Which martial arts style is best for an INTP? | CS Joseph Responds


Which martial arts style is best for an INTP? | CS Joseph Responds


Welcome to CSA podcast. I’m your host is Joseph and today we were answering another acolyte question. What types of martial arts would you recommend for an intp? And what’s your best tip for them to succeed in martial arts? Alright, so regardless of whatever martial art they choose, they need to be consistent. And it’s all about self discipline says why people actually learn martial arts for the sake of self discipline.

And what’s really great about it is that martial arts for an intp, the biggest advantage that they have is that it really engages their si child, it’s an opportunity for them to fast, which all intp is need to do. Because intp or SI child is especially weak to addiction, they are weak to being dependent on dopamine fixes. And they need to fast from certain activities on a regular basis in order to manage their dopamine and martial arts and the self discipline taught by martial arts actually helps them maintain that type of thinking necessary for being able to do that. So sorry, stupid distracting thing on my computer, exited out of it, because I don’t want to deal with some stupid things while I’m recording you.

And I’m saying, anyway. So it comes down to consistency, you just have to show up every single day, go to class, I mean, some some styles will tell you go to class twice a week, I probably do four times a week if you can, or do more. But it’s just comes down to repetition, repetition repetition. The more you engage your SI child from a discipline standpoint, the more your perceptional capabilities than your any parent wake up.

This is one of the ways that you personally can develop your expert intuition parent, by developing your SI child because they are on an axis with one another, the more self discipline, and the more effort with your SI child that you put in, the more desirable you become with your any parent. And your any parent also gains a lot more practice and cognitive capability, you’re able to anticipate what other people do before they’re going to do it, you’ll be able to see punches coming, you’ll be able to see kicks coming, you’ll be able to see elbows coming, you’ll be able to deal with chokes and know what’s going to happen and have everything will be sequential in a system in your mind. Martial arts also increases your ability to create complex systems quickly and effectively and efficiently. And they’ll be the best possible systems that could be created.

And that specific mode moment would make it which would lens to make you look like your tactical when the reality is you’re just hyper strategic with those systems, all because of your ability to predict your opponent in the moment. Or even before the moment occurs. I guess that’s that’s really what I’m saying. So users rely on SES and martial arts rely on immediate reactions and how people are reacting.

And then if they are STPs, their interest based and a template is their interest based and they have expert sensing. So they’re relying on those reactions. And they could see okay, they assume that everyone is making decisions based on Okay, well, what’s the best possible thing that they could do for themselves, it’s like a consistent form of game theory. But an intp from a strategic standpoint can actually break the game theory model because an intp can focus on doing what is the best possible outcome regardless of who benefits, which can be a little bit more interesting combined with the pre cognition of expert intuition parent, this can turn an intp into a very effective fighter a really good example in fiction or popular culture of an intp martial artists would be a psalm from the show warrior on HBO Max, I highly recommend watching that show.

It’s very much like Game of Thrones, except in San Francisco in the late 1800s. A fantastic watch. I do recommend it. As far as, as far as anything else is concerned, like what types of martial arts? Would it be good for an intp I would say the most challenging form of martial arts would be the most important thing.

I really don’t recommend karate, although karate has got really good breathing exercises which are necessary and good and decent blocking etc. But that seems to be where their strengths are, but I don’t know enough about karate to be make a specific judgment. Judo is pretty good, but mostly like from kicking Aikido is also really good Aikido, it’d be really important for anyone to learn. That isn’t NP basically NP types because they we lack expert sensing and Aikido actually kind of helps teach extroverted sensing techniques to integrate sensing people, so that’s nice, but it’s not always the absolute best style.

Muay Thai is also very good and very excellent. It’s also extremely challenging, but it’s insanely aggressive and it may not be the best given the defensive nature of an intp, you know, passively, etc. So based on that I recommend Chinese styles Chinese styles, I don’t recommend Shaolin Kung Fu though, try to stick with G KUNDO, which is Bruce Lee’s style, which I have said many times and if you want to learn about the philosophy of that style, just read the Warrior Within by John Liddell, which is a biography of Bruce Lee’s philosophy and I highly recommend that or I also would recommend you consider Wing Chun Kung Fu, which was Bruce Lee’s very first style and Bruce Lee is also an NTP, very challenging style, but also practical, whereas Shaolin styles are not as practical as Wing Chun. So keep that in mind.

Although ideally in my opinion, probably the best style for an intp out there would be Krav Maga, it is very aggressive. It’s like shot the face is white. So my friends would say, I’ve been doing Krav Maga for a while I very much enjoy it. It is extremely systematic.

I think the inventor of Krav Maga It was either an INTJ or an intp. I go back and forth on that definitely an intp type basically, but it’s it’s like this person explored. Emu LICHTENFELD explored like different styles throughout the world and just took the best of what seemed the most practical and most useful and develop the the contact combat system basically that is Krav Maga. Therefore, I recommend that probably the most it’s banned in MMA for a reason it is for street fighting or Battlefield combat, etc.

That’s what it’s for. The Israeli Defense Forces learn on it. And it is extremely practical. Not only that, it’s ground game is pretty good, especially when compared to people who are really heavy into jujitsu.

I do not recommend an intp get into jujitsu, I jujitsu is pretty impractical as a martial art in my opinion. And because because that like it’s mostly for it’s like a competitive martial art, really, it’s all about competition. Now it can be useful in a one on one situation if you get on the ground, but Krav Maga is brown game really covers most if not all of those bases anyway. And being on the ground, kind of can end up being a death sentence or whatnot, you’re gonna get own.

So getting back up off the ground is probably the higher priority basically. So with that being said Krav Maga would probably be my number one recommendation with Wing Chun Gongfu as like a second or third recommendation with G KUNDO. The problem G KUNDO. Though it’s very specific to the instructor, very specific course Krav Maga the styles pretty much the same, depending if you go to a united gym or a worldwide gym.

The style is a little bit different, but it’s pretty self contained. G KUNDO is such a free style martial art, that it really is dependent on who’s instructing it so you never know who you’re going to get. Also, please avoid going to martial arts, gyms, dojos and studios that practice multiple styles. Go to a gym that focuses on just one, one style, one martial art.

That’s it. So it’s hyperfocused that is the most important recommendation because if you go to mix gyms, they’re not going to be taking it as seriously because I don’t know their attention gets divided some times and there can also be a little bit of mixture in certain areas. And if it’s your first martial art, I recommend you specialize in one to begin with. So you can identify strengths and weaknesses of any new styles who take on or as well as the style you just did.

So from a foundational standpoint, probably Krav Maga is the best bet if you can’t find that do Wing Chun Kung Fu, if you can’t find that judo, and then kind of work your way around from there. You could do Cavalera but it’s not as practical. It’s kind of more of like dancing with music, etc. But they also have takedowns in it.

It is a thing but it requires far many more years of study to actually you know, get good at it, etc. The other thing is to when you’re considering martial arts, you really really need to invest in breathing. Make sure you’re taking either tai chi or Chi Gong, although Tai Chi is probably better. If not, then caught us from karate could help as well.

And if not that, and if you have no idea then just do yoga series. Sleep, do yoga, yoga really helps with breathing. And I personally think yoga combined with Krav Maga is the wisest decision. I think that’s the wisest decision for most people.

It increases your flexibility, you also have to manage your breathing, et cetera. And I personally believe it can reduce joint and tendon injuries, which is actually a lot more common than most people think when it comes to martial arts. Right now, I’m actually suffering from two such injuries. And it’s because I’ve been irresponsible, and not investing as much time into yoga as much as I should have been as an NTP.

So anyway, I hope that answers your question and would answer anyone else’s question for this. But again, it’s all about self discipline, consistent self discipline and effort. That is the best tip I can do for an intp. And go out of your way to study on the side practice out of the home is a really, really big deal.

And then consistent reps, repetition, repetition, repetition. And then obviously, those top three styles are my recommendations for an intp starting out. So hopefully this answered your question. And if you found this useful, helpful, educational enlightening, please subscribe to the channel.

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So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys tonight.


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