Thank you to everyone who participated in the C.S. Joseph T-Shirt Design Contest!

The C.S. Joseph Team has picked the first grand prize winner and the fans have chosen the second winner by popular vote.


Judged Grand Prize Winner:

Olivia's Design "Balance"


Olivia's description: Chase's facial profile in silhouette with the yin yang symbol showing the balance of nature (trees/mountains) and nurture (home) in human cognition. Colour scheme based off that of the CS Joseph website. Chase's name at the bottom. Minimalist design.

Fan Vote Winner:

Frinky's Design "The Investigation"


Frinky's description: In this work, I visualized Chase going through a typing process of an individual; the portrait of the blonde woman and her various facade. I was inspired by Chase’s typing livestream session on his youtube channel combined with the classical old detective theme.
Frinky makes custom artwork on a per commision basis.Click here to check out her other artwork or contact her about comissions.

Honorable Mention:

Xinrui's Design "4 Sides"


Xinrui's description: An interpretation of the 4 sides of the mind as related to the root of human consciousness.
Check out Xinruis Other Artwork Here. Some of the artwork has mature content, viewer discretion is advised.

Fan Vote Results

  • Design 1: Frinky's "The Investigation" (60%, 241 Votes)
  • Design 2: Xinrui's "4 Sides" (40%, 162 Votes)

Total Voters: 403

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