Are Se users able to have fun on their own? CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph responds to the acolyte question are Se users able to have fun on their own?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. And we’re doing some more acolyte questions for the month of February, it’s February 2022 questions. And today’s question is, are extroverted sensing users able to have fun on their own about other people involved? This is a very creative question.

And the type of the person who’s asked this question is an INFP. And they have se trickster. So it’s pretty cool that they are asking this question. So thank you for this question.

It’s very fascinating question. So are they really able to have fun on their own? I mean, yeah, sure. Anyone is able to have fun on their own. But the thing is, is that what is that fun going to be worth to them, it’s not going to be really worth to an SE user, unless they have an audience watching what they’re doing, especially since it’s like, either they’re doing it for a shared experience to, quote, create memories, or they’re actually just putting on a show for a specific audience.

And then, when they are not able to do that, it just kind of saps them all their energy and their willpower, and they’re not entirely sure what to do. Right? That is as direct and as succinct as I can get it. And I have an anecdote to support this. So when I was living in the Rocky Mountains, I still kind of am technically.

But I move around a lot. And I’m about to move again. Yeah, because that’s what I do. I just constantly change my address multiple times a year.

That’s, that’s, that’s, that’s what I do, apparently. So there’s this canyon that I was at one time, and I watched this ISTP guy just, he asked me to like, you know, watch him while he was on his paraglider inside the cannon doing lots of tricks and whatnot. And he was so dismayed when I told him like, No, dude, I don’t have time for that. So he didn’t even bother going.

He didn’t even go because he’s like, Well, if I can’t show off, then what’s the point? You see what I’m saying? So that’s just one particular example. But you know, he, there was one day where I was able to watch him, and he did some of the most amazing tricks I’ve ever seen. And it was absolutely fantastic. Very fantastic experience.

And then I think I watched him, Rob, or like, or someone I know, I watched him Rob store because you know, ISTPs being kleptomaniacs. I thought that was hilarious. So, but yeah, I don’t really interact with that person anymore. And haven’t seen him in like, well over a year, and it’s probably for the best.

But yeah. So it’s, it can be very challenging for se users to have fun on their own. It’s not to say that they can’t do it. But then again, when they are doing it, trying to have fun on their own, they’re usually just sitting around watching Netflix and not really doing anything useful.

And then that’s why I end up getting the INFJs out there who just feel absolutely worthless, because they don’t they there’s so much of a recluse, the internet SES has really struggled, because there’s so much that they are reclusive to the point where they don’t even have someone to share experiences with or make memories with or be an audience to them for their performance. And that also inhibits things and makes things even worse, right? So how, how does you know? How do you deal with that? Well, guess what, as users need to get off your ass and actually get out in public, and make friends with people show yourselves friendly. Stop being reclusive. I don’t care what what bad experiences you had, I don’t care.

And like I don’t understand why USA users think it’s okay to project bad experiences you’ve had on other people on to everybody knew that you meet because those are not the same people that you used to know, especially you INTJ is you guys are the absolute worst offenders of all of the 16 types, especially with how you judge people, like books, you know, the covers of books, you judge people in that same way very shallow judgment from you INTJ is and I’m really tired of it, how about actually proving to everybody in your life that you’re actually capable of having a real social life, okay. And then instead of just like putting, you know, these people on little trial periods, etc, as if you’re that important or deserve to have those trial periods to begin with, because the reality situation is, you’re human like everybody else, and you’re a failure and not perfect like everybody else. So you might want to like, realize that you should be operating at everyone else’s level instead of your imaginary high status level, which let me tell you is nothing more than it’s illusion. So don’t do it.

So yeah, the introvert se users really struggle here. But they get in the extroverted se users, they just they just go out and find people they initiate with people they will they They will make a performance they will find an audience and they will stop at nothing until they get it ESTPs do it all the time. You know, it’s when it’s when the SE user especially the expert se user feels trapped that and when they’re trapped and not able to find or get the audience that they need and then they just have a complete total mental breakdown afterwards. You see what I’m saying? So that could that’s why you know, saying an SE hero to jail is like literally the worst thing you could ever do to an SE hero.

It’s the absolute worst thing and it’s why I kind of feel bad for Joe Xotic because they he’s an ESFP and they said that he gets to stay in jail even longer and which is pretty pretty lame and pretty annoying so Anyway, hopefully that answers your question good sir. So thanks for watching. It’s a bit of a shorter little video today but sometimes we get these little shorts in so it’s all good. Anyway, I’ll see you guys tonight you can get there case you didn’t notice

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