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Our INTJ is an ENFP is really good matches. But before I can answer please consider subscribing to the channel so we can bring ej r&d back to YouTube as a guest on the show. No seriously, I would really love to have him as a guest on the show him and Post Malone at the exact same time and hit the alert bell so that you can be up to date for when we go live. That being said, What’s up you go hackers, I’m CS Joseph and this is CS Joseph response, where I answer all questions relating to Union a little psychology or the four sides of the mind.

And today’s question comes from Cora as usual. So let’s take a look shall we? David Gomez, medical student introverted in P psychology lover okay. It is resumed in two words attachment style. So this person has read the attached books obviously, based on the attachment style, we can infer that INTJ and ENFP are totally opposites.

Okay, whatever. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, but a powerful trait for both personality types. I’m listening, and one and we have the INTJ for the INTJ reality about love means having someone who supply romantic needs while keeping distance with their significant other. This is basically because the INTJ voids their emotions.

No they don’t. For the INTJ emotions are a symbol of weakness and expression of emotions is viewed as awkward by doing some research I realized that most INTJ suffered from parent family neglecting me, this is weak. This means they will never were truly able to shown their emotions towards themselves and others or to receive love and affection properly. Someone get this man a copy of Grammarly immediately, and they learned to suppress their emotions and time and enjoy the loneliness and time.

I don’t agree with this. On the other hand, ENFP is at the extreme opposite they love to be loved. Okay, yeah te child. It is not necessarily that they like to be loved but in fact that they need to be loved.

I think everyone has that need bro. ENFP is very charming surface true, but entirely at the core. They are extremely rational. Yes, that’s because of their 30 function while on the other hand, INTJ look rough and tough on the surface somewhat.

But internally, they’re extremely sensitive because they affect function they dislike and feel hurt by rejection and disappointment trope. A hungry for love. ENFP is more charismatic and will definitely attract an INTJ is attention because they are usually highly empathetic and charming. ENFPs are not empathetic at all.

They are sympathetic, sir. So those traits mean one thing a paradox. Well, yeah, the way that you’re explaining it does create a paradox, but this is not accurate. So guess what I’m skipping.

And I’m also downloading this No thanks. Oh my gosh, apparently, like all we have is just huge opinions on this. Okay. It was like it was my total opposite.

No, it’s not. It’s so interesting how these te users just don’t even know what the proper labels to even use to describe what they’re talking about. It’s kind of really frustrating it frustrates me about te users is how they’re constantly use labels. But as my es TJ philosopher friend, who is an actual bonafide philosopher, he started the humanities, even topping humanities.

As a college professor, he told me that you know, the more you spend time labeling something or trying to define something the farther away from the actual definition you get. And I’m like, well said Sir, that’s, that’s all about Extraverted Thinking right there. And even he has a te hero could understand the weaknesses of Extraverted Thinking, which is absolutely fantastic. So thank you, Mr.

Scott, for telling me that lesson. So I can share that with other te users right now, because this particular video is about to Te users, INTJ INTJs and ENFPs. So are i NT j’s and ENFP is terms of the questions to be asked here. Are they really good matches? The answer is fundamentally, yes.

It’s a great relationship pairing. It’s an absolutely amazing relationship parenting. First things first, they have highest sexual compatibility. These two can get it on like Donkey Kong.

And I mean, like seriously, like like hot, sweaty monkey sex. We’re talking, you know, like spider monkey style. These two can absolutely do it. The INTJ completely gets off on basically providing a touching and giving sensation to the ENFP.

And the ENFP says like, Oh, it’s so good. It’s so good all the time. And every single little information, every little initiation, every little touch that the INTJ does the ENFP feels the full force of that and provides reactions which allows the INTJ to basically get off within the context of the relationship the ENFP is trying to extract with from their expert intuition hero extract at all the pure desire and passion from the NI hero of the INTJ, and that provide that into a good sensational experience for themselves. This is why typically INTJ is regardless of gender are kind of basically on top of the ENFP within the sexual encounter that these two have.

And the INTJ oftentimes is afraid of giving people a good experience, especially good bedroom experience. This is why they often have the reputation of thinking about sex more so than actually having sex because they are afraid of making other people uncomfortable, they are afraid of performing badly, especially in the bedroom. Because from their point of view, they want to make a really good, positive, lasting sexual impression of absolute high performance so that their partner will stick around, and they’re so afraid of failure, because it’s like, if I fail in the bedroom, then they’re not going to stick around anymore. And then they have to deal with that fear of abandonment, i NT j’s are able to get over this quickly with ENFPs.

Because ENFPs would go up to the INTJ and tell the INTJ Hey, by the way, no one makes me feel more comfortable than you. No one touches me better than you know, and makes me feel safer than you. And then as a result of that all the insecurity falls away from the INTJ, which gives them the ability to perform the to their absolute highest capability in a sexual relationship with an ENFP. For example, in this particular video, ENFPs, right, si inferior gives INTJ is through their expert intuition hero, all of the room to make every possible mistake, such that they have the ability to practice their sexuality on the ENFP without any limitations of any kind.

And they have full sexual freedom, which allows them to increase their sexual skills 100 fold, which is obviously to the benefit of the ENFP. So their sexual relationship is absolutely on point. However, their emotional relationship is not on point. Now, there are some huge disadvantages about this.

And there’s some advantages, let’s discuss the disadvantages. The disadvantages is that they don’t really understand, they often are competing with each other for status. And they are often putting into the status over the other basically, which is a serious problem. And also they’re putting each other’s value systems and over the other.

And they can end up looking down on one another. So their sexual relationship is good. And they often have to come to a fundamental understanding, right, they have to come to a fundamental understanding of how each other’s value systems and how each other status. They they end up putting it over the other and it could be an issue.

Well, how do they solve that problem? Typically, almost always, the default response is just more sex. So it’s like one of those situations where they get into a huge fight over their emotional incompatibility and they solve it with like makeup sex. So this relationship is known as a pedagogue relationship and makeup sex is constant. However, makeup said sex eventually will not be enough for these two types.

And they will have to learn some additional skills and habits to deal with the emotional compatibility. And when they do, it will become insanely rewarding. If you want to find out more about this particular relationship, I recommend going to CS Joseph dot life forward slash members becoming an apprentice member. And then watching season 14, Episode 10, which is the ENFP INTJ intimacy video which will teach you everything you need to know to understand how to deal with the emotional incompatibility.

So you can have literally the best relationship you could ever have for yourselves. And as a byproduct of that, it will cause you to basically reach enlightenment faster technically, because hashtag pedagogue relationships are so insanely valuable, and I highly recommend them. Absolutely. So if you’d like a chance that your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me or leave it as a comment below.

And if you want a guaranteed answer for your simple question, become an ego hacker initiate at CS Joseph dot life for slash members. It’s only like $7 and post your question as a comment on our initiate membership page where I’m answering all your questions during the members q&a livestream that we do every month. So and that’s all that being said. I’ll see you guys tonight.


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