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Welcome to CS just response. I’m your host chase here to answer your questions on any topic, union analytical psychology, or the four sides of the mind also known as four sides dynamics. Today’s question is, can a person have both INFJ and ENFJ test results? And the source of today’s question is, as usual, Cora. So let’s take a look at this question right now.

Here it is on Quora. And we have Rachel Green INFJ dot info author how to understand yourself and be understood. Her answer goes like this. If someone thinks this they are imagining that the INFJ and ENFP are very similar and very simply an extroverted or introverted difference, but this is not the case.

Awesome. There are no cognitive functions in the same position for INFJ an ENFJ. Yes, she definitely knows what she’s talking about. This is an excellent answer.

She goes on for this a cognitive functions for INFJ or this and she actually lists out what they are. The stress reactions are quite different. This is an interesting standpoint. You know, NF J’s do have the same cognitive functions they’re in a different order is the point she’s trying to make the driver personality is quite different, was most likely to cause ENFJ INFJ confusion is that INFJs can be taken for experts because they have extraverted, feeling Fe at a skill level as their auxilary which means they can engage easily with people and often get mistaken for an extrovert, Amy, one of my other INFJ contributors in my books as the same thing happens, calling her and it annoys her.

Wow, very well said Rachel. However, even though we may be mistaken for extroverts, we aren’t after why the INFJ gets drained needs to retreat, assaulted, recover, the ENFJ does not have the same reaction as far more likely to keep partying. Very well said Miss Greene, thank you for your awesome answer. And then we have Phil Perez connoisseur and MBTI who says no, they cannot People may mistake this because of specific stereotypes.

They’re similar with different personality types of well said. And FJ at the same functions just in a slightly different order. Very well said. While these answers are excellent, it’s easy to assume people can casually switch personalities due to a vague understanding of the functions.

They’re supposed to be in order. There’s a lot more difficult when you don’t know the person well enough to know when they enact a trait. And at what moment, this is especially important in the functions diet plays an important role. The Dominant function will come out naturally.

The more you notices, the easier will be to figure out what type of person is if you cannot, and you believe there is a balance of the dominant ancillary functions that it’s critical. You assess at what moments they happen. Well said. Whatever function comes out first, in this moment, whether it’s and IRFA will surely tell you they’re tight.

I slightly disagree with Mr. Perez here. While he is saying the truth. The problem is is that sometimes people’s auxiliary function also known as the parent function, can be underdeveloped.

And when it is underdeveloped, it’s usually the child function that ends up coming up next, Dave superpowers on YouTube calls this the jumper effect I call this underdeveloped parent function. But it’s still basically the same concept. So please look into that it’s just underdeveloped parent functions. If you want to learn more about that, check out season 19 or season 22 playlists on my YouTube channel, my other YouTube channel, not this one.

So an INFJ live a more secretive temperament to the fact they prefer the concealer thoughts and ideas until I’ve realized a good opportunity to reel them as they don’t want to be unsure of themselves. Ever. Well said this guy has a handle on things NFJ will have much more bubbly personality, very welcoming and collective beliefs such as making a lot of friends, always trying to help others and overall making the world a better place by sharing peace and happiness. Well said both types have flaws and strengths.

So the sooner you study both types, the easier it will be to understand what type someone is instead of taking the test online or with a professional. Okay, overall, I could see why those answers are the best answers relating to this question. But to really add my take on it, kind of person at both INFJ and ENFJ. I agree with Rachel Green and Mr.

Phil Perez? Absolutely not. The thing is, is that most people need to realize that the MBTI letter dichotomies, there is this incorrect way of approaching them. Personally I abandoned I completely abandoned the MBTI letter dichotomies and actually made a video about this called the MBTI letter dichotomies debunked and i i actually proved that they’re basically worthless. When you’re using another type someone, and most people when they type something, they just look at a person like oh, he sees more i seems more and he seems more te sees more j.

So he’s an INTJ. And it’s just like, No, and in fact, I actually used to type people this way using the letter dichotomy system until which like, my mentor, found out whatever was doing and then publicly destroyed me, basically in front of a bunch of people, like in a high rise building in downtown Bellevue, Washington, exposing my cognitive functions to them, and also the type grade and explain to me that I was not who I claimed I was and had no idea what I was talking about. Well, guess what? He was absolutely right. And it was a very humbling experience.

That being said, though, I finally was confronted with the fact that the MBTI letter dichotomies are not actually accurate, and they’re total bunk at this point. So let’s look at it in a different way, according to the type grid, you also, you know, I get these folks here talking about cognitive functions, that’s amazing. But typing somebody via cognitive functions is not accurate. And the reason why a person can’t be both an INFJ one moment, and ENFJ.

The next is because they’re not actually transitioning from an INFJ to ENFJ, or from ENFJ to INFJ. They’re actually transitioning from like, if they’re an INFJ, they be trans, they will transition to an ESTP and an ESTP, as the same exact functions as NF J’s. Again, it’s just a different order, in fact, to an INFJ is four functions, they’re just flipped upside down, and boom, they become an ESTP. It’s called inversing, or inverse theory, look it up.

But it is the subconscious, right. So when an INFJ is extroverted, they go into their ESTP subconscious, they can also do it in their ENFP shadow, but it’s almost always typically in their ESTP subconscious. Conversely, when an ion and when an ENFJ is in an introverted situation, they may go into their INFP unconscious, or they are more likely to go into their ISTP, subconscious. Basically, these are known as cognitive transitions.

If you want to learn more about cognitive transitions, go to my other YouTube channel at CS Joseph and check out season 22, where I talk about the cognitive transitions on a regular basis and actually explain how they work and why they work, etc. So I’m actually gonna be doing an INTJ lecture today on that subject matter. But But yeah, it’s really just cognitive functions. And a lot of people just don’t understand that you have four sides of your mind, you know, these people are focusing on like, maybe up to four or eight cognitive functions in their answers.

The reality situation is you have more like 16 cognitive functions, or four times 16 cognitive functions, actually, depending on what position in your mind, you actually are using your cognitive functions. It’s like a giant Rubik’s Cube. Like it’s huge, right? Different cognitive functions with different roles, different attitudes to some different placements, etc. But it’s all from the perspective of where you are in your mind.

Which which persona Are you inhabiting at that point in time? This is like where the little the the trope of like having an angel or the demon sitting on your shoulders, whispering in your ears, et cetera, right? Those, that trope basically is just like, you know, well, part of me is this way, but another side of me is like this. And it’s like this, because you’re aware of the different sides of your mind. That’s where that comes from. Right.

And you have four of them ego, subconscious, unconscious, and super ego, all four of these sides of your mind, and they play out in these different ways. And they have different roles and responsibilities, etc. And, you know, when depending on when you’re introverted or extroverted, you will go into a different side of your mind to facilitate getting past an obstacle or performing a task or, or doing some kind of action of some kind, or making a decision or doing some research or maybe you’re perceiving something, etc. Gathering up information, making decisions on the information you’ve gathered, all of these things count.

All of these things matter. But But the bottom line is, there’s no such thing as like an a person be both an INFJ or an ENFJ. It’s completely inaccurate. It’s not true, as the answer is flamboyantly.

No, this whole thing like, oh, you know, I’m intp today, but sometimes AI experts are that Mr. E. intp. is like, No, you’re actually saying that you’re more en TJ or you’re more ESF j if you are an intp at that standpoint.

So anyway, this is basic four sides of the mind. A lot of people don’t realize that we have four sides, the mind but that’s basically how it goes. That’s you know, and that’s why the CSJ community is committed to enlightening people about the Type grid and the four sides of the mind and typing people accurately that way instead of relying on the failed MBTI letter dichotomy system. This is why people like Tai Lopez out there think the hexaco test is actually worth a shit when the reality situation is it’s it’s not.

It’s terrible, just as bad as just as much as the Big Five test is also terrible. or even a dark triad tests like, Well, yeah, well, these percentages and these ranges, which is just literally nothing more than the Barnum effect if you can think about it. So anyway. Hopefully that answers your question.

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And with all that being said, Folks, I’ll see you guys tonight

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