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Hey, how do you cheer up an INFP? Before I can answer please consider subscribing to the channel so I can afford a new shirt and hit the alert bell so you can be notified when I go live. That being said, what is up? Yo hackers? Did you like that one? I am CS Joseph here to answer your questions on any topic, psychology or the four sides of the mind, also known as for size dynamics. The source of today’s question is Cora as usual? So let’s take a peek at cheer up an INFP and looks like 19 Answers definitely not gonna be reading all of those. So the first one is Jessie more certifiable INFP nine w one for their Enneagram and probably a book because that’s what inf peas do they write books? It’s simple.

It’s pretty simple really. But not necessarily easy. Hashtag spelling error. Listen, sit with you friend, their words and their sorrows.

Truth is this might be uncomfortable for you. It is for most people, for some reason, at some point in time, helping a friend of distress become acquainted with work a job that needed to be accomplished efficiently at that advice. That must be the answer. If I give good advice based on a related experience, then I will feel good for having imparted knowledge.

And if my friend does not know it, follow my advice, then the responsibility is entirely on them. How neat. Yeah, not so much. I recently lost my mother to cancer just a few months ago, and a couple of friends have more or less stood up to make sure that I’m doing okay.

Right now, I don’t really know what that actually means. Regardless, I received regular assessments of note, both have lost one or more parent and years prior so there is a sort of kindred Enos and all of it. Also of note, my father is ongoing though much more treatable cancer just relapsed a few weeks ago, I’m trying to paint a picture of what a bonafide INFP in proper need of a chair up might actually look like. Okay, fair enough.

In exchange and exchange with one of these friends actually did just happen last night outside of our wall horrendously irresponsible inhaling some burning nicotine. I told him I wasn’t well, my mind was clear and not ruminating on anything. Okay, paraphrase Okay, said okay. It ultimately felt patronizing because his friend gave him useless advice, which sucks.

And then if so, anyway, if you actually want to cover an INFP do not do this. Okay, so he showed us what not to do, can actually be counterproductive, both your friends well being and even in relationship with him, Get in that damn cold pool of water shiver bit fuel, it’s like, where your INFP friend is sitting. It is in the depths of this chill stream where we can feel both more than alive and also sometimes completely isolated. We need you to just sit with us our sorrow, our grief, and even our greatest joys.

That right there is probably one of the most valuable things I’ve ever actually read on Quora. So thank you for posting this. It is very true that we do separate ourselves, while so longing for shared experience and recognition and both joy and sadness. But this is not necessarily our fate, more a consequence of uncommon perspective and values clashing with modernity.

Wow, that’s well said. Very good. If you truly wish to cheer up an INFP in your life, come sit with us for a while meet us where we wait, if you’re willing to see what we so desperately wish to share, and so desperately try to hide at the same time, I promised that it will be the best gift you could possibly give to both of us. This your INFP? Friend? There’s not really any need to discuss any other answers, because that was amazing.

And yes, Jesse Moore is definitely an INFP. I very well said. But I will add my take on this because like, why wouldn’t I? You know what I’m saying? So how do you cheer up an INFP? Well, the answer is the answer is that like, don’t you kind of got to delve into them, you got to dig into them a little bit, right? They’re not shallow people and you shouldn’t treat them Michelle people. Sometimes I want people to think that they’re shallow people for whatever reason, but they’re not shallow people I ENFPs are probably had the biggest depths of soul out of anybody ever made.

And this is one of the reasons why most inf peas identify with a highly sensitive person HSP form of living etc. Because they have extreme depth to them. They are basically their souls are these giant oceans that need to be penetrated. And while they don’t like being penetrated, sometimes they just need to be penetrated, even if it’s an INFP man with an INFJ woman or an ENTJ a woman because ENJ women are technically masculine.

And you know, the masculine is there to penetrate the feminine and the vassal the INFP is a very big feminine abode. It’s like the allegory of the cave and their their soul is literally the cave that needs to be entered basically, you know, and that’s literally the whole point of it. So an INFP just wants to be traverse. They want to be wanted wanted a desire enough such that someone would actually care to traverse the entire depth of soul that they actually Have this is this is one of the most abstract ways of putting this.

But for the INFP is watching it. They’re like, Yes, that’s me. Yes, yes. And really, to get to a point where you understand them, they really need that.

Also, like since ENFJ is their golden pair, they need someone to act like an ENFJ around them an ENFJ is provided they’re actually willing to listen, although immature ENFJs are like the people out there that try to get everyone else to listen to them without listening to anybody. But if an ENFJ has their ti aspirational, developed, they become the greatest listeners of all the types. And being able to listen to the experience the INFP really makes the INFP feel wanted, and it makes them feel valued.

They don’t even have to have the problem solved. The INFP doesn’t have to have the problem. So it’s more of that that just wants to be heard. It’s more that they just want their opinion to matter.

Because the INFP so desperately wants to matter. And if an INFP doesn’t matter, guess what? They feel the greatest level of depression ever, because they just feel so novel, right? I’ve coached many INFP struggling with depression, even some of them on the edge of suicide, because they from when they look at themselves, they have this nasty habit of comparing themselves to other people. And they just oftentimes feel like they don’t actually matter. That’s why an NFJ or an STP needs to come along and be like, yeah, actually, you do matter.

And here’s why. And they’ll actually list facts out as to why the INFP matters at that point. There, they feel cheered up at that point, they feel wanted at that point. It’s like wow, someone actually thinks highly of me, someone actually noticed me because guess what, folks, I ENFPs are used to not being even noticed.

They’re used to not even being regarded such that they end up becoming disrespected, and they feel disrespected, whether or not people around them are actually disrespecting them. But the fact that they are ignored and not notice, it means they’re not even respected at all. I have an INFP on my team. And I go out of my way to make sure that I listened to his opinion at all times, even sometimes when he’s not even willing to share his opinion.

Because I value his opinion, I need his opinion, I need to know what his opinion is because his opinion may be so far valuable, and actually potentially prevent catastrophe for myself, my team and this company in this community, that I absolutely have to have him by my side, it’s really important, you know, and all inf peas need that in some capacity. Because the INFP is eventually especially as they conduct their research, and they develop their valuable opinion over time, they’re able to develop principles and philosophies and ways of life, entirely new ways of life and new ways of living. That if if they if they don’t have the opportunity to share that opinion, or to share that input with other people or provide input to others and causing them think about things differently, well, then they’re just basically going to feel completely novel, a waste of space, no one cares, no one and no one’s given me any credit. They live and die by credit, they need credit, give them credit.

They already they already feels, they already worry that they’re too selfish. And they’re not caring enough as it is with their Extraverted Feeling nemesis, they need credit. So they stop worrying. If you’re not going to give them credit for the good things that they do do.

Guess what, they’re just going to do what they think. And that brings up the biggest evil out of the INFP. And it’s actually it can be very destructive to other people, it can also be self destructive as well. And that just leads to an insane amount of depression.

It’s to a point where they just really like eff it. And they end up making decisions regardless of the consequences to other people because it’s like I’ve been managing the consequences to other people, but they don’t think highly enough or they won’t even allowing opportunity to speak. And INFP is greatest fear is that their opinion, their voice is going to be squelched out by everyone else around them. What are you and what are you doing to enable their voice quite frankly, that’s what INFP is need.

And that, my friends is exactly how you cheer up and INFP if you’d like your chance that your question being answered on his channel, please post below on Quora and tag me on it or leave us a comment below. If you want deep dive lectures on the science that focus on personal growth, career development, parenting, sexuality, please visit CS joseph.ly forward slash members get an apprentice membership also known as a gold membership. And we release multiple premium lectures per month if you really want to get into the deep dive and it’s similar to the format as the public lectures that we already have on this channel. Anyway, folks, that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight

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