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Welcome to C.S. Joseph Responds. I’m your host Chase, here to answer your questions on any topic Jungian Alytical Psychology or the Four Sides of the Mind also known as Four Sides Dynamics. Today’s question is, are MBTI types that use the Fi-Te judgment axis ego functions, generally more selfish and generally act more directly and clearly in their own self interest than MBTI types that use the Fi-Te judgment axis ego functions? Okay, so the answer to this question is technically yes and no. It’s like a short answer yes. Long answer no. And the reason why is because there’s a lot of caveats with this so this is like very asterisk and by the way, this question comes from Quora. Let’s see, right here. Here’s the question, are MBTI types that use this access but no one has bothered answering this question. So fair enough it is kind of a more difficult question so I understand that no one’s actually taken the time to use it. So we’ll adjust the camera here and get back to the question. The reason why this is happening is because a lot of people… it’s so easy for Fi users to come off as selfish. But the thing is, that’s not to say that Ti-Fe users, which are logic ethical people with their terms of decision making, Fi-Te people are more rational people. They’re more about belief, They’re more about their morality, They’re more about weighing out their decisions, whereas a logical person’s more of if this is true, then that is true. And because they have that, they end up drawing output conclusions based on ethics, how other people feel. So Ti-Fe users come off as very caring people typically, and Fi users come off as a very selfish people typically. Now this is actually a very shallow point of view. The reason why this is because a Ti-Fe user is capable of acting in their self interest in as much as any human being actually is. It’s not as stereotypical. It’s not something that you could see very often. And Fi users, they come off as selfish easily because they make decisions based on their mood. It’s completely subjective, and it’s not really objective whereas a Ti user is, a bit more objective because they’re utilizing logos and ethics to make their decisions. Instead of morals aka one’s mood or rationale aka one’s beliefs or belief system to make their decisions. So naturally Fi-Te users do come off as selfish, more selfish and more self interested. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Take an ESFJ, for example and this actually happened to me, my grandmother did this to me, she’s in ESFJ and she’s a Ti-Fe user. And as an ESFJ, she basically forced a bunch of family to go with her to some kind of a local event where there are other peoples with her church, et cetera. It’s like a wedding of some kind, and she forced us to go. And we don’t know anyone’s getting married, or don’t really have any relationships with these people, but she forced us to go and told us it was our responsibility. She made it look like it was our responsibility, our “moral” duty to do so. And her extroverted feeling hero was basically caught telling us and appealing to our feelings, our Fi feelings to make us go to this thing Or otherwise we’re going to feel bad, et cetera. But the reality situation is my grandmother did this as well for self-interest because she was trying to “show off” her family to other people in particularly other women within her church, basically. And this is something that happens all the time with SFJs, all the time. They do this all the time, or ISTPs. ISTPs usually only act within their self-interest to begin with in most cases, because they are very interest based. They’re aware of what they’re getting out of the situation versus what other people get out of the situation. And often times ISTPs can make decisions, but even though they’re Ti hero, their Fe inferior is still in there. And they can be insanely selfish. For example, some of the best con artists out there are actually ISTPs because they’re able to utilize their interest awareness and their extroverted sensing parent, to see how people precisely are going to react to situations based on how they put them forward. And even though they have extroverted intuition trickster, they can’t exactly see when someone else is trying to manipulate them or put one over on them from externally. But if they play a good offense, it’s their best defense. And one of the best examples I saw this recently was on the “Tiger King Documentary” by director Eric Goode on Netflix. The ISTP known as Jeff Lowe in that documentary who is a real person. He basically cons Joe exotic out of his exotic animals zoo essentially. It was all very masterfully done. And this is clearly an example of a Ti-Fe user acting in their own self-interest, et cetera. So a lot of people including myself, like I’m very vocally against Fi-Te users as being selfish and what not, but being selfish and making decisions selfishly versus acting in one’s self-interest are kind of technically two different things if you think about it. And labeling someone selfish that too is subjective. So you have to have something with which you’re comparing that to in order to draw that conclusion, right? So just understand that, yes, Fi-Te users externally they do come off more selfishly than Ti-Fe users. However, both lines of thinking are selfish, both lines of thinking act in their self interest. It’s just manifests and comes off in different ways. That being said, if you were to combine an Fi-Te user with introverted sensing and extroverted intuition and their top four function stack, which are philosopher types, philosopher types include ESTJs, ISTJs, ENFP and INFPs, then those folks are absolutely selfish because not only are they acting in their self-interest not only they make decisions based on their feelings or their mood or what they value subjectively in that particular moment in time, but they’re all making decisions based on their comfort, their tastes, et cetera. What would make it easier on them looking for that I win button in life, right? A philosopher’s stone hashtag Fullmetal Alchemist. You know what I’m saying? They want to create an I win button life. These are the people that skate through life. They’re always talking about smart work instead of hard work, et cetera. These is where the get rich, quick schemes come from. These are where pyramid schemes come from, racketeering as well as doing shakedowns. Philosophers are all about that, it’s because they value money probably more than all of the other types. Now the thing is that they don’t necessarily steal it. They definitely go out of the way to earn it, or at least they earn it off the backs of other people. And they come off super selfish because oftentimes Philosopher types end up sacrificing their fellow human beings for the sake of their own agenda, whereas Wayfarer types, which are extroverted sensing introverted intuition Fi-Te users are a little bit different. They’re more of like they’re all into pirating or stealing basically, or theft is kind of how they would get ahead. They wouldn’t sacrifice fellow human beings, for the sake of their own agenda. They would just take other human being stuff instead, right? It’s not necessarily earning stuff off the backs of other people per se, unless they are stealing from those other people. In which case you could argue, they are earning off the backs of other people, et cetera. So there’s just two different ways, If you look at sleazebags, sleazebags are more likely to be philosopher types, and straight up kleptos well, those are more Wayfarer types, which are the NTJ, SFP types, right? In terms of Fi-Te users. So yes, in general Fi-Te definitely comes off as more selfish. But again, that’s not to say that a Ti-Fe user, can’t be acting in their self interest or actually being selfish themselves. Actually for example, next door, I have an ENTP kid who is a neighbor, he’s like nine years old. He’s pretty pudgy. And he refuses to walk up the three flights of stairs that he has to, to get to his home or to his room, et cetera. And I watched his parents pick him up and actually carry this very large child all the way up the flights of stairs because he’s too lazy to do it himself, right? So it’s just really ridiculous to me. And he’s a Ti-Fe user. Well I mean, it’s all about what he can get out of situations too cause it’s all about… cause he’s a Crusader type. He’s leveraging his level of comfort per se and exchange his little comfort in exchange for, “I’m gonna care for you as long as you care for me.” And it’s always a covert contract and a covert contract is when you say, “Hey, I’m going to scratch your back, “but you better scratch mine, “but I’m not going to tell you “that I expect you to scratch my back. “I’m just doing this and you better reciprocate.” It’s the law of reciprocity, right? That’s a covert contract. But when you don’t tell anyone that you have the expectation for them to do the law of reciprocity, then that’s actually technically manipulative And Templar types which are STP/NFJs, they’re very aware of the covert contract. And while NFJ types use the covert contract to their advantage at times, STPs don’t always do that. And they usually are anti-covert contract in that they don’t allow other people to use them on themselves, even though STPs can use them on other people all the time. It’s really frustrating. Anyway, the bottom line is just because you’re an Fe-Ti user doesn’t mean you’re not going to act clearly or directly in your own self interest. It’s just that Fi-Te users end up having the stigma attached to that because it’s so obvious where it’s not so obvious with Ti-Fe users. Anyway, if you would like a chance at your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me or leave it as a comment below. If you want a guaranteed answer for your question, become a silver patron at csjoseph.life/patron and post your question on our private Q&A discord, where I’m answering all your questions, during a private live stream, et cetera. Please also make sure to like and subscribe and support the channel as well. We definitely, really appreciate that. We’d like to keep this content coming. Anyway, with all that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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