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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question can an INTJ make a good social worker?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. As always welcome to the sunshine taking my white ass outside and get some vitamin D. Rumor has it whiter skin you are, the faster you collect vitamin D from the sun, which I find is absolutely fascinating.

Because that would make sense since people who are typically white colored they like living in the north where of the earth northern hemisphere where there isn’t very much or as much sunshine. So cool. Nice to know that evolution and adaptation is still ultimately benefiting me as a person. God knows I love me some vitamin D.

So yeah, my vitamin D succession here to answer your questions. And today’s question we have, how can an INTJ succeed at being a social worker? Let’s be honest, this is a very odd question. It’s not expected to expect him to ever answer this question. So, because to me, this question is so silly and ridiculous.

I actually kind of believe that there’s a chance that maybe the person who asked it maybe they are an INTJ, maybe they’re not an INTJ? Or maybe they’re trying to figure out what’s a good career for them. But if they really are an INTJ, studying to be a social worker, I mean, like, Wow, way to just invest in your super ego hardcore, your is FJ super ego. And I’m just like, really? That’s the thing? Really, it’s just so weird to me. So weird.

I’m going to answer this question in the best of my ability. Without, you know, mocking the entire idea. Of course, that may happen because he is FP super ego, I probably won’t be able to help myself. Because if I was an INTJ, who was working as a social worker, every one of my clients, I just be like, hey, you know, here’s the whole system, here’s the entire system that I’m aware of.

But here’s how you can take advantage of this system. You know what I’m saying? Total total advantage advantage taking the system like seriously? Because yeah, that’s the Frank avek nail approach, you know, like that movie, Catch Me If You Can Use an INTJ took advantage of the banking system and how they do checks. Given the greatest step, paper hanger in history, terms of check fraud. It’s like, yeah, there’s an INTJ social worker be like, Hey, here’s all these amazing free things, you get all these benefits and like, you know, the INTJ social worker be all about helping out every single one of them freeloaders, right, because maybe I can’t help myself.

But Mike The Situation, but it’s just really weird to me. Like entirely weird. I just, I’ve never met an INTJ social worker in my entire life. I mean, sure.

Like if they had like unlimited sympathy from their FYI, Child’s I mean, sure, maybe it’s possible by Nt J’s, or triple pragmatic. It’s not exactly a career that they just wake up in the morning and be like, Yes, I’m going to be a social worker. You know, I could just see it now, you know, going to go into we go into the office here, social worker taking calls deal with everyone’s problems. And your Fe Trickster is just like, yeah, not sure what the social protocol is not sure you know how to make people feel better.

But hey, at least I can be there to help them take advantage of the system. Like, hey, here’s all the free stuff you can get. Here’s how you make it look like how you can qualify for it. Even though you probably don’t qualify, but you can make yourself look like you qualify for it.

Which is kind of like you know, hey, you know, you could qualify for free health care here, here. Help me help you get on welfare or something. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just being really stereotypical right now.

But like, if an INTJ really, really desire to be a social worker, do I can I say with confidence that they’re going to be successful at it? Not really. I mean, they’ll think like, oh, yeah, it’s really good money, really good benefits, really good retirement, but are i is TJs really going to like live their lives like that? No. I don’t think so. Unless, of course, they had like a side gig or a side hustle, show up to the office to pull out their phone.

But no one’s looking at checking all their investments and whatnot, checking their Kryptos. And then, you know, like, oh, yeah, you know, this is just a means to an end me being a social worker. As soon as I got my business up off the ground, I am out of here. And then on my way, I’ll tell everyone eff off, you know, okay, I can see that.

That’s more that’s more practical for me, you know, believing an INTJ is a social worker in that situation. Maybe he was his INTJ. Or she, he she designed TJ was like, oh, yeah, you know, I end up going to school did had no clue what I wanted to be. So I don’t know, I just happen to have all the credits and everything.

And it’s just easier for me to become a social worker. So, okay, yeah, okay, I can definitely see that. The INTJ taken all the shortcuts in life and be like, Hey, I already have the credit for it, man, as well become a social worker, you know? Because it’s easy. It’s right there.

It’s low hanging fruit, you know, I’ll be able to make the money that I need to get my real, the real thing I want to do as it’s like a stepping stone. Okay. And that scenario? Absolutely. I could see an INTJ becoming a social worker.

Definitely. Or if they were planning on being some kind of fraudster, like Frank, Abigail to to learn the system and see how they could take advantage of the welfare system. Okay. Yeah, sure.

I could see how INTJ being a social worker in that perspective as well. reminds me that joke, you know, it’s where it’s like, okay. You know, you might not be an INTJ if you are a social worker, you know, those interesting dad jokes and the Larry the Cable Guy days or the Bill Engvall days, or the Jeff Foxworthy days, you know, you might not be you know, so who knows? Who? Who knows. But hey, you know, INTJ being a social worker, that’s really actually what they wanted to do, for some reason? How would they be able to do it? Oh, my God.

Well, the chance for failure is like insanely high like 80% for four out of five chance of failure. Like that pragmatism like, are they really gonna go home be like, Yeah, I feel really good about myself, because I helped all these people. No, not really. Hey, this is an INFJ.

Yeah, sure. Definitely. an INTJ. I think I feel a little achievement board at home.

You know, it’s like, there’s right there on the wall. And they’re writing down all the names of every person that they’ve helped and how they did really something, something really great in the world. I just thought seeing it. What exactly says to a wayfare, who’s all about collecting treasure and life and then figure out who to share that treasure with? You know, social work does not exactly equate to treasure to me most they’re very well paid or overpaid.

Maybe there’s a chance that I have no idea. But I’ve just, I’m just just not seeing it. I’m just not seeing it at all. Like INTJ is there already super rare one out of every 100 people so it has to be on this planet.

And then those very rare people, they they literally want to go out of their way while they’re triple pragmatic triple movement. They want to be a social worker. Really. It’s just it’s just boggles my mind.

I am. I am dumbfounded right now. I’m so dumbfounded. I could probably like not even answer this question.

I’m so dumbfounded. Okay, yeah, sure. Mr. CS.

Joseph, you shouldn’t be all about them stereotypes when it comes to types. You’re absolutely right. I shouldn’t be. But it’s something I’ve never observed.

It’s something I’ve never experienced. It’s something I’ve never even heard of. I could be wrong. Anything is possible, right? I could be wrong, but I’m just like, what? Really? No, no, no.

I mean, could you imagine being there in the affiliative environment of a social work office, and then like, every now and then you break the rules for the sake of your clients, because you’re tripled, pragmatic, and who cares about rules. I mean, unless the INTJ has been like, heavily abused in their life, and they’re trying to go out of the way to give other people a better experience. So they don’t have the same experiences they had. But that’s more en TPH that’s not as INTJ so unless they’re very ESTP shadow focus on the edge of going into their super ego every now and then maybe I can see it.

So I mean, I guess you know, like, develop your Fe trickster super quick and start developing the social rules. Learn how to hack the system, or other systems that you as a social worker would be familiar with, for the betterment of your clients. Problem is like, really helping your clients you know, I Is it really helping them? Do you even know that they’re Effie trickster even know that like when it comes to their child cases or when it comes to welfare cases? You know, and I’m not here to beg of social workers, social workers are very important. Social workers are necessary.

But as an INTJ, really the best person for the job is FJ will be a much better person for the job or an ESFJ. Just FJ’s in general will be a better person, an adult, even NFPs would be a better person for the job. But why why an INTJ? Do I really think that they’d succeed? No. Maybe they burn out quick.

I think they’d probably be alienated, not liked by their bosses, they’d be passed up for promotion. I think it’d be a huge disaster for the INTJ. So yeah, not my recommendation. Definitely not recommended.

I mean, you’d have to literally be a fake person, no one would accept you for who you really are, in a social working work environment, your clients to like, they’d be like, I’m not entirely sure you have what it takes to be a social worker right now. Now, yes, a feast could definitely pull it off, I think so they could pull it off. But INTJ not really seeing that, you know, direct triple movement, triple pragmatic, se trickster at the same time, like you’re only able to create or help people navigate a system, but you’re gonna be hated by your co workers passed up for promotion consistently. You know, it’s just kind of ridiculous to me, you know, I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

I just don’t see it’s gonna happen. So yeah, probably not the best answer that I could provide to this question. Other than just like run for the hills, you don’t want to be a social worker as an INTJ? Unless, of course, like it’s a stepping stone into something else. But why would you invest so much time, effort, money, and attention and desire and training to become a social worker as an INTJ? I just don’t understand why.

Anyway, hopefully that had some value. Because I’m not entirely sure that is a I always just just kind of seemed like a silly question. So I guess I gave a silly answer. So hopefully, it was valuable.

I really hope so. I probably wasn’t, but I’m, I’m literally like shooting from the hip here. And I’m just like, that moment you guys get to see CS Joseph just be like, I have giant question marks over my head, because I’m not entirely sure how I could answer this question. Really, the only actual true answer I could give is, don’t be a social worker.

Don’t invest your time, money and your career into that. If you’re an INTJ. Maybe if you’re not really an INTJ, then maybe social work is for you. But you’d have to verify your type.

But if you’re already verified, honestly, go for a different career, like data science. That’d be far more meaningful to an INTJ. Anyway, thanks for watching, folks. And I’ll see you guys tonight.



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