The ENTJ (also known as the Chief), is the personality type which is often represented by a stern stubborn commander, who commands respect and leads his comrades to victory. This archetype was associated with them, for their tendency to rise to positions of authority, empowered by their innate ability to lead. Evidence of this is given by the fact that they are statistically the highest earners. Despite this, they are constantly fighting to be a good person and are driven to do the right thing. Here are 8 things you should NEVER do to an ENTJ.

1. Waste their time.

To an ENTJ, time is money (and is statistically worth more money than most people). By wasting their time, you will have literally deprived them of opportunities to continue their personal growth. This is exacerbated by the fact that through introverted intuition parent, an ENTJ is extremely responsible with what they want, and therefore you are depriving them of the time to develop such an essential thing.
Should you decide to do this, you will likely find yourself being screamed at as you have just awakened a phenomenon known as extroverted sensing rage. Don’t forget to get your ears checked.

2. Act like a fool.

Never, ever, act stupid around them. Extroverted thinking hero thrives on feeding on powerful logic from introverted thinking users. They will always try to pick apart your logic and provides facts and information to the contrary, but the purpose of this is to trial logic through fire. If it passes this test, then to apply it to their growth. If you act like a fool, you will find yourself as somebody who they cannot learn from, and a waste of time.  
See point 1, if you want to know what happens if you waste their time.

3. Appear Disloyal.

Never behave in a way, that would even allow an ENTJ to perceive you to be disloyal. This is a crucial point in dealing with ENTJs, as extroverted intuition critic causes them to be worried about the intentions of others. People will often criticize them for this, calling them paranoid, but given that there will be people who will grow jealous and try to steal it from them, this vigilance is a necessary component of maintaining the amazing kingdom which they have built. Disloyalty (even the perception of) is the quickest way to get banished from their kingdom, but loyalty will be rewarded.  

4. Accuse them of being a bad person.

An ENTJ is insecure about whether they are a good person or not, whether their sense of morals is good or bad. Therefore, they are always seeking to improve them for the sake of the people who are loyal to them, and that they may be a better leader. The constant accusation of them being a bad person can lead to them giving up developing their sense of morals, and eventually becoming that bad person you made them out to be.  

5. Call them stupid.

Through the Nemesis function, an ENTJ is constantly worried about whether they are smart or not, whether logical processes are correct and are constantly trying to improve on these things. Attacking the Nemesis function will also attack the motivations for the ENTJ, which is their sense of self-worth (Fi). Therefore, calling them stupid will also attack the inferior function. Don’t do this.

6. Restrict their freedom.

Having Ni parent, ENTJs are incredibly responsible about what they want. Therefore, restricting their freedoms may prevent them from gaining something in their life which is absolutely necessary. If you begin to place restrictions on their freedom, you run the risk of depriving them of something which is a ‘need’ for their happiness, and are therefore not only restricting their freedom, but also their happiness!

7. Create chaos.

The worst nightmare of an ENTJ is chaos. This exists because ENTJs are control types, and they see chaos as an obstacle to achieving their goals. As was previously discussed, they are very responsible with what they want, and getting in the way of the essential things they want is incredibly dangerous.

8. Call them selfish.

Through Fi inferior, ENTJs are extremely generous when it comes to people. It is not always necessarily in the form of money, but the ENTJ will be that person at the gym who will give advice to the new guy who has no idea what to do. That’s right, they will sacrifice their time to help the people around them, even those who they don’t know personally. If you decide to call them selfish or greedy, all you’re doing is hitting the inferior function (or insecurity) of an ENTJ. This runs the risk of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy as was discussed in 4.


C. S. Joseph

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