Avoid giving ESTP + INFJ the Benefit of the Doubt at Your Peril! | CS Joseph Responds


Avoid giving ESTP + INFJ the Benefit of the Doubt at Your Peril! CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question why do soul temple templars hate not getting the benefit of the doubt? Presented by Samuel Nicodemus, aka Iamanintellectual.


Welcome to theists. Joseph podcast. I’m your host family life. And today, I’m addressing the acolyte question.

Why do ESTP than INFJs? hate not being given the benefit of the doubt? Okay, the episode where csga is like, Hey Sam, you need to like watch the entirety of Star Trek lore decks, if you want to, like get an accurate answer for this episode. Thank you, I just want to clarify that no one absolutely loves not being given the benefit of the doubt, but it’s the difference between like, you kidding me? And you kidding me? That totally fell on the ground. Anyway. Alright, let’s begin with the analysis of the two types.

So ESTP, the nine F js, they are very pessimistic about their own humanity. And them as like human people character thing, it’s soul temple stuff. And, you know, they’re you know, low level FIU. There’s like FYI, critic, and FYI trickster.

So they need like that external valuing from other people as well as, you know, the lack of Introverted Sensing that they are like, not at peace with themselves or as self aware, that kind of stuff. Basically, they aren’t set in stone as people in a more solid way, like me, as an SI child, I’m just like, I’m gonna do me all the time, basically, you know, they don’t have that as much, but part of their own rejection of them. So like, you know, Fe critic, especially, they reject themselves, and they’re kind of projecting that onto other people, like, you know, like, the idea of like, you know, when you think you’re doing a bad job at something like that, and then you don’t address it as like, I think I’m doing a bad job to like, a person, like a manager, or boss or something like that you’re like, sorry, for doing a bad job you like outright say that you’re, you’re outright assuming that you’re doing a bad job, or like the idea of you’re feeling awkward. So you’re assuming everyone feels awkward? And like, no, that can just be you, you know, that this list can go on for miles, but the idea of projecting, you know, they feel themselves that they’re rejecting themselves, and they’re assuming other people are doing it, too.

And it’s like, no, no, bro. No. I mean, I can’t say that for everyone, but it’s especially not true 100% of the time. But what does make these ESTP that INFJs feel? Human? Well, it’s one they proved to someone else, through a concrete action, like something tangible, not like, oh, I intended to best like, they did a thing for another human.

That was good. But of course, due to psychological entropy, this could be you know, for an intuition and extroverted sensing where extra intuition like water, kind of like a slow gradual wash that creates cool things like the Grand Canyon, but in your mind, or expert sensing wherever the wind knocks down a tree, and it’s pretty sudden. But the idea of that psychological entropy is that these concrete actions don’t last long. They kind of decay in your mind that oh, yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a concrete action.

Now it’s time to feel nonhuman again. Starting to of course, go back to rejecting themselves and other people, which is a true crime because ESTP than INFJ should never go lone wolf, you know, they need their wolf pack. But the only way that an ESTP and an INFJ can feel human is when they are given the choice like I’m like, Hey, do you have this chance to prove yourself humane super concrete action, and it needs to be like a regular thing. Sorry, there’s no good cleverly written segue this time.

If you guys want to be coached by Cs Joseph go to see it’s Joseph dot life slash coaching. And you guys can get yourself a coaching session and to really know your type. So you can understand yourself better and potentially understand people better, you know, offset your shortcomings and boost up your strength. All right, back to the video.

Alright, Star Trek lower decks. So Beckett Mariner the main character is an ESTP, sub developed sub focused. She is a clone of the CS Jays wife Railgun and That woman is a queen. But you know, she got a does a lot of the whole extroverted feeling child like, Oh, I’m gonna, you know, be helpful to a lot of people, but also, you know, the TE critic of like, you know, to hell with the rules and lots of that stuff.

But she got into a lot of, you know, problems on the ship, like shenanigans and stuff like that thing of going wrong a lot of the time because she tends to, you know, stray from the main mission. You know, things like, Oh, she started like power washing some wolves, and one of the episodes, and that led to like, some alien, Rune cipher, whatever stuff, and it like, sent out a laser. And it turned like one of the guys into like, this god, that was like, transforming the world and his image, you know, that kind of stuff. But in the last few episodes of season three, there is this journalist that, you know, does journalism and interviews with a lot of the people on the ship, and she was amazed to find out that, you know, all these shenanigans are happening.

And she told the captain about it, the captain is actually the mother of Becca, mariner. And the captain is like a Vainglory type where, you know, it’s like, oh, yeah, it’s my daughter, whatever stuff and like, you know, a lot of that stuff had, like, you know, she did her base authority law, but she doesn’t like go after reputation, if that makes sense. Like, if the mother would like, authority, Title II ISTJ, or INFP, she’d probably be long gone, because that that’s respected authority, but with this journalist, you know, getting the story of like, the shenanigans and stuff like that, and you know, she was gonna write a piece about it, like, it’s, it’s Captain fit to, you know, lead the ship, that’s going after a reputation now, that is where she starts getting like, okay. But she, basically any demons per daughter, where it’s like, she just assumed that, you know, the person telling about this was, you know, her daughter back Mariner, because she’s the one that have the most information on this, but she basically got sent to a different ship, like the lowest level ship, like a GI and like technology from the 70s not like, futuristic 70s, but like, actually our modern 70s And the captain found out that wow, her daughter was the only one that actually gave a good interview with the ship.

So you know, she feels bad and she’s trying to make rights but Becca, Mariner is long gone. She basically joined grave robbers, but like sci fi grave robbers, like stealing artifacts from like sci fi tombs and stuff like that. Luckily, she had the opportunity to show humanity by basically stopping like this AI Star Trek ship from destroying basically everything and she basically did that by gathering a wolf pack basically like she gathered every Star Trek ship that there is to like fight off against this one AI Titan ship. I can’t fully say if all those ships are like her wolf pack, but I know at least like three of them had her homies on it like leading the ships.

So I imagined wolf packs bring the wolf packs. I don’t know. But I’ll count it as wolf packs but yeah, so she saved the day they made things right and we never got a fourth season. Okay, so she had the opportunity to be humane now the need as you know you’re able to help your temple or is your character temple soul temple Templars character soul temple Templars say that 10 times fast what do you need to do? They hate not being given the benefit of the doubt you should give them the benefit of the doubt and you know who does that the best philosopher types more specifically like the wrath oriented philosopher types like you know absolution you know that counterpoint to wrath is about basically absolving, all guilt, all wrongdoings from a person like 100% Forgiveness.

That’s what that’s about. And, you know, if they have their choice taken away, that’s when they prove how he made they are well, You know, that could be several things like I’ll give an INFJ example with my INFJ little sister. Yeah, it’s I live in a house of all Templars. ENFJ.

Mom ISTP dad ESTP brother INFJ sister. None of them are mistyped. It’s tragic. I know but my sister she basically passed a school bus illegally and she got caught then she had to like pay a ticket.

But like you know, it was just an accident but my brother was making a joke about it of like, like, Oh, sister with a criminal offense she doesn’t like children and stuff like that. And you know, she got so mad at the Christmas party. I think it was a Christmas party or the birthday is that general time range but like, yeah, she got super mad with cutting in front of the Pentecostal grandparents and yeah, she’s just outright left. It was so funny.

I wish I was there anyway. But AR and a philosopher type, basically, what you can do earliest due to the best of your ability is that their ni their, you know, choosing be patient enough, you know, Introverted Sensing patients, to give them the chance to prove their humanity. This is required for giving the benefit of the doubt at that level of patients. Happy holidays everyone.

Catch you guys in the next episode and see you soon


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