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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question how can an INTJ be more subconscious focused?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host theist Joseph. If that’s not obvious for you, folks, I don’t know what it is. But then again, maybe you might be like new to the show and have no clue what happens.

But that’s like, okay. But anyway, we’re doing acolyte questions again, because that’s what we do at clip members submit questions to me every month that I do video on those questions, you want to become an acolyte member, CS, forward slash members become a journeyman member first, then upgrade to acolyte from there, or go to CS, forward slash portal. Alright, so the actual question, because like we’re trying to keep these videos short, I think I let me know in the comments if you guys actually liked the short videos, I think some people do. But the question is, how can a shadow focused INTJ switch his main cognitive focus toward his subconscious? And I’ve been having a lot of discussion in the last few weeks with Mr.

Chris Taylor, about cognitive focus. And basically, you know, we’re working on, you know, our version of the INIA gram that we’re going to be producing software for in the near future to have our own Enneagram test that’s like, actually accurate and capable, compared to the one that’s out now, which is incomplete and terrible. So yeah, all you diehard Enneagram junkies, yeah. And the gram sucks.

But that being said, we’re working on it. And you’ll have the ability to identify your own cognitive focus, as well as some other awesome things that are coming as a result of what we have coming for the Enneagram or our Enneagram. If we’re going to call it Enneagram. Who knows? So yeah, I decided to bring Chris in to the show to actually assist in answering this question.

So with that there, Chris is here. So welcome to the show. Hey, thanks for having me. This is a this is a great topic to come into.

I love INTJ so one of my favorite types, what’s your favorite type to teach? Because my pedagogue, right, pedagogue That’s exactly right. Yeah, so this is, this is a great question, especially given that we’ve started, you know, kind of discussing the temples and, and as you’re already kind of bringing up the cognitive focus that goes along with that. But to the question, what I would personally say is you have a shadow focus, or maybe it’s an ego focused INTJ. And they’re gonna spend a lot of time and they’re gonna be kind of, you know, performing here and there because, you know, my gamma Quadra and all about that performance and that treasure that comes with it.

Um, and that shadow focus, they’re spending a lot more time kind of developing their own, you know, kind of individuality within their shadow and who, what, what makes them stand out. And with that NTP shadow, you know, trying on the different masks and going from there seeing which one fits better and exploring the maturity that comes in that rather than you know, just the pure, FYI child. That’s kind of unrestrained now when they want to switch over and start developing that subconscious, that’s where that se performance comes in. That’s where that FYI child is starting to learn how to be a little more mature and responsible before they develop their subconscious it’s ePHI child Oh, look at me, this is me, that’s all there needs to be is just up got my personality, though.

And then if a child’s just kind of being innocent, and doesn’t really have any, any cares in the world, and a lot of times this this gets them into trouble within their social groups, because it’s all about my feelings and who I am and they’re pragmatic, so nobody’s gonna stop me from being who I am. And this is gonna cause a lot of awkward situations this is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way and their se inferior gets hit a lot. Why wouldn’t they want to kind of switch? What the Hey, why would they why would they wanted that like I mean I’m a shadow focus ENTP I’m cool with you know being shadow focus, I love some shadow but then again, I gotta admit I’m not happy as a person unless I develop my ISFJ subconscious a little bit more but like what what’s the motivation you think for this person? Well for them it’s going to be letting I mean for them when they’re known subconscious focus. They’re constantly worried about you know, these experiences that are caused by FYI child kind of running rampant and just being childish in nature and these constant social faux pas, so from a very base level, like they’re not going to be happy because they’re going to constantly push people away.

And you know, But it’s going to hit their own child function over and over again. And they’re going to always be insecure about how they’re coming across to people in their performance. So really, it’s like all the other types, finding that subconscious development will lead to a lot more happiness. And with that, it’s for them, you know, going into a little bit of the temples, expiring into that body temple and creating from it.

So what they really need to do when whenever you have the Inferior function, aspiring that hero function is going into an inferior standpoint, you’re letting you’re letting your hero be vulnerable. So it’s about abandoning the things that they think that they want, and just going out and doing things experiencing, and you they can start from a place of like, what they value, if they want to go that way. It’s almost like, right, they’re gonna have a hard time knowing what the hell that is. But I know, it’s kind of similar to us enps, with our SI inferior and needing to just, if you haven’t done it before, just try it.

And you need to just go out there and, and do, like, you need to let yourself not for once not know what you want. And whenever you get into that situation, well, I don’t know, if I want that I don’t, I don’t feel like I want that. Let go of that just go do and see what happens. It’s kind of you’ll, you’ll develop.

And go ahead. It’s kind of like, you know, how i NT j’s are around sexuality, because like, they spent so much time thinking about sex instead of actually having sex. And I think one of the reasons for that as, as you just said, they just they want to plan the whole thing out, you know, give the ultimate experience etc. Instead of just like letting it come to them, letting it just unfold naturally, which is what their si inferior partner would want anyway, because the last thing they’re assigned for your partner wants to feel like is that it’s not spontaneous, or that it is, you know, this, this thing doing this just because it’s part of the process.

Like it’s, it’s, it’s all a part of my end goal instead of it’s because I genuinely want you, that’s the absolute worst thing you can do to an SI inferior and you feel like them every time it makes us feel like a broken down car in your garage that just needs maintenance. And they’re just going to follow the manual, the little maintenance plan to maintenance us in the car. And it’s just like, really, there’s no actual patch, it’s even worse for it’s even worse for ENFP is like, if you’re looking if you’re an INTJ looking for your pedagogue if you make us feel like we’re just another cog in the machine, and we’re not special to you. She’s sorry, but you’re losing us real quick.

Yeah, if you start stabbing things, see your point. But ya know, they just need to like, oh, that I know what I want, and just go do and they will find that they create these amazing things, because they’re starting to they, through that experience, they’re letting go, when you’re tunnel vision with that ni hero INTJ is you’re trying so hard to get to that point that you limit any of your creations, your se limits it. And this is one reason why you have such fear with your SE. Inferior is because how am I going to ever get to that point that I want to get to? Well stop worrying about that, just go do and you’ll find that your se does just fine when you’re letting yourself not know what you want.

And you will leave these legacies on people that they will remember you for and think highly of you. Yeah, that’s how you’ll find your happiness. Yeah, they can just stop planning it like that, like it’s okay just allow themselves to be more impulsive and just let the chips fall where they may, you know, Tyler Durden, quote, it’s, that’s literally the direction that they need to go. And that’s kind of, it’s a skill in its own right, that needs to be practiced.

They have to practice letting go, they have to, I mean, it’s no different than the guy’s a Prince Siddhartha, who became the Buddha who is an INTJ, because his entire philosophy is all about letting go in that regard. And the INTJ needs to get to that standpoint first. Because if you’re planning your, if you’re planning your performance, you’re not going to perform well. You have to practice letting your performance basically happen to you.

And as much as it happens to other people, almost as if you are the member of your own audience. Oh, wait, look, that’s si demon, you know, from and here’s the other thing here. Here’s the other thing about it for, for you INTJ treasure hunters that want to, like find happiness and building some kind of legacy, whether that be a business, or maybe you found teaching or art or something like that, with your ESFP subconscious. It’s some of the greatest inventions in history were by complete accident.

Guys, they weren’t what they were trying to do at all. And there’s some of the things that have helped humanity and they’ve been remembered for for years and decades and centuries. So you don’t have it all figured out, just go and do and let yourself Discover Your te will be humbled, it’ll be more innocent in its learning. You’ll be able to find what you truly value and what your what hills, you’re willing to die on that are that are respectable to those around you.

Rather than just oh, this is what I feel good about. So you have to respect that, then that what ends up burning people around you and they don’t end up wanting to be around you or sticking around. Yeah, they’re just gonna, they’re just gonna take off like, it’s, it’s how you alienate people. And that’s not something, you know, and then one on one hand, you know, INTJ is the fit is pretty complex.

They just feel like, oh, yeah, you will. I wanted to be alone anyway. So I don’t care when they’re just lying to themselves trying to make themselves feel better when the reality situation is, you know, they just have that need to have people stick around and give them attention like anyone else. And the more stars of attention they are, the more self destructive they are, but they’re starved of that attention.

And they are self destructive, because they’re pushing people away. So and then they blame everybody else, and they punish other people around them for it when it was their fault to begin with. And that’s my biggest problem with INTJ is it’s ridiculous. It’s insane.

It Yeah. And if they just stop trying to force the future that they want with their AI hero hubris, though they’ll do just fine. Yeah, they’ll leave a legacy that will carry on through their friends for generations. Ai, they just don’t do.

Yeah. Yeah. God forbid that they discover a future that they like that they didn’t necessarily want. Oh, man, God forbid, what the hell? Like? Well, I didn’t know I wanted this all along.

You know, it’s like, it’s like you’re at the store, you know, telling dad, hey, I want that for Christmas. And he’s like, No, you don’t, you’re gonna want this for Christmas. And it’s obviously way better. You know, sometimes you just gotta let Dad pick sometimes just gotta let life pick sometimes just gotta let the universe pick.

And stop trying to like control everything, stop trying to like, bring everything under your will or under your boot. Because that’s not how it’s going to work. You have to realize that this is not your world. It’s everyone else’s world.

So bring them along, or be willing to actually follow for once. You know, it’s not that you’re trying to leave a trail blaze your own path once you follow other paths, like mine. I’ve, I’ve I have one more Zinger for for the INTJ is out there, courtesy of the temples, once again, I’ve seen so many INTJ is that that strive and desire to teach. And here’s the thing about that for you.

INTJ is in particular that is a super ego position temple for him the mind temple. How, if you’re so focused on knowing what you want all the time, and you’re so even if you’re good at forcing the outcome that you’re you’re trying to get to even if you are, your students aren’t, most of your students are bumping around in the dark without a clue of what they want to do. So if you haven’t done that before, if you haven’t bumped around in the dark, how do you expect to be able to teach those students you’re going to lose? Probably like 70% of your student base off the bat, just because oh, well, I knew what I wanted. Nobody’s gonna want to learn from you.

And the only way that’s going to happen is first develop hope your character through your shadow, should we develop your subconscious shouting out Christian when we say this, just saying? No. It’s not Well, yeah, Christians, Christians one, but it’s like, it’s it’s like half of the INTJ that I know all want to be teachers in some regard. And that that ESFP subconscious loves, does love to try to teach with the child. It does love to try to do that.

But for both of them, you know that INTJ like, gain your individuality, find out who you are, and then go and fail with your subconscious. Learn from your failures. Learn that it’s not always about what you want, that those those interactions with your se actually help you figure that out. And then when you figured both of those things out, you’ll be ready to actually teach people in a way that’s meaningful to them.

I agree. So in summary, then how can and shadow focused on TJ switched his main cognitive focus towards the subconscious. The answer really is Be okay with failure and do it over and over and over and over again. Eventually, if you practice failure, you’ll eventually get success.

And that’s just the reality of the situation bumped around in the dark with the rest of us peons. Exactly. You know, God forbid that ever happened. Alright folks, thank you, Chris, for joining us today and answering this question and I hope you guys got some value out of this.

So, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys on the next one. Later.


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