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Welcome to CS Joseph response. I’m your host chase here to answer your questions on any topic, union analytical psychology or four sides dynamics. Excuse me while I eat this amazing cookie, my ESTP wife made for me. So good.

So, so good. Today’s question is, are ISTJ are ISTJ females highly intelligent? This comes from Cora. Let’s take a look. All right.

I was kind of surprised even see this questions. It’s kind of ridiculous. Although, I wonder how many people are going to like, label me a misogynist prick after answering this question. So who knows? It looks like no one has had the guts to answer this question.

I could probably see why. But you know, CS Joseph we’re talking about definitely have the guts to answer this question, though. dang good cookie. So are ISTJ females highly intelligent? I mean, intelligent in what capacity like, like, what’s the context of intelligence, we talk are we talking like intelligence quotient, because the IQ is like complete and total BS and is not actually real.

For that matter. People put way too much stock in IQ tests. And it doesn’t really mean much. But let’s talk about the ISTJ brain for a second how that actually works.

They’re insanely dutiful, they have a high amount of self discipline, they’re very rational in their thinking. They’re constantly aware of what everyone around them is thinking. They’re all about their own status. They’re all about their own mood.

They make decisions based on their mood. They also, they’re so afraid of being unwanted. So if we’re talking in the context of iCj females, they are very afraid of being unwanted. If you make them feel desired, they’re more than likely to just be loyal to you indefinitely, to the point of like, not letting go of you, even if you break up with them, and they’ll still be pining for you for years, potentially.

Which, in my coaching practice, I’ve actually had to coach ISTJ females who have had that problem, something that, you know, could be an issue. But now, where’s their intelligence? Basically, I guess, I guess colloquially or most people would consider ISTJ females intelligent. Because their te parent, expert thinking parent is very responsible. It’s responsible in terms of research, gathering data, it’s all about cite your sources, etc.

Although I see Jays have this problem, where they’re constantly focused on trying to find unbiased sources. And that’s really just because they’re lazy. I mean, ISTJ IC j’s are just lazy in general. And they spend so much time looking at unbiased sources when in reality situation.

So such thing as an unbiased source, that doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing on there, as 100% of the entire world, and everything in the world is literally biased. Because being unbiased is itself as a bias. Don’t believe me? Go to the Epoch Times the epic times, basically, they’re a newspaper, and try to click on one of the little click Beatty titles and for their stories, that they have little articles and whatnot, and then they’ll expect you to pay for it.

And then they claim to be the most unbiased newspaper out there. Yeah, that’s like ridiculous. But you know, I see Jays eat that up. Because from their point of view, they don’t have to do as much weighing things out.

They don’t do as much thinking, if they have to, if they could just be like, well, this is an unbiased source. And then they just believe with that, you know, because extroverted thinking at the end of the day, guys is all about belief. It’s not actually based on facts. It searches for truth, it searches for facts, but it’s not about facts at all.

It has really nothing to do with facts, it’s all about beliefs, they end up creating beliefs as a result of the information they find and take in etc. And then they provide that as input to other people, especially ti users, because ti users are logos based, whereas te users are ethos based and these are ISTJ A’s. So are is like, are they intelligent terms of what being factual? Or are they intelligent in terms of their ability to do amazing research? Absolutely. No one could outreach can come out research them, I got an ISTJ friend, he considers himself a forecaster and they’re really good at forecasting.

And they they’re very brilliant at being bean counters. And they’re typically doctors and lawyers. It’s because the entire academic institution of Western society supports ISTJ is more than any of the other types. They basically have a free pass in society for academia as far as they know it.

Does that mean they’re highly intelligent? No, it just means that they’re easy. They’re just they have an easier time remembering and memorizing everything and then showing their work when they’re doing their math homework. That’s all it is. Don’t Good luck asking them to do mathematics without showing their work because they wouldn’t be able to do that.

But then you look at an ESTP, who they often accused of being a meathead, the ESTP actually can do it in their head. So wait a minute, who is more intelligent than the other? See this, there’s this huge bias of intelligence that exists. And this is known as the Dunning Kruger effect. And this especially includes ISTJ is, is where the dumb people think they’re smart, and where the smart people think they’re dumb.

So Templar types, which are STPs and NF J’s often think that they’re dumb, even though they’re smart, whereas the st. Jays and the NF peas of the world often think they’re smart when they’re actually dumb, right. So this is the Dunning Kruger effect. And the reason why is is because as DJs and NF peas make decisions based on belief, not necessarily based on facts, now is TJs, however, have the advantage of Introverted Thinking critic, as they get older, as they get wiser, their brains become open to the idea that their beliefs don’t actually are not actually represented in truth.

And as a result, they will gain the they’ll develop the habit of verifying all of their beliefs. And then they ended up becoming more factual as a result. But otherwise, really, their intelligence is basically nothing more than being really good at memorizing things. And for some reason, people think that memorization or long term memory is a skill, that means you’re intelligent, it doesn’t, it just means they’re good at remembering stuff.

That’s all. You know, I don’t know how to it’s so funny, though. I see like SP types just automatically assume s j’s are smarter than then specifically because s J’s have a longer memory than they do, which is ridiculous and not actually factual whatsoever. And the other thing is, is that because their te parent, their booksmart, literally is TJs are just booksmart.

They’re literally the classic bookworm. They’re the librarian, you know, that’s just kind of how they roll. They’re really afraid of being unwanted. And you know, but and then at the same time, that risk of being affiliative, social justice warriors, and believing that Common Core is actually a really good thing for education, even though it’s absolute horse crap.

And we all know it, but for some reason they believe it. Because ISTJ is are at risk of being very ignorant, and they’re at risk of succumbing to groupthink. That’s a problem. So are ISTJ is highly intelligent, if they’re actually one of them.

One of the types that are most likely to succumb to groupthink, most likely to not actually verify, and, you know, anything that prints a label that seems unbiased, they’re just going to eat that up, and then, you know, posit that as truth, wow, what a horrible way to live your life? Or does that mean they’re highly intelligent, really, does that really mean that an ISTJ is highly intelligent? What does an AI What does a highly intelligent ISTJ look like a highly intelligent ISTJ is somebody who is responsible with their research, this is what they do. They look at all perspectives biased, or otherwise, they look at all of the perspectives. And then they compare the perspectives all of the bias wants together, the pros and the cons, and they compare them. And then they make a value judgment and weigh it out in their head.

And then after they’ve done that, then they verify that before they allow it to become a belief, because an ISTJ, if they are wise and not a fool. If they are wise, then they will go out of their way to verify all of their own beliefs. That way, they’re not putting our loyalty in the wrong person and the wrong system, and the wrong news media and the wrong politician and the wrong education system, like common core, et cetera, and then force it on everybody else out there. Because, you know, they bought into the group thing.

ISTJ is also have this problem of grandstanding, and they can have, they can be pretty huge loudmouth in the process, which just ends up causing them to foment further ignorance, because an immature ISTJ hasn’t taken any of the time to actually verify their own beliefs. Right. So yeah, definitely something to consider. So are ISTJ females highly intelligent? You know, this is really too much of a subjective question to answer.

So I’m just gonna go with like, I mean, anyone could be highly intelligent. It’s just what is the context and with what rubric are you using to measure one’s intelligence and it better not be IQ? Because if you are then you’re nothing more than a hypocrite. So anyway, thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video.

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