C.S. Verify™ your type.

Review your natural tendencies, strengths, struggles, pain points, and vulnerabilities.

Take a non-judgmental look at past experiences to learn from, and overcome them.

Create a custom actionable plan for what you desire to achieve.

Do you wish you had more control over your life?

Sometimes you can’t will yourself out of something
because willpower isn’t what’s required to move on.
Maybe you’ve reached out for help only to be judged,
or maybe you’re afraid to reach out for help because you’re embarrassed.
Are you tired of arguing with yourself about why you should be further along than you are?

I have helped clients who felt they were trapped and couldn’t find the way forward.

Understanding yourself better is the key to addressing problems inherent to your type and it’s the crucial first step. The second step is to incorporate your nurture into the equation.

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Susan L.

Coaching Client

He tells me straight up, what my issues are, crux of the problems so I recognize (finally) my blind spots and where the chokehold in my relationships are; I'm off to the races to, essentially, FIX MY LIFE, no excuses.


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[C.S. Joseph] saved my life. . . Reading about your content—it’s made me realize what my destiny as an ENFP is. . . Something that changes the entire way people view morality—and society—as a whole.


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After watching [C.S. Joesph's] videos and implementing the four pillars in my life, I no longer feel afraid or insecure about being an adult but rather proud to be self sufficient.

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