food traditions are important, because food traditions protected us from like, you know, processed food or these, you know, bullshit Edward Bernays brainwashing society and did telling us that cow Kellogg’s cornflakes is part of the complete breakfast and it’s very good for you. No, it’s not. It’s horrible for you. And it’s been proven just look up Gary Taubes work, T.

Au b e. S, you know, Kellogg’s cornflakes is not good for you, you know, removing fat from your diet is not good for you. Whereas traditional diets are extremely high in fat. And those traditional diets, those people who still eat those traditional diets to this day, are actually the most healthy out of us.

So understand expert intuitives. Tradition does matter. Yes, it is the corpse of wisdom, but it also can protect the tried and true way. And just because they’re dots doesn’t mean you have to connect them.

It’s really important. Si users, you need to respect the originality of expert intuition. Just because you haven’t experienced it before. Doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Einstein’s theory of relativity, while it was like, Whoa, this is very meta, this is very, like, unknown, it’s very unconventional, you can’t prove it empirically. Doesn’t mean it’s not true. Guess what, it was proven empirically, just this last year, so get off your high horse. Okay, just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Just because you know, something is metaphysical doesn’t mean it’s not actually physical. Because the physical, as we’ve learned in the most recent cutting edge podcast, you know, has a metaphysical component to it, just like metaphysical still has a physical component to it. So please understand how you know, the asynchronicity between the opposites of expert intuition, and Introverted Sensing, you know, the wide future versus the known past. You know, these are extremely, extremely important things to understand, so that you can supercharge your learning and your personal growth and development as human beings.

If you don’t do this, well, then guess what, you’re going to be ignorant, your growth is going to be behind, you’re not going to be very attractive. Like, for example, like any users, you want, you want to be wanted by people, especially by people of the opposite sex, the need to learn the tried and true you need to respect traditions, right? It makes you more desirable. You know, it also makes you stronger, to be able to endure to be able to persevere. Si users, you need to learn the unconventional you need to learn how to be original, because then you’re not boring.

And that will also make you more desirable. Yes, I get you’re super mega strong and you can endure, but guess what? That has the that runs the risk of you being boring and not as desirable when compared to like people like me, or Tony Stark, or Bruce, Bruce Lee, or Benjamin Franklin, etc. You know, all these kinds of people. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching.

If you found this lecture useful, helpful educational enlightening, please leave a comment below here on the YouTube channel. That’d be great. And thank you for watching or listening to season 25 Episode Two. I’m CS Joseph, and I’ll see you guys tonight.

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