C.S. Verify™ your type and figure out your partner's or prospective partner’s type.

Review your natural compatibilities.

Develop methods to social engineer your prospective partner into becoming your partner.

Ensure you and your partner are achieving orgasm.

Take an honest look at natural incompatibilities.

Devise strategies to avoid falling into pitfalls within your relationship.

Discover how nurture impacts your relationship.

Learn to effectively communicate with your partner or prospective partner.

Each relationship is unique, but they all have one thing in common:

both partners want to feel that connection on the deepest level.
When it’s just not working, whether you are simply not connecting as well as you feel you could, just want to better understand where you and your partner are really coming from, or you are fighting with your lover, I can help you.

I’ve helped my clients overcome many issues

in order to have the healthy, happy relationship they yearn for...
but what I can tell you is that I’ve coached hundreds of people in their intimate relationships and you have nothing to fear;
you have nothing to be embarrassed about.
I’ve seen it all before and I want to help you.

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Susan L.

Coaching Client

He tells me straight up, what my issues are, crux of the problems so I recognize (finally) my blind spots and where the chokehold in my relationships are; I'm off to the races to, essentially, FIX MY LIFE, no excuses.


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[C.S. Joseph] saved my life. . . Reading about your content—it’s made me realize what my destiny as an ENFP is. . . Something that changes the entire way people view morality—and society—as a whole.


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After watching [C.S. Joesph's] videos and implementing the four pillars in my life, I no longer feel afraid or insecure about being an adult but rather proud to be self sufficient.

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