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CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question what is the best way to study as an INTP?


What is the best way to study as an intp? I’m your host theist Joseph, and welcome to the CS Joseph podcast, answering acolyte questions from our acolyte members who have submitted for this month to become an acolyte member, go to CS joseph.ly, forward slash members sign up for journeyman and then you will be able to sign up for acolyte after you’re already a journeyman member, or you can go to CS joseph.ly, forward slash portal, and go to their locations from there, and you should be good to go. So, what is the best way to study as an intp? I’m kind of glad that this question has been asked, because this has been an area of struggle for a long time, because, honestly, I NTPs really have issues when it comes to studying for school, because school is not about testing whether or not somebody is intelligent school is actually about testing whether or not you know, basically people’s memorization skills. That’s all. Education is actually about.

And I NTPs know this, they intuitively figured this out in their education career. And then from their point of view, it’s like, wow, this is a complete waste of time. So it’s actually stupid. Because from their perspective, it’s like, what’s the outcome? What is the outcome that I’m going to get? For myself? What is the outcome? That is like, is this valuable? So I’m gonna value this is someone gonna want this? Or is this just me going through the motions and intp is often have this perspective when it comes to school, that they’re just going through the motions.

And we’ve already talked about recently about how they need to, you know, focus on becoming generalist instead of specialists. But when it comes to school, you’re kind of like, forced to, you know, let go of your pragmatism and just become this drone within the school system. And that’s what inhibits intp is and it caused them to lose all motivation to get any education done whatsoever, which can be a serious issue, a major issue over time if left unchecked. So, what do they do? Well, it gets even worse though, it gets worse, it gets worse because oftentimes INTPS are extremely hedonistic.

It comes as a result of being in the body temple, the body temple, is the quartet of types that are makeup there four sides of the mind, this is the end or the ENTJ intp, ESFJ, and the ISFP they are in the body temple, and the body temple ends up having some various struggles in life. And one of the results of that would be like a form like you know, the deadly sin gluttony, basically, which is attached to the intp. intp is are very much gluttons, and can get very hedonistic, especially when they’re exposed to dopamine. And they’re not even gonna be able to study at all until they actually remove and fast from all sources of dopamine.

And then they allow themselves to have dopamine as a reward after they’ve actually done the work. The thing is, is that show me an intp, you actually has a self discipline to actually follow through with that process, they typically don’t, they ended up becoming these amazing geniuses in life, kind of like Albert Einstein, who is just really who failed high school math, because he’s like, this is just stupid. And it has nothing to do with his intelligence. He just hates the school system.

He hates how in the same way that Elon Musk actually who is another intp rags on the school system and talks about how much public schooling and also, University is an absolute waste of time. Because let’s be honest, folks, education really only needs to teach you reading, writing, arithmetic, and then history. Other than that, there’s really nothing not very much else that education has any real value to give you as a person anyway, except obviously, you know, critical race theory, right? You know, and, you know, the feminine primary social order and all those brainwashing and conditioning in terms of any affiliated schools situation, because we’re woke and we’re, we’re going to progress our Race to the next level, even though they’re completely destroying society everywhere. intp is often get frustrated, females or male intp is get frustrated with how the fact that schools right now are inhibiting women from being feminine than they are inhibiting men from being masculine.

They’re telling the women who masculine they’re telling the men to be feminine. And this is going to fail, it’s actually going to cause the absolute utter collapse of society because, for example, women are stuck in their animus and not and it’s because they’re not even being socially accepted as people in society for being feminine. So if a girl is being a feminine woman, she’s ultimately just well A shout on basically, which really sucks, it really, really sucks. So, but how can intp get through this cultural phenomenon when they’re trying to work on their education, or at least maybe they’re being forced to work on their education.

Really, it comes down to eliminating as many distractions as possible getting away from everybody, you need to have absolute total introversion. But you need to make sure that you’re in an area where you don’t actually have any creature comforts at all. And if that means you just got to sit at a table board with absolutely nothing to do. And that’s what you’re going to have to do, you’re going to have to starve yourself of dopamine, basically.

So that you’re more you could actually find your motivation because what dopamine does, it gets into the SI inferior or the SI child, but it really inhibits ni critic from actually coming out. It’s like an NI critic blocker, basically is dopamine for ion TPS. And that’s because of their gluttony, deadly sin. We talking a lot more about the deadly sins in the future, especially when we’re about to release the CSJ version of the INIA gram, which will be coming out very soon.

Myself and Chris Taylor, have been working on it together. And what we’ve come up with is pretty fantastic, we’re still going to have to focus a little bit of time on how we’re going to test people appropriately. But for the most part, I’m very happy to what we have come in for everyone within this audience. So yeah, you know, honestly, you need to be alone as an intp, you need to remove all sources of dopamine and any distractions.

And the only thing that could actually capture your attention is is the study work itself, and you have literally nothing else. Even listening to music could actually be a bad thing. While it may help an EMTB listen to music while they’re getting some studying done. And they can actually derive some kind of emotion or motivation from it with ni Nemesis and FE child, an intp.

Cantona ends up with just being this thing that provides, again, more dopamine for the SI child, and the music itself can become an insane distraction, literally just, you know, the wise thing an intp could do is just remove all of their choices, so that the only choice in front of them through process elimination is the study work itself. But getting the intp to actually have the self discipline to do that, that’s really hard. So if you’re a parent of an intp, this, what you’re gonna have to do, you’re gonna have to figure to make them sit in the room take every object out of the room, so it’s completely barren. All they can have is just sitting on a box with just like a blank table, and pens and papers and their work.

And that’s it, or create a study area like that and make it so that they cannot leave that study area until they’re finished. That’s really your only choice. Otherwise, if there’s any source of dopamine around them, they’ll just get lost in the dopamine because any kind of dopamine fix because, you know, I NTPs, let’s be honest, are the most addictive of all of the 16 types with the exception of maybe INFP is but really intp is the absolute most addictive of all the 16 types, especially since they’re in the body temple, they have the deadly sin of gluttony and extremely hedonistic people until they end up having self discipline. It can be, it can be a problem.

So just keep that in mind. Folks, this is kind of what’s required to get an intp to study but it’s not like they’re going to like it. It’s not like they’re ever going to care about it’s not like they’re ever going to want to do it anyway, it’s really just comes down to they need to learn how to force themselves or other people need to learn how to force them and get out get them away from dopamine because dopamine will just end up becoming an attention distraction. But it really will remove the dopamine and remove all of the distractions so that their si child attention can only be on the work and nothing else, then you will basically get them to study but only after all that has been done.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next one.


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