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Are ESTPs and ENTPS compatible? Before I can answer please consider subscribing to the channel so I don’t end up shaving my poor cat for the winter and using it for a fur coat and hit the alert bell so you can get notified when I go live. That being said, What’s up ego hackers? This is CS Joseph response. here to answer your questions all things union analytical psychology, the four sides of the mind, and any other subject matter. There have and sources Today’s question is none other than core.

All right, our ESTPs and ntbs compatible we got nine answers and all things new. Seems like they wrote a book for this. Oh, yeah, they did. Let’s see if it’s a accurate showing.

All I can say is my experience. Oh, more anecdotal evidence awesome. My mom is an ESTP. And my dad is an ESTP.

I’m an INTJ. You sure about that. Both of them share the same sense of chaotic adventurism. It shouldn’t surprise you that even though both of them make 80,000 a year in the late 1990s, they still couldn’t manage to save a dime.

Collectively, their relationship was well and started out something fun. We both have charisma and the ability to fit into any situation for at least a while and you know, the booth, they both know how to play the part and charm anyone, so it’s no surprise they charm each other into a marriage. Mom played along and pretended to take part in my dad’s abstract interest in conversations. She pretended it was cute.

My dad knew so many things about people in places without actually having any concrete evidence. Also, my dad would pretend to respect my own shallow and assuming logic and desire to not jump to conclusions. But after a few years, just like everyone and everything else in the world, time tells all time reveals the nature of all things and people we can only act out of character for so long before our nature comes forcing itself into existence again, notice the word nature is meant to imply the fundamental framework upon which we operate, survive. It’s like the law of large numbers or mean reversion.

After time, the true value of something will be exposed regardless irrationalities or regularities in the short term, please stop. My mom began to think of my dad as some arrogant talker who never took any action on any of his ideas. She saw him as hypercritical not knowing that he simply derive satisfaction out of mentally deconstructing everything in sight. My dad began to view in my mom as someone who simply chose to be naive and overindulgent and sensory pleasures.

And he saw her as boring and simple for the worst reasons. I think you’re describing a cohort relationship between an ESTP and an ISTJ. Let’s be honest, the differences were too stark the arrogance. resentments were too deep to make the marriage going.

They divorce unfortunately, read Foxwell played ultimate for a few years. Okay. Yes, a big yes for this speaking from personal experience, but then again, it’s not like I have a choice to not live with my older ESTP sister. We’re both super duper close and you’d be surprised at how our SE and my ne don’t clash too much.

Well, of course it shows the times sometimes when we get into an argument she just used a lot of her se to prove her points, but my any would find rebuttals resulting in her just ignoring me and saying whatever. She’s also more physical verbal when it comes to insults and gets triggered more easily. Well, I’m just you’re 110% used to it and it remains unaffected. Okay, that’s fair.

She also noticeably more extroverted and loves team sports. Okay. We both play ultimate frisbee, but she’s way better and he’s one of the MVPs However, we still get along super well when discussing things her Se Ti My Ne Ti work pretty well. Her ideas are more realistic, and is we’ll get going with the idea.

Well, I can create numerous other ideas and solutions to think about before. We also love telling stories and jokes each other just laze around together. Accurate. In the end, it really just boils down to working out the differences and finding common ground anytime could be compatible with any type as long as they make it work as long as they want to make workout true.

No matter whether it’s s or n or whatever it is. I disagree with that. By the way, I don’t treat your like a minion especially since she’s the older sister. Okay, Mister traditional internet sensor.

In fact, I’m the only one in the family. Mom’s an ISTJ. Well, dad’s an INFJ This is actually a really good post. I’m gonna upload that post CD and jelly.

Just a guy thinks he knows a lot about MBTI Absolutely not. And of course I say this with tongue in cheek, any type can be in relationship with any other type and it can work. That’s not true. No, I mean, I mean, you technically could force it, but technically just doesn’t.

From a nature standpoint. typology isn’t your entire personality true, just a proclivity towards certain reactions to the world rather more like a preference. But ESTP is drive a lot of people crazy en teepees will likely find them a kindred spirit for a short while, but as they get closer becomes more and more evident. The ESTP lacks the depth and understand that DNTPs possess instead of debating they argue, instead of imagining a great adventure, they just want to go seek thrills instead of offending people with witty biting sarcasm they just offend people the costliest Common denominator of thought, that’s not accurate, send the NTP season for what they are the dark doppelganger of their own personality, seemingly all the negative parts of themselves they secretly loathe without the redeeming qualities they live for.

So yeah, absolutely not. I disagree downvote Alright, so the answer is, of course, they can be compatible, but not in the way that you think. So, there is my new sexual compatibility because it’s se hero being paired up with SI inferior and expert intuition hero being paired up with ni inferior, and I inferior really, really enjoys getting unlimited freedom of choice from an extrovert intuition hero. However, over time, if the ESTP is a woman, that ESTP woman would end up losing respect for the intp man over time due to the huge amount of freedom and choice that he gives her.

So he has to kind of learn to dial it back with his ISFJ subconscious, and really start to put his comfort and what makes him comfortable far above her freedom of choice, otherwise, she will lose respect for him over time. And that’s just normal. However, the inverse of that is not necessarily accurate. The expert intuition hero, a intp woman would be giving unlimited choice to the man and that actually has a much higher rate of working given Western society intersexual relationships, requirements, you know, social requirements, including the feminine primary social order, as well, you know, also knows the feminine imperative, and based on how people are conditioned from a masculine or feminine standpoint.

ESTP men are the most natural alphas of all men out there, and ESTP women are extremely feminine. And in that context, the relationship has a higher chance of success than a relationship with an intp man and ESTP woman. This is one of the reasons for this. And I don’t care how controversial this is, but it’s just it’s just accurate.

Men are conditioned in Western society to provide unconditional love. Whereas women in Western society are not conditioned to provide unconditional respect for men. Don’t forget that when it comes to men, respect is absolutely key. It’s not good enough to say I love you to a man, if you want to learn more about that, go to the playlists on this YouTube channel and watch season four.

Specifically, we’re actually explaining all that the season four playlist, which is how do intimate relationships actually work. So please watch that. Beyond that. In Eastern society, it’s completely the opposite.

Men are not conditioned to provide unconditional love to women, whereas women are conditioned to provide unconditional respect to men. And it’s really interesting to see this dichotomy play out. And when you look at like an ESTP and TP relationship, this is one of the relationships where because they have the exact same judging functions and decision making functions ends up you end up seeing a more you see the RA nurse role playing field and the masculine and feminine dance come out within this relationship. If this is a sexual relationship, are they compatible? Just from like a friend standpoint? Absolutely, they can have the shoulder to shoulder effect when it comes to decision making the randomness of the ESTP creating surprise, free time makes the ESTP super happy.

And having new experiences with the ESTP. The ESTP is sharing his experiences with the intp causes the ESTP to believe that the friendship is real Guess what? This still needs to be present within an intimate relationship as well. In fact, I am married to an ESTP and that’s what I do consistently. I’ll randomly just tell her okay, we’re going on a walk or okay, we’re going to the store, okay, we’re gonna get ice cream, okay, we’re gonna go do this.

Okay, I just bought this paddle boards, we’re gonna go paddleboarding or anything like that this is very normal and expected, you know, between these two. And some of the weaknesses, though, is that both of them are absolutely terrible at paperwork. So like, in order for an intimate relationship between these two people to actually work, you’re going to need to have like a bookkeeper and really good CPA to just kind of keep track of all their finances and budgeting for them, I’d recommend outsourcing that as well. They’re both very pragmatic, and sometimes they expect each other to be affiliative to one another, which can cause some additional problems.

So something to be aware of that especially the ESTP, the ESTP would absolutely expect the intp to do the right thing over time. And that can lead to some problems. Luckily, they could still go to the finish the bedroom to solve a lot of the problems. However, the emotional problems unless they have built the mental emotional tools to be able to solve their emotional problems are not really going to work.

For example, both types of TI users of both types need to exercise patience and listening to the other. This is extremely difficult for the ESTP to actually do to have that patience to listen and not shut down the ESTP and furthermore, both types need to have gratitude and because they both have an fi trickster, these two types are very bad at expressing and showing gratitude to the other person So both of them have to develop the habit. The ESTP is a lot faster at the NTP to produce such habits. So the ESTP could also be at a loss for that.

However, if the ESTP is the man in the relationship if this is a sexual relationship, that’s technically Okay, given the love and respect, I caught him want to learn more about love and respect, I recommend you read the source material on love and respect, which comes from love and respect by Emerson aggeridge. Also real marriage by Mark Andres, Mark and Grace Driscoll. Basically, if you check out those two resources, while they’re very full with Christian concepts, ignore those and focus on the actual principles. Unless of course you’re into Christianity, then go for it.

I haven’t really found very many examples, non Christian examples for that. There are a few of them out there. Like Chloe Sunderland, for example, I also recommend her as a source about these things as well. Anyway, technically, our ESTP is ni and TPS compatible.

No, I mean, yes and no, it’s it’s very neutral is very, very neutral. If you know this psychology, you can make an intimate relationship work and it will benefit both very heavily. I think within my own marriage, I’ve I’ve been able to develop some really healthy habits, learning from my ESTP wife. And she’s also been able to learn some new techniques from me to deal with some of her issues.

And I just think that because our subconscious ease are, are each other’s pedagogue types, were able to teach each other extremely valuable lessons and use ti parent to get through it. That being said, though, sometimes we feel starved for gratitude or appreciation, or sometimes we feel like that the other person is not listening to each other. But as long as we’re keeping it within the love and respect yin and yang equilibrium, as presented by season four content on this channel, it’s pretty great. So I highly recommend people check it out.

If I was to make a recommendation, though, if you were going to do like an STP NTP relationship, I would say ESTP is probably better off with an intp. And then an ISTP would probably be better off with an E intp. Because the x rayed sensing parent to si inferior, it’s a little bit closer, which means they’re going to basically have a better sexual relationship on paper that is at the end of the day, everyone is responsible for their own sexual relationship, and you get what you put in it basically. So might want to keep that in mind.

So, if you guys want to answers to your questions, like you know, please post it on Quora and tag me I’m going to be getting to a lot of those questions very soon. If you want deep dive lectures on the science at that focus on poet personal growth, career development, parenting and sexuality, go to CS Joseph dot life for slash members and get an apprentice membership while you’re there. And even with that being said, Folks, I’ll see you guys


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