Are You an SD|UF INTP? | CS Joseph Responds


Are you an SD|UF INTP? CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question, what does an Subconscious Developed, Unconscious Focused INTP Octagram look like?


Hey what’s up ego hackers? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. Today’s question is, what does SD U F intp look like? So what is SD? What is UF? What is this? These are octal gram terms. We recently changed it from Octo gram to Okta gram because we’re trying to be as grammatically correct as possible. I know all you INTJ grammar Nazis out there heavily enjoy correcting me on such worthless things.

But you know, every now and then I’d like to throw you guys a bone. And since you know, a single character difference, you know, could really go a long way with you folks. I figured, you know, why not? Why not go that far? Seriously, why not? So we’ll see how it goes. It’s like the camera focuses having a hard time because the weird light thing on the next video, I’ll film will do it from a different shot.

I’m at the docks right now, enjoying myself nice fresh rain, got my feet hanging over the edge here into the water, although they’re not in the water, because that would be like, really cold. And apparently, this focus thing is like, really painful. But we’ll have to actually learn how to prevent that later. So I’ll do my best to maintain the focus of the camera.

Forgive me for how annoying it is. But luckily, mostly we’re not really here to watch. We’re mostly here to listen, I guess. So.

It’s not too bad. So yeah, aka Graham, aka Graham is the ego hacker community he’s answer to the INIA gram. And like I explained in the cutting edge lecture, I think it’s September 2022, where I explained this. The problem with Enneagram is that it supposes to be able to type a person’s nurture as well as their nature simultaneously.

And when combined with Myers Briggs Type Indicator, it ends up becoming a very poor solution because Myers Briggs Type Indicator, which is a something that identifies a person’s nature, from a psychological perspective, ends up having a lot of problems. Because that nature, that natural or natural component of the MBTI ends up competing with the nature component within the Enneagram. And that’s ultimately why the Enneagram just consistently fails. And not only that, it really has a lot to do with the person’s mood in the moment and they can get different results.

It’s not it’s not a cohesive or reliable system. I will admit, though, that it is a very detailed system, and it does have value. The problem is is that it should never have been paired with Myers Briggs Type Indicator to begin with like it should have never have done that. So that’s why we have Octo gram for the ego hacker community.

Oct Grande, what it does is that it gets rid of the nature component within the INIA gram. Now the INIA gram is based on the seven deadly sins. However the octo gram is and union analytical psychology like nature, human nature, according to Carl Jung, basically is what the Enneagram is based on. And the seven deadly sins.

Well on Instagram is based on the Eight Deadly sins because the church I think it was Pope Boniface or Pope Gregory actually, excuse me as Pope Gregory. He got rid of Vainglory as the eight that he say and then rolled it into pride. And it was mostly a propaganda move because the church was getting richer and richer and richer. And he was trying to save the reputation of the church.

So it was kind of a propaganda move on his on his on his choice, basically. So that’s why everyone talks about the seven deadly sins. Whereas there’s actually eight. And the Okta gram is based on the Eight Deadly Sin analysis, as well as the eight living virtue analysis, as well as the shadow poll, and also the aspiration poll.

And we would have not been able to actually come to any of these conclusions without first understanding. What do you call it? You know, Temple exploration. So we’ve been we’ve been doing temples pretty hard, deadly sins, living virtues and the journeyman section of the members area at CS Forward slash members become a member there, that’s the sales page.

But if you already are a member, need to remember where to log in. See, it’s just forward slash portal. You login there, go to journeyman section, go to premium lectures and check out the deadly sin series that we have there that lecture series so you can get boned up, we are talking about cognitive origins and shadow poles and aspiration poles, which is another aspect of the octo gram. And that is being heavily discussed in season 18.

We do one of those a month. Plus there’s also the introduction to Dr. Graham episode in the cutting edge section as well. So folks get in there, check that out, get educated so that you actually know what I’m talking about.

When I am referring to these OKT Graham related concepts here on YouTube and on the podcast. It’s very important. I don’t want any of you folks to fall behind basically. So and then, you know, obviously there’s always a high risk of that.

But you know, that’s also why we have the discord server, which by the way, the link was fixed in discord. It was fixed. So it’s so go to click the link tree button here in the video description. It’s like the second highest link now to get people into discord we’ve been renovating discord and making it easier for people to connect to and to access.

And we are about to break 1200 active members on the server which is pretty exciting. And we have our special interest groups and there the discuss Octa Graham channel specifically is extremely active and also has pinned messages from me that and also I believe Chris Taylor as well to for people to get educated on it. So as a free resource that we’re making available. So you want to get on the discord server, you don’t even have to join a special interest group.

Once you get there. You can just get on grab your rolls. So like your tight what you think your aka Graham is. Or if you don’t know, go get educated on it and then make that decision and then give yourself the tag and the tag menu.

So but yeah, the discord community is basically 24/7 discussion for the ego hacker community discussion forum that’s active in chat. And you know, for those of you that are annoyed by notifications, you can turn it off. Thank you to those in the community that informed me that the link had expired. But, you know, if you don’t want to go to the link tree that’s finding it to our direct link, which is forward slash eco hackers done, then you’re in.

So that’s great, that’s great. It’s great that we have the opportunity now to discuss things as a community that discord, unity is growing at a rapid rate is being used constantly. People are getting information lives are being changed, you know, that kind of thing. It’s also got a lot of support group related issues, you know, like, like in the sexuality special interest group, there’s the male issues channel and the female issues channel, which has been super helpful for both both genders.

So yeah, anyway, I’m getting off topic here. So, according to Aqua gram, so an intp SD UF type. So SD is subconscious development. That means like, where they are, where their neural pathways are basically built as a result of the nurturer in their life, it’s a lot easier for this intp to use their subconscious side of their mind, which would basically be an ESF J.

This is basically what I would traditionally call an ESF J focused intp in the old days in the pre Archigram days. But that’s not that’s not how I refer to it now. So anytime like if you if you watch older content, I’m talking about cognitive focus, really, in a pre Archigram era in the pre Archigram era. Just remember that cognitive focus is actually me saying cognitive development based on the new terminology that we’re using now in a post aka gram era.

And don’t worry folks, aka gram will be added to Bucha. We are working on it. It’s going to be questions five and six in the type yourself tab. And then in the type others tab, which we’re just renamed a type graded and allowing people to type themselves by the Type grid but they have to register for it.

We’re going to be actually including an entire Okta grid basically type of thing cash the focus on this camera is just utterly, utterly ridiculous. I I just it’s so it’s stressing me out. I need to stop this from happening. It’s so annoying, literally so annoying.

So let’s see here. Maybe I’ll just sit tight crisscross applesauce and not care who knows. So anyway, just goes to show like extroverted sensing. Niemand is just really terrible camera work and I need people to hold my hand through it right you know, I mean, why not? Right on why not hold CSGs hand through this crap.

So anyway. So currencies development means is that they’re able to use their ESFJ side more often this leads to something called civility. And civility is the aspiration pole of the intp. And basically means that they are very self sacrificing people, they, they end up like drawing, you know, their purpose, their sense of purpose basically from serving others, hoping that they’ll have an opportunity to discover because discovery is ultimately what the intp seeks in life, the ability to explore and explore new things like to explore every single inch of an apple pie.

Most particularly the apple pie from Costco, I’m a fan. But, but yeah, it gives them that opportunity. But being servile means is that they really enjoy serving others going and that’s how they end up aspiring it and has heart temporal influence. So it ends up becoming a passion.

So this is one of the reasons why I NTPs are actually some of the best cooks out there. Because they’re using your they’re accessing their aspiration polls civility, through being subconscious developed right. Now the unconscious, the unconscious focus, well, they’re a little bit gluttonous, unconscious focus means that they’re closer to their deadly sin of gluttony than they are towards their living virtue and their living virtue is basically akin to what I’ve said in previous episodes, you know, teaching a man to fish versus giving man a fish. So if you think about it, being servile, within their subconscious development, is all about giving a man a fish.

But then unconscious focus is all about teaching amount of fish, or at least should be. Now if they were SF, they would be more about teaching men fish. And that’s why SD SF intp has come off super immature, because they’re just as conflicted person of like, Hey, I’m gonna give you fish. Now I’m going to teach you to fish.

Hey, I’m gonna give you fish. No, I’m gonna teach you fish. And it’s just going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And you’re like, Hey, man, is there like any? Are you ever gonna like take a stand there? Like, oh, like, what are you going to do about that? Are you going to take a stand, are you actually going to stand for something and it ends up creating a lot of confusion for people.

And it’s kind of how you know extroverted sensing trickster ends up manifesting, you know, for intp is because they really have no idea that they’re coming off super inconsistent at that point. Trying to say this cigar from going out here. puffing on it for a while. Takes me a couple of days to get through one of these sometimes.

So this one is an awesome Laiho Espinosa from laranja. Very, very nice. Very nice. I like oscillate, hoes really want the orange creamsicle wants to come back though off, those were amazing.

But the guy that I get my cigars from my, my dealer, my tobacco dealer, he, he doesn’t have any of those in stock, so it kind of sucks. But whatever we’ll see. We’ll see if he gets in some new sticks in the near future. Because they’re, they’re lovely, I love them.

That being said, being unconscious focused, you know, they’re very, they end up being very gluttonous. So it’s like, they end up having like this covert contracts within themselves, you know, this intp with the background, because on one hand, they’re like, Hey, I’m just gonna give you a fish. But because I’m giving you a fish, I’m gonna give myself the excuse to give myself a fish anytime I want. So they’re just oscillating between giving to others and giving them themselves giving to others and giving themselves giving to others and giving in themselves giving to others and giving them themselves.

There is no teaching others how they can get for themselves. And what this ends up doing is creates a negative feedback loop from an octagon human natural perspective, a negative feedback loop to a point. There’s some positive approaches as well. But focusing on the negative here, they end up actually slowing down the growth of other people around them and also slowing down their own personal growth in the process.

Because if they’re a different arthrogram, they would actually end up utilizing their si child because Introverted Sensing is that function that’s attached to expectations. They would literally have the expectations bang died. Well, it’s already this thing is already dead as is anyways, so I have to get a new one. But the point is, is that they’re they they’re slowing.

They’re slowing other people’s growth because they’re not teaching you on how to fish and They’re not expecting leading with their Introverted Sensing child, they’re not expecting other people to teach them how to fish. And that’s one of the biggest problems intp is actually have. This is one of the best differences between an ENFP and intp. Right here.

And folks, this is probably the most important point I’m going to make in the episode right now. So pay extra attention here is that like, this comes from Steve Jobs. I was watching a clip of Steve Jobs recently. And he’s talking about how, you know, asking for help is a really big deal, because Steve Jobs perspective is like, hey, anytime I ask for help, people are just going to naturally want to help me, they just they just do because I asked, I asked for help I humble myself enough to ask.

But it’s so hard for an intp with ti hero to humble themselves to ask for help. Oftentimes, because extroverted thinking Nemesis is very worried that other people don’t know the solution. So and because the intp is outcome focused, they just automatically assume that other people don’t know the solution, which also inhibits them from asking. But then also the pride of TI hero gets in the way that also inhibits them from asking because they’re like, oh, I should actually know this, when their si child, their ti hero starts looping together, and they’re in a cognitive loop.

And like, I should know, this, I should know this, I should know this. I shouldn’t have to ask someone else to help I can just trial and error. My way, when asking for help is literally a shortcut for the intp to actually move their life forward in a better manner and in a better way. Like, I don’t understand why these people don’t do that.

It’s just It’s just ridiculous to me. I mean, even Benjamin Franklin has a famous quote somewhere and I’m paraphrasing here, but it’s like, hey, anytime you ask for a favor from from your neighbor, your neighbor, your neighbor is more likely to do you another favor when you ask that neighbor again, basically. And yeah, you can argue this as ENTP depravity because you know, both Steve Jobs and Benjamin Franklin er ENTPS, you can you can make that argument. But the thing is, though, is that asking for help? I’ve noticed, especially ti among ti Fe users is actually a skill.

Because you look at the other ti parent, the ESTP. They are a Templar type. And let’s be honest, folks, Templars do not do not really enjoy asking for help anyway. So really, the only ti Fe user that actually bothers asking for help very much, ultimately ends up being the ENTP it’s kind of funny how that works.

ESF J’s don’t do it, because then they feel really, really bad about themselves. ISFJs can do it. And they do do it. But not as often as en teepees do.

So but but basically, like envy types ISFJ, ENTP those are the types, or satisfaction types is another way of referring to them, or the compassion types another way to refer to them, but envy types from deadly sin perspective, those are the ones who are willing to ask for help because they so desperately want to reach their cognitive origin of satisfaction. What intp is need to learn especially SDU F, aka gram intp is they need to learn how to ask for help. Because again, they’re just covert contracting, everybody SDU F intp is really seriously have this problem. And it just it just boggles my mind.

It just boggles my mind. It’s like, Hey, I gave you a fish that you have to give me something, you know, that kind of thing. But you know, the intp is not going to ask for that. But because the intp is like, Hey, I’ve given this person so much.

They’re there. Ian TJ Wayfair shadow, they’re unconscious, or the mind will start demanding because it’s greedy as the deadly sin of greed, it will actually demand that the intp start taking from the other person. And then they end up using the excuse of how giving they are from an subconscious development perspective to fill their unconscious focus on which is basically gluttony. Right from an octagon point of view.

So they end up using how much they’ve given as an excuse to not only get themselves but also eventually take from other people. And this is a very unhealthy way to live your life. But this is extremely common behavior amongst subconscious developed and unconscious focused intp is it’s like a major problem. So again, the intp then needs to learn how to be committed to asking for help, because that is the Wiser approach.

Now granted, unconscious focus, they’re trying to get wise the problem is because of the immature base of subconscious developed, because if you’re an SD type, if you’re an SD, SD subconscious developed variant of your type, you’re technically more mature from a foundational point of view, okay, and that sucks. It really sucks. So while you’re trying so hard to focus on your unconscious and gain more wisdom for yourself, you still have to deal with your base level of natural immaturity about you, right? And that’s another way that it causes conflict. It’s so interesting to see how Octa gram actually exposes the inner conflict that each of the different of the 16 natures they have.

And if you think about it, like, you know, there’s so many different combinations, there’s 128 different combinations or variants of the types out there, you have to multiply 16 types by four possible octave gram variants, and then multiply that by the two separate biological genders, okay? And that’s 128 Total variants of type that exist, okay, now, I’m not going to be like, you know, Dave superpowers. And don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of Dave Powers. I like Dave Powers.

I don’t agree with him on everything, but gosh, so just having a phlegm day, you know, what I’m saying? It’s just ridiculous. Anyway, um, but, you know, like, he’s really good about cognitive looping. And he was one of the first YouTubers talking about Myers Briggs Type Indicator to actually suggest that there are so many different subtypes of different variants of of type out there, which I entirely agree, but I do not agree with these 512 different combinations. I mean, he can make that argument, if he’s looking at it from the perspective of functions only, and looking how, you know, an individual cognitive function could be at the forefront of one’s mind at any given moment, moment by moment basis.

But then, at that point, you know, from the 128 variants you’re looking at, like, you know, to get to 512 variants, those additional variants, they’re not like, at the core, the core is the 128 variants. And then to get to that 512, it’s like, okay, how does your behavior change on a day to day basis to become a subtype of a sub variant of the variant? You’re already are basically, and I wish Dave Powers actually explained that a little bit more, maybe he does, and I’m ignorant. I’m not trying to brag on the guy, I really like him. So, but anyway, the point is, is that, like, the particular variant that we’re talking about right now, intp SDU F has this problem.

And really the key to them being able to unlock higher levels of maturity in their life and stop covert contracting people and manipulating people this way, they don’t even know they’re doing because extroverted sensing trickster and introverted intuition critic getting in the way, not realizing that the these are, you know, creating negative impact on other people, they end up covert contracting. So SD U F. intp, is have the highest chance of covert contracting people, because it’s like, Hey, I’m gonna give you a fish. Now you give me a fish, or I’ve given I give you fish, I give you a fish, I give you a fish, I give you a fish, I give you a fish, I give you a fish, I give you fish 10 years later, okay? You owe me a lot of fish.

And it’s like, well, wait a minute, you never told me about that. So in order to prevent this immature covert contract the behavior, the intp needs to grow up and actually humble themselves humble their Introverted Thinking hero, and actually spend time what’s the what’s a better way of saying it, asking for help humble themselves enough to ask, like they have to, like, That’s literally how it is. And they have to really trust what fellow NTPs Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs are saying, if you ask someone for a favor, they’re more likely to do you another one later, okay. And they need to get over their extroverted feeling inferior guilt, every time they ask for help, they have to get over their Introverted Thinking here or pride every time they ask for help, which will lead to maturity, right? That’s what it is.

Okay. So they need to have the self discipline to remember that is their responsibility, it is their duty to ask for help, because that’s what will lead to maturity later, and also fulfilling capable relationships. Not only that, it will actually potentially give them additional freedom, because they don’t have to do everything on their own, the freedom that they want, or need actually, to be able to explore the world and actually get their cognitive origin, you know, the thing that they’re seeking the most in their life discovery, etc. You know, which, by the way, like, all of those things are currently in Bucha.

Right now, go to UDJ A dot a PP Bucha dot app, go there, register an account, so you have access to the interactive type grid, okay. And then in the interactive type grid, there is a, it’s called type others right now it’s being renamed to type grid or maybe already is just go to the Type grid thing. And then inside the Type grid, there’s standard, and then those temples, click on the temples tab, okay, and get educated. We have all the different temple vectors there in one place.

And I’ll show you how you can use them to reduce types in the Type grid if you want to type somebody, but that’s how it works. And eventually we’ll be adding Octo grid as part of the octave Graham on to that software in the very near future. We are actively working on it now. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys tonight on the discord


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