Can Music Save Us From Catastrophe? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question can music save us from the coming catastrophe facing humanity?


Welcome to CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. Today, today’s acolyte question is an odd one. What place does music have within the context of the coming catastrophe? What an odd question I never thought I would be asked this question, especially from an ego hacker.

But I think it has a lot to do with some of my prophetic views, I would say or at least prescient views is probably more accurate. prescients being what expert intuition is pre sciences, the spelling, basically gives me the ability to see in the future and see things before they happen, right? You can kind of say that I’m a pre cognitive, all expert intuition heroes are pre cognitive, even extra intuition child is also pre cognitive. And that’s because I maintain there’s a huge disaster, a huge catastrophe coming around the corner, in the form of basically the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, you know, but most specifically famine and war. It’s absolutely coming to get a huge problem.

Even, you know, the, the Biblical verses from which I delight, derive my life purpose from which is Malikai chapter four, verses five and six, quote, in the last days, I will send my prophet Elijah to you, He will turn the hearts of fathers to the sons of the hearts of sons of their fathers, or else I will strike the land with a decree of utter destruction. That’s a serious problem, which basically means if there’s a lack of masculinity, and fatherlessness is prevalent, what’s gonna end up happening is that God, the Creator would strike the earth with a decree of utter destruction. And then we’re completely screwed. It might even wipe out our race.

I would prefer to avoid the outcome. That’s why I’m so anti fatherlessness. That’s why I set up the ego hacker community, specifically to be this group of people who will stand up and against that and actually work to bring back the mature masculine and bring back the mature feminine in order to prevent that outcome. Right.

Now, I may not be the prophet Elijah, but his mission is mine. And that’s literally why I do everything that I do. That is the entire point behind this YouTube channel, this podcast, this community, everything I do is with that in mind. Because I have realized that fatherlessness is ultimately the reason why we are going to lose our society.

And we may even lose the Earth. Our greatest gift the Earth, we may lose it. It may be taken away from us, literally because of that. And why Elijah? Elijah was this warrior prophet.

Elijah is an anti feminist. You know, what happens when you call a woman a Jezebel? Most people think that she’s a dirty cheater or she’s a whore or she’s had sex or she’s very primitive with various men. She’s very promiscuous woman, right? That’s not true. That’s false.

It’s actually bullshit. What is a Jezebel? Jezebel is actually a feminist, a feminist a woman that is a Jezebel. Why? Well, because Jezebel was this false prophetess way back in the days of the prophet Elijah. And in order to be a man and a part of her entourage, basically, because they worship this a false god named Bale, basically, according to the story.

And in order to be a man and a member of her entourage, you’d have to be castrated, basically, you’d be castrated. So just a belly and thinking and Jezebel influence, especially in Israel in those days, according to the biblical account of the story, basically, is they were feminists basically, it was feminism and God, the Creator basically impressed upon his warrior prophet Elijah to wipe them out, and they were basically purged, he purged all the feminists out of Israel. But why why a decree of utter destruction. Why? Well, think about it goes back to the story of Garden of Eden, the first recorded instance in history that we see hypergamy the female sexual strategy, where Eve ends up having sexual relations with the serpent because, you know, the fruit, the fruit on the tree of knowledge and good evil was actually sexuality.

When it says Don’t touch the fruit. But in the old Zola’s translation, the connotation of the word touch had a sexual connotation. So the fruit basically was sexuality. So she had sexual relations with serpent.

And then she had sexual relations with Adam. The serpent was her Alpha seed and Adam was her beta meat wishes. is basically hypergamy This is why, in the context of the garden Eden when God delivered his curses and his punishments on Adam Eve and the serpent Eve received two curses and Adam received one. The two curses that Eve received was for one for each side of her hypergamy for the beta side of her hypergamy it was I will greatly increase her childbearing pain.

Okay, why is that? Well, this is actually explained later in Deuteronomy, basically, because in Tirana, me it basically states that women’s childbearing pains I’m hella paraphrasing here, I’m just basically explaining the meaning by hella paraphrasing, so that childbearing pain was increased so that women would not multiply burdens upon their men basically, which and why why burdens upon men because the beta side, the beta traits are protection, parental investment, and provisioning, right, providing being that provider, right. So men being a provider to women basically, and their children, so as to not multiply burdens upon them. We creasing their child, her, you know, women’s childbearing pain, you know, so why epidurals actually undo that curse, that was given upon women, so that they would not be encouraged to multiply burdens, aka, excess children or too many children on the men’s ability to provide for the women and the children. Right, that’s the beta side of that’s the curse of the beta side of female hypergamy.

And their sexual strategy, the alpha side is and it goes like this, Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you basically, meaning that she has to submit to her man, instead of you know, going off and being with other men, basically, right? This is a challenge to or promiscuous pneus. And this happens consistently, especially when you think about development phase, according to women’s hypergamy development phases, a woman at 35 to like 42. And she starts missing the Alpha she used to lay with, you know, in her early 20s, during her party years, you know, from 20 to 26. Basically, before she has the epiphany phase epiphany phase hits a woman at 26 when she realizes her looks can’t compete with younger girls anymore.

And she’s not able to get the highest quality of men anymore when she was previously. She misses those higher quality men, higher quality men being Alpha men who have alpha fitness, alpha thinking, put themselves above everybody else kind of like this alpha selfishness that she’s the bad boys basically, that women are attracted to right. So your desire, leave your husband, he will rule over you and that is God’s curse on women for and ultimately why women have competition anxiety, for example, God’s curse upon women in order to, you know, deal with the Alpha side of their hypergamy which now doesn’t really matter because women are encouraged to engage in open hypergamy within this Babylonian bullshit Western society that we live in. Okay, that too is another issue.

But what curse was given to Adam, and this fits directly with the prophecy in Molokai where it talks about striking the land with utter destruction if there is no masculinity left on the earth, Adam put Eve on a pedestal. She literally cooked him which is basically the female equivalent of raping a man raping a man is not really that big of a deal. Really. raping a woman is a huge deal because it’s psychological damage.

But how do you deal the same level of psychological damage to a man that a woman would suffer if she was raped. And that is by cooking him having sex with a another man, but then also having children with that man. That’s why when a woman cheats on a man, that man goes to that woman is like, he wants all the visceral details where it happened, how it happened, everything he wants all the details, because he’s trying to figure out paternity. He wants to know if that child belongs to him or not.

In the animal kingdom, like for example, lions, if a lion comes in and sea and ends up being with a lioness, and that lioness is with that lion, and she already has children, that line will kill her children basically, because he’s not going to be there for those children. He’s gonna be there for his children, basically. And this happens throughout the animal kingdom. So, so Adam, put Eve on a pedestal and even though she cooked him, he’s like, Oh, I love you anyway, you know, and he listened to her participate with her had sex with her from a beta perspective when he should have actually rejected her because she went to the serpent.

So what did God do? He dealt a curse, but the curse was on an end. The curse was on the ground. The curse was on the earth itself. It produces thistles and rocks and you cursed as the ground Cursed is the earth because of you and by the sweat of your brow, by your toil by your hard work, only then you will eat of it for the rest of your life and then you will die.

And that’s known as the male burden of performance, right? So, in that situation, God was basically complaining to Adam, and punishing Adam, punishing the earth because of Adam, because of a Adams lack of masculinity. Adam put his masculine idealism, use his masculine idealism to put Eve on a pedestal when he shouldn’t have, okay, that’s a problem. That’s a huge problem. He put Eve on a pedestal, he put Eve above God, basically, he wasn’t being masculine, truly masculine, he only was leaning into his beta traits and ignoring his Alpha traits, he lacks self respect, he put this woman on a pedestal and that upset guide.

And instead of punishing him directly, he punished the ground, he punished the earth. What happens if humanity collectively loses its masculinity? Well, I will strike the land with a decree of utter destruction, the earth will be completely annihilated at that point, completely destroyed. So that’s the problem. It’s so interesting that this Malikai verses are the exact final verses of the Old Testament, compared to what happened the very beginning of the Old Testament, which is the story in the Garden of Eden and what Adam basically did to which caused the earth to be cursed.

And then God will curse the earth again, with a decree of utter destruction. Very fascinating, if you think about it. So this is what the upcoming catastrophe actually is. There’ll be a huge war.

Nobody really bad. This is and if you don’t believe or won’t have anything to do with the biblical approach, that’s fine. Go to Strauss and Howe instead and read the book, the fourth turning, it explains it very well in detail, from a very non biblical perspective, using actual data and actual union psychology to back up their claims about the fourth turning, maybe you should pay attention to that, right. So you that ends up becoming an issue.

So does music have a place in the upcoming catastrophe? Of course it does. Why? Because music is actually a way for people to express how they feel, especially with how men express how they feel. Oftentimes, when you listen to music, you can see just how beta that music is. Or in certain cases, you can see how alpha that music is, you can see both sides of a woman’s hypergamy being satisfied by music produced by men.

So of course, music has a place in the upcoming catastrophe. All I would ask is that your music, if you’re producing music, should be around having lyrics or explanation, or at least conveys some kind of support for the return of the mature masculine to the world. Because that’s ultimately what’s going to save the world. A Return of the mature masculine.

That is what’s going to save the world. Prevention of fatherlessness write songs and produce music that does that, to help people realize that there is another way that we can actually have a future that we actually can move forward together as a species and not be enslaved by this bullshit Babylonian society that we exist in right now. And I just explained archetypically you know, using biblical examples, I know that me using biblical examples just pisses everybody off, oftentimes, you know, here on this channel and on the podcast, I get it. It’s a thing.

But I can’t help it because that’s just how I was raised. And I don’t expect you to be a Christian, I don’t expect you to read the Bible. I don’t expect any of that from you. I have no such expectation.

I’m just telling you, this is how I grew up. This is a part of my personal belief system. And part of my worldview, that’s all it is. doesn’t make me any lesser than anyone else.

You know, everyone expects me to respect their belief system, so why not try respecting mine? It’s not like mine is incorrect. As much as your belief systems are not incorrect. You know, it’s just like meet me in the middle here, you know, and just meet me in the middle actually realized that there’s there’s a lot more out there than people realize because archetypes absolutely matter. This is proven in Jung’s Carl Jung’s book Ion iiom.

Read ion. In fact, foresights dynamics the four sides of the mine are entirely derived by the first five chapters of that book ion it is my number one source for the four sides of the mind. You might want to check that out. But the final, the rest of the book is out Actually about archetypes involving, you know, Christian based archetypes and how that can be pretty crazy.

I mean, even Jordan Peterson has said that the scariest book that he ever read was Carl Jung’s ion. Very fascinating. might want to check that out, you know, just on that alone. So, but yes, music absolutely has a place to come.

And it has to be in fact, music can be utilized to prevent the coming catastrophe. Just start telling the truth, use music as a vehicle to help bring back the mature masculine. That way, we all can actually have a future because if anyone was to come up and ask me, Hey, Chase, do you think our children have a future? I would say no. Right now, I would say no, no, we don’t.

Our children do not have a future. And that’s a problem. That’s a huge problem. You know, that’s why I work so hard for this community for the ego hacker community.

I work so hard to bring back mature masculinity, that I try to live as an example of the mature masculine to other people, especially men, but also to women in my life, and on this YouTube channel, and on this podcast, specifically for these reasons, okay. That way our children actually do have a future. Otherwise, the earth that they will inherit is an earth that is cursed with utter destruction. And then we we lose our race, we lose our future, we we lose everything.

This is my vision. This is my vision for the eagle hacker community. This is my vision for the world to bring back mature masculinity because it is written. If the people lack vision, or when people lack a vision, then they perish.

And I’m trying to prevent us from perishing and we are literally on the cusp. Just about to get to the point where this catastrophe could literally cause all of humanity to perish unless we make these changes. So yes, use your music as a vehicle to help me bring back the mature of masculine to help me prevent fatherlessness and whatever capacity you can, because it will be needed. It is how you can contribute to the movement and contribute to what this community is trying to achieve.

So Alright folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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