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CS Joseph answers the Acolyte question are golden pairs the ideal relationship?


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So yeah, that’s basically why we have our pricing structure that we do. It’s actually for people’s benefit, saw you whiners out there can go to hell, seriously. Anyway, that being said, let’s get on to today’s question. So what a golden pair relationship be the ideal relationship of both people would be the only inhabitants of an isolated area, like an island, for instance? If so, why? Okay, so that’s not really accurate.

So let’s, there are eight, I believe it’s eight, eight different kinds of relationships. I’m going to try to write them down here to make sure that I remembering them correctly. And they are separated by different by different levels. Okay, so the first level is going to be so this is highest compatibility, and it’s two separate kinds of relationships.

And that is the affection relationship and the companionship, relationship and the affection of versus Hold on. I need to get the other ones written down here. So that way, I am not screwing with this. And there we go.

Okay, got it. Cool. And two, three, and four. All right.

So hashtag show prep during a show, why not? Okay, so, anyway, the first the first the highest absolute highest sexual compatibility that’s available. And by the way, like, I’m assuming we’re talking about sexual compatibility, not emotional compatibility here. I’m assuming that based on the potential hidden context of this person’s ask, but But basically, let’s let’s actually analyze like how these relationships are actually like compatible with each other and what we’ll be doing and I’m just gonna lightly brush on it here because we’ll be doing like a season on these just to kind of explain further, but highest sexual compatibility are two separate relationships, which is the affection relationship and the companionship relationship and the affection relationship is what is known as the Golden pair. And the companionship relationship is known as the pedagogue relationship.

Well, guess what? They’re tied. They’re tied for highest sexual compatibility anyway. So based on that premise alone, the fact that they have two types that are tied for highest sexual compatibility, I have to answer this question. The answer is no.

Because what a golden pair relationship be the ideal relationship with both people will be the only inhabitants of an isolated area. answer’s no, it really isn’t. So and the reason why is because what about the pedagogue relationship? You know, with the person who’s asked his question, he’s the intp. And so it’d be INTJ, an INFJ.

With him, who’s to say which one is more ideal in that moment, but actually, let’s let’s let’s go to the other relationships, because I want to kind of draw a distinction, you know, between these that you you guys understand the next, the next, the second level of sexual compatibility relationship. So the first two will say that, you know, blue, right in terms of color, in terms of compatibility, let’s do the next level. The second level, which is the green, the green zone, and the green zone is the natural relationship versus the intrigue relationship, the natural relationship, that’s basically a bronze pair, your bronze pair is the first green one. And then also the intrigue relationship, it is basically your bronze pair except with the, with the emotional functions, the decision making functions that are not that are not compatible with yours, basically.

So I’m going to NTP my bronze pairs and ISFPs the intrigue relationship would be an ISTP. So ISPs make up the green zone in terms of sexual compatibility. And then let’s let’s let’s do the rest of them. The next is the yellow zone and the yellow zone is the respect relationship, which would be the silver pair actually, and then the trust relationship, which would be the Benefactor relationship.

So, my silver pairs ENTJ and my benefactor is the ENFJ, that is the yellow zone of compatibility, and then you have the orange zone. So, the orange zone the first orange zone relationship is known as the refinement relationship. And the final one is the Kindred relationship, my marriage is the Kindred relationship that is the intp plus ESTP. Same judging functions, different different perception functions, that is the Kindred relationship, the refinement relationship of the orange zone, that is the super ego.

So it’d be like ESFP for me. Now back to the yellow zone. So anyway, just to go down in order, Blue Zone affection is golden pair. companionship is the pedagogue.

And then green zone, the natural is your bronze pair. And then the entry relationship is like, you know, it’s the same as the bronze pair, except just the decision making functions are flipped. So that’d be the supervisor, basically, the supervisory relationship, the yellow zone is your silver pair and your benefactor and the orange zone is your super ego, and the inter kindred relationship. So those make up the four levels of sexual compatibility.

And we’ll be doing a lot of videos relating to this in the very near future. But that’s how sexual compatibility works. That is how it is ranked. However, that’s just ranked on paper in terms of just you know, perception, function compatibility, right.

And most people are like, Okay, well, why do we care about perception functions so much when it comes to sexual relationships? I’m like, okay, so what is the most important thing to a sexual relationship? What distinguishes the sexual relationship from any other relationship? The answer is sex, obviously, duh. So people have been having sex for years. Now, that’s kind of normal, they should be. Not that the elite agrees to that, but whatever.

But the point is, the point is, is that sexuality is the key. And there’s no point in having the relationship without sexuality and sexuality is expressed through a perception of functions and is received through perception functions, that is why perception functions get the priority. So these are how all the relationships are stacked on top of each other, on paper in terms of more compatibility to less compatibility with cognitive functions. However, that’s the human nature side.

Let’s look at the human nurture side from a human nurture point of view. Well, on human nurture, sometimes, like people go to these different relationships for different things. Now, the top two which is the blue and green zone, they really enable other people they often enabled people’s ego investments, whereas the bottom three, so they’re kind of like they’re like the optimistic. They’re optimistic relationships, basically.

And then the bottom four which is The yellow and orange zone, those are more of the pessimistic relationships, in terms of, you know, and based on your life and your life experiences, the things that you’ve been through, you know, like, for example, the respect relationship, which is your silver pair, if you haven’t had very much respect in your life and you like to be respected, or you need your ego needs respect in your life, you’re going to go for a respect relationship, or when it comes to your benefactor relationship, which is the benefit, which is a relationship all about trust. If you have been dealing with trust issues, your life where you not been trusted, or you haven’t trusted other people, you’re going to naturally go towards that relationship. The kindred relationship is all about having a playmate, right. It’s all about playmates.

That’s and, and doing things together and doing life together, that kind of thing. So you’re going to naturally go in that direction, the refinement, if you if you need a lot of more challenge and a lot more personal growth. If you had every other one of these needs met, you go for refinement relationship. If you’re lacking affection, if you’re lacking companionship, then you go after those two relationships.

So you have to understand that human nurture actually plays a powerful part in people deciding which type to get with, basically, and a lot of people don’t really understand that. So yeah, again, you know, this question, would a golden pair relationship be the ideal relationship? If both people would only be inhabitants of an isolated area? If so, why? The answer is no. And even. And the reason why it’s no is because people go for what their ego is looking for whether or not they’re aware of what their ego is looking for or not.

That’s just how it works. And so, so really know that. I mean, you could say it’s ideal on paper, but probably not probably not an affection relationship. Once the affection runs out, once the honeymoon period is runs out, and it gets it away the relationship away from wants and close to the needs, it burns out really easily.

So it’s not as likely to stick around the affection relationships, golden pairs can burn out very easily, you’d have a higher you’d have a higher chance of survival, I think if you’re on a deserted island with your companionship type, or your natural your intrigue, or actually any of them and the other ones but the affection relationship. So just keep that in mind. You know, those are the core principles or virtues or core values offered by each kind of relationship and you might want to make yourself aware of that. So anyway, I think that answered this question.

So thank you all for listening to this particular episode. And I’ll see you guys tonight my silver so can you believe you

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