C.S. Verified Personality Typing

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Want to know your personality type without doubt? Book a session for Chase to verify your type.

You’ll meet with Chase through Zoom.us, FaceTime, or Discord for up to 30 minutes. Persons who have their type verified get a Certificate of Verification and the C.S. Verified role on the Official C.S. Joseph Discord server.

Before purchasing any coaching services (including typing sessions), read the Coaching Agreement in its entirety.

Coaching clients who have been typed by Chase may request their verified type certificate and Discord role free of charge. Please contact us to request your certificate and/or discord role.

1 review for C.S. Verified Personality Typing

  1. Fabien H (verified owner)

    Chase has an excellent process of getting to know you individually, using the information to provide you with your true type. He not only eliminated my type dilemma, but provided me information as to where I lean in “the four sides of the mind.” He provided spot-on reasoning, and resources for me to continue growing and learning. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone strongly seeking to discover what their type is, and why.

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