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This is Chase with csjoseph.life here to answer your questions on any topic, Jungian Analytical Psychology or four sides dynamics. Welcome to the show. Today’s question is are ESTJs or ENTJs more likely to become CEOs? This question comes from QUORA and I have decided to hang out a lot on QUORA recently and enjoy all of the amazingness that QUORA has to add, et cetera. With that being said, let’s get down to it. Are ESTJs or ENTJs more likely to become CEOs? This is actually a really good question. I actually did a lecture on this recently in I think it was in Season 22, I think it’s Season 22, Episode 3 on my other YouTube channel, C. S. Joseph, where I basically discuss how ESTJs, they’re the type that likes to rest on their laurels whereas ENTJs are actually go-getters.

Let’s say you are like an NTP CEO or an SFP CEO of a company for example and let’s say that you need to come up with your ideal C suite in that particular situation. What types would you want to have in your C suite? Who would you want to be your chief financial officer? Who would you want to be your CIO, your chief information officer, your chief of operations, those kinds of things. How are you going to be structuring your company from a business standpoint?

It’s kind of interesting because Te heroes, they’re both very organized. Te heroes, Te comes from extroverted thinking, it’s also known as rationale. If you want to learn more about rationale, again, see my other YouTube channel where I talk about this but rationale thinking is where you are aware of what everybody else is thinking at all times, you’re aware of your own status, your own reputation, you’re aware of achievements or other people’s achievements and you judge people based on achievement, et cetera, which is typical for extroverted thinking heroes and since ENTJs statistically are making more money than everybody else, it would beg to reason are ESTJs actually good at being CEOs because honestly, the truth of the matter is is that ENTJs are the … They’re the best at being a CEO, hands down. If they’re not the CEO, let’s say you have like an NTP running the company in the CEO lot, then you would definitely want your ENTJ as chief of operations because they are like … Like ENJs are amazing at operations. Extroverted sensing child, making sure everybody is organized and having a good experience. They’re aware of what literally everybody’s doing within every single inch of the entire organization from top to bottom and they’re constantly maximizing it with their introverted intuition parent consistently. It’s excellent.

Not only that, ENTJs are actually afraid of being bad people. That’s like one of their fears that they have, so they take their capabilities very, very seriously because they definitely do not want other people to think that they’re not able to perform properly. They take their reputation very seriously. Now that’s not to say that ESTJs don’t take their reputation very seriously, but let’s be honest. ESTJs in the position of CEO, I mean, I’d rather have a bucket of worm spit. Let’s be honest, because it’s an absolute complete waste of time. Like in terms of having an ESTJ within the C suite, the best you’d ever … The only position that you would ever allow them to even consider, to even remotely consider quite frankly is no more than the CFO but let’s be honest, are you really going to trust an ESTJ with your finances? I mean, that’s why God invented ISTJs to handle that.

No no no, because here’s the situation, folks. ESTJs have this problem where … It’s called middle management mindset. Ooh, middle management mindset, yeah. Well, middle management mindset is not for upper management. Middle management mindset means that you’re just a manager with people who have been assigned to you and you’re never ever going to see director level for your life basically. Do I recommend ESTJs at director level? Okay yeah sure that’s fine, definitely, go for it, have ESTJs at director level. Don’t ever put them at VP level. I was brought in recently for social engineering within an organization and they had this ESTJ vice president and he would just do the typical STJ thing of, “You know, I’m just going to rest on my laurels, bro. I’ve put in all of my time and effort within this organization and I’m an ESTJ and I believe that the more time that the higher up you are within an organization, the less work you have to do.”

Whereas the ENTJ, on the opposite side, believes the complete opposite. They believe, usually by default, that the higher you are up in your organization, the more work you do. Think about that. Is it wise to have an ESTJ as a CEO? Think about it. Here’s why ESTJs end up getting put in CEOs, it’s also for the same reason that you find STJs in CEO positions anyway. For example, you got good old INTP Elon Musk himself who ended up getting in trouble with the Securities Exchange Commission because of his extroverted sensing trickster and his inability to exercise self-discipline when he needed to due to lack of experience when it comes to mishandling his Twitter account. As a result of his handling of his Twitter account, he ended up making a deal with the Securities Exchange Commission that forced him to step down as chief executive officer from Tesla. Guess who replaced him? Oh, his loyal STJ, his little loyal STJ, his little bean counter as CEO, which they’re nothing more than a puppet at this point.

So yeah, if you’re like a venture capitalist and you’re looking for a puppet person to be like an image or that you need someone with a brand or something or whatever, yeah, put an ESTJ there. Here’s the problem though. What’s the difference between ESTJs and ENTJs? Well, one’s affiliative which means they’re interdependent, they got to be working on teams, guys. We got to do the right thing, guys. Explain to me when doing the right thing in business has actually ever really been that successful in business. What you really need is an ENTJ who is pragmatic. They’re able to do things based on what works because that’s what they care about. It’s all about the ends justify the means and we’re just going to make decisions and prioritize what works because what works is the entire point with business. If you want to have an ESTJ in charge of a non-profit or doing their civic duty or working for the state or something like that, okay yeah sure, that’s fine.

Because an ESTJ is nothing more than a taskmaster who enforces rule. They literally carry around a whip and they just make sure that their underlings are doing what they’re going to be told and they constantly are exercising that law of power from Robert Greene about always take the credit for what other people do. That’s just typical ESTJ behavior. Whereas an ENTJ recognizes that while they like taking credit for what other people do at times because they can be pretty greedy like that, they can also pour into other people and give other people really good experience and make investments because ENTJs treat people like an investment portfolio, right? People who, when they give to somebody, they want to see a return on investment. This is how they work. ESTJs don’t do that. ESTJs, it’s all about laurels, it’s all about time spent.

ESTJs are also the most likely in terms of managers to sell out their employees. Don’t believe me? Wow, what about that one manager jerk who always take the credit for what everyone else is doing under them at all times. What about that manager jerk that’s just deciding to hire somebody based on how good their resume looks instead of what they’re actually capable of doing where they end up hiring nothing more than straw men and hiring people just like them? Imagine an organization that’s literally manned by nothing more than Joe Biden. Like I’m serious. You got Bernie Sanders, INFP over here, and you got Joe Biden over there, oh, Joe Biden, oh Joe Biden, oh, we hired Joe, oh, he’s got a really good resume, Joe, oh, there’s Joe again. You see what I’m saying? Too many Joes. You can’t let that within your organization guys. Like what are you doing? Like what are you doing with your life?

Anyway, the bottom line is you don’t want an ESTJ to be a CEO. Are ESTJs or ENTJs more likely to become CEOs? The ENTJ is because the ENTJ actually understands operations. The ENTJ doesn’t have middle management mindset. The ENTJ is always going to make sure everything is optimized and at top performance at all times. The ENTJ recognizes that the higher you are up in an organization, the more work you do whereas the ESTJ is the complete opposite. Because for example when someone knew some little upstart as those oligarchical ESTJs say, that little upstart’s going to be in that organization, an ESTJ is going to sabotage this person. Age and treachery always beats youth and skill. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that from an ESTJ, but the bottom line is folks, that’s what’s going to happen because the ESTJ’s like, “Well, I’ve been here for 15 years and I’ve worked really hard. That guy doesn’t deserve a promotion because he’s only been here for less than a year. Yeah, he’s outperforming everybody else but time served is more important than performance.”

Yeah. See, that’s the difference. If you want an oligarchy for your firm, then you want an ESTJ for your CEO. If you want a meritocracy for your firm, oh and which by the way, statistically firms who are meritocracies are more successful than the others, then you want an ENTJ as the captain of your ship folks. That’s just a straight-up bottom-line. Anyway, thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel. Please leave a like while you’re at it. If you have any questions or comments please leave it below and I’ll see you guys tonight.

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