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How do you know a woman is flirting with you? And potentially online? But before I can answer please consider subscribing the channel so everyone can realize that season three of Star Trek Discovery is literally just a retelling of Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda and possibly an intellectual property violation. Not the design of the ins remotely cares about anything Star Trek, but I’ve just revealed everyone that yes, I am a Trekkie. Oh, well, and hit the alert bell so that you guys know when I go live, got plenty of new typing sessions around the corner. And I kind of like go live randomly with those.

So you might want to like, make sure you have the alert bell so you don’t miss those. That being said, what’s up? You go hackers. This is the CSJ Podcast. I’m CS Joseph here to answer all of your questions, anything union analytical psychology, or the four sides of the mind, or random questions that I just find and then decide to randomly turn it into content, which is exactly what I doing today.

And I also have a specific victim in mind, because, you know, that’s what she gets for being Facebook friends on me because all of my Facebook friends are automatic potential to be in content for myself on my channel. So I guess that’s the cost of being Facebook friends with CS Joseph. That being said, it is Olga or Lova Raju, and this is a post that she made. And let’s take a look at it, shall we? So, dear men, I have a question.

I just had a pretty long chat with my friend about flirt, comma. So colon, I think it’s about flirting. I hope it’s that anyway. How do you understand that woman is flirting with you online? And I’m then I’m like, okay, yeah, that’s right.

The reason why she’s not using proper grammar spelling here is because English is not her first language. So that’s not her fault. So but at least you know, she has the guts doing this. And you know, my initial reaction to this question is like, wait a minute, this is getting a little weird.

So there’s, there’s so much there’s so much to cover with this question. So it’d be a little bit interesting. But let’s take a moment and actually kind of see what’s going on here. So we got Gus here who says Don’t overthink it, don’t read into it.

What are the exact words being used? If one needs more than that they need more life lessons. And I’m like, Okay, why? Why is Olga asking this question? You know, so, I’m like, Okay, let’s, let’s find out about her first, let’s, let’s do this. So we’re gonna go to her Facebook account here. Okay, so this is Olga or Lova.

Radu fan of Rammstein. Automatic plus, for that. Also, a piano player. Okay, that’s pretty cool.

And mother, wife, a friend and a special woman. Okay. So mother, wife, friend and a special woman the case this is just an example of extroverted thinking. Yeah, that’s right, folks.

We’re literally going to type someone based off their Facebook profile right here. And now. So yes, mother, wife, friend, all of these roles and all these titles. That could be an Effie statement.

That could be a te statement. Not sure. But I’m a special woman. Okay.

So that’s automatically an FYI user. So she’s an FYI user. I mean, just look at her. I mean, these are photos of other people.

She’s taken the banquet, just look at her. And if I had to guess I’d immediately say just off a visual typing standpoint that like, you know, Olga, here is an NTJ woman, like straight up. And then she studied at the Russian Foreign Ministry. Okay.

Does that mean like you work for the State Department? Are you potentially a Russian? I mean, like, is that like, Are you a field operative? You know what I’m saying? I mean, that’s kind of what the United States intelligence community say. They always say that they’re working for the State Department. So I mean, isn’t the Russian Foreign Ministry, the State Department, I mean, what are you trying to say there? Oh, dang, she’s got a website. Let’s go check that out.

That’s cool. I didn’t even know she had a website even like planning to do this and whatnot. And then we have her photos. Look at that.

Look at these photos. Okay, so we got Olga here, and she’s got her glasses, which stereotypically people are like, oh, you know, when you have classes, you’re a te user. That’s not necessarily the case. But you know, some of the people say, she definitely does her eyebrows.

She really cares about lipsticks, she’s got a little bit of foundation, you know, when they’re doing her hair, her hair looks really good. So this is indicative of an extroverted sensor, a woman who cares about how she comes off aesthetically to other people. So she’s, she’s definitely SE and I for sure. And we’ve already looked at the fact that you know, she’s, she’s a special woman, right? So she’s Neff i te user.

So automatically, we know Olga, here is a wayfare. Just just based on this little bit of information here. And we got other photos of her, you know, look at her in this one, looking all accomplished and whatnot, saying, you know, hey, I’m writing things down. She’s got to write things down because you know, she’s an SE user, right? Definitely more se going here, et cetera.

Okay, yeah, fair enough. Definitely. All the more same type of thing. But kind of seems like she might be on the abstract side little bit, which is kind of how she’s looking.

Honestly. And this is In this photo here, but we’ll see, but you know what, a lot of people have a problem with how I approach visual typing. So let’s look at some other examples. Let’s look at a visual clone of Olga or Lova.

Raju here, and that is none other than se cup. So se Cupp, The Who, in my opinion, is a total shell of a person. But that’s just another nother thing. I first met her back when I used to care about a website known as the blaze.com.

Because I will admit, I actually followed Glenn Beck and actually cared about Glenn Beck for a while, which I no longer do, especially since he completely mischaracterized and mis reported the death of Sean Smith as a result of 911 2012 and the Benghazi incident, et cetera. And I don’t appreciate my friends and I being labeled as a CIA front or recruiting front, over the internet that had to do with that as a result of our friend John Smith being killed. Not really in the mood for that, but as he cup used to work for him, and she was all about making herself look like this major conservative woman or whatever. And now she’s like, got a different job.

So now she’s a leftist for the sake of her job, you know, and I’m just like, can someone people could please people just be like, super consistent, we’re not. And it was really funny, though, like, all the intp friends of mine, like are like so insanely attractive, attracted to se Cupp here. And, I mean, let’s be honest, they, they want to bang her, like, straight up, they just, they just want to bang her, you know? And you know, she’s she’s an INTJ. woman, she’s, she’s an EN TJ, she is direct, initiating control, direct, interesting outcome, basically.

And this is an EN TJ and isn’t it just kind of interesting how you could just see, you know, look at her look at her compared to Olga over here with this with these these photos of her, can you not can you not see the resemblance is very, very similar. Now, if we were going to look at like, you know, someone like Paris Hilton, who is an INTJ, you can kind of see some very similarities with kind of how they do their makeup because NTJ women often do the makeup the same in this regard. So you can really see that there is a huge similarity being done here. But as a result, I really think that to Olga here is very initiating, I think beat with her going, you know, being a photographer, that’s more indicative of ISFP subconscious.

So based on the little data that we have here with what the kind of woman that we’re talking about here who’s asking this question? This is definitely an EN TJ woman right here. So yeah, oh, Ghazni and TJ. And that’s pretty cool. And now she and let’s also make note that the fact that she’s she’s married, she’s married that that is relevant to this discussion.

And Here’s Olga here. She is a photographer. Remember, beauty is inside. I mean, I guess a lot of women say that because for some reason, you know, it’s unethical or not socially acceptable to fat shame people, even though me as a young child is fat shamed consistently, because I used to weigh 300 pounds, but apparently, we can’t do that anymore.

For some reason. It happened to me all the time. So who knows? I mean, that’s not really up to me. So let’s click the About Me section.

Right, let’s see if we can get us more evidence about this woman. All right. So here she is, doing a nice little brand here on her shirt. So that’s kind of like, you know, Okay, nice little T representation there.

Well, I’ll go to my page. Okay, your page is that mean? Or an FYI user? My name is Olga. Okay, that’s, that’s pretty direct. Thank you for being direct.

I have a mother of two originally from Russia. Awesome. Russians are cool. I, my wife is half Russian.

So that’s, that’s awesome. After a long maternity leave, I decided to try my nine to six job and the oil and gas industry. But I thought you worked at the Foreign Ministry. I don’t understand and seriously dedicate to myself.

What I truly love. What I focus on is my photos is the eyes what I focus on in my photos are the eyes. But I mean, you know, English is a second language. So it’s all good.

It’s really important that we be sensitive towards people who have English as a second language, you know, it’s really helpful, you know, besides it’s kind of cool when people are multilingual. Because then like, because honestly, like, Americans often get looked down. They get looked down upon for, you know, only knowing English right? Now, luckily, I know Spanish too. So I’m not, you know, a complete failure on that side, you know, but I am I am actually learning Russian because I actually want to talk to my my wife’s grandfather.

He’s an ISTP. Totally cool, dude. And I would like to actually talk to him in Russian in the future. So I’m learning that and I’m also learning Japanese right now at the same time as well.

Also, because, you know, my wife is also Japanese, she’s, she’s Japanese, Russian. So anyway, that being said, my experience helped me not only create a comfortable atmosphere, oh, admitting she’s an SE user trying to give other people good experience during the shooting, but also reveal your personality and absolutely different and unexpected ways. That’s a really nice abstract statement, in addition to training and photography, so she trains other people which is typical of an Ian Ha offering training. I took sources I took courses in psychology and makeup.

Okay, so this is another fit statement she apparently took courses in psychology is probably why she’s friends with me on Facebook. She’s probably a member of the audience, which is cool. That’s awesome. And you can see my work in the portfolio section on Instagram and Facebook.

Okay, yeah, that’s true. And she lives in Bucharest, but often visit Moscow and London on location, the shooting can be discussed individually. Awesome. Very happy to have you in front of the camera sometime soon.

Awesome. So yeah, basic websites, very NTJ. I still maintain she is an EN TJ, very direct here, she seems to be talking about outcomes, per se, in this particular location, she’s not really talking about the journey of photography that she’s had. So all the more evidence to go through right here.

And honestly, for the sake of this video, I wasn’t even planning on going on her website. And that’s okay. And we obviously see her similarity to this ENT TJ woman also known as se cup, I just wished se cup would get over her FYI, inferior, and recognize that she can actually stand for something. This whole like, Ooh, I’m a pundit on television, and I’m going to change my opinion for the sake of my job.

I don’t really agree with people who behave that way in the media. And this in the fact that I’m seeing an E and TJ do that. And it just really bothers me and TJ are actually they’re really good people, you know, and when you see someone like se cup behave that way. It just kind of makes you realize that not everybody is a good person.

I guess. I’m not saying she’s a bad person either. I’m just saying like, don’t be a shill. That’s That’s all I’m saying.

Don’t Don’t be a shill. But please don’t just just don’t. Anyway. Yes, I called se commercial.

I did. It is what it is. Get over it. So, dear man, I have a question.

I just had a pretty long chat with my friend about flirt, flirting. I’m just going to translate your so how do you understand that woman is flirting with you online? So this is a married woman asking this question. So this is kind of interesting. She asked us seven hours ago.

And you know, I saw it come up in my feed as we’re Facebook friends, and I decided you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to answer it. So let’s, let’s answer her question. Um, let’s look at some more comments in here. Loading up comments.

Let’s see, that’s the, the the answer that I provide. Alright, so here’s my first answer right here. So my first answer was that depends on what psyche she is. And she’s like, okay, yeah, for example, chances an hour later.

So I respond to her again. And I said, Who wants to be wanted? Who was seeking attention? Who was showing desire? Who was giving attention all these things? After in the alt or? I don’t know what I apparently I need apparently, English is my second language too. So who is giving attention all these things in the context of matter? I think all these things matter not after all these things matter in the context of, of a relationship, etc. So, and I’m going to get to how she replies to that.

But I want to actually expand on that before I continue. So why does this matter? Like when we’re gonna look at cognitive functions, let’s let’s look at cognitive functions. So remember, Introverted Sensing, what does Introverted Sensing do? And then you have extroverted sensing and then what does Introverted Intuition do? And then what does extrovert intuition do? This is really important when you’re considering you know, flirting, etc. Okay.

So from like an Introverted Sensing point of view, you have to remember what is what does it do? What do they do? Well, it provides attention, okay. Attention, right. X Introverted Sensing provides attention, extroverted sensing, what it does is it seeks attention. This is why, you know, expert sensors when it comes to relationships, they want people to stick around.

It’s really important. This is why like, when you look at an INFP and you’re having like an INFP, who’s like flirting with like an E and TJ on the internet, for example, and they’re texting whatnot, if the intp is responding often with their text, that means that INFP is providing the SE child of the E and TJ, like an ENT TJ woman who’s initiating with him consistently and Ian, TJ woman, like Olga, for example, if Olga is texting an INFP man, of course, she she wouldn’t, because, you know, she’s married. But the point is, in that particular, in that particular moment, you know, it’s, you know, it’s a situation right as a result. So, extroverted sensing seeks attention, and you know, she would be seeking his attention and he’s providing his attention with Introverted Sensing.

Now, an INFP, who is not providing attention is not really going to respond very often. And if they’re not providing attention, that means they’re not interested so that what that means is no attention equals no interest, okay? And you can use this rule for every si user every single introverted sensor if provide attention then they want you so they’re flirting if provide attention okay? They are interested right? That’s how you know and you got to look at this from like the introverted you got to look at this from the introverted cognitive functions right? If provide attention, they’re interested Okay. So then you have Introverted Intuition right okay. So, this will be a little bit different What does What does Introverted Intuition do? Well, it provides desire okay.

It provides desire okay. And and then N E is obviously seeking to be desired, right? And because of their seeking immediate desire, they produce desirability, right? They produce desirability, right? That’s how they, you know, they’re trying to attract other people by providing desirable, whereas this produces x rayed sensing produces a show, because they want people’s attention. They want their they produce attention getters, like pattern interrupts even, okay, pattern interrupts as well, jokes, which is a form of pattern interrupt, or hey, look at me. Sometimes that can also include risky behavior, in relationships, etc.

risky behavior, that’s also really important one expert intuition people, they’re seeking to be desired. And they produce desirability, they, they, you know, in this in this is oftentimes which leads to Cat related, seductive style, also known as playing hard to get right, because they’re trying to test whether or not you know, that works. And who has an any user, well, any user is an SI user at the same time. So those are like the ISTJ is iossef J’s ESF j is es TJ is en teepees, INFP is ENFPs, intp is etc.

All of those types fall in this category of si n e. Whereas ni se does things a little bit different, right. So seeking attention, you know, so these are like the SP types, basically, the NJ types, SPS and NJ types, all are doing this producing a show attention getters patter up risky behavior, and ni provides desire, so providing a desire. So, logically speaking, you can see that no desire equals no interest, right? No desire equals no interest.

But you know, if you’re an FE user, and this person is constantly, you know, initiating with you, because an eye initiates more so initiating, whereas SI is more responding, even if their interaction style is overall initiating or overall responding, just for the sake of their ego, if you’re gonna break it down to individual cognitive functions, certain cognitive functions are actually more initiating versus responding. Okay? So that would also make extroverted sensing, a little bit more initiating as well. This is why they struggle with fear of rejection or being rejected. Whereas N E is ultimately responding.

So if we’re going to look at basic cognitive functions and not considering interaction styles, specifically of like an ego, for example, with their entire four function stack, you’re gonna break it down, they’re still based behaviors, this and this is why like, if you’re going to flirt with someone, if you’re going to ask someone out, if you’re going to like do cold approach pickup, what you’re going to want to do is that if you’re an NI user, you need to initiate you just need to straight up initiate, right. This is like literally how it works. And we can actually go further, we could actually look at pickup lines you guys want to know like the ultimate pickup line is, let’s look at the NI pickup line. Okay, so let’s do a pickup line.

And the ultimate pickup line for an NI user is the following. I want to do this. Okay, I want to do this, you should come with me. Okay, this is the ultimate pickup line for an NI user to an SI user.

And an NI user should be trying to pick up an SI user, because the NI users going to want to feel the reactions that the SI user has to every time the NI user touches them, especially in a sexual situation. They have high sexual compatibility. sexual compatibility is only really on these four functions. It’s not about the decision making functions.

The decision making functions are emotional compatibility, but this is sexual compatibility right here. Okay. So and I is like, I want to do this you should come with me. Whereas, si se As I am doing this doing this thing, or they say, or I have done this already.

And then they ask, do you want to come with me when I do it again? Do you want? Wow, apparently, I’m just like bad at writing today? Do you want to come with me? Okay, you’re giving the person a choice. This is how you initiate as an SI user, you’re using your expert intuition to provide a choice, because remember, and E is all about giving choices, right? Giving choices, whereas se, is actually all about obligating telling people what they should do obligating others. Okay? That’s why That’s why it says, you know, you should come with me, right? That’s where this comes from, you should come with me, it’s extroverted sensing, right? Okay. So when you’re considering whether or not somebody is actually flirting with you, you need to be aware of these little dichotomies within the cognitive functions within the sexual functions, which are the perception functions, these are sexual functions.

And you have to understand, so you first need to understand what you are, are you an SI user, are you an NI user, and that will determine that will help you figure out what your point of origin is, when you are considering when you’re considering whether or not, you’re in a relationship with somebody or while the sun’s like peering through that’s like, really annoying. But if you’re an SI user, right, and someone’s flirting with you, you know, they’re flirting with you, and that they’re an NI user, because they’re providing you desire basically, is they’re initiating with you, if you are an NI user, and you’re initiating with somebody else, basically in like the reverse role, because both can initiate I just showed you with the pickup lines, both can initiate, but just understand the overtime. And I said, and I use this job to initiate and it’s the SI users, you know, prospective to respond to basically, over time, regardless, if they’re an introvert or an extrovert, be aware of that. Okay, that’s not to say that the introvert and extrovert can’t do what they mainly do respond or initiate.

And that’s not to say that both of them can’t respond or initiate in some way, I’m just talking about primary roles versus the secondary roles in a sexual encounter, or maybe like flirting and whatnot. So based on this, the flirting, you know, if you’re an SI user, you know, they’re flirting with you, if they keep initiating with you, if they keep showing desire. If you’re an NI user, you know that they’re flirting with you, if they are responsive to you, or if they’re giving you attention. This is actually how you know, and this is why I was going out of my way to show in the context of this Facebook question, answer ogos question.

You know, this is why I’m saying it all depends. It depends on who wants to be wanted, who was seeking attention, who was showing desire, who was giving attention, all these things, alter, or all these things matter in the context of relationships. And that’s why my previous whiteboard, although her response to this is kind of interesting to me, because she says, don’t rush Chase, flirting is an innocent act, which kind of boggles my mind, and I have to respond to this. I could see what you are saying.

What you are saying, but is it so in a sense, if someone is married, or in a committed relationship, like yourself? You know, you always gotta keep that in mind. Because when when you when you are when people are flirting with you, you have to like really understand like, are you in a committed monogamous relationship? Are you in non committed sexual relationships? I mean, that really matters. It matters because, you know, in the flirting situation, like if you especially if you’re an SI user, are you being disloyal to somebody else by flirt by you actively flirting with somebody else? Or are you being disloyal as an SI user? Because you are allowing somebody else to flirt with you? So these are some really interesting questions you want to consider. And then from the NI user side, if we’re going to look at the Introverted Intuition approach here, the NI user side it’s like, Okay, do you really want to flirt with somebody else.

And if you want to flirt with someone else, you’ve practically already made the decision that you don’t want the person that you’re with, which oftentimes is what happens to INTJ is, I’ve noticed, because i NT J’s, they’re like, you know, they’re ni heroes, like, I know what I want what I want, and I’m not gonna waste time on this person, if I really don’t want them. I’m gonna let them know and break that off before I start wanting somebody else. That’s typically the process the system that they follow, typically, typically now when you when it comes to women, you gotta consider hypergamy. When you’re when you’re balancing, you know, the dualistic feminine sexual strategy or they balance out alpha need, or or excuse me, alpha seed when compared to beta Need.

So in terms of the different men that are looking for, you know, pair bonding with for a definite or indefinite amount of time, I don’t know. But that is definitely something to consider. So, anyway, folks, I just wanted to do this so that you guys understand, you know, these little dichotomies when it comes to flirting, because a lot of people just have no understanding of this, and it counts either on Facebook or it counts on any form of social media, even dating apps, all these rules apply. And like that’s just a thing.

So anyway, if you’d like a free copy of the Type grid to assist you in typing yourself and others, please visit CS joseph.ly forward slash type grid. If you guys want to take a personality test that I made, you could do that at CS joseph.ly. Forward slash discover. Anyway, folks, all that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.



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