Be the Envious King, ENTPs! | CS Joseph Responds


Be the Envious King, ENTPs! CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question, how can an ENTP produce more than they consume?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. And today’s episode, we’re gonna be talking about en teepees and how can an entp produce more than they consume? Which I believe the source of this question while this from an acolyte members is an accurate member who has recently become fascinated with the idea of King energy from the King archetype, the king archetype is talked about in the two books King warrior magician, lover, by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, as well as the king within by the same authors as well. I highly, highly recommend that anyone, regardless of your biological gender, making sure that you read these books as soon as possible to get an idea of just how men and masculinity kind of works intrinsically based on these different male energies from a union analytical psychology perspective. So but so yeah, so producing more than one consumes, it’s basically a principle that is derived out of King energy, the king archetype.

And the king energy is all about a man being generative in his life, it’s not necessarily about money, per se. It’s more about the man’s capability to to produce more than he consumes, but also making sure that he always ensures that he is producing more than he consumes, that is the entire point of King energy. It’s like having a kingdom, and knowing that you are responsible for everything within that kingdom, as a man, because every man out there is technically a king, to a point, basically, a king over his woman, a King over His children, a king over their women and their children, etc. He is the king of his family, and eventually his tribe, maybe even potentially his community, maybe his county or municipality, or perhaps also city, state country, who knows.

But within each of these different approaches, it’s very necessary. So yeah, like, understanding that, you know, the king is there he is there to produce basically, and a productive King means that his loyal subjects are remain loyal and are very happy to be within his kingdom, a king also has the burden of not being able to leave his kingdom. That’s something very important that a lot of people do not discuss about King energy. Like, for example, if you’re going to look at Native American chiefs, for example, there, the chief is never allowed to leave the village, they leave the village, then they do not leave the building.

If they did leave the village, the village would ultimately crumble and fail as we know it. And that would suck big time. So the chief can’t exactly leave. Now, the shaman, however, travels from village to village, and may actually even have a higher level of authority than the chief, but his authority and power actually comes from influence and not actually any real power, which is what the chief is able to wield.

And the only reason why the chief is able to wield in that regard is that he is able to produce more than he consumes. And as much as like, obviously, there’s the warrior energy, the magician energy as well, when it comes to being a man. But at the end of the day, none of those things matter if a man cannot do the basic thing of producing more than he consumes. So that’s why it’s so so important.

So what’s an intp? To do? Because NTPs are basically, let’s be honest, really weak, pretty worthless, pretty dependent, especially when they are young, to the point of like, causing so many other people, especially STPs, to point out that and expose that weakness within them, thinking that they’re doing these NTPs a favor, and that’s going to make them stronger, when in reality, that’s not exactly always the case. It’s actually very rarely the case. And as a result of that the intp is due to Introverted Sensing inferior have to struggle with an internalized a weakness for the majority of their life or at least 1/3 of their life at best. Basically, an intp man can’t really start coming into his own strength until he’s basically in his 30s at least statistically amongst typical men now, he was like a super high value man just going for what he wants early in life and learned all these lessons as soon as possible, then obviously that would be a lot sooner, you know, and I’ve noticed that NTPs within the ego hacker community actually been able to accelerate their growth and accelerate their life because of their involvement in the ego hacker community on a regular basis.

So such that like, lessons that I’m learning now, as a 35 year old, they are able to learn in their early 20s, basically, because one of the reasons why I do what I do is because I do not want people especially en TPS, fellow en teepees to suffer what I have suffered in my youth. So they can completely have the opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes, like you know, my mistakes and the mistakes other people have caused, which has caused me suffering in my life that I’ve also learned from as well. And as a result, they have an opportunity to prevent that. So those preventative measures are in place and then they have an opportunity to have a better life basically, which is great.

It’s great, that opportunity exists and we’re going to continue to maintain that opportunity within the community basically. So how does how can any NCP produce more than consume? Well, it’s really goes back down to the temporal analysis, temporal exploration with en TPS that ESTP deadly sin is known as envy and envy is a great source of pain and suffering for en TPS, you can see a lot of it. In you know, the words of Andrew Tate’s are the words of Malcolm X, the words of Benjamin Franklin, the words of Socrates, etc. The words of Solomon, King Solomon, as well, all of these gentlemen are EMTB, the words of Kevin Samuels as well.

And as a result of these various EFTPS, they have been able to utilize their deadly sin of envy, to kind of transmute their suffering into success, you know, from like an alchemical point of view, an internalized alchemical metaphysical point of view. I’m not trying to like sound like an occultist when I say that, but but the point is, is that, like, envy, often times, especially to a young intp, can be entirely crippling and, and what it really comes from is when an intp just has this point of view, where it’s like, okay, yeah, I see other people who are way more successful than I am. But I know that I’m putting in more effort and more hard work than they are, and I’m getting less out of it, than what I put in. And that can be extremely debilitating.

It’d be very depressing. Because from the NTPs point of view, it’s like, why bother, then it you just end up? You end up giving up on life? Because it’s like, it doesn’t matter how much effort or hard work I do. I don’t get anything out of it. It’s like, my life is cursed.

And the definition of a curse is when you get less out of something than what you put in. That is a curse, right? It’s kind of like playing the slots, the slots, slot games of gambling slots. That is a curse. And for all you ISFPs out there who upset or are obsessed with playing slots, I have no choice but to laugh at you and mark you with as you’re sitting at your favorite lucky machine at the casino.

I mean, come on. You’re just literally sitting there pressing a button, hoping that’s all you’re doing. Congratulations. You’re playing yourself not and the machine is playing you you’re not playing the machine.

That’s the reality. So like, seriously, watch out for that, you know, EMTP deadly sin envy can be that crippling, but then it can be turned into a superpower and an anti peace ability to turn their envy into motivation and take it from this debilitating, depressing curse force and turn it into a blessing is literally the difference between a low value NTP and a high value e NTP, man, the EMTP man who was able to do this is the ESTP man who can actually gain for himself great power, even great majesty, within his life, he will literally be the majestic dNTP because he’s able to turn his envy into motivation, right? So that’s, that’s kind of like the point, right? You have to learn how to healthily or healthfully lean in to your envy. And it ends up becoming the EMTP source of power. And it’s also the source of motivation.

So ultimately use it. You know, some people would argue that compassion is actually the ESTP source of power. No, it’s not. It’s really not compassion isn’t because like, for example, I am an unconscious developed unconscious focused e intp.

Myself, but the thing is, is that my level of compassion is limited. And it’s limited based on how much I’ve suffered in my life. So if I, the more I suffer, the more potential for compassion I have, the less I stuff are the more comfortable I am the way less compassionate I am. And a lot of people don’t understand this inverse relationship between compassion and suffering, right? So in order for me and I’m speaking for myself there as a UD us II intp, unconscious, develop unconscious focus from an octave grand point of view.

I’m speaking I’m speaking for myself when I say this, but like, at the end of the day, it’s really just important to know that compassion has its limits. And it’s not really what separates the men from the boys in terms of anti peace. It’s really actually how they utilize their deadly sin. Are they changing the utilizing their envy, the deadly sin of envy in a way where they are walking the path and motivated to walk the path of self improvement? Walk the path of discipline, you know, just like Jocko willing says discipline equals freedom.

He’s absolutely right about that. self discipline is ultimately the key. And, you know, self discipline is ultimately that thing that helps guide the motivation of an ESTP for success. So as a result, I would have to recommend to NTPs who are trying to learn how to produce more than they consume, to actually lean in onto their envy.

Go out of your way to put yourself you know, around people that you basically want what they have they and put yourself around other successful people so that you like hope that you know their successes rub off on you or something to that point, but basically see what others have and put in your effort in order to acquire what you want. You just got to lean into your envy, you have to allow yourself to be envious, but you don’t do it in such a way where it becomes something that causes you to hate other people and to hate other people’s success. You want to actually utilize other people’s representations of success as something that you can absorb and utilize yourself kind of like every child being a extrovert feeling child being a feelings vampire, and sucking up the principles of other people. You should go find the people who are successful and learn their principles with your accurate feeling child and utilize their principles for success for yourself.

This is like basically what Tony Robbins expert feeling critic did when he went and interviewed a bunch of successful people to find out what made them successful. And then he shared those secrets and sold those secrets for money to other people and that’s how he himself got successful. Right that’s that’s the entire point of it, right? Another way of lending a really good funny way to see an ENT to be leaning in on their on their envy would be Ryan Reynolds portrayal of the character of Deadpool and Deadpool had in the first Deadpool film had a catchphrase called maximum effort. And maximum effort is great, but if it’s not put in the right place, the ETV is not really gonna be able to go anywhere.

And if you are around other people who are successful, and you’re really working your Extraverted Feeling child to mine out their principles for success, knowing that principles for success is exactly what will allow you to put your maximum effort into the right place. That way, you’re not that typical ESTP who’s super envious of other people because the NTP is putting in more effort than everybody else. But NTP is nothing more than a rocking horse, you know, a lot of movement with going nowhere, basically. And that’s the problem with envy is that the intp sometimes lack the self awareness to know that they are on that rocking horse going nowhere.

And because of that, they are not actually able to, to meet the you know, the requirement of producing more than they can soom or they are not even able to actually meet that success at all. Literally not able to eat that success, because their effort has been put in the wrong place. There they are in that rocking horse, that’s that movie going nowhere. They have to learn how to put it in the right place.

And the only way to do that is if they have the principles from success. This is why like, for example DNTPs I recommend that they read Ray Dalio, his book principles. They also I recommend they read every book written by Robert Greene because he talks about principles, especially the book The 50th law, which as Robert Greene entity said both of them are FIU sirs, talking about principles and how principles are necessary for success and DNTPs have the weakness of FYI trickster which means because of if I trickster they don’t know where to put where where to put their effort, what what is a valuable thing to invest their effort into basically. And that’s ultimately why they’re spinning their wheels which causes them to be more envious of other people, which causes them to be more hateful of other people who are successful around them that that is the cause, right? So again, you have to lean in your envy.

And by leaning in your envy surround yourself with successful people use your extroverted feeling child for what it’s actually supposed to be using who use for which is gathering up principles of success from other people, so that you know where to put your By Introverted Sensing aspirational maximum effort into properly where you know how to invest your effort properly, and then you’ll be successful. However, along the way, you will encounter various trials tribulations, that’s a little Christianese for you, as well as obstacles in your life. And using using a biblical, biblical approach, you know, if you have faith, the size of a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain, aka the obstacle of life, to get out of your way, and it will move for you. So it’s like the power to move mountains having faith, it’s the power to move mountains.

But also, you can say to the mulberry tree Be thou removed and cast in the sea and it will be uprooted. Basically, the mulberry tree is interesting because mulberry tree, it can only survive or wrapping its roots around other healthy trees. And it’s like this parasitic tree, basically, and this mulberry tree is producing bad fruit, bad consequences, bad actions in your life, and the healthy trees that are producing good fruit and good actions in your life that are not there. And that’s because it is the tree of bitterness, right? And bitterness is ultimately the end result of envy that is not properly channeled towards using it for personal motivation and finding out principles of success from others.

That’s literally the difference, right? That’s what you have to avoid. And when you can sometimes feel sapped by this mulberry tree in your life where you end up losing motivation. You were on the right track, you were getting those principles. But then these more of these these obstacles are in the way these mountains you have to claim or these hidden things, hidden things like bitter roots within your soul for example, or, or hidden enemies that you don’t even know that are sapping your energy and losing motivation, right? So what do you do? Well, guess what, you need to put yourself near the things or the people that you are envious of the most, you need to continue to refill your envy.

And when I say lean into your envy, I mean lean into it hard. literally put yourself in a situation where you are just so hateful of everyone else around you, because of all their success. And you realize how much of a loser you actually are because you’re automatically comparing yourself to everyone around you, because you’re an envious EDP, basically. And you feel that pain and that pain becomes this burning fire within.

And it’s the call of the heart tempo with the entered intuition, great fire of the heart temple to produce passion. And then you can turn that passion into motivation, and all of a sudden become self motivated again, so you have to actually put yourself close to the objects that cause you the most pain, I remember being like 300 pounds. And then like one of the ways that I would actually motivate myself to keep losing body fat was to actually go to a beach full of hot babes and men with six packs. And here I was just absolute total loser on the beach, you know, looking at everybody, and surrounding myself by the things that I envy the most basically, from that perspective, and that gave me a ton of motivation to keep going to the gym, and I’d go to the gym every day.

And and then I you know, and then I’d go to the beach and suffer basically every single day. And that’s one of the big things about EFTPS is that EMTP is out of all the 16 types, we really need to learn how to make sure that our suffering does not go to waste, right? We you never let your suffering go to waste every bit of suffering in your life can be utilized to either generate motivation via envy, or it can be utilized to generate wisdom because a person cannot gain wisdom without suffering, that it is impossible for a person to gain wisdom. without suffering. Yeah, you can hear about wisdom.

But it doesn’t mean you can put it into practice. Because you didn’t learn that lesson yourself lessons learned the wisdom from lessons learned aka The moral of the story, the moral of the story from your own life, not someone else’s life is literally where you get that that is the wisdom and it only comes from your own personal suffering. So you have to utilize suffering in a way to continue to make yourself more envious so that you can gain more motivation from that envy, right? Put yourself near the things that make you envious the most. So like for example, fast cars, successful people, beautiful people, capable people, people that are better than you.

You have to constantly surround yourself by people who are better than you and more successful than you in some capacity and then basically follow them and then take their take their principles for success. So one of the reasons why the aspiration poll according to the temple wheels for DNTPs which we just released a article at CS Joseph dot life called Octo gram. Please read that you might want to go check that out. But this is one of the reasons why fanaticism is the aspiration pool where en TPS basically become fans of successful people so that NTPs can learn those the principles Behind those successful people that they are fans of and their success, okay, that’s that’s literally what is happening.

Okay? So also like folks, like, you know, this is an acolyte question if you’re an athlete member, you get to ask me one question per month and I turned it into a video or a podcast episode you guys want to you got please continue to take advantage of that to become an acolyte members CSRS with ally for slash members become a journeyman member get access to all of our premium content. We have years and years of lectures and video content between live lectures, we got over two years of live lectures, we got over two years of cutting edge episodes, we have over. We have so many seasons of premium lectures like yoga and parenting, how to deal with the demon function, what to deal with certain types of piracy, etc. We have the new relationship episodes for season 14, parts two and three.

And we’re working on three right now, but two is already done. You might want to understand those those are like the sexuality episodes, go check that out. They’re all there, the journeyman section, then once become a junior member, upgrade to acolyte from there and act like it’s not not just being able to ask me questions to get videos and episodes out of them, guess what you get coaching credits as well, which is great. And one of the reasons we do this, and why coaching is so spendy is because Well, for one thing, demand is pretty high.

But the other reason is because I would rather have an athlete member get coaching with their credits and have someone purchase coaching outright, because then I don’t have to spend time using the coaching time to educate them on the basic concepts behind the science, right? I would rather it be a much better or a more meaningful interaction in a coaching session based on that, because hey, you know, if you’re gonna pay for a journeyman membership, chances are you’re actually going to watch the content and get educated at least that’s how I see it. So make sure you guys check that out, make sure you guys under stand that all right, it’s, it’s a big deal. So anyway, like I said, make yourselves as NTPs even more envious and then use that to turn it into motivation, as a result that you’ll finally have the ability to produce more than you consume. So NTPs use their E and V basically to be productive, and if they run out of envy, and that usually happens because either obstacles or bitter routes in their life that they can’t see issues that I can’t see.

But it can also be done as a result of self medication, dopamine, video games, pornography, food, like those things will just stop them and, and it’ll just, it does add on even more sources of envy in their life to it, they’ll just make it even worse, technically, something that is completely out of the control. You know, it’s it’s just, it’s just ridiculous, you know, stop committing idolatry and focusing on these things that aren’t actually helping you or actually bring you a benefit whatsoever. It’s just like, you’re continuing to add the curse onto your life. Like, why would you want to do that? Like, that’s dumb.

You know, I had to learn that that was me in my 20s. Gross, horrible, horrible person. So but yeah, you know, as a result of that, like, you know, once once in teepees, like end up being around those successful people, the people, they’re envious, the most unable to harvest the principles for success from those people. Guess what, if you will naturally work harder.

That’s how they’re si goes super aspirational mode, and they’ll be able to outwork everybody, they will be able to out produce everybody. It’s kind of like, you know, Nick Cannon having a 12 child, you know what I’m saying? Like, one day, I’m going to race that guy one day. So but yeah, EFTPS will naturally work even harder to get what they want, which is ultimately their passions, right? And passion comes to that fire. And that fire really does actually come from the envy that they have within and that envy.

You know, it could just be a curse in your life, but you have to learn how to turn it into a blessing. And then as a result, finally, you will be able to produce more than you consume. Anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys on the next episode.


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