Should ENTP conform to society or rebel? | CS Joseph Responds


Should ENTP conform to society or rebel? | CS Joseph Responds


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. And today’s question that was submitted by one of our acolyte members is a complex question, but I think it will have a simple answer. The text that was provided with the question is considerably long and large, so I apologize in advance because I will be reading it in its entirety.

But if you don’t want to listen to all of it, you may go ahead and skip ahead to maybe a minute or two ahead in this video, in order to avoid the huge wall of text. That being said, I do maintain that the question being asked is significant and significant enough to listen to in order to provide the most context possible for the answer to the question. So let me begin, quote, I’ve proximately been in this world, which is outside of my mother’s womb for 7221 days. And at the last one, I finally realized, I am truly alone, you have typed me as an ESTP.

My dad is an ENFJ. And my mother is an INFJ. I’m really sure of these typings. But maybe you can give your opinion about them as I will drop what I think are some key information regarding their types or not.

I have had what my teachers described as a talk today, there are four teachers and myself, the topic was my unwillingness to study. Now I have taken what would be the equivalent of the LSAT two times before. And I dropped out of college to take it again. I never saw what I was being thought of in college as the job I do, let alone the rest of my life, not even for another week.

I think he’s saying that he’s just not finding it significant. In this conversation, I had expressed how the education they were providing wasn’t working for me that it never had and how I needed teachers that I can ask questions to be properly educated, good luck finding that in any affiliative education system, they too lazy for that. But this is where it is revealed that this wasn’t actually a talk like they claimed but an attempt to coerce me into the normal education system, the system where I can see will fail me again, be advised folks, this person, English is not their native language. I suspect that potentially Arabic or maybe some African language would be their argument was the lack of time that they did not have the time to teach me properly in the way that I needed.

But if I just stopped questioning and do as I’m told everyday, for a year, I’d be able to get a good grade from the exam and go to the desired University, which I don’t have any desire to university University in mind. It’s so interesting, because people often think that a college university these types of things, these education systems, or any any education system that is a public education system on this planet, they don’t actually test your intelligence, they only test your memory. Thank you to the person who posted that meme recently in the Facebook group. I really enjoyed that.

So my response to them was it really saddens to hear that my teacher is telling me not to think and I left the room and then I left the building. Obviously, after I left, they called my father and apparently told him that I lost it. Of course, he wanted to have a chat with me as well, after the news, so he called me to help him with getting the car from somewhere. In the conversation we had in the car.

I’ve heard another argument in which he expressed that he was in agreement with me, yes, the education sucked education systems suck. But we had no power to change it, that I didn’t win enough to make my words be respected by other people that these people were doing this job for 50 years, he said, and they were only seeing me as the students so they wouldn’t listen to me. And they wouldn’t be able to digest my words, even if I was in fact correct. And also he said that I was really arrogant for not bending what I thought to be the truth until I had enough success.

That’s not true. What is your is your dad and ESFJ Oh my god. Enough or an ENFJ? It sounds Fe hero ish to me. Enough wins on my side to make my words be listened to.

Oh yeah, well, of course te demon is not going to listen to you. And they’re also don’t care if anyone else listens to you because te demon only cares about others listening to it, period, end of story. Apparently even our Prophet didn’t do what I did. He didn’t reveal that he was a prophet until he had the means to do so.

And apparently Spartacus did which he was killed by the authorities. Now, I didn’t talk With my mom today, I did talk to her, but she wants her spoiled little kid to be safe. You can’t handle the real world without help. She says it’s too cruel.

I only want you to finish the college son and then be married properly. That’s all I want from you hypocrites. Now I need to lie to them to exist in their life. But the truth is, I really don’t care.

Ironically, they claim that they would never give up on me because they love me. And I’m their precious son. I love them. But they are in fact, hypocrites.

Wow, sounds like my family. And the sad part is that I could see how not going to college my end up crippling my life, I have no other plans. Everybody keeps telling me even if you want to be a network engineer, you need to finish college. No one gives you a job without a degree and your competitors will always end up being one step ahead of you.

You can’t do this job only with certificates. I don’t even think they heard the job before. Even some of my father knows in the in it, it says the same thing. So basically, my question is, should I just take it up the acid serves a society until I can gain enough power to, you know, to have authority over people or I don’t know.

I’m not going to say what he said is his third option. But basically, it’s self harm. I had a hair cut today I told myself Warriors don’t have long hairs. I should stop looking like an overgrown plant.

And my barber cutting my hair talked about his son got into the medical academy, he is going to become a doctor apparently. Let’s see how her daughter will do this year. PS you can do a public video out of this. I don’t think I put any identifying information and what she didn’t.

The people that are mentioned in this don’t even speak English and will not watch the lecture. Fair enough. Welcome to my life, sir. So basically, what do I do? As an intp? How do I handle the crap within the education system? Okay, so with you being an intp, you need to be open to becoming the pariah and I did an entire episode on becoming the pariah in the Confessions of an E intp.

Playlist, just look for the episode titled pariah watch that episode, you have to be willing to become a pariah in order to get what you want as an intp. And this is very typical. It’s no different from Martin Luther rebelling against the Catholic Church. It’s no different to what I would do to Islam.

If I became a Muslim, I would do the same exact thing Martin Luther did to Islam that he did to Catholicism, and no, I will not repent or we can’t for anything. So help me God, because I can do no other. The other thing is that like, the problem with being an ESTP is that sometimes in life, you have to play the stupid affiliative game until you earn your freedom. And then you can do whatever you want after the fact.

So in terms of you know, what the wise decision is, do I think you should finish college before you get into university? Probably yes, if that’s really the only way that you can get through your locale, and get out of your locale and get into, you know, some other part of the world away from these people. Maybe, but if not, your only other option is to take on a trade and you know, become an apprentice through a master and learn a trade skill of some kind, that you could be compensated but if you’re an EN TP en teepees have si inferior constantly having to cope with these situations, really taking on a trade may not be the best thing. Now I have you know, offered apprenticeships for information technology to various people within the CSJ community over time, and train them and introduce them to an information technology career, even though they never actually went to college or university. And I just pointed them in the direction of certifications which can be really beneficial to those people because if they take the certification courses, they can end up with those, you know, they’re hireable because you know, this is like you know, from an information technology standpoint, but certain certifications like for example, the VCP seven DC V VCP seven dash DC V which is datacenter virtualization certification for the VMware Certified Professional version seven basically.

Well that makes you instantly hireable it’s worth that is $100,000 a year us if you just have that certain you don’t have to go to college or university to gain that certain is a whole bunch of other sources also the VMCE a 11 through VM that you could get from an IT standpoint, although the classes are like $5,000 apiece, and then you also have to pay for the test, which is about $700. And you have to pass the test, the tests are extremely difficult. The only way to pass these tests is to actually read the textbook, page by page that they give you and read it twice. And at that point, and then immediately take the test after you’ve read it twice.

And that’s really the only way to actually guarantee that you’re going to pass those exams. But once you do, information technology companies on LinkedIn, for example, will hire you, because they need your certs in order to even sell the product, they have to have somebody on staff that has a certification. And this is and because of that concept, you can get around not having a college education if you have the certificates to actually do that. But who knows, you know, what information technology partners are available, you know, in your locale, et cetera, you know, as a result.

But if you’re not even able to do that, and you want to completely bypass college, university and not even go for the search, your only other option is to you have two other options. The first is become an apprentice of a master and learn to trade. That’s it. Or learn how to live off the land, much like John the Baptist, and EMTP did.

And to just kind of be like, I will not participate in society, and I will catch my own food and live in a tent and move and wander across the earth going wherever I want to go. And who cares. Those are your only options. My recommendation, probably finish college so you can get into that university just to play the stupid affiliate of game, do the absolute bare minimum to just pass.

And then it doesn’t matter which university you go, you go to, it really doesn’t matter. Just get your stupid degree and move on. Especially if you don’t have to pay for it, get your stupid degree, move on, and then get those certifications and then get that job. Or you could also read the entrepreneurship 16 at CS Joseph dot life forward slash reading, which I do recommend any NTP or anyone for that matter, read because you can learn how to create your own business, you understand sales and marketing.

And literally just become your own person from a business standpoint and free yourself from the rat race that is a nine to five job, which is what the entire public education system is designed to do. force you to become a beast of burden, cattle, nothing more than cattle and having a nine to five job. So just please be aware of that. So yeah, that’s that’s essentially what my answer to this question is.

He’s like, should I play along with society? Or should I gain enough power in society? So that society is basically subservient to me? And honestly, you can play along what’s why is this play along for now, you know, like, especially, you know, law one of power, According to Robert Greene, which I highly recommend you read, never outshine the master etcetera. Always say another law is always say less. Never say anything more than what is necessary to say, Don’t reveal your plans concentrate your forces, there’s tons of different strategies. So I recommend you read Robert Greene’s books, the 33 Strategies of War, the 48 Laws of Power, the artists abduction, mastery, the laws of human nature, the 50th law, read every book he’s ever written, because I maintain that since he’s an NP like you, you would also be able to gain additional wisdom that you would need to be able to navigate these social situations, yes, they are hypocrites.

The problem is, is that in their eyes, you’re weak. And unless you do what they’ve done, they’re always going to see you the same because that’s what happens in SJ, public education, society, you can’t really escape it. So you either participate until you finally get your degree. And you could tell them all to eff off at that moment.

So it’s kind of like you know, you have a nine to five job and all of a sudden, you’re financially independent, and you can tell your boss to go eff off. It’s it’s kind of the same concept. You just play the game until you don’t until you’re free basically, and then you don’t play it anymore. would be in general, my recommendation Other than that, those there are other options, which I’ve already provided within the context of this within this video, so anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I hope that answered this acolyte member’s question well enough, and awesome.

With all that being said, and I’ll see you guys tonight.

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