Can an INTJ Use Vainglory For Success? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph answers the Acolyte question can INTJ use vainglory for success?


Hey what’s up ego hackers? Welcome to CS justice podcast. Today’s episode, we’re gonna be discussing Vainglory and INTJ is and how can an INTJ use Vainglory to basically improve their lives become a peak performer in our life and just improve their own quality of life in general. So I think this is a great opportunity. Great question.

Happy to answer it. And wow, the wind is just completely out of control. Let’s see if the microphone can hold up to this recording. We’ll see.

Anyway, so Vainglory. SIBO INTJ is foger. First though, INTJs are known as the wayfare Bhadra. They share a weight bear with ESFPs ENTJss and ISFPs.

Really enjoy wait. They’re also known as gamma Quadra as Chris loves to continue calling them gamma Quadra. But yes, they are the Gamma Quadrant. And gamma Quadra is all about prestige and seeking out writer in life.

They’re like treasure hunters, they’re basically pirates. Let’s be honest, people are pirates, they behave like pirates in the context of their life, and then as a result of being art, like, you know, because, you know, I, I’m a crusader. So I’m basically a ninja, right? And Crusaders are made for wayfarers. So pirates and ninjas actually go together, let’s be straight, you know.

But the situation is, is that like, when it comes down to it, at the end of the day, like to them is about gaining and gathering as much treasure up for themselves and then figuring out who to share it with, right. But the difference is, is that like, if you’re gonna look at from a temporal exploration point of view, psychologically speaking, INTJ is are different, especially from E and TJ is an ISFP is because they’re in the body, Temple, body, Temple is all about legacy. And like the treasure that they gather up in themselves is all about, you know, promoting their legacy. Ultimately, it’s all it’s about.

It’s about, you know, acquiring treasure or using treasure. Acquiring treasure could be like their life purpose for a little bit. But most of the time is actually about acquiring treasure to use that treasure, in order to create their for see their life purpose through. And that’s an E INTJ ISFP approach INTJ waiters are a little bit different, they gather a treasure for themselves, because of what they are looking for what they are seeking for in their life, which is known as reference is the cognitive origin.

Notice reference reference is also known as a deep respect. They want to have deep respect for themselves, they want to feel good of themselves feel good, like they want to feel so worthy, that they respect themselves. They have a deep respect for themselves, but they also want to have a deep respect from other people in their life, basically. So it’s one or the other.

It’s in effect, it’s both right. They want to have internalization and externalization of reverence or deep respect or life and INTJ is utilized treasure from being a Wayfair to actually make this happen. However, oftentimes INTJ’s end up using their deadly sin of Vainglory and vanity in order to gain that deep respect or that reverence that they’re seeking the most for in their life basically, constantly going in that direction. Clients like like bear the people who will literally purchase a Bugatti because they believe people will regard them in more I respect them more.

And kind of seems like a shallow thing. That’s why INTJs are actually the shallowest of the 16 types because they use the accolades, the accolades, the power, the accolades of respect the accolades of treasure, basically, and use it and leverage it to gain more deep respect from other people. That’s not exactly the best situation for them to be in. Not always at least enough to adjust the camera here.

Hopefully it sounds safe sound. Gosh, that’s ridiculous. But you know, it’s what I get for filming the nature. Korean nature I mean, why not? Like, do r&b And some like stuffy office I couldn’t imagine being like role too.

Mostly on his pat down his podcast, this recording there, you know, in his little soundproof studio, really committed to like audio quality and visual quality and all this and that, like, yeah, those things are nice, but like, can’t you can’t replace nature can’t do it, I’d rather be out in the sun, give me some vitamin D, you know what I’m saying? Live in my life, not having to deal with all, you know, I don’t want to be like cooped up in some artificial light bullshit, you know, but whatever it is what it is. So how does an INTJ actually use Vainglory to increase their performance? Because here’s the thing, like Vainglory can be augmented in such a way for gathering up for themselves treasure, like any way for what banglori can be used as a like an internal need a source of motivation that an INTJ could use, source of motivation that an INTJ could use to basically position themselves better in their life, to gain that deep respect, basically. And they want that reference so bad, but how are they even motivated to get out of bed to do it. So they oftentimes due to the lack of reverence in life, they cover it up way, increasing their vanity, and they increase their vanity by potentially gaining treasure, or going out of their way to gain as many achievements or certifications or different levels, etc.

So they could finally say, I have arrived. Because ultimately, nirvana for them is, for others have a deep respect for them, as well as a deep respect for themselves that ultimately is Nirvana to an INTJ. And it’s really only INTJ in the world that actually behave like they can actually arrive at a certain level that they actually think they can arrive. There’s no such thing as arriving.

But why else? Do you think that the Buddha himself who created Buddhism is also an INTJ? It’s all about arriving right? At Nirvana, right? Or is it really actually being on a consistent journey to Nirvana on a regular basis? Maybe that was his actual argument, you know, as an INTJ? Who knows? But the reality of the situation is, it’s like, how? How do you deal with that? You know, vanity. Vanity is entirely necessary, like, do you if you look at the Buddha, is a great example, started out in his life being completely vain. He had everything given to him as a prince, because he is a prince, but he spends the rest of his other life going to heart other extreme, assuming mega modesty, you might like to the point of even becoming too modest, he was a very imbalanced individual, you know, and that’s why he preached so much about balance, because he realized how imbalanced he actually was going heart extremes of vanity. And one thing and then doing the heart extreme of modesty on the other side, as he’s trying to deal with the fact that he just really at the end of the day wanted reference, but he never actually could describe for himself, that having deep respect for self and deep respect from others, towards himself, was everything that he had ever wanted me to just had, that he would have been happy.

That’s what he was seeking in his life. But no, he had to go in the extremes, the deadly sin, the living virtue. But regardless, you know, he is the example of the opposite. You know, he’s the opposite of using Vainglory to gain reference, he used modesty in his in his way in his life, and his belief system that he preached that he taught in order to gain deep respect from other people.

That was ultimately the direction that he took it. But, you know, nowadays in Western society, the typical INTJ oftentimes just goes out of their way to use their vanity, to gain a lot of treasure, to gain a lot of loyalty to gain a lot of achievements, or levels or to arrive at certain things. Why? Because by gaining all these fame, things that don’t actually matter, it’s motivation to gain those things do for self improvement, so they can ultimately gain what they really want, which is reference, which is that deep respect that deep regard, they won’t have that reference, they won’t have that deep regard. I actually happens there.

So situations like that, you just got to realize like, Okay, is it really worth it? Well, it can be, because here’s the thing, like, every INTJ knows that. No one’s just going to give them regard if they’re average, they have to constantly become above average. And this is how Vainglory as a deadly sin motivates them to get out of bed every single day and actually start a team Keeping things because then that level of self improvement will bring them above the rest, it will make them above average, right, and then they will be treated as if they’re above average. That’s one of the reasons why they’re often seen as people who are obsessed with being perfect.

Because by seeking perfection, they know that they will rise above the average. And that’s all it is, they want to be above average, so that people regard them so people revere them, so they can revere themselves, an INTJ can’t live with themselves, knowing that they are at their average or below average. And even after a while of being above average, above average is not good enough for them. So they have to go in a completely different direction, they have to keep going, they have to keep achieving.

And while a lot of the achievements that they seek, are ultimately vain, and done so in vain. Those achievements ultimately end up leading to self improvement, such as how banglori can actually benefit an INTJ in the long run, ultimately, it is possible, it is definitely a thing. As long as they keep achieving as long as they stay motivated, doesn’t matter how fade the achievement is. If the net result is self improvement, then what could the problem actually be? Why not? Why not achieve it? If I can do it, why not achieve it? I will achieve it.

So that’s that’s that’s the main point folks. Anyway, if you if you want answers to your questions, become an acolyte member forward slash members upgrade from journeyman and I will turn your questions into video responses and episodes on the podcast, also on YouTube. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys tonight on Discord.


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